DNI News, November 1995 (part 1)

    November NEWS Digest (part 1)

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  1. Meehan: Mordad 1374: No. 12 Iran on the verge of change: Velayate Faghih on the verge of demise
  2. Rahe Tudeh: 27 Mehr 1374
  3. Iran Times: Oct. 27, 1995
  4. Iran times: November 3, 1995
  5. Iran Khabar: Oct. 27, 1995
  6. Ettela'at: November 3, 1995
  7. Iran Khabar: November 10, 95
  8. Ettela'at: November 9, 1995
  9. Kayhan (London] November 10, 1995
  10. NEWS from Hezbe Mellat: UP to 13 Aban
  11. Hezbe Mellate Iran NEWS Service (13 Aban-19 Aban)
  12. CDDI NEWS Service
  13. KAR: abbAs-e abdi: andiSe-ye eslAmi ru be zavAl ast
  14. Letter to UN Human Rights Commission, concerning Amir Entezam

Meehan: Mordad 1374: No. 12

Iran on the verge of change: Velayate Faghih on the verge of demise

Meehan outlines Rafsanjani fraction's strategy in the coming months as follows:

To remove Khamenei. Apparently, "they" have suggested to the leader to be the "religious leader" of the Islamic Revolution and not interfere in political and executive affairs of the country. He has been asked to move to Mashahad from Tehran.

For presidency: 1) change the constitution and accommodate Rafsanjani or 2) Push Karbasschi.

Allow the "moderate" dissidents who want to have political activities within the boundaries of the "Law", i.e., Nehzate Azadi and Some Jebheye Melli Activists to run for Majlis and perhaps they will be a bridge between people and IRI.

The article claims that this proposal enjoys considerable support inside IRI, clergy in the Parliament, Hozeh Elmieh clergy and the Cabinet members.

Mahdavi Kani is in support of this proposal. [...]

Meehan: Manager: Ali Keshtgar:

Mr. Traoe

9 rue du Mornam

75011 Paris France: Tel: 42-77-6260/ Fax: 42-77-6261

Rahe Tudeh: 27 Mehr 1374

Rahe Tudeh assesses the latest Majlis Bill as a coup'detat against the Freedom movement in Iran. the third article of the Mojazat Bill states: "Anyone who publicizes against IRI or for groups and organizations which are against IRI will be jailed for three months to 1 year."

Iran Times: Oct. 27, 1995

Ali Akbar Mohteshemi: Jamehe Rohaniate Mobarez will not participate in Elections.

Nategh Nouri: "Islam minus the clergy is an "American Islam". "Elimination of clergy is equivalent to elimination of Velayate Faghih". "A religion that does not deal with people's world, i.e., economics and politics is an American Islam".

Thousands rally in support of Soroush in Tehran University.

51% jump in Direct Tax Income: 290 Billion Tomans in six months. Tax evasion totals up to 700 million Dollars a year according to Reza Iranbodi, deputy in charge of Taxes in the Finance and Economy ministry.

Petrochemical production is up to 11 million tons per year. Exports for the first seven months was 300,000 Tons which was valued at 211 million dollars.

Amir Entezam demanded a retrial and rejected a clemency offer.

Six months in jail for insulting Khomeini according to a new security law.

Iran times: November 3, 1995

Non-Oil exports continue falling: now Down by half according to the latest figures released by Habibollah AsgarOladi, deputy chief of the chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Rafsanjani: Religion and government are inseparable.

Newdt Gingrch pushes fund to battle IRI. Iran Times quoted Wall Street Journal.

Iran Khabar: Oct. 27, 1995

Dr. Javad Larijani announced his readiness to "debate" Dr. Soroush. Larijani says that the separation of religion and politics issue MUST not be discussed publicly.

Ettelaat: November 3, 1995

Majlis deputy on forthcoming elections:

Tehran: Once again some intellectual circles have set forth the idea of separation of religion from politics which was declared null and void by Imam Khomeini, Tehran's representative in Majlis, Mohammad Reza Bahonar, said.

In an interview with the English new daily 'Iran News" printed on Wednesday, Bahonar noted that such people failed to grasp the concept of 'velayat' (guardianship), believing that public vote gives legitimacy to 'vali faqih' (the supreme juisprudent) and setting limits for his authorities.

Another group, he said believe in 'vali faqih' but maintain that he should not interfere in executive affairs, yet the aim of all of them is to distance 'velayat' from the Islamic system and separate religion from politics, argued the Majlis deputy.

"They regard the Leader as a symbol of spirituality and unity only, but, we will have no problem with those who accept the absolute rule of the Velayate Faghih", Bahonar said.

As an example, he cited the Liberals, the Liberation Movement, certain left wing elements such as 'Salam' daily and some of those in charge of 'Asre-Ma' weekly.

Velayate Faghih is sacred and whoever ignores it in the fifth Majlis will be faced with requisite measure and will most likely be isolated, Bahonar said adding, "the important consideration for us is to stop the said elements from attaining such goals".


