DNI's special page on mass-execution of political prisoners in Iran
summer of 1998

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"Nobody really knows how many people have been put on death - just as nobody knows when the killing will stop, or who will be the next to die," Amnesty International said "Our fears are heightened because thousands of political prisoners are still held in Iran and because many of those executed recently had been imprisoned without trial, or were serving long prison sentences imposed after unfair trials."
Amnesty International Document AI index: MDE 13/31/88 December 1998

Such massacres without trial,particularly when the victims are prisoners and those in captivity,will definitely benefit them in the long run. The world will condemn us and they will be further encouraged to wage armed struggle. It is wrong to confront ideas and ideologies with killings. From Mr. Montazeri's letter to Mr.Nayyeri,the religious judge,Mr.Eshraqi, the prosecutor,Mr.Raissi,the deputy prosecutor,and Mr. Pourmohammadi,the Intelligence Ministry representative in Evin Prison August 15,1988 (The Farsi text is available on DNI's special page for Montazeri's Memoars)

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