IRNA Nov. 24

tehran, nov. 24, irna -- the english daily 'iran news' tuesday
regretting the murders of politician dariush forouhar and his wife,
criticized the security forces and judiciary's practice of keeping the
news media and public in dark regarding their ongoing investigations.
    ''their conclusions play right into the hands of our enemies and
their propaganda machines,'' pointed out the editorial.
    whatever forouhar's political inclinations were, as a citizen of
the islamic republic, he was entitled to all the rights bestowed upon
all iranians by the constitution, foremost among them, protection by
the security forces, argued the daily.
    however, these murders have provided an opportunity for the
enemies of iran to once again churn out untruths in their news media
about iran and its officials, stated the paper.
    referring to the attacks on former interior minister abdollah
nouri and culture minister attaollah mohajerani, the daily said that
the incidents caused a circulation of rumors among the people and
has created an unhealthy political atmosphere.
    ''the question of security is of utmost importance for us, if we
want to attract and absorb domestic and foreign investment. we must
pay special attention to this issue. there will be no breach of
national security if officers in charge of such cases share their
information and results of their investigations with the media and the
people,'' stressed the article.
   if the people are kept well informed, the security and judicial
authorities will in effect prevent the public from indulging in gossip
mongering and accepting false and distorted information, stated the
paper adding that a speedy identification and arrest of the guilty
parties will obviously enhance national security and maintain calm in
the society.
    ''rumors abound where genuine news is suppressed. proper
dissemination of news about this horrible crime which is abhorred by
everyone will not jeopardize national security. on the contrary, it
will assure the members of the public that their personal safety and
ecurity is important to the government,'' highlighted the daily in