Iran Khabar: November 10, 95

They said that the article 177 of the constitution outlines the procedure to change the constitution. Constitution can be changed and everyone should be free to express their opinion on that matter. Article 8 of the constitution calls on everyone to apply "Amre be Maroof va Nahi Az Monkar" to the statesmen as well as others. So, they argued that the "Tazizat Bill" violates article 8 of the constitution.

Passage and implementation of the "Tazizat Bill" and the show of power by the "Oubash" in Tehran are long strides toward having a Farmayeshi Elections under repression and intimidation. The Guardian Council's move to appoint herself as the screener of the candidates is in contradiction with the article 99 of the constitution [Mostaghim Boodane Entekhabat].

Ettela'at: November 9, 1995

Rafsanjani in an interview with Iranian and German Journalists said: "I prefer to see the forthcoming Majlis Elections as a n event which will not be within the exclusive control of any specific grouping, I would like to see all going to ballots and casting their votes for the candidate of their choice, ..., I intend to support freedom of those elections" [?}

Mohammad Reza Bahonar, Tehran Majlis representative: "... Mojahedin Enghelabe Eslami,... have been formed and attained licenses to participate in the elections." [...] Criterion for electing candidates, " individual competence, political, cultural and social position, efficiency, good record, social popularity and belief in Velayate Faghih are the most important determinants." [...]

Kayhan (London] November 10, 1995

The Islamic Students in Tehran University's Law School said, "Professors speak against the revolution and the Islamic System in their lectures."

Hezbollahi Students of the Khajeh Nasir Toussi: "Our University Atmosphere is Corrupt." "The University President and Professors are Anti-Hezbolahi". "The Computer Center of the University has become the Rendezvous center for boys and girls".

Attaollah Mohajerani, Vice President:" decline in the number of clergy in the fourth Majlis caused the Majlis to show more "Takapou".

Hosseinollah Karami the leader of the Ansar Hezbollah in an interview with Keyhan challenged Dr. Soroush to have a public debate with Ansar Hezbollah [Dr. Tourani, Dr. Ghaffari, and Dr. Larijani have announced their readiness to engage Dr. Soroush in such a debate]. He said DR. Soroush has violated the LAW by expressing the ideas of "separation of religion and state". This is illegal and anti-religious [Gheir Sharei] according to the leader.

Ansar Hezbollah had said earlier in a Press Release [Kayhan] that, "The Islamic Revolution, US Embassy Takeover, and scores of other moves in IRI have not been legal". They are responding to those who claim Hezbollah's action to be "Illegal".

Resalat Newspaper which is the Organ of the conservatives such as [Jannati, Nategh Nouri, etc.] wrote [on the issue of Anjoman Eslami/Dr. Soroush/Ansar Hezbollah]: "We have a religious system, we ask you: Aren't those who attack the principles/foundations of this system [read Velayat Faghih] in violation of our people's basic rights?". The same author in Resalat knowingly or unknowingly says that the Velayate Faghih is an absolute power in IRI.

NEWS from Hezbe Mellat: UP to 13 Aban:

A. Hezbe Mellate Iran issued a statement regarding the killing of Rabin. They said he lost his life for his peaceful goals.

B. In another statement on 13 Aban, Hezbe Mellate Iran reported on the Hezbollah demonstration in Tehran on 11 Aban. 400 Hezbollahi's chanted:

Their mottoes when they gathered around Velayati's office:

Death to Melli, death to communist, death to America, death to Israel, Salam be England, Dorood be Russia.

Velayati , Velayati Hemayatat mikonim, Ooropayeh Mostaghel Mored Taeed mast.

Their mottoes when around the Ettellaat Newspaper: Marg bar Mellati, Marg bar Tudehie, Marg bar Forouhar, Marg bar communist, Marg bare Melli...

8 Aban: State papers reported that Buto was trying to mediate between Tehran and Washington.

8 Aban: Parvaneh Forouhar announced in an interview with the 24 hour radio that " in such an atmosphere, Iran resembles an occupied territory. Elections is nothing but a shrade to legitimize those who have lost their legitimacy."

10 Aban: 211 staff members of Esfehan Sanati University issued a statement demanding "investigation into" and arrest of those responsible for the "bloody incident(?)". [this might be in reference to the killing of one student while demonstrating a few backs back?]

11 Aban: The UN Human Rights representative, Mosritz Kupetion (?) is asking to go to Iran to investigate the "Human Rights" status.

11 Aban: hundreds gathered in Hojat Ebnolhassan Mosque in Esfehan in a memorial service for Ahmad MirAlaie. This memorial service was called by 11 writers, translators and poets.

CDDI NEWS Service:

In CDDI's statement in solidarity with the Haze Mellate Iran Farakhan, they called for a formation of MardomSalar Government and formation of a front composed of Jomhoorikhahane Melli, Progressive and leftist forces.

Center for Iranian Democrats (Chicago) faxed a copy of their Charter to CDDI.

They believe in Parliamentary Republic, Separation of religion and ideology from the state and constitution, National Sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iran, Compliance with UHRD. CID has also joined the DNI list.

Center for Iranian Democrats (Chicago)

P.O.Box 258325, Chicago IL 60625

Tel/Fax: 312-736-1084

CDDI and the Center for Iranian Democrats in Chicago sent solidarity messages to the Jonbesh.

