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1. Institutionalization of Political Parties
2. Three Categories of Nominees
3. Presence of Foreign Forces in Region Source of Tension, Khatami
4. Good Relations Between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Favor of Region
5. Iran's Diplomatic Capacity
6. President: Persian Gulf Will Remain Persian Gulf Forever
7. Countdown to Final Ballot
8. Blair Attaches Great Importance to Iran Relations
9. Hofer Expected to Be Released Today
10. Most polite people in the world!!!
11. Iran hangs four, amputates fingers of seven
12. IRI's penal law in scanned GIF format

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 08:31:02 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Institutionalization of Political Parties


Institutionalization of Political Parties

The news has it that the row between two principle members of the Executives
of Construction Party (ECP), namely Mohammad Hashemi, the former president's
brother and Ataollah Mohajerani, the minister of culture has come to a head.
These verbal altercations have found their way into all the country's daily
papers. The deplorable fact is that the political parties of the country have
spontaneously sprung up on the basis of the necessities and expediency of the
time without ever first drawing up the mandatory charter or putting together
their basic platforms.

Some were formed to counter a common foe or to serve factional interests
without first having made the necessary assessments of their members' like
mindneses. The upshot is that at some extremely crucial junctures, such as
the upcoming Majlis election, when the need for absolute uniformity and
congruity is of paramount importance to hype up the public enthusiasm and
participation, they begin to fall out and wash their dirty linen in public.

The ugly fact of retardation in the formation of political parties in the
country, because of multitudinous reasons, has spurred some of the
politically-inclined to form their own parties without first contemplating
the tortuous road ahead or the possible pitfalls. The latter group, with
their perfunctory understanding of the task at hand, and in all naivete, or
due to their downright callow attitude for making a name, embark on forming a
political party without first establishing the party's principles, and begin
to recruit members under the dour illusion of making a comeback through
political activity.

Another agonizing fact is that our politicians come together and create
parties at a time when they feel threatened with being rudely shoved out of
the political arena. Their mentality of "safety in numbers" gives them the
spurious belief that they can transform their enfeebled power into a
political powerhouse. They fail to digest the simple fact that a party is
formed on the premise of a number of ideologies, specific platforms and a

Only when a fledgling party has met these requirements, can it aspire to
recruit the political elite at the top of the power- pyramid as well others.
Our ill-assorted parties took shape mostly after the revolution just for
political prestige and to promote positions of individuals. They fail to take
up serious partisan activities. Their seasonal activities are only for show
at sensitive junctures. Their incompatibilities are magnified out of all
proportion during these times too. The experience has only taught us too well
that these seasonal or periodic political parties actually fail soon after
their inception and cannot brave the many trials and tribulations that lie in
their paths.

The mighty Islamic Republic Party, highly active in 1984-85, is an example.
We dare to say more than 110 partisan groups and associations, licensed to
operate through Article 10, have failed to make even a meager showing on the
political scene of the country.

It's high time for our authorities and those interested in forming political
parties to take a page from the book of history of political parties in
foreign countries and offer a more principled approach to the formation of
parties in the hope of making up for past mistakes and institutionalization
of partisan formations.

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 08:34:46 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Three Categories of Nominees

Three Categories of Nominees

JOMHOURI ESLAMI * This fundamentalist daily reported that a new party which
has introduced itself as a member of the May 23 Front has divided the
candidates into three categories: first grade or "golden" candidates, second
grade or "white" and third grade or "gray". The party announced it would
never give up its support for golden candidates.

Rafsanjani Should Respond

SOBH-E EMROOZ * In an article by Akbar Ganji, this leftist daily wrote that
under the government of Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, about 80 people were killed
under mysterious circumstance and for political reasons.

During his tenure, 23 nationalist and religious forces were detained and
authors were kidnaped, while Rafsanjani claimed his tenure marks one of the
healthiest periods in Intelligence Ministry history.

