tehran, nov. 22, irna -- law enforcement criminal officers and the coroner bahmanesh on duty are at the scene of crime in their premises investigating the case minutely that led to the death of dariush foruhar and his wife parvaneh to death by stabbing. according to irna reporter at the scene of crime said, "eye witnesses opine that the killer or the killers had been the victims' acquaintances as they were carrying with them a box of cookie and a bunch of flowers at the time of their entry into the premises." the mystery of the killings was discovered at the time when the previously invited guests initially rang the doorbell and received no respond. one of the guests climbed over the wall and when the guest opened the door to the interior, he was confronted with dead body of the thrice stabbed victim dariush foruhar seated on the sofa on the second floor, his work place and of his wife parvaneh on the first floor who was stabbed twice on the chest also seated on the sofa. it is presumed that the crime to have taken place at about 7.30 in the sunday evening. again according to the source forouhar's wife had made a call to her sister before meeting this sorry end.