iran describes washington post article biased, unfounded

new york, united nations, april 15, irna -- iran's permanent mission to the u.n. has categorically dismissed allegations levelled by an american newspaper linking iran with the bombing in saudi arabia.

the mission considered the allegations as biased, unfounded and pure fabrication.

the washington post in an article on april 13 alledgely linked iran with the bombing in a u.s. military compoud in dharan, saudi arabia, last june in which 19 u.s. servicemen were killed.

in a press release issued monday in reaction to the washington post report, iran's permanent mission said tehran views the report, ''in light of the practice of certain western quarters to exploit any situation to feed the public their not so-hidden any more agenda of anti-iran propaganda. and of course, what situation better than that which was engineered last week by the political masquerade in a local german court in which a number of well-known sworn enemies of iran were paraded as credible witnesses against iran.''

it added, ''the article in question and other media reports on the issue are permeated with conjectures, fiction stories, and pure allegations and then find comfort in concluding as the washington post article has done, that evidence appears to show a conclusive linke to iran.''