From: The Student Committee for the Defense of Prisoners of Conscience
Source: About Iran
October 1998

In the Name of God

Amir-Entezam: The Legend of Iranian Resistance

Mr. Amir-Entezam, the deputy Prime Minister and the Spokesperson of the Provisional Government, has been once again the target of the rage of the authorities. Well known for his efforts to establish democracy and a strong opponent of the "Assembly of Experts," Mr. Entezam was arrested on December 21, 1979 on the allegations of espionage for the United States and was kept in solitary confinement at Evin Prison for 450 days. In March 1981, in branch no.1 of the Revolutionary Court, Mr. Entezam was put on trial and convicted to life in prison in the absence of a jury or a defense attorney.

After fourteen years in prison, in 1992, Mr. Entezam was offered an opportunity to leave prison. However, he rejected the offer on the basis of its "lawlessness." For Mr. Entezam, release from jail would mean freedom only if he were to be acquitted of the espionage charges in a court of law and before the nation that had once placed its trust in him.

Due to a number of physical ailments caused by various tortures, Mr. Entezam was transferred to house arrest in 1996. In that year, the security forces offered Mr. Entezam the chance to leave Iran. But his love for his country and people of Iran and insistence on legal, democratic and non violent struggle prevented him from giving in to these illegal requests.

To Mr. Entezam personal freedom has meant very little. In fact, he demands a fair trial to prove his innocence and to press charges against those who ruined 17 years of his life with lies and illegal actions. It is obvious why his demand for fair trial is being ignored. If this case is reopened those who put an innocent man in prison for 17 years and took away productive years of one of most prominent freedom fighters of Iran will have to stand the trial and pay for crimes of their own.

The students committee for defense of political prisoners finds Mr. Entezams arrest in violation of articles 22 and 23 of the Constitution and call upon the Judiciary Branch to review this case in accordance with article 168 of the Constitution in an open and fair trial and in the presence of jury and defense attorneys.


The Student Committee for the Defense of Prisoners of Conscience
Tehran/ Iran

Chair of the Committee: Manouchehr Mohammadi
Vice Chair: Fakhrossadat Akhavan
Committee members:

    1. Abolfazl Attar
    2. Fakhrosaddat Akhavan-Nia
    3. Kourosh Sehatti
    4. Reza Imani
    5. Alireza Kazaemi
    6. Seyed Javad Seyed-pour
    7. Ghola-Reza Mohajeri-nejad
    8. Akbar Mohammadi
    9. Babak Saeedi
    10. Arash Mahmoudi
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