Rafsanjani should be asked to account for these two items: 1. Continuation of
the war after the liberalization of Khorramshahr from the Iraqi occupation.
Hundreds of thousands of the young people were killed and many were disabled
during the period. 2. Murder of dissidents.

A veteran politician, his wife and a number of dissident writers were killed
in a grisly spate of murders last year. It was found that renegade agents of
the Intelligence Ministry, led by former Deputy Minister Saeed Emami, were
behind the murders. Saeed Emami committed suicide in prison.

President Informed of Facts

SOBH-E EMROOZ * Reza Zandi, in charge of public relations at the military
branch of the Judiciary, said investigations on the serial killings are under
way and the President is informed of the findings. "Rumors spread about the
case are aimed at misleading the public opinion."

Karbaschi to Be Pardoned

SOBH-E EMROOZ * With the mediation of Hashemi Rafsanjani, the former Tehran
Mayor Gholamhussein Karbaschi has submitted his request for pardon. It was
heard that Karbaschi would be pardoned during the Ten Day Dawn (anniversary
of the Islamic Revolution victory).

Former Tehran Mayor Gholamhussein Karbaschi began serving a two-year-jail
term last May following his conviction for corruption and mismanagement in a
trial slammed by reformers as a political move by the conservative controlled

UCO to Meet Shahroudi

AFTAB-E EMROOZ * This leftist daily published a report about the Tehran
dormitory incident in July. Nima Fateh, member of the Unity Consolidation
Office (UCO), said they would offer evidence regarding the case in a meeting
with Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Shahroudi. He expressed hope that an
unjust verdict for the arrested students would not disturb the prevailing
quiet atmosphere ahead of the parliamentary elections.

Abdolreza Izadpanah, adviser to Judiciary chief, said the dormitory case is
investigated by the Military Judiciary, the Revolutionary Court and the
Intelligence Ministry, and not by the Judiciary Chief Shahroudi.

Following the closure of moderate daily Salaam by the Press Court, university
students held a rally in protest against the closure after which the Law
Enforcement Forces (LEF) attacked Tehran University hostel on July 9. This
provoked the country's worst social unrest since the 1979 Islamic Revolution
which lasted for four days.

Student Complaints forwarded

BAYAN * Director general of Tehran University dormitory, Dr. Koohi, said
about 300 complaints received from the students in relation to the dormitory
incident, have been sent to the Military Judiciary.

Trouble Brewing in ECP?

AFTAB-E EMROOZ * After the remarks made by Mohammad Hashemi Rafsanjani
(brother of former President Ali-Akbar Rafsanjani), in an interview with
Jomhouri Eslami, where he criticized the cultural policies of Mohajerani, the
Executives of Construction Party (ECP) has not held its regular meetings
probably because difference of opinion exists among party members with regard
to political and cultural issues.

Student Strike

AFTAB-E EMROOZ * The students of Medical Sciences University of Qom spent
Tuesday night in front of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical
Education in protest to the performance of their university officials.

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 08:35:56 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Presence of Foreign Forces in Region Source of Tension, Khatami

Presence of Foreign Forces in Region Source of Tension, Khatami

* KHATAMI: Parliamentary Elections Must Mark Another May 23 Event

* PRESIDENT: Persian Gulf Will Remain Persian Gulf Forever


TEHRAN -- President Mohammad Khatami said in Bandar Abbas yesterday that the
presence of foreign forces in the Persian Gulf region is a source of tension
and crisis and is an insult to regional governments and nations.

He made the remark while speaking at a flag-hoisting ceremony of the model
units of the Armed Forces in the southern provincial capital city of Bandar

The President called on the Armed Forces of the regional states to prove that
the regional countries have the ability to safeguard regional security and

With its detente policy, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been the forerunner
among the regional countries to establish a region free from foreign forces,
he said.

Due to great potentials in the Persian Gulf region and since Western
countries are dependent on those potentials, foreign forces have come to the
region to continue their illegitimate sovereignty over the sensitive region,
the President noted.

