TEHRAN, April 11 (AFP) - President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani warned Friday that German interests in Iran would be "weakened" after a Berlin court implicating Iranian leaders in the murder of four Iranian Kurd opponents.

"With this cowardly act, the Germans broke the heart of millions of Iranians with this verdict and they are going to suffer for it," Rafsanjani said in a speech during Friday prayers at Tehran University.

"I am not saying they will lose everything they have here, but their position here will definitely be weakened."

A German court accused the Iranian regime on Thursday of ordering the assassination of the Kurds in a Berlin restaurant in 1992.

The "ominous verdict is a shame and scandle for German justice and all others in the West. This is a political judgement, a publicity stunt," the president said.

"The trial was the most scandalizing event in Western history," he added.

He attacked massive media coverage of the event, which he said would "fail to achieve anything for them."

"This is a lightning and thunder storm which will pass and the sky will clear up," he said, sounding hurt and angry.

A crowd of Islamic fundamentalists left the prayer service and converged on the German embassy, which was surrounded by policemen in riot gear.