Pictures of a mass grave in Khavaran, south of Tehran

"Group of bodies - some clothed, some in shrouds - had been buried in unmarked shallow graves in the section of the cemetery reserved for executed leftist political prisoners," "The stench of the corpses was appalling but I started digging with my hands because it was important for me and my two little children that I located my husband's grave." Witness of a family member of a victim to Amnesty International Document AI index: MDE 13/31/88 December 1998

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Finally,they executed 2,800 or 3,800 women and men in the country (I doubt which figure is right).Even those who were saying their prayers and fasting were summoned and would be told to recant.The prisoner would find this offensive to his personality and would refuse.Then they would say,so you are steadfast in your position,and would have him executed. From Mr. Montazeri's Memoars. This statement was made a couple of days after the beggining of the mass-execution. (The Farsi text is available on DNI's special page for Montazeri's Memoars) 400.gif101.gif100.gif200.gif300.gif

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