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1. Iran's Khatami calls for better ties with Algeria
2. Vote Recount Ordered in Tehran
3. Monthly Review - Reformers win Iran poll, German scandal

Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 04:07:09 EST
Subject: Iran's Khatami calls for better ties with Algeria

Iran's Khatami calls for better ties with Algeria

TEHRAN, Feb 29 (Reuters) - Iran's President Mohammad Khatami called on
Tuesday for improved relations with Algeria after years of tension, Iranian
state radio reported.

``I believe that much of what has happened in the past was due to
misunderstandings, and logic requires us to look towards the future,'' the
radio quoted Khatami as telling the visiting Algerian parliament speaker,
Abdelkader Bensalah.

``The same people who wanted Algeria and Iran to be dependent states in the
past, do not want solidarity and close relations between our two countries,''
Khatami said.

``We should try to stand together based on our common principles,'' the
moderate president said.

Algeria, which has accused Iran of backing Islamic rebels, cut diplomatic
ties with Tehran in 1993. Iran denies the charges.

Khatami said Algeria was enjoying ``a certain calm and stability'' under
President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who took office in April.

Bouteflika has offered an amnesty, which expired in January, as the key plank
of a drive to end Algeria's eight-year-old civil war, in which he says
100,000 people have been killed.

Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 04:07:47 EST
Subject: Vote Recount Ordered in Tehran

Vote Recount Ordered in Tehran

.c The Associated Press

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Authorities on Tuesday ordered a partial recount of votes
cast in Tehran during parliamentary elections to ``dispel anxiety'' about
possible errors, state media reported.

The official Islamic Republic News Agency said the recount would be done in
the next five days in the presence of observers from the Interior Ministry
and the Guardians Council, which supervises elections.

Reformists allied to President Mohammad Khatami won the top 29 positions in a
slate of 30 seats allotted to Tehran in the Feb. 18 elections. The 30th seat
was won by former President Hashemi Rafsanjani, a once popular leader who
fared dismally because of his increased association with hard-liners.

The recount apparently was ordered because of complaints by a candidate who
finished 31st.

IRNA did not say how many ballots would be recounted. Earlier reports said an
estimated 2.9 million votes were cast in Tehran.

IRNA quoted Javad Qadimi Zaker, the director-general of elections, as saying
it was hoped that the recount would ``dispel every anxiety about the
likelihood of faulty counting of ballots.''

State television quoted Ayatollah Rezvani, the head of the Election
Supervisory Board of the Guardians Council, as saying ``numerous complaints''
and many violations had been reported. He did not give details.

Nationwide, reformists won 170 seats in the 290-member Majlis, or parliament.
Hard-liners and conservatives won 45, and 10 were taken by independents. The
remaining 65 are to be decided in run-offs.

Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 04:09:53 EST
Subject: Monthly Review - Reformers win Iran poll, German scandal

Monthly Review - Reformers win Iran poll, German scandal

LONDON, March 1 (Reuters) - Reformers swept to a stunning victory against
entrenched conservatives in Iran's parliamentary elections.

The reformist allies of President Mohammad Khatami sealed their grip on the
new assembly with a clean sweep of major urban centres.

The scandal surrounding former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl's Christian
Democrats (CDU) claimed its highest-placed victim.

CDU leader Wolfgang Schaeuble resigned a day after parliament slapped a huge
fine on the party for election funding irregularities.

Uproar greeted the inclusion in Austria's new government of the far-right
Freedom Party of Joerg Haider. Protests were staged across Europe and Israel
and the U.S. withdrew their envoys.

In a bizarre hijacking, an Afghan airlines Boeing 727 airliner carrying at
least 186 people, was hijacked on an internal flight.

After stops in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia the plane landed at Stansted
Airport near London. Four days later the saga ends with most on board
applying for political asylum.

Three weeks of flooding in Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana
killed 350 people and made more than 800,000 homeless.

Following is a chronology of the main events of the month:

Feb 1 - Chechnya's separatist government says all rebels have left the
region's capital Grozny but Russia says fighting was still raging in the
ruined city.

Feb 1 - Scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico say
they have traced the origin of the AIDS virus to around 1930.

Feb 1 - Republican presidential underdog John McCain crushes front-runner
George W. Bush in the first primary in New Hampshire and Democrat Al Gore
beats former Sen. Bill Bradley.

Feb 2 - Two Libyans accused of blowing up Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie in
1988 plead not guilty in a pre-trial hearing.

Feb 2 - Israel's security cabinet approves the handover of a further 6.1
percent of the West Bank to Palestinian control.

