statement of majlis foreign policy commission on ties with eu

tehran, april 29, irna -- the foreign policy commission of the majlis after repeated sessions on relations between iran and the european union (eu) adopted the following decisions and called on the government of the islamic republic to consider this framework in formulating its relations with the eu countries.

''1. the eu's support for armed terrorist grouplets is in clear violation of international laws. the eu countries should pursue, arrest and hand over members of these grouplets who have been sentenced for terrorism and crimes in iranian courts. ''europe is the center for providing support, financial backing, propoganda and training for armed terrorists grouplets, who through military operations launched from inside iraq with the support of saddam's regime are threatening the national security of iran and inhabitants of the border regions. therefore, the readiness of the eu to condemn terrorism and cooperate jointly to fight terrorism without any exception should be taken as the criteria.

''2. the export of weapons of mass killing by european countries to the sensitive region of the middle east and the persian gulf is in violation of international regulations and conventions and is an agent of instability in the region. the majlis believes:

''a. the export of weapons of mass destruction by some of the european countries during the imposed war (1980-88) caused damages amounting to billions of dollars as well as the loss of thousands of iranian lives. the majlis believes that the eu should bear responsibility for this clear violation of international regulations and conventions and while compensating these damages and bringing to justice the elements and culprits of these actions, should show its committment to and sense of responsibility towards international regulations.

''b. claims by the eu to combat weapons of mass destruction can only be acceptable when: ''firstly, the eu refrains from exporting them to the countries of the region and ''secondly, enters into a practical cooperation with the islamic republic of iran to seriously combat and free the region of these weapons. ''otherwise it must bear responsibility for violating inter national conventions.

''3. it expresses serious anxiety towards the hostile actions of the eu in various dimensions against islam and islamic countries and stresses the urgency to show respect for the values, cultures and beliefs as well as non-interference in the internal affairs of the islamic countries. the eu should take this as the basis of its relations with the islamic republic of iran as well as the islamic world and should fully abide by it.

''4. it condemns and views with grave anxiety, the violations of human rights, rights of minorities and the muslims, racism and xenophobia existing in europe. it rejects europe's double-standard approach towards human rights and calls for a change in this attitude.

''5. extensive export of conventional weapons by u.s. and europe has turned the region into an arsenel which may explode at any moment and has become a major factor of instability in the region. the members of the eu have a significant share in these exports. the eu should cooperate in controlling and regulating the export of conventional weapons to the region and thereby prove its commitment and sense of responsibility towards maintaining peace and stability in the region.

''6. the majlis considers the usurper regime of qods as the main element of crisis and tension in the region. it is clear that this regime has not paid heed to any of the u.n. resolutions and has extensively stockpiled atomic, chemical and biological weapons. it has not signed any international convention on banning of weapons of mass destruction and has routinely violated human rights in an extensive fashion. ''unfortunately, the u.s. and europe export technology of weapons of mass destruction to the zionist regime. the u.s. and eu should bear responsibility for these historical treacheries. the unlimited and unconditional support of europe for the zionist regime is a clear injustice towards the muslims and the region as well as a support for the agressor and the usurper. ''the eu should change its attitude in the interest of a just peace, stability and security in the middle east region.

''7 . the eu should not misuse sacred forums such as judicial authorities for attaining its political objectives. majlis considers the remarks of the berlin court judge along this line and finds them to be without any legal value. while condemning the remarks, majlis announces that such an approach is against the norms and principles of international laws and relations and a threat to peace and security in the region and the world.

''8. on the subject of the dialog between the islamic republic of iran and the eu, it believes that this dialog can be effective and useful only when it is constructive and based on good intentions and when it goes beyond words and slogans and when practical actions are taken to materialize the common views.

''therefore, we call on the government of the islamic republic of iran to end such dialogs until the conditions are realized. ''majlis requests the government of the islamic republic of iran to take into consideration and regard as code of action the above criteria in its relations with eu,'' concluded the statement.