KAR: abbAs-e abdi: andiSe-ye eslAmi ru be zavAl ast

You will be able to see the farsi fonts of this file if you run the gerdsooz.exe. The complete subdirectory of gerdsooz is in tehran.stanford.edu


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jng andySh nrft v Hty az mvxe qdrt nsbt bh andySh dygran bsyar Kaxe bvd?


Letter to UN Human Rights Commission, concerning Amir Entezam

TO: UN Human Rights Commission
Honorable Elsa Stamatopoulou
Chief of Liaison Office of Human Rights UN Commission on Human Rights in USA
United Nations
NY NY 10017
FAX Number: 212-963-4079
CC: Amnesty International: Fax: 212-627-1451 CC: Middle East Watch: Fax Number: 212-972-0905 CC: National Council of Churches: NY (Middle East Office) CC: International Association against torture at the UN CC: Media
CC: ALL Human Rights Organizations

Honorable Elsa Stamatopoulou

In this letter we like to bring to your attention recent cases of human rights violations by the Islamic Republic of Iran, against its political prisoners, and activists.

According to Iranian opposition groups [1-2], Mr. Assad Akhavan and Mr. Sadeghi have been executed in Iran in recent weeks. Mr. Assad Akhavan, a native of the northern Iranian city of Langrud, had previously spend nine years in the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He was a member of the Organization of Iranian People's Fedaian (Majority) [1].
According to a report issued by Reuters, on Oct. 10, 1995, 10 members of Kurdish democratic party of Iran have also been executed in recent weeks..
The same source [Reuters] reports arrest of 26 members of KDP of Iran in recent weeks [4].

We are also concerned about the lives of 42 political prisoners and 2 Baha'is who were reported to be in imminent danger of execution [5:Attachment A].

Finally, we like to bring to you attention, Mr. Amir Entezam's who is the longest held political prisoner in IRI. In his recent letter to Renate Schmidt in Germany [6: see attachment B], he demands to have an open trial. We are asking the commission to take appropriate action on this matter.

While we are fundamentally opposed to capital punishment of any kind, we find the execution of such punishment against political prisoners doubly outrageous and disturbing

We do hereby ask the UN Commission on Human Rights to form a task group to investigate this matter and bring the case to the attention of the proper authorities in IRI. Specifically, we ask that the commission solicit a formal response from the IRI as to the details of the charges, court dates, the names of the lawyers, and any other pertinent information on this matter. We are asking you to attend to this matter in the name of humanity and human life. We thank you for your attention to this matter.

Amir Entezam Defense Committee (Washington), Campaign for defense of Iranian Political Prisoners (NY, LA, Ottawa), Center for Defense of Democracy in Iran (NY), Center fro Iranian Democrats (Chicago), Committee to defend Human Rights in Iran (North California), Democracy Network of Iran (Internet), Iranian Human Rights Working Group (Internet), Iranian Solidarity Movement for Freedom (LA), L'Association de Defence du Front pour la Republique la Democratie En Iran-Belgique

1. Amir Entezam Defense Committee (Washington) Public Relations Office: Zohreh Khayam
FAX: 703-536-7853
P.O.Box 846 Silver Springs MD 29007

2. Campaign for defense of Iranian Political Prisoners (NY, LA, Ottawa) P.O.Box 20704
NY NY 10129-0006
3. Center for Defense of Democracy in Iran (NY) Public Relations Office: Ardeshir Ommani Tel:914-273-8852/ FAX: 718-863-2775
E-MAIL Address: CDDIRAN@aol.com
P.O.Box 294 NY NY 10021-0032
4. Center fro Iranian Democrats (Chicago) P.O.Box 258-325
Chicago IL 60625
5. Committee to defend Human Rights in Iran (North California) Tel:408-738-8759/FAX: 408-732-3493
P.O.Box 23093 San Jose CA 95153-3093
6. Democracy Network of Iran (Internet) dni@glue.umd.edu
7. Iranian Human Rights Working Group (IHRWG-Internet) Spokesperson: Dr. Hossein Bagher Zadeh
E-MAIL Address: ihrwg@tehran.stanford.edu P.O.Box 5095 North Branch NJ USA 08876
8. Iranian Solidarity Movement for Freedom (LA) Tel: 310-641-9807/Tel: 213-343-9918/Fax: 714-285-9040 P.O.Box 88523 LA CA 90009
9. L'Association de Defence du Front pour la Republique la Democratie En Iran-Belgique
1090 Bruxelle Belgique

[1] KAR: Number 117,
I.G.e.v > Pstfach 260268 > 50515 Koeln Germany FAX: 0049-221-3318290
[2] Rahe Kargar: Public Relations Office: ALIZADI BP195 75563 PARIS CEDEX12 FRANCE TEL: 4940- 6777819 FAX: 33-1-43455804 [3] Society for Defense of Political Prisoners in Iran (Koln, Germany)
[4]. Reuters News Agency: October 10, 1995 [5] Attachment A: Condemnation letter by "Center for Defense of Democracy in Iran", May 13, 1995
[6] About Iran: Attachment B: Amir Entezam's letter to Renate Schmidt