subj: u-s-iran germany (l) by ron pemstein/state department

intro: the united states has urged germany and other west european governments to cut off their dialogue with iran after a german court held iranian authorities responsible for the murder of kurdish dissidents. ron pemstein reports from the state department.

text: the conclusions of the german court came as no surprise to the united states. the state department praises the courage of german judges, prosecutors and witnesses in making the ruling blaming iranian state authorities for the 1992 murder.

spokesman nicholas burns says the united states knew this already.

/// burns act ///

the court's verdict corroborates our long held view that iran's sponsorship of terrorism is authorized at senior levels of the iranian government. the united states calls on the islamic republic of iran to take a lesson from this verdict and cease its terrorist operations and its sponsorship of terrorism throughout the world.

/// end act ///

the state department also took some satisfaction in pronouncing the failure of europe's effort to hold a critical dialogue with iran in the hope of moderating iran's behavior in a series of discussions. in the light of the german court decision, mr. burns says germany and other countries should draw their own conclusions about how to do business with iran.

germany has recalled its ambassador from teheran and deported iranian officials. the state department spokesman calls on the europeans to do more to isolate iran.

/// burns act ///

iran is a terrorist state. it's an outlaw state. it must be contained by the international community. the united states will maintain its own sanctions on iran and we strongly encourage our european partners to do the same.

/// end act ///

the united states accuses iran of providing financial support for middle east terrorist groups. however, european countries have refused to join the united states in cutting off all investment in iran. the german court decision could give the united states a little more support in isolating iran. (signed)


10-apr-97 8:37 pm edt (0037 utc) nnnn

source: voice of america