The regional countries are interested in peaceful coexistence in the region,
he stressed adding that therefore "we believe that foreign forces must leave
the entire region." As to great efforts made by the Armed Forces over the
past two decades, President Khatami said that the Islamic Republic of Iran's
Armed Forces resist any aggression.

Appreciating sacrifices made by the Armed Forces during the 1980-88 Iraqi
imposed war, he said that the Navy forces of the Army and the Islamic
Revolution's Guards Corps (IRGC) have made great achievements and played key
roles in prosperity of the Islamic Republic system.

The country's Armed Forces are the most powerful backing for the country and
the region and are the forerunner in unity, security and solidarity in the
entire region, the President stated.

The Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic sends a message to the regional
states urging them to defend the region's security and dignity, he said.

President Khatami expressed hope that solidarity will be promoted among the
Persian Gulf littoral states and called on the regional states to prove that
they are capable of preserving the regional security and stability.

Prior to the President's speech the commander of the Navy, Rear Admiral Abbas
Mohtaj, briefed the President on performance of the Navy.

Later on in his Persian Gulf tour, President Mohammad Khatami said that
seeking independence and democracy meant having a more enthusiastic and
massive turnout in the Sixth Parliamentary Elections.

He told a large gathering of provincial officials and people that the more
glorious the elections are held and the larger the number of participating
people are, the better the national resolve will be manifested and expressed.

The President said that a Majlis backed by a larger amount of votes will
better represent the national will and sovereignty.

Referring to the emphasis the paramount Leader of the Islamic Revolution
Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei put on the need to respect laws, he further
noted that it was the national, religious and humanitarian responsibility of
the authorities to abide by the laws.

He stressed that he expected the Guardian Council, as a forum which has the
final say regarding qualifications of candidates, should try to observe the
rights of people, the system and candidates by making precise decisions
backed by documents and evidence and legal standards.

Stressing the necessity of safeguarding the rights of all people based on
laws and regulations, he said that in case an issue arises with regard to the
performance of the supervisory and executive boards of elections which
required correction, the Guardian Council should try to fulfill its grave
task with precision in a way that nobody might feel that his or her rights
were ignored. Such a performance will pave the way for the nation's greater
presence on the scene, he added.

Khatami further urged Iranian officials to make every kind of preparations
for people's massive participation in the elections, hoping that the Sixth
Parliamentary Elections will be held more gloriously than the previous.

He further maintained that the upcoming elections will prove that the Iranian
nation is a faithful and revolutionary one who seeks independence and

The President further termed as necessary the participation of Iranian men,
women and young people in the elections and expressed hope that the elections
will be held in a manner that would surprise the world, disappoint the
enemies of the Islamic system, add to Iranian nation's dignity and happiness
and help materialize the national sovereignty.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Khatami underscored that a democratic system, a
system which supported people's own rule over their destiny and a system
which rose from among the nation and was accountable to it, would be
materialized through an independent, capable and skillful Majlis.

He went on to elaborate on the differences between power and authority and
commented that not every kind of authority was power; rather power was the
legitimate authority.

He said power was people's keenness to abide by the laws, regulations and the
order and the government was responsible to maintain.

He also maintained that healthy and sound elections, leading to formation of
a Majlis supported by a large number of votes, was the best way to establish
the most proper relationship between nation and the state and prepare the
ground for the country's power and security.

Pointing to the role of people's presence on the scene in the success of the
Islamic system, President Khatami believed that the key to success lied in
believing the people and stressed that every person living in Iran,
regardless of their religion or faith, who accepted the Constitution was a
citizen of the Islamic Republic and enjoyed full rights and privileges as all
other Iranians.

He also stressed that the Islamic system sought to introduce a sublime
humanitarian life style to the world people within which every one, while
enjoying knowledge, progress, freedom and human rights, will experience a
peaceful coexistence with others under Islamic principles and laws.

