The Democracy Network of Iran (DNI) discussion/action list is established with the belief in the following Principles:

  1. The establishment of a democratic government in Iran; a system that respects the rights and individualities of all Iranians irrespective of their gender, race, and ideological beliefs.
  2. Political Pluralism (multi-party system) and Free Elections as inseparable elements of a democratic system.
  3. Freedom of press, freedom of assembly, freedom to form independent professional organizations and syndicates, freedom to form Political Parties as pre-condition for Free Elections.
  4. Free elections are only possible when equitable resources are allocated to ALL political parties.
  5. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which recognized "the inherent dignity and equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family" and advocates "freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want".
  6. Separation of religious Institutions and Government
  7. Providing of equitable and just economic, political and social opportunities for all sectors of population, striving towards a socially just and economically equitable society with democratic participation of people in economic and political endeavors.
  8. Territorial integrity of Iran with respect for the rights of the ethnic minorities.

The above shall be our guiding principles in our actions and positions regarding issues and developments in international and national scenes.


DNI is a net-based network of individuals with focus on social, economical and political development in Iran or in relation to Iran, advocating creation of truly democratic processes in political and social domains.


DNI can function as a network of interested individuals and groups to form projects and activities aligned with the principles and objectives of the group.

The followings are the suggested areas of actions. The group is always open to suggestions and ideas of its members.

  1. Engage in political discussions
  2. Disseminate news, information and commentaries
  3. Generate political statements with regards to current events in Iran and in line of our accepted Principles
  4. Cooperate with other groups with similar objectives in promotion of the above-mentioned principles.


  1. Flow of information shall be free and every related kind of material can be sent over the mailing list. These includes news, commentaries and other useful information.
  2. The political statements from the group must be ratified by a simple majority vote with participation of more than half of the members. Individual members, however, can issue and sign statements on behalf of THEMSELVES.
  3. DNI will NOT have any affiliation with any existing political party or group.
  4. After the initial formation period, the charter can be changed with proposals endorsed by 5% of the membership and with more than 75% of the votes. More than half of the membership must engage in the voting process.
  5. DNI will strive to establish working relation with all other net-based or otherwise groups with similar goals and/or aspirations.
  6. DNI shall facilitate or organize speeches/seminars and other events, throughout the world, in effort to promote the above-mentioned principles. DNI depends on its membership to organize and support such initiatives.
  7. There will be a membership fee on a voluntary basis.


Membership is open to all persons who accept DNI's principles and charter and are committed to participate in the activities of DNI.

If a member has misused the group's name and/or resources or has behaved contrary to DNI's principles and objectives, the groups has the right to cancel his/her membership. A request cumenting specific grounds for termination must be submitted by three members to the group and the accused member shall have the right to defend his/her case. A majority vote by the group will be the determining factor.


The Guiding Committee will be comprised of five members elected by the membership for a period of one year. The election shall be held two months before the end of the terms of current guiding committee members. The overlap of two months will be used to facilitate the transfer of responsibilities.

GC is the decision-making body while the general assembly is the highest organ in the list. General Assembly will be held once a year. Changes in the charter and the program of action will be approved by the general assembly.

The Guiding Committee will represent the group externally. It will also facilitate the group in organizing and moving towards group's objectives. The GC can be divided functionally into:

  1. Public Relation and Communications
    Focusing on the external relation with outside groups.
  2. News & Information
    Focusing on dissemination of news and information related to DNI.
  3. Publication & Member Services
    Focusing on Publication of group's statements as well as services to members and potential services.
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