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1. Iranian Reformists Showing Strong
2. AP: Reformists Strong in Early Returns
3. AFP: Winners of Iran election reformers or revolution depending on the
4. Political Change fails to excite Christians
5. Reuters: Reformers Surge in Iran Parliament Polls
6. Iran reformists lead in elections
7. AFP: US pleased by growing strength of democracy in Iran
8. AFP: Reform victory will make government's job easier: Iran FM
9. AFP: Triumphant reformers say Khatami no longer has to fight alone
10. Reformists win big
11. AFP: Iran reformers in virtual sweep of three big cities: estimate
12. Results of Iranian parliamentary polls at 2030 GMT
13. AFP: Reformers has won 70% so far
14. AFP: Riots break out against election winner in western Iran
15. IranMania: New Parliamentary Representatives

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 14:31:56 EST
Subject: Iranian Reformists Showing Strong

Iranian Reformists Showing Strong

.c The Associated Press

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - In small towns and big cities, reformists promising wider
freedoms appeared to be wresting control of Iran's parliament from
hard-liners Saturday as vote counts from the election trickled in.

Of the 119 results announced by state media by late Saturday, candidates from
the reformist coalition were clear winners of 65 seats in Friday's election.
Ten other winners were known conservatives. Affiliations of the remaining 44
winners were not known, but many were believed to be independents.

If the trend continues, which appears likely, reformists will oust
hard-liners from the 290-seat parliament for the first time since the 1979
revolution put clerics in charge of the country. That would be a vindication
of the social and political reforms supported by President Mohammad Khatami,
a moderate cleric who has tried to change Iran's fundamentalist image even as
it remains under Islamic laws.

``In this election all groups accepted that they have to move within the
rules of politics and not beyond that,'' pro-Khatami Interior Minister
Abdolvahed Mousavi Lari said. ``In this election, the only winner is the
Iranian nation.''

In the first election-related violence, meanwhile, two people were killed and
15 injured in the southwestern town of Shush on Saturday, witnesses said.

The Islamic Republic News Agency said the trouble started when one group
accused the winning candidate of bribing people to vote for him. It was not
clear whether the conflict stemmed from political differences or local tribal
rivalries unrelated to the conservative-reformist struggle.

Police fired tear gas and bullets in the air to quell the rioters, who set
fire to cars and hurled stones, IRNA said. It confirmed the 15 injuries but
did not report any fatalities.

It was unclear to which camp the victorious candidate, Jassem Sayeri,

There were 5,800 candidates for the 290 parliament seats, and it was
difficult to ascertain all of their political leanings - especially because
the hard-liners, unlike the reformers, have not released a candidate list.
Winners are announced only by name.

A record voter turnout in Friday's polls appeared to have helped the
reformists. Of the 38.7 million eligible voters, some 32 million, or 83
percent, voted.

The heavy participation was led by Iran's youth. About 20 million Iranians
are in high schools and universities, and many are fed up with the strict
Islamic laws that dictate their personal lives. They are also frustrated at
hard-liners' attempts to stifle critical newspapers and at the clergy's
control over the judiciary.

Many Iranians saw hope after Khatami's election in May 1997 and now expect a
reformist parliament to push his proposed changes. Some reformists have even
spoken about normalizing relations with the United States, Iran's archenemy.

``If the 1997 vote was a vote for change and reforms, (Friday's) vote was a
vote for speeding up these reforms,'' said political analyst Saeed Laylaz, a
columnist with pro-reformist newspapers, including Hamshahri.

The most prestigious contests were held in Iran's two largest cities, Tehran
and Isfahan, where top reformers were leading after a partial vote count,
Interior Ministry officials said.

Among those leading in Tehran was the president's younger brother,
Mohammadreza Khatami, along with 14 other reformists. Tehran sends 30
lawmakers to parliament.

Trailing in the vote count was former President Hashemi Rafsanjani, the
officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Rafsanjani is
increasingly identified with the hard-liners.

The hard-liners suffered another blow with the election loss of Ahmed
Rasouli-Nejad, an incumbent from Damavand in northern Iran. Rasouli-Nejad was
one of the people behind the 1998 impeachment of Interior Minister Abdollah
Nouri and last year's unsuccessful bid to impeach Culture Minister Ataollah
Mohajerani, both supporters of Khatami's reforms.

