TEHRAN - A major Greek daily has criticized the European Union for double-standards, another paper questioned if the German court verdict against Iran was not influenced by political considerations, while one daily said the biggest loser will be Germany.

Daily "Eleftherotypia," wrote Saturday that Germany was annoyed by Greece's refusal to withdraw its ambassador from Tehran. Nobody recalls its ambassador when Israel kills people abroad, it added.

"When it is known that Israel, for national security reasons, undertakes "expedition" in other countries, and carries out decisions of the ministerial Cabinet, nobody ever imagines of recalling its ambassador, or to mobilize international organizations against this country. Two measures and two standards," said the paper.

Eleftherotypia published a full-page report on the crisis between Iran and Germany under the title "Differences within the European Union over Sanctions Against Iran."

The daily published a photo showing Iranians demonstrating outside the German Embassy in Tehran, IRNA reported.

Daily "Exousia" noted that recently Iran's relations with the Persian Gulf states were improving and all signs pointed that normalization of Iran's relations with her neighbors would lead to a progress in the "critical dialogue" with the EU.

"Is it possible that a court verdict would overturn a rapprochement which is underscored by vital geopolitical, economic and commercial interests," asked the Greek daily.

"The question remains open, if it was a clean judicial decision without political intervention or if it was related to an act of appeasement by Bonn toward Washington," wrote the paper.

Exousia opined that the current crisis was only temporary and concluded that "one thing is crystal clear: neither Tehran nor the 15 (EU members) have anything to gain from further escalation."

Daily "Athinaiki", which began publication this week, in an opinion column said "Nobody was impressed by the urgency with which the Dutch presidency of the EU reacted following the German court verdict."

The paper reported that EU countries, with a few exceptions, had since weeks "taken the battle position" awaiting the German court ruling.

Diplomats in Brussels discussed the possibility of imposing arms embargo on Iran and of expelling its diplomats.

Athinaiki noted that Washington's claims that Iran supports terrorism is not supported by any evidence.

The paper stressed that interests of EU countries are at odds, "but for the time being everything shows that Germany will be the biggest loser," according to an IRNA report from Athens.

The column hinted that through the court verdict Germany was forced to satisfy the "Iran-eaters" , especially Washington.

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