Excerpts from Friday April 11the article on background of Mikonos trail which appeared in Berliner Morgen Post.


On September 17, 1992 assasinations were carried out in Mykonos resaurant in Berlin under the code word "Bozorg Alavi"

Soon after this a photograph was taken from a speeding car with automatic radar-speed-control in the autobahn. The phtograph of three passengers in the speeding car and some finger prints on the assasination pistol resulted in the arrest of Amin and Rayel the two Lebanese who took part in the assasination. This led to the arrest of Darabi who according to Amin and Rayel was the Iranian agent receiving his orders directly from Iran. Another Iranian agent "Sharif" who fled to Iran was the main contact and is said to have received a Mercedes Benz for his work.

The trial took another dimension when Abolhassan Banisadr and an ex-Iranian secret agen "Mesbahi" took the witness stand. Mesbahi was quite familiar with the background of this operation and described in detail the mode of operation of Special Operations Committee which authorized assasination operations in Tehran.

Further evidence was provided by the examination of assasination weapons which were identical with those used in the assasination of Abdolrahman Gassemlou in Weinna the previous year. Also the security forces were put on high alert two day prior to the Mikonos event.