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Democracy Network of Iran
une 1995 - November 2001
Has ceased all of its activities as of
November 12, 2001

All the pages will remain on this web site, but they will not be updated.

We will keep on fighting for a free and democratic Iran, but DNI's time is over and we move on to focus on other groups, web sites and our local communities until our country is free.

We still believe that our beloved country will become free and we will have a chance to go back and live in IRAN to help to make it democratic and free from all type of discriminating and fight to keep it that way.

DNI Special pages

2001 DNI's special page covering terrorist attacks on September 11 to New York and Washington DC
2001 Special page on mass execution of political prisoners in Iran during Summer of 1998
2001 Special page on Montazeri's memoirs
1998 Special page on assassination of Mr. and Mrs. Foruhar on Nov. 22 in Tehran

1998 Special page on Mykonos trail
1997 Special page to support Mr. Abbas Amir Entezam
1997 Special page on 1997 presidential election
1997 Special page on Political prisoners hunger strike in Iran
1996 Special page on Faraj Sarkuhi's case
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