Feb 3 - One floor collapses on top of another in a furniture store packed
with bargain-hunters on the outskirts of Seville in Spain, injuring 163

Feb 3 - A court in Senegal charges former Chadian ruler Hissene Habre with
torture and barbarity and places him under house arrest.

Feb 4 - Turkish Foreign Minister Ismail Cem signs five cooperation deals
during a landmark visit to Greece.

Feb 4 - Austria's new coalition of conservatives and Joerg Haider's far-right
Freedom Party takes office, with violent protests at home and uproar abroad;
Israel withdraws its ambassador and the EU nations impose diplomatic

Feb 4 - Vodafone AirTouch Plc agrees a 180 billion euro ($178.7 billion)
merger with Germany's Mannesmann AG to create Europe's biggest telecoms

Feb 5 - Members of the Falun Gong spiritual movement protest in Tiananmen
Square, police detain more than 100 people.

Feb 5 - Mortars slam into the east gate of Iran's presidential palace,
killing one but President Khatami escapes unhurt. The Iraqi-based Mujahideen
Khalq claims responsibility.

Feb 6 - An Afghan airlines Boeing 727 airliner carrying at least 186 people
is hijacked on an internal flight. After stops in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and
Russia the plane lands at Stansted Airport near London on Feb 7. The hijack
ends peacefully just before dawn on Feb 10.

Feb 6 - First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton announces her candidacy for the
U.S. Senate.

Feb 6 - A bomb explodes at a hotel in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. The
next day the Continuity IRA claims responsibilty.

Feb 6 - Foreign Minister Tarja Halonen wins a presidential election to become
Finland's first woman president.

Feb 6 - Acting President Vladimir Putin says Russian troops are in full
control of the Chechen capital Grozny.

Feb 7 - Human Rights Watch says NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia last year caused
around 500 civilian deaths.

Feb 7 - Djibouti's last remaining rebels sign a ceasefire to end a decade-old
uprising by ethnic Afars.

Feb 7 - Furious Kosovo Serbs demand the return of Serb and Yugoslav forces
after an eruption of violence in and around the city of Mitrovica.

Feb 7 - Yugoslav Defence Minister Pavle Bulatovic is shot dead by an unknown
attacker in a Belgrade restaurant.

Feb 7 - Populist politician Stipe Mesic secures an emphatic victory in
Croatia's presidential election.

Feb 7/8 - In Israel's heaviest attacks on Lebanon since June, fighters
destroy three power stations, blacking out Beirut and wounding 15.

Feb 8 - George W. Bush wins the Delaware Republican primary with 51 percent;
Senator John McCain comes second with 25 percent.

Feb 9 - Kurdish rebel chief Abdullah Ocalan's guerrillas say they back their
leader's call to end a 15-year armed rebellion.

Feb 9 - Russia and North Korea sign a new friendship pact aimed at healing
bilateral ties.

Feb 9 - Police withdraw from Mexico's top university, returning control to
university officials driven from their offices more than nine months ago by a
student-led strike.

Feb 9 - Publisher Steve Forbes ends his second run for the White House after
finishing third in two Republican primaries.

Feb 11 - Israel walks out of a five-nation meeting called to stem the
violence in Lebanon after Hizbollah guerrillas kill their seventh Israeli
soldier in less than three weeks.

Feb 11 - Northern Ireland's peace process grinds to a halt when Britain
suspends it's power sharing government because of failure by the IRA to start

Feb 11/12 - Violence during the first phase of elections in the Indian states
of Bihar and Manipur kills at least 22 people.

Feb 14 - An Iranian foundation pledges to add interest to its $2.8 million
bounty on Salman Rushdie on the 11th anniversary of the controversial order
to kill the author.

Feb 14 - 73 of the Afghan hostages hijacked to London, return home to

Feb 14 - Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid dumps General Wiranto from
the cabinet.

Feb 14 - Tornadoes rip through southwestern Georgia, killing as many as 22
people and injuring more than 100 others.

Feb 14 - Hans von Sponeck, the top U.N. official in Iraq, resigns his post;
the next day Jutta Purghart, head of the World Food Programme in Baghdad,
also quits.

Feb 15 - A blast in Tiananmen Square, blamed by police on a mentally unstable
suicide bomber, sparks a security alert in central Beijing.

Feb 15 - Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is defeated in a referendum on a
draft constitution his opponents said was designed to entrench his
20-year-old rule.

