German court judge's remarks lack any legal value- says zarif

Tehran, april 11, IRNA -- deputy foreign minister for legal and international affairs mohammad javad zarif has said that berlin court judge's remarks are devoid of any legal value because the court has not investigated the case in accordance with the undeniable legal principles.

Talking to IRNA here last night, zarif added that the court in its rulling has solely relied on remarks of a number of terrorists and hijackers, for whose arrest, warrant has been issued by iranian judiciary and international police.

Furthermore, ''these elements are members of the counter- revolutionary groups, whose aim is to mar prestige of iran. from legal point of view, statements of these people lack any legal credibility. no legal decision could be made on these remarks,'' he pointed out.

As a rule, in any investigation the court should allow the defendant the right to defend himself, he added while commenting on berlin court's rulling on thursday.

''The remarks of the berlin court judge lacks any legal vlaue on the ground that they are merely based on the statments and allegations levelled by the said people(counter-revolutionary) against iran, who lack competence, but also because the court has failed to provide the defendant with an equal right for defence.''

After the accusations were raised against iran, the iranian ambassador to bonn in april 12, 1995, in a letter to the judge, while rejecting the allegations, told the judge that he was ready to present reasons and documents, which would help remove ambiguities and shed light to the realities. but the iranian ambassador received no reply from the court, said zarif.

Zarif said the court had not only failed to fulfil its legal obligations in hearing the views of the defendant but also took no step towards the proposal of the iranian ambassador.

According to zarif, the berlin court because of having failed to follow the unquestionable legal principles in tackling the case, is nothing but a "political show". end

Foreign ministry: EU president stance ''unprincipled''

Tehran, April 11, IRNA -- the spokesman for the iranian foreign ministry here on friday rejected and descrided as ''unprincipled'' the stance of the european union president, has van mierlo. mohammoud mohammadi added that the stance is based on unfounded remarks of the berlin court judge and pressure exerted by those who are against iran-eu relations. he descried as ''unrealistic'' and ''rejeccted'' connecting iran, a country which itself has been a victim of terrorist acts, to acts of terrorism by countries which on occasions have provided safe sanctuary for terrorists. he added, ''the islamic republic of iran while respecting international laws and regulations in its foreign policy, does not allow the critical dialog with eu to be used a pressure lever against iran.'' mohammadi continued, ''the islamic republic of iran based on its principled policy and goodwill has welcomed the critical dialog with eu in the past years with the aim that both sides could openly raise their criticism. but unfortunately (the islamic republic of iran) has always been a witness to biased provocations and sabotage of some of the members.''

The foreign ministry spokesman stressed, ''it could be said that the european union has been unable to come up with an honest policy in its talks with the islamic republic of iran.'' there is no doubt that as long as the european union is unable to demonstrate an independent attitude based on goodwill, the islamic republic of iran will consider such talks as useless. he concluded by saying that the islamic republic of iran in its relations with other countries has the right to counteract.

FM spokesman: German judge's statements, biased and unfounded

Tehran, April 10, IRNA -- the foreign ministry spokesman here on thursday termed statements made by a german district court judge against iran as ''biased'' and categorically denied accusations levelled against the islamic republic of iran.

The spokesman, mahmoud mohammadi, said the statements made by the german judge were unfounded and influenced by political propaganda campaign launched against the islamic republic of iran.

''We are awaiting a detailed and official account of the court procedures in order to scrutinize the issue,'' the foreign ministry spokesman said. Iran has recalled its ambassador to germany hussein musavian for some consultations, he said. ''the reality is that the statements of the berlin court judge have been made in an unjust and biased manner based on the false claims of counterrevolutionary elements and hostile political propaganda of the zionists, and thus are rejected and condemned by us,'' mohammadi reiterated.

The presiding judge of the berlin district court frithjof kubsch without offering any evidence, today accused the political leadership of iran of ordering the assassination of four exiled kurdish opposition leaders in mykonos restaurant in berlin in 1992. the court gave life imprisonment to one iranian national and a lebanese and sentenced two other lebanese to long prison terms on charges of assassinating the four kurdish dissidents.

German Ambassador summoned to foreign ministry

Tehran, April 10, IRNA -- german ambassador to Tehran horst beshmann was summoned to the foreign ministry on thursday to give explanations about the baseless allegations made by german judge frithjof kubsch implicating iran in assassination of four kurdish opposition leaders at mykonos restaurant in berlin in 1992.

the german court hearing the mykonos case found guilty four of the five defendants, handing over sentences raging from five yeas in jail to life imprisonment. iranian national kazem darabi and a lebanese were condemned to life in prison and two others were sentenced to five to 11 year imprisonment. js/ss/rr end

iran officially protests to germany

bonn, april 10, IRNA -- iran's ambassador to bonn hossein musavian in a meeting with german deputy foreign minister here on thursday conveyed iran's official protest over baseless accusations made by the judge of the mykonos affair.

