Petition Drive by Iran National Front in coordination with DNI

To: The Honorable Mary Robinson, the United Nations High Commissioner
      on Human Rights, Geneva, Switzerland

A copy of this petition drive will be send to the followings:

The Honorable Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa
The Honorable Vaclav Havel, President of Czech Republic
The Honorable Maurice Danby Copithorne, Special Representative on Iran
Mr. Hanny Megally, Director of Middle East Watch, New York
Ms. Karen Kennerly, Pen American Center, New York
Mr. William F. Schulz, Executive Director, Amnesty International, New York
Ms. Nancy Bothne, Amnesty International Midwest, Chicago
Director, Amnesty International, Washington D.C.
Ms. Cosette Thompson, Amnesty International, San Francisco
Mr. Joe Baker, Amnesty International, Culver City Los Angeles
Iranian Human Right Working Group (IHRWG)
Democracy Network of Iran (DNI)

We are outraged to learn of the brutal and gruesome killing of two prominent opposition leaders in Iran, Mr. Dariush Forouhar and Mrs. Parvaneh Eskandari-Forouhar on Sunday, November22, 1998.  We are sending this
fax/e-mail to you to ask for your expression of condemnation and outrage against this extra-judicial execution. We are also very concerned about the safety and security of other opposition members in Iran, including Mr. Abbas Amir-Entezam who remains in jail.

For your information, Mr. and Mrs. Forouhar were found stabbed to death in their home in Tehran on November 22, 1998. Both of their bodies were mutilated.
The similarity of this gruesome crime and the past assassinations of other IRI's critics and opponents, both inside and outside Iran, are horrifying and deserves the most urgent attention by international HR organizations.

Mr. and Mrs. Forouhar had recently called for a boycott of the elections of the Council of Experts. Also, a few months ago, Iran revolutionary commander, Rahim Safavi, had vowed to "behead" and "cut the tongues" of the opponents of the regime.

A few days after the killing of Forouhars, the body of the missing dissident writer, Mr. Majid Sharif was found in Tehran.  The body of Mr. Mohammed Mokhtari, another prominent dissident writer was found on Wednesday
December 9, 1998.  The government officials abducted him, three days before his brother identified his mutilated and strangulated body.

Mr. Mohammad-Jafar Pouyandeh, a 45 years old translator and author, has gone missing after he left his Tehran office on Wednesday afternoon, on December 10, 1998.  Meanwhile, another dissident journalist, Mr. Pirouz Davani has been missing since August 1998!

We strongly protest and condemn the extra-judicial killings of Dariush and Parvaneh Forouhar, Majid Sharif and Mohammad Mokhtari.  We call for formation of independent investigative committee to probe these killings and the two disappearances in Iran.

We the undersigned would like to ask you to send a fact-finding mission to Iran to investigate the killing of Dariush and Parvaneh Forouhar, Majid Sharif and Mohammad Mokhtari and the disappearances of Piruz Davani and Mohammad-Jafar Pouyandeh.  We believe this matter should be investigated in the context of
illegal activities of the "pressure groups", the "information ministry”, the "revolutionary guards" and other governmental organizations that might have links with the semi-legal, semi-governmental “pressure groups”.

Please Email your responce to <> Dr. Koroosh Parsa
Iran National Front, for democracy (INF)
Dept. of International Affairs
Director: Shahram Kheyltash
P. O.  Box   447
Falls Church,   VA   22040-0447  USA
Tel: (703) 266-4114
Fax: (703) 471-1101

