Formation of "Movement fro Free Elections" in Iran

In the name of God

Dear Compatriots.

In two previous declarations which were published in May and July 1995 with more than 100 signatories, Campaigners for Free Elections, the prevailing political, economic and social conditions in the society and the crisis that threaten the Country and the Nation were described. Since the resolution of these crises hinges on the provision of people's rights and basic freedoms and realization of people's sovereignty, and since IRI has announced the Elections for the fifth IRI's parliamentary elections, we, the Campaigners for Free Elections" find it necessary to bring your attention to the following points:

  1. The primary reason for the present crises, is the rule of "monopolistic group" that ignores the principles regarding the rule and rights of the people in the constitution and have monopolistically allocated the resources to the supporters of IRI.
  2. Robbing people off their freedoms and choice has caused indifference and submission of a wide spectrum of the society regarding political and social problems.
  3. 3. The only way out of the present crisis is facilitation of conditions for "Free Elections" and encouraging people's participation's in the Elections so that people become shareholders in their own destiny.
  4. To attract people's participation in the elections, the conditions of freedom, security and justice must be guaranteed. "Free Elections" does not mean providing publicity resources to the supporters of IRI a few days prior to voting.
    According to the constitution, freedom means Freedom of Press, Freedom of formation of Political Parties and assembly and the possibility of presenting different views, programs for solving problems and resolving the present crisis in the society, so that people can vote for the holders of thought and plan rather than the "Approved Guardian Council Candidates". Also people should be able to vote with adequate knowledge of the candidates.
  5. Mere declaration of Freedom of Assembly and political parties does not suffice.
    IRI must provide for the security of the individuals, Assembly and the Press, so that the "Reform Advocates" can express [within the boundaries of the constitution] their views freely and securely in the press and meetings to be held across the country. People should also feel secure in hearing their views.
  6. Observing justice is another condition for a legal and healthy elections, so that resources are justly allocated to all candidates and groups.

We, the signatories [the Campaigners for Free Elections] hope [with reliance to almighty God] that our warnings be heard by the government before elimination of any possibility of peaceful resolution of the present crisis. Provision of genuine freedoms, security, Justice and entrusting people form participating in Elections will constitute a serious step towards solving the problems and the present crisis.

We invite our compatriots to rise up and demand their basic rights and lawful freedoms and join the "Campaigners for Free Elections". With the hope of help from God and dream of "Payandegi" and "Sarbolandi" of the dear Iranian people and the country.

Shahrivar 1374

"The Campaigners for Freedom of Elections"

Talashgaran Tamine Entekhabate Azad

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