the iranian ambassador in the meeting categorically denied any iranian goverment's involvement in the berlin accident and called the accusations levelled by the german judge against iran as political and baseless.

the ambassador said that the german government had already been officially informed by iran about the influence of foreien services and terrorist groups in the court's procedure and its verdict on the case. he added that the judge of the mykonos affair has based his accusations merely on remarks made by certain armed terrorists and a runaway hijacker, a fact which vindicated the information presentd by iran in this regard.--hm/hm end

security measures intensified around german embassy

Tehran, april 10, IRNA -- security measures have been reportedly intensified around the german embassy in Tehran on thursday following the announcement of the verdict of a berlin court regarding the mykonos affair.

meanwhile, the german ambassador to iran has been summoned to the iranian foreign ministry on thursday for explanation on the issue, the ministry sources said.

the german officials have not yet clearly reacted to the statement of the judge handling the mykonos case. a spokesman for the german foreign ministry has announced earlier on thursday that the german foreign minister klaus kinkel is considering setting up a press conference in this respect. meanwhile, the iranian government on thursday ordered the expulsion of four german diplomats from bonn's embassy in Tehran. the measure followed germany and iran each recalling their ambassadors.--hm/hm

mykonos verdict influenced by counter-revolutionaries, zionists

Tehran, april 10, IRNA -- a berlin court thursday condemned iranian national kazem darabi and lebanese national abbass rayel to life imprisonment in the mykonos affair. it also condemned yousef amin to 11 years and mohammad atriss to five years of confinement and acquitted a fifth named ataollah ayad.

the jury of the court later commented on the proceedings amid an atmosphere of political hostility with iran. the rulings of the court were based on the testimony of a number of witnesses all of them counter-revolutionaries in europe.

the german justices accused the iranian officials of having had a hand in the killing of four iranians at mykonos restaurant in 1992. he proceedings, however, seemed to have been led to pre-dertermined conclusions in a mockery of justice by zionist elements in germany.

the german government would have done a lot better if it made sure of the adequacy of evidence on which to found a ruling and if it also offered an intelligent expalantion on why it had offered a haven to the iranian counter-revolutionaries since the triumph of the islamic revolution in iran.

the same iranian terrorists who have committed cuountless assassinations in iran and who have martyred such iranian personalities as seyed mohammad-hossein beheshti, mohammad-ali raja-ee and bahonar have been enjoying absolute freedom in the protective hands of the german government for many years now.

None but U.S. and Israel Will Be Beneficiary of Iran-EU Crisis

What happened in a Berlin court and in Brussels Thursday is considered by observers to be the worst and deepest crisis between Iran and the European Union.

In a Berlin court, an Iranian and a Lebanese were given life sentences after being convicted of the assassination of four Kurds at a Berlin restaurant in 1992. The court also said `the background to the crime reaches the highest levels of Iranian state'

A diplomatic row between Iran and EU surfaced first in 1989 but disappeared after a few months. The two sides initiated the `critical dialogue' to remove misunderstandings. These dialogues continued for four and a half years.

Both sides suggested that their parleys were on the right direction. But unfortunately, the Berlin court verdict on Thursday made the situation worst. The foreign ministers of the EU in Brussels hurriedly decided to recall their ambassadors from Tehran.

Iranian officials rightly believe that the Berlin court judgment is flawed. Why? There are several answers that should be taken into consideration before making a final opinion on this extraordinary issue.

The most significant is the absence of a party from the entire legal procedure -- the party that was accused of having a hand in the assassination of four persons at the Mykonos restaurant on Sept. 17, 1992.

The party termed by the judge in his verdict as the `highest state levels' was given no chance to defend itself. In such a case the court verdict carries no weight as far as legal authenticity is concerned.

Ironically, those who were testifying in the case were known terrorists and fugitives with a long criminal record in Iran that can be verified by the interested parties.

Does the testimony of such persons carry legal value or importance? The answer is known to every rational person.

At stake is the growing trade and commercial ties between Iran and the European Union. Germany alone is Iran's major trade partner. The two countries exchanged goods worth 3 billion marks ($1.8 billion) last year.

If not today, tomorrow the entire world will realize that the charges leveled against the Iranian authorities by the court in Berlin do not correspond to reality.

Unfortunately the developments on Thursday made the United States and Israel happy. These were the two countries trying hard to push Iran into isolation.

On one side the United States was asking Europe and others to keep distance from Iran. On the other side, the U.S. companies had been purchasing Iranian crude worth $500 million per month. This practice continued until May 1995 when the figures were made public and suddenly the administration of President Bill Clinton imposed a ban on U.S. companies on trade with Iran.

We are sure that Zionists and pro-Zionist Americans have a deep-rooted plot to create a big gulf between Iran and the EU. Right now they have succeeded in their nasty mission. But the leaders of the EU should not lose their heads and try to see the other side of the coin as well.

The present crisis, like the previous ones will disappear, but Iran would now be in a better position to go after real friends for future lucrative business and commercial ties.