Feb 15 - The Vatican and the PLO sign a basic agreement on their relations
and warn Israel that any unilateral decisions affecting Jerusalem would be
``morally and legally unacceptable.''

Feb 15 - The IRA announces it intends to end its involvement with an
international commission overseeing guerrilla disarmament in Northern

Feb 15 - Britain's High Court orders the government to release a medical
report on former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet; On Feb 16 the report is
leaked to Spanish newspapers who say that he had suffered brain damage.

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Feb 16 - Wolfgang Schaeuble resigns as leader of Germany's Christian
Democrats, a day after parliament slapped a huge fine on the party for
election funding irregularities.

Feb 16 - Indonesia vows to prosecute those people behind last year's
atrocities in East Timor.

Feb 16 - NATO and Russia agree to thaw their ties significantly after a year
of Cold War-style tensions, during a visit to Moscow by NATO
Secretary-General George Robertson.

Feb 16 - Romania admits responsibility -- but not guilt -- for a cyanide
spill from a gold plant that killed thousands of fish along the Tisza and
Danube rivers in Hungary and Yugoslavia.

Feb 16 - U.N. Security Council is told that 1,600 people from Kosovo are
still being held in other parts of Serbia, and 3,500 are listed as missing.

Feb 17 - Acting President Vladimir Putin names a special representative to
deal with a growing international chorus of complaints over alleged human
rights abuses in Chechnya.

Feb 17 - Lebanese riot police fire teargas to hold back about 2,000 people
marching on the U.S. embassy to protest against its backing for Israel; the
next day about 3,000 try to storm the Beirut offices of CNN.

Feb 17 - Syria says the Israeli government's decision to give Prime Minister
Ehud Barak wider powers to attack Lebanese civilian targets was a
``declaration of real war'' on Lebanon.

Feb 17 - A senior U.S. immigration officer is arrested in Miami and charged
with spying for Cuba; on Feb 19 the U.S. orders a Cuban diplomat to leave
within a week.

Feb 18 - Austria's far-right Freedom Party leader Joerg Haider leaves Canada
after a surprise two-day visit.

Feb 18 - Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin turns down Latvia's highest
medal after the Baltic state jailed elderly Soviet partisan Vasily Kononov.

Feb 18 - Iran holds parliamentary elections, with reformist allies of
President Mohammad Khatami winning a stunning victory.

Feb 19 - George W. Bush decisively wins the pivotal South Carolina primary
over Senator John McCain, re-establishing himself as the favourite in the
Republican presidential race.

Feb 19 - President Hosni Mubarak makes a landmark visit to Beirut to
demonstrate Egypt's support in the face of Israel's threat that it would bomb
more civilian targets in Lebanon.

Feb 19 - U.S. says that aspirations to a Greater Albania would lead only to
conflict and violence and that multi-ethnic tolerance was the way ahead.

Feb 19 - Russian forces intensify the pressure on groups of Chechen rebels
holed up in the southern mountains.

Feb 19 - Over 200,000 Austrians stage an anti-government protest in Vienna
against the coalition of conservatives and the far-right Freedom Party.

Feb 20 - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak's leading security adviser sets
out Israel's policy in Lebanon in a surprise visit to Egypt.

Feb 20 - At least 22 policemen are killed when a landmine planted by
suspected left-wing extremists explodes in the central Indian state of Madhya

Feb 21 - South Africa expels Sierra Leone's Vice President and former rebel
leader Foday Sankoh, after complaints that he has violated a United Nations
travel ban.

Feb 21 - NATO-led peacekeepers fight with ethnic Albanian protesters who had
marched to Mitrovica to protest against the ethnic division of the volatile

Feb 21 - Talks to end Sudan's 17-year civil war resume in Nairobi with rebels
accusing the government of indiscriminate attacks on civilians.

Feb 21/3 - Rioting takes place between Christians and Moslems demanding
Islamic law in the northern Nigerian city of Kaduna killing several hundred.
On the 28th at least 50 people are killed in the southeastern city of Aba.

Feb 22 - Britain receives challenges from four countries who disagree with
the British medical report that found Augusto Pinochet unfit for trial.

Feb 22 - A car bomb explodes in the Basque capital Vitoria killing Socialist
Party member Fernando Buesa.

Feb 22 - In the race for the Republican nomination, Senator John McCain beats
George W. Bush in Michigan and in his home state of Arizona.

Feb 23 - The Australian-led multinational force formally leaves East Timor
and hands over to U.N. peacekeepers, five months after going in to end a wave
of mass killings.