Meanwhile, the President inaugurated 125 telecommunications projects
simultaneously in the province on Tuesday.

During the inauguration ceremony, the President called on the family of a
martyr in a provincial village and hoped that the people of Hormuzgan would
witness further progress once projects that would bring development into the
province were implemented.

Khatami further inspected an exhibition displaying the capabilities of the
province Tuesday which introduced its agricultural products, natural sources,
production, industrial potential as well as handicrafts.

President Khatami

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 08:37:25 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Good Relations Between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Favor of Region

Good Relations Between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Favor of Region and World of
Islam, Rafsanjani


TEHRAN -- Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, chairman of the Expediency Council,
here Tuesday met and conferred with Usama ibn Jaafar ibn Ibrahim Faqih, Saudi
Arabia's minister of commerce, and expressed satisfaction with the good and
extensive relations existing between Iran and Saudi Arabia and emphasized
favorable relations between Tehran and Riyadh will be in the interest of the
region and World of Islam, IRNA reported.

Rafsanjani added that friendship and cooperation between Iran and Saudi
Arabia will undoubtedly lead to peace and stability in the region and in the

He emphasized increasing of banking relations, exchange of scientific
delegations especially in the area of new energies, and providing of suitable
facilities for the merchants and officials of the private sector, and added
with the will of high-ranking officials of the two countries, important steps
have taken place for expansion and deepening of bilateral relations.

Saudi Arabia's minister of commerce, while conveying the sincere greetings of
Saudi Arabia crown prince, presented a report of the Second Joint Commissions
of Cooperation between Iran and Saudi Arabia in industrial, technical,
advertising, scientific, sport, youth, Hajj ritual, and pilgrimage areas.

He also referred to establishment of a commission for providing facilities
for expansion of cooperation in the private sector and also emphasized
expansion of banking cooperation.

Saudi commerce minister expressed hope for prospects of investments and
participation in major industrial and business projects and described holding
of specialized exhibition between the two countries as an important indicator
for expansion of economic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 08:38:38 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Iran's Diplomatic Capacity

Iran's Diplomatic Capacity

Translated by Afsaneh Shariat

Visits of Iranian diplomats to foreign capitals, such as Moscow, London and
Ankara, and their fruitful meetings with foreign officials are an indication
of the country's new diplomatic initiative aimed at purging its foreign
policy of tension and expanding Tehran's relations with the world at large.

The understandings and agreements reached between (foreign minister) Kharrazi
and senior British officials, and the clarification of several important
issues in the two countries' relations was in fact the prelude to a new
beginning in Tehran-London ties.

Dr. Hassan Rowhani's (secretary of the national security council) recent
exchange of views with Russian officials in Moscow also point to the fact
that Tehran's diplomacy is based on well thought out formulae aimed at
creating a logical regional balance with due consideration paid to the
region's potential and capabilities.

Kharrazi's trip to Ankara to discuss the less than warm relations between the
Islamic Republic and Turkey was very successful and will result in the
lessening of tension between the two countries. It will also encourage the
two capitals to seek more areas of commonality and agreement.

This solid and productive diplomacy made clear to political analysts the fact
that expert, successful and profitable diplomatic maneuvers are possible on
the international level without paying any attention to Washington and its

In other words, the possibility exists for a country like Iran to use its
strong and determined foreign policy to successfully protect and promote its
national interests.

International politics has a high threshhold for accepting the diplomacy of
various countries, and each individual country is also capable of utilizing
this potential for its own ends.

It is our belief that our foreign policy is quite capable of safeguarding our
national interests through many elements than can skillfully manipulate the
powerful international currents for the benefit of our national goals and

(Courtesy of Abrar daily, January 19, 2000.)

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 08:40:28 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: President: Persian Gulf Will Remain Persian Gulf Forever

President: Persian Gulf Will Remain Persian Gulf Forever

Navy Displays Combat Power in Presence of President


TEHRAN -- Naval Forces of the Army and Islamic Revolution's Guards Corps
(IRGC) displayed their combat power in Persian Gulf waters and the Strait of
Hormuz in the presence of President Seyed Mohammad Khatami yesterday.