  • Dr. Kourosh Parsa, Electrical Engineer, USA
  •  Mr. Shahram Kheiltash, USA
  • 3. Dr. Mohammad Eghtedari, Economist, USA
  • 4. Manijeh Saba, Lecturer, USA
  • 5.  Ebrahim Soujeri, PhD Student, EEEng., Turkey
  • 6. Kokab Bahoosh, Student, U.A.E.
  • 7. Dr. Hosein Abghari, Professor, USA
  • 8. Ali Khalili, Accountant, Canada
  • 9. Dr. Esmail Nooriala, Persian poet, writer and literary critic, Colorado,USA.
  • 10. Farhad Abdolian, Hardware designer, Sweden
  • 11. Dr. Mehran Sam, USA
  • 12. Siavash Enayati, Software Engineer, USA
  • 13. Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi, Associate Professor of History, Illinois State University, USA
  • 14. Sohrab Foruzan, Informatiker , Germany
  • 15. Arash Izadi, businessman, Canada
  • 16. Sohayl Shambashi, Consulting Engineer, San Diego, USA
  • 17. Dr. Mansour Farhang, Professor of Political Science/ Bennington College,  U. S. A.
  • 18. F. Saadat, Researcher, USA
  • 19. Mr.. Mansour Kavianpour, Vice President of Product Development, USA
  • 20. Mrs. Marieke Kavianpour, USA
  • 21. Hamid S. Assadi, Student, Dominica
  • 22. Mohsen Abdi, Structural Engineer, USA
  • 23. Sam Ghandchi, Engineering Director, U.S.A.
  • 24. Siobhan Gibbons, College administrator, USA
  • 25. Dr. M. GhaemMagham, physician, USA
  • 26. Tara Etemadi, Systems Engineer, U.S.A
  • 27. Jerome W. Clinton, Professor Princeton University, USA
  • 28. Navid Golshahi, Engineer, USA
  • 29. Majid Maleki, Systems Analyst, USA
  • 30. Roya Motamed Zaman, Multimedia producer, USA
  • 31. Farnaz Ravandi, Software Engineer, USA
  • 33. Dr. Sassan Pejhan, Electrical Engineer, USA
  • 34. Maryam Pirnazar, Communications Consultant, San Francisco, USA
  • 35. Mehrdad Mohebbi, Electrical Engineer, USA
  • 36. Jalil Farid, Consulting Engineer, Sweden
  • 37. Susan Ghaemi, Australia
  • 38. Behdad Forghani, Engineer, USA
  • 39. J. Naghizadeh, Ph.D., Research Physicist, U.S.A.
  • 40. Hossein B. Zadeh, Human Rights Activist, UK
  • 41. Dr. Masoud Karim-Nia, Chemistry Engineere, Germany
  • 42. Hamid Beheshti, Germany
  • 43. Alireza Azizi, Physicist, USA
  • 44. Dr Majid Ghoddusi, Electron Microscopist, Australia
  • 45. Michael Azar, Doctorate student, Sweden
  • 46.  Hossein Gholipour , Sr. Computer Consultant, Canada
  • 47. Barry Ghanbari, USA
  • 48. kamyar sarshar, PhD. Student of Computer Science, Germany
  • 49. Jim Harris, Consultant, U S A
  • 50.  Zara Houshmand, Writer, USA
  • 51. Dr. Shahram Tabe-Mohammadi, Research scientist, Canada
  • 52. Dr. Siroos Afshar, Computer Engineer, USA
  • 53. Shahrzad Khorsandi, Instructor, USA44.  Michael Mares, Instructor, USA
  • 54. Noushin Hatamian, adjunct professor, USA
  • 55. Farid Marjayee, USA
  • 56. Reza Sadre, provisional government's Commerce minister, USA
  • 57. Manouchehr Shafiee, USA
  • 58.Bahman Maghsoudlou, Film producer, USA
  • 59. Dr. Sohrab Sadri, physician, USA
  • 60. Jamsheed Barahman, USA
  • 61. Goudarz Eghtedari, Engineer, USA
  • 62. Afshin  Shafei, Student, Norway
  • 63. Manucher Ghaffari, Media Specialist, USA
  • 64. Dr. Akbar Mahdi, Sociologist, U.S.A.
  • 65. Elizabeth M. Stiras, Student, General Studies,  Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • 66. Mohamadreza Namvar-Yeganeh, USA
  • 67. Dr. Kamran Behnia, physicist, France
  • 68. Ahmad Rafat  Journalist  Rome (Italy)
  • 69. Asghar Abdi, MD, PhD, Birmingham, UK
  • 70. L.R. Bartlett, PhD, Birmingham, UK
  • 71. Majid Hashemi, Industrial Engineer, Finland
  • 72. Mohammad Parvin, Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering, CSULA, and Aerospace Consultant, USA
  • 73. Simin H. Rasmussen, profession Educator, USA
  • 74. Mahmood Karbasi, Software Architect, USA
  • 75. Gabriele Ross, counselor, USA
  • 76. Majid Zolfaghari, Software designer, Sweden
  • 77. Rahim Bajoghli, USA
  • 8. Abdollah Taheri, Engineer, USA
  • 79. Dr. Mosafa Mostafa, Physicain, USA
  • 80. Atosa Roshan, Instructor and Certified Ontario Teacher in French, Canada
  • 81. Sahand Nikaain, Software Engineer, Germany
  • 82. Parwaneh Nikaain, Doctorate student, Germany
  • 83. Akbar Mohabbati, Engineering  Director, USA
  • 84. Dr. H Gheyaspour, Researcher  , UK
  • 85. Dr. Shodja Ziaian,  Toronto
  • 86. Morteza Anvari, Engineer USA
  • 87. Nader Hashemi, Student, Ottawa, Canada
  • 88. Reza Irani, Germany
  • 89. Mehrab Sedeh , Engineer , U.S
  • 90.  Dr. Bettina Ross, researcher, Germany
  • 91.  Aryo B. Pirouzni, International Finance and Relations, USA
  • 92. Mohammad Torabi, Ph.D, Researcher at Bell Laboratories, USA
  • 94. N. Urland ; Germany
  • 95.  G.Urland ; Germany
  • 96. N.Shojaat ; Germany
  • 97. A. Alliesfehani ; Germany
  • 98. A.R. Ghalipur; Germany
  • 99. Hamid Ahmadzadeh, Computer Engineer, Sweden
  • 100. Javad Fakharzadeh, CEO, Software Consulting, USA
  • 101.  Manouchehr  Hormuz, Businessman, Canada
  • 102. N. Irandost . U.S.A
  • 103. Houman Kiani, Doctor, USA
  • 104. Ahad Ghadimi
  • 105. Hamid Mostafavi, Architect, U.S.A.

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