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1. Fwd: Sit-in by Girl Students turn to violenceSobh
2. Fwd: Protesters set fire to buildings in southwestern Iran
3. Islamic Republic of Iran

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 14:21:32 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Fwd: Sit-in by Girl Students turn to violenceSobh

Iran National Salvation Front

A group of girl students staged a sit-in at " Dr. Shari-ati Teacher
Training University" for three days, in protest at the performance of
university officials and lack of facilities, while the officials"labeled
the gathering as political and insulted the students," one student said.
The gathering turned into violence after police forces cast the students
into the streets with the use of violence.

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 14:22:30 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Fwd: Protesters set fire to buildings in southwestern Iran
Iran National Salvation Front

TEHRAN- An angry mob set fire to a police station and
government offices in Ramhormoz, southwestern Iran, Thursday, to protest
against inadequate public services, the Kayhan newspaper reported.
The violence broke out after several thousand residents of nearby Haftgol
rallied at the regional government headquarters in Ramhormoz, the paper
said. The rioters demanded a change of government.

On Monday several hundred people rallied near Shahar-Danqeh, south of
Tehran, to protest against "the lack or the mediocre quality of municipal
services," press reports and witnesses said.

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 18:19:11 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Islamic Republic of Iran

PMB 197, 344 Maple Ave. West, Vienna, VA 22180 -

January 6, 2000

President Mohammad Khatami- Islamic Republic of Iran
Ayatollah Seyyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi- Head of
the Judiciary
Hojatoleslam Ali Akbar Nategh Nouri- Speaker of the
Majlis (Parliament)

As we enter the new millennium, we, the defenders of
human rights and the well being of the Iranian People,
are writing to you to express our astonishment and
outrage at the double standards both in your rhetoric
and in your deeds. It has been reported that the fate
of two students, who participated in the massive
student demonstration of July 1999, has become a tool
in political gains as it relates to your factional
differences. At stake is the fate of two young
students; one for raising a blood-stained T-shirt
which was recorded by photographers and reporters
worldwide and the other because his youthful anger is
expressed against those responsible for the bloodshed
that caused the T-shirt to be stained. It is reported
that these young men have “jeopardized the national

In the meantime, Mr. Abbas Amir Entezam has been sent
back to prison, where he has spent most of his life in
the past 20 years, because he had conversed with a
reporter in a private party.

Inconsistencies of such charges with claims of belief
in civil society, support for the rule of law and
respect for the rights of citizenry, and their obvious
contradictions presents themselves as more of a
tasteless joke; the kind of irony that takes the sleep
away from the eyes.

The real truth of the matter is that the Islamic
Republic apparatus is addressing the wrong cause for
inciting unrest. What causes dissent is assault on
peaceful student rallies and not the revealing image
of a blood-stained T-shirt which was initiated and
committed by your formal and informal agents; Killing
of students and not engaging in a private
conversation; staying silent to these events and not
revealing the truth about the differences of opinions
between the friends and foes of Ayatollah Montazeri.

If any simple challenge to the wrongdoing of your
regime shakes the foundation of your rule, maybe you
should wonder. Since it is a self-acknowledgement on
your part that the pillar of your rule is based on the
bubbles of disillusion and not the reality. When your
government assigns an agency that has been established
to preserve and protect the
security of the citizens, to the senseless and
shameless tasks of murder of freedom lovers such as
Pouyandeh, Mokhtari, Forouhar, Eskandari, Sirjani,
MirAlaaie and many others, undoubtedly, it is
responsible for social anarchy and insecurity. Murder
of innocent people, jailing of truth-seekers, attack
on the university dorm which must be considered
the private home and domain of the students reveals an
undeniable fact. The fact that your inability to
govern is more than what has been widely speculated
and beyond the
factional disputes. However this lack of competence
on your part does not translate into a disclaimer.
You can not pass laws and you yourselves violate them.
You can not consider the angel of justice to be blind
when you handpick and select your accused, your
condemned and your victims. You can not avoid
revealing the truth regarding the political murders by
the government agents and continue to protect them and
keep them in position of power and sent young students
to their death. It seams that you all have been
entrapped in your double standards and contradictory
values. Execution of Akbar Mohammadi and Ahmad Batebi
solely would lead to escalating of the collective
hatred. There is a limit to people’s patience and
tolerance. Violence begets violence and the potential
for tolerance will eventually diminish. We alert you
to avoid more bloodshed by joining the civil world, by
turning human wrongs to human rights and by accepting
the charter of human rights in earnest and by allowing
the people of Iran to participate in shaping their own
destiny. Stop execution, torture, imprisonment and
creating daily menace in people’s live under the guise
of preserving “security”. The security of people has
been jeopardized based on your own acknowledgements.

Alliance for Defense of Human Rights in Iran

Farsi text of this letter was sent via:
Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of
Iran to the United Nations
622 Third Avenue, 34th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10017
Telephone: (212) 687-2020
Fax: (212) 867-7086

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