A number of submarines, destroyers, missile boats, speed boats and
helicopters of the Army and IRGC took part in the Naval military exercises of
the Army and IRGC took part in the Naval military exercises.

President Khatami, who is also head of the Supreme National Security Council
(SNSC), while watching the Naval maneuvers was briefed by the defense
minister as well as the commanders of the Naval Forces of the Army and IRGC
on capabilities of the Navy in defending the water borders of the country.

The submarines, destroyers and helicopters also escorted the "Maqam" gunboat
carrying the President to the Island of Qeshm.

Meanwhile, President Khatami said on Tuesday the Persian Gulf will remain
"Persian" forever thanks to the resolve of the Iranian nation and the bravery
of the people living in the littoral Province of Hormuzgan. .

Addressing a large crowd of people on his Persian Gulf tour in Bandar Abbas,
the President praised the provincial people as the brave guardians of the
Persian Gulf against the aggressions of the hegemonic powers in the course of

He referred to the large number of martyrs and war veterans of the province
especially from Bandar Abbas as the price the provincial people have paid to
safeguard Islam and the Islamic Republic.

He said the health, education, industry and agriculture sectors have
undergone great development in the past 20 years compared with the period
before the Islamic Revolution and hoped that the process of social
development would continue in the province, IRNA reported.

He said the province has high capacity to develop agriculture and provide the
country with agricultural products and even export the extra crops.

The President said the province has two industrial and trade zones with
important industries including refinery and aluminum complex which is of
great significance to the country from economic point of view.

He hoped that the executive operations of Hormuzgan Steel Mill would start
soon as well as construction of the bridge known as Gachi Bridge would open
and Bandar Abbas-Sirjan road would be turned into a double line road to ease
heavy traffic on the road.

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 08:41:00 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Countdown to Final Ballot

Countdown to Final Ballot

Tehran police chief, Mohsen Ansari, said yesterday that about 120,000 police
officers will be deployed to ensure security during February 18 Parliamentary

General Ansari stressed that the police will observe a policy of neutrality
during the poll.

More than 38 million Iranians aged 16 and over are eligible to vote,
according to the National Center for Statistics.

The Interior Ministry has said a definitive list of candidates will be
published before February 9. It announced Saturday that 758 of the 6,680
people who had applied to stand have been rejected.

IRNA-affiliated daily Iran reported that Mehdi Karrubi, secretary of the
Majma-e Rowhaniyoun-e Mobarez, in a meeting with the Guardian Council
members, indicated his support for the reformist candidates who have been
barred by the council from running in the next month's Majlis elections.

Rightist daily Resalat reported that although 2,000 supporters of May 23
Front had registered their candidacy, only 200 were approved by the front and
would be supported by it in the election. The remaining candidates, however,
have been disqualified by the front which will cost it dearly.

Persian daily Mosharekat affiliated to the Islamic Iran Partnership Party,
reported that the 17 groups which form the May 23 Front have decided to
support the 65 sitting MPs who had supported Khatami's run for the presidency
back in 1997.

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 08:41:54 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Blair Attaches Great Importance to Iran Relations

Blair Attaches Great Importance to Iran Relations


TEHRAN - British Prime Minister Tony Blair has confirmed the significance he
attached to last week's meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi
in London.

"I welcomed Dr. Kharrazi as the first Iranian minister to visit the United
Kingdom since the Islamic Revolution in 1979," Blair told Parliament Tuesday
in his first official comments on the visit.

He said that he "stressed the importance we attach to continuing the
development of the relationship between the UK and Iran, as a major country
in an area of strategic importance to the UK."

"Dr. Kharrazi and I agreed that relations between the UK and Iran should be
based on cooperation and mutual trust," the prime minister said in response
to a written question from Labour MP Tam Dalyell.