Feb 23 - The space shuttle Endeavour returns to earth wrapping up a mapping
mission of the Earth's surface.

Feb 24 - Mayon volcano in the central Philippines erupts forcing about 30,000
people to flee.

Feb 24 - A Turkish court sentences the leader of the main legal Kurdish party
HADEP, Ahmet Turan Demir, to more than three years in jail for aiding and
abetting Abdullah Ocalan.

Feb 24 - U.N. Security Council authorises a 5,500-member force to monitor a
shaky ceasefire in the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Feb 24 - 62 year-old Betty Lou Beets is executed for killing her fifth
husband, becoming only the second woman executed in Texas since the 1860s.

Feb 25 - At least 45 people are killed when bombs explode in a bus on an
inter-island ferry on its way to Ozamis port in the southern Philippines.

Feb 25 - Four white New York City police officers are acquitted of murder in
the shooting of unarmed Guinean immigrant Amadou Diallo.

Feb 26 - The Pope visits Mount Sinai at the end of a three-day visit to

Feb 26 - More than 100,000 protesters march in northern Spain demanding that
Basque separatist group ETA stop killing after the latest car bomb.

Feb 26 - French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin returns home from a Middle East
trip which sparked a storm after he described the Iranian-backed Hizbollah
guerrillas as ``terrorists.''

Feb 27 - Germany's Christian Democrats crash to defeat in a regional election
in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Feb 27 - Two lawyers defending ousted Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif
withdraw in protest at a court ruling that gags him.

Feb 28 - Japan loses its rights to produce oil in Saudi Arabia.

Feb 28 - U.S. Middle East envoy Dennis Ross says he has failed to end a
month-long deadlock in Israeli-Palestinian peace moves as he ends his latest

Feb 28 - The EU's bid to put Germany's Caio Koch-Weser into the top job at
the IMF is thrown into disarray when the U.S. opposes the candidate hours
after he was officially chosen.

Feb 28 - Austrian far-right leader Joerg Haider unexpectedly resigns as
leader of the Freedom Party.

Feb 28 - An aide to both Prime Minister Ehud Barak and slain Israeli leader
Yitzhak Rabin says Rabin in 1993 offered to cede the Golan Heights to Syria
in return for a full peace.

Feb 29 - Fears that computers might fail to recognise February 29, 2000, as a
leap year day prove groundless, though Japan suffers a series of mishaps and
admits it had been careless.

Feb 29 - Indonesia's President Abdurrahman Wahid apologises for Jakarta's
often harsh 24-year occupation of East Timor, but his landmark visit is
marred by gunshots and angry protests.

Feb 29 - Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem bin Hamad al-Thani, the cousin of the Qatari
emir, is jailed for life along with 32 of his supporters for their role in a
foiled 1996 coup.

Feb 29 - Russian troops are reported to have seized the village of Shatoi,
the last major rebel stronghold in southern Chechnya.

Feb 29 - Russian reporter Andrei Babitsky returns to Moscow after being
missing for a month in Chechnya.

Feb 29 - President Joaquim Chissano tours flooded areas of Mozambique; the
death toll in four weeks of floods across southern Africa is still pegged at
350, including 150 in Mozambique, but aid workers say many hundreds of people
must have died.

Feb 29 - Northern Nigerian states agree not to pursue strict Islamic sharia
law, an issue which helped trigger a wave of unrest in which hundreds died.

Feb 29 - A six-year-old girl is shot and killed by another student at Buell
Elementary School, north of Flint, Michigan.

Notable deaths in February included: Richard Kleindienst, former U.S.
Attorney General (3rd); Carl Albert, former speaker of U.S. House of
Representatives (4); Pavle Bulatovic, Yugoslav defence minister (7); Doug
Henning, Canadian-born magician and illusionist (7); Ion Gheorghe Maurer,
former Romanian prime minister (8); Roger Vadim, French film director (11);
Lord Kitchener, Caribbean calypso artist (11); Jacqueline Auriol, French
aviator (11); Charles M. Schulz, U.S. creator of ``Peanuts'' cartoon (12);

Princess Ifat al-Thanyan, widow of Saudi King Faisal (17); Anatoly Sobchak,
Soviet reformer and former St Petersburg mayor (20); Ernest Lough, English
chorister (22); Sir Stanley Matthews, one of England's greatest footballers
(23); Lieutenant-General Jean Vallette d'Osia, French Resistance leader
during World War Two (28); Betsie Verwoerd, widow of South Africa's architect
of apartheid and former prime minister, Hendrik Verwoerd (29).

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