In his reply, he added that there remained areas of concern for both sides.
For himself, he said he raised the issue of the continued detention of 13
Jews for spying in Iran and that he was assured they would "receive a fair
and open trial, including access to visitors and legal representation." Blair
said that he also mentioned British "concern that Iranian commitments on
Salman Rushdie's safety should be upheld."

Elsewhere, foreign office ministers received a barrage of questions from MPs
about Kharrazi's visit, mostly from the Zionist lobby and those linked with
the MKO terrorist group, IRNA reported from London.

To several, Foreign Office Minister Peter Hain repeated that the Iranian
foreign minister had underlined that those detained on espionage charges,
which are not only Jews, will receive a fair trial and have access to lawyers
and their families.

Concerning claims about Iran's missile program and allegations about nuclear
weapons, he pointed out that Iran not only had its own security concerns but
was also a non-nuclear-weapon state party to the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The UK and Iran, Hain also added, had "agreed to continue mutual cooperation
to reinforce international efforts aimed at eliminating weapons of mass
destruction and reiterated the importance of implementing the international
conventions to which both have adhered."

With regard to whether Britain recently discussed matters relating to Iranian
foreign policy with the U.S. government, he confirmed hat he "did in
Washington last month."

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 08:42:27 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Hofer Expected to Be Released Today

Hofer Expected to Be Released Today


TEHRAN - Helmut Hofer, the German national who has been in jail for more than
a year on charges of having an illegal relation with a Muslim woman, may be
released from prison today.

The final stage of his trial is scheduled for this morning. Analysts believe
that he may be given a suspended jail sentence and a cash fine for insulting
a guard while in prison.

Previous court sessions were delayed several times when the translator failed
to show up and certain documents were not presented.

Hofer's lawyer, Naser Taheri, has reportedly said that two translators will
be in court today, but those plaintiffs who have already given their
depositions will not attend the last session of Hofer's trial.

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 22:17:05 -0500
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: Most polite people in the world!!!

Most polite people in the world
An outsider's perspective

By Gordy Guillen
January 12, 2000

One evening, about a year and a half ago, my cousin and I decided to go to a
Mexican restaurant to have dinner. Little did I know that that evening was
going to be the start of a wonderful relationship, as cheesy as that may

As we sat down for dinner, I noticed this beautiful, olive-skin woman who
immediately caught my eye. Her long, onyx hair flowed like a brook along
side a
snow capped mountain. Her eyes emanated sensuality and caring. I had to meet
this woman who sat two booths down from me. She was with her overprotective,
proud father. I knew by the look in his eye not to come anywhere near their
table. Luckily they both came in separate cars.

I was finished with my dinner and I stalled for time by shooting the breeze
with my cousin, as I waited for her to finish and separate from her bodyguard.
I just had to meet this classy woman. Finally she finished, paid for her meal
and as she walked by she gave me one of those Hi-I-think-you're-a-hunk smile.
That was all I needed to approach her.

I followed her to her car and I gave her one of the stupidest, cheesiest,
caveman lines: "Hi, I know I recognize you from somewhere." Come on, how do
approach someone so breathtaking? Being Mexican-American and from southern
California, I assumed she was Mexicana. Boy was I wrong. Nahal is definitely
not a Spanish name. Nevertheless I fell deeply in love with this Irani and the
charming culture.

I'm a fourth generation American of Mexican descent and I love both worlds,
both worlds were all I knew. Nahal became my girlfriend and she welcomed me
into her home and life. She was born in Iran but moved here as a child. She
speaks Farsi fluently and lets me know when others are commenting about us.

Her parents are typical Iranian parents who love her to death and encourage
education. For their standards, they are definitely open minded. The reason
I say that is because, I'm Mexican-American (not Iranian), I'm Christian (not
Muslim), and I have a wonderful six-year-old son. I think that in any culture
parents would be concerend if their child dated someone who has a child. But
with my irresistible charm and thick eyebrows, I was welcomed into their home
to eat dolmeh with polo and aash.

Nahal's mother had a concert in Los Angeles this past November. She's is an
excellent traditional Iranian singer (and cook). The concert was fantastic. I
was introduced to the tombak, setar and other instruments I can not pronounce
let alone spell. Nahal's mother sang like an Iranian angel. That night taught
me a lot about Iranian culture.

If any Iranian wanted to know how they are perceived by Americans, well then
let me give you an earful. Iranians are the most polite people in the world;
everyone made me feel like I was part of them. Those of high economic and
social status treated me with much respect. Although I was thrown off by the
greetings of hugs and kisses, I didn't mind because Iranian women are one of
the beautiful, classiest, and respectful women on this planet.

I got along with everyone and I was surprised about how many similarities I
with these joyous people. They enjoy life as much as I do and education is a
priority as in my life. My culture cherishes the elderly as well as the
culture. My culture adores food because this is how you taste life. So let me
tell you that Iranian life tastes wonderful. I love kabab, polo, aash, taftoon
bread and everything else I haven't tasted yet.

The food at Iranian restaurants on Westwood Boulevard in Los Angeles is
delicious. The institution of the family is very important in my culture
and it
is priority in the Iranian culture. Although the food, language and music are
uniquely Iranian, Iranians are no different than I.

My girlfriend Nahal has given me a passport into another odd and yet familiar
world that I am fond of. And I enjoy all the experiences whether I'm being
kissed by a forty-year-old male with a beard or drinking chai and eating
Iranian sweets with Nahal.

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 22:12:07 -0500
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: Iran hangs four, amputates fingers of seven

TEHRAN, Jan 20 (AFP) - Iran amputated the fingers of seven robbers
simultaneously Wednesday and hanged four other men for murder, newspapers
reported Thursday.

The seven thieves aged 18 to 53 had their fingers amputated simultaneously
in the northeastern city of Mashhad, according to the daily Ghods

The Islamic penal code applied strictly in Iran stipulates amputation of
limbs for multiple offenders who commit armed robbery, but group
amputations are rare.

Four Iranians charged with murder were hanged at dawn in the grounds of
Ghasr prison in Tehran, the Kayhan newspaper reported.

Alireza Taraghikhah, 26, was condemned to death by hanging for the killing
Asghar Khajehvad, 24, the newspaper reported.

Another man, Mohammad Beighi, was found guilty of the 1997 death of his
mother-in-law Fatemeh Kazemi. The third, Nur-Khoda Mahmudi, was sentenced
for having killed a farmer in the Kermanshah region in western Iran.

The fourth, Ali Salehi, was judged guilty for the murder of Abdolreza
Bahmani, a young police officer, the newspaper reported.

Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 01:01:27 -0500
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: IRI's penal law in scanned GIF format

(many of you will recieve this as a BCC, I do not wanted to show the name
and address of you to anyone else, so do not worry when you get this and
can not see your e-mail address in the 'to:' field)

bA salAm,
I have scanned the whole book of "majmuEe qavaanin-e mojaazat-e eslaami"
and put it on a ZIP file at: (4.2 meg)
It is only a bunch of GIF files, but in the future, I will put it for
reading online, and probaly make a PDF file of them too.

It is an interestig source of information for anyone who wants to
understand the brutality of the IRI's penal laws, this book contains:
- qaanune hodud
- qanoon-e qesaas
- qanoon-e diyat
- qanoon-e taezirat

Specially for those who advocate the "hokumat-e qaanun" in Iran. Just read
what laws, we are talking about before talking about IRI officials as
civilized people who want to make Iran into a better place. These are the
laws that are people have to follow and punished by, read them, and tell me
if you still want to to support the "hokumat-e qanun" of Mr. Khatami?

bA ehterAm,
Farhad A.

End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 19 Jan 2000 to 20 Jan 2000