But even if they lose their parliamentary majority, hard-liners can still
obstruct the reformists. The Guardian Council, a 12-man body of clerics and
lawyers, must approve all bills passed by parliament. And Iranian supreme
leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has mostly sided with hard-liners, has the
final word and heads the armed forces, judiciary, and state-run radio and

Javad Qadimi Zakir, the director general of elections, said final nationwide
results will be announced in less than two weeks.

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 22:32:26 -0500
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: AP: Reformists Strong in Early Returns

By Afshin Valinejad
Associated Press Writer
Saturday, Feb. 19, 2000; 9:09 a.m. EST

TEHRAN, Iran Reformists were making a strong
showing in national elections, winning at least 55 of 105
seats already counted, according to partial results announced
today by the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency.

With ballots from Friday's vote being counted by hand,
results were slipping in slowly today. But reformists, who
hoped to make large gains in the vote, appeared more and
more likely to end the 21 years of Islamic hard-liner control
of the Parliament.

Candidates from the reformist coalition, Islamic Iran
Participation Front, were clear winners in 55 seats and
conservatives had won 10 seats. Affiliations of the remaining
40 winners were not immediately known, but many were
believed to be unaffiliated with either hard-liners or

Reformists had released a list of candidates in their camp but
the hard-liners have not, making their showing more difficult
to ascertain in a campaign with 5,800 contenders. Winners
of Friday's election are listed only by name, and many
candidates hadn't placed themselves in one camp or the

The reformists had predicted they would win 60 percent of
the 290-member Parliament, or Majlis. If that happens, it
would be the first time that hard-liners would lose control of
the powerful lawmaking body since the 1979 Islamic
revolution that installed the clergy's rule.

Reformists had campaigned on a platform to strengthen the
hand of President Mohammad Khatami, who began
increasing individual and political freedoms after his May
1997 election. Record voter turnout for the election 83
percent, or 32 million of the 38.7 million electorate
seemed to favor reformists. Voting age is 16, and 20 million
Iranians are in high schools and universities, the traditional
harbingers of change.

"If the 1997 vote was a vote for change and reforms,
yesterday's vote was a vote for speeding up these reforms,"
said political analyst Saeed Laylaz, a columnist with several
reformist newspapers.

Khatami's reforms have been widely welcomed by Iranians
chafing under controls imposed by Islamic clergy that has
ruled the country since the revolution.

Interior Ministry officials said top reformers were leading
after partial vote count in Tehran and Isfahan, Iran's two
largest cities. State radio said more than 10 million ballots
had been counted nationwide by midday.

In Tehran, which elects 30 members to Parliament, 15
candidates of the Participation Front coalition were among
the top vote-getters thus far, including the president's
younger brother, Mohammadreza Khatami, ministry officials
told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

Former President Hashemi Rafsanjani, increasingly
identified with the hard-liners, was in 16th place, the
officials said. Final results, which can be declared only when
all votes are counted, were not expected for a week in
Tehran, where the electorate is 7 million strong.

Vote-counting, being done entirely by hand, was continuing
around the clock.

A prominent loser was Ahmed Rasouli-Nejad, a young
hard-line parliament member involved in the 1998
impeachment of Interior Minister Abdollah Nouri and last
year's unsuccessful bid to impeach the culture minister, both
staunch supporters of Khatami's reforms.

Hard-liners also have tried to muzzle the press and have
jailed reformist dissidents. They have dismissed suggestions
by some liberals for a national referendum to decide whether
to establish ties with the United States.

Relations between the two nations were severed after
students took over the U.S. Embassy during the Islamic
revolution and held 52 Americans hostage for more than a

Though reformists are optimistic about taking control of
parliament, they may not be able to make all the changes
they have promised.

The Guardian Council, a 12-man body of clerics and
lawyers, must approve all bills passed by Parliament. And
Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has
mostly sided with hard-liners, has the final word and heads
the armed forces, judiciary, and state-run radio and

Copyright 2000 The Associated Press

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 22:30:11 -0500
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: AFP: Winners of Iran election reformers or revolution depending on the

TEHRAN, Feb 19 (AFP) - Iran's pro-reform press said Saturday
that President Mohammad Khatami was virtually assured of a
parliamentary majority after the country's parliamentary elections.
But as first results showed reformers stampeding to victory,
conservative papers said the vote had been a triumph for the Islamic
"The burden of reforming Iran no longer rests on the shoulders
of Khatami alone," trumpeted the Mosharekat daily, closely linked to
the top pro-reform party, the Islamic Iran Participation Front
"Reformers will dominate the next parliament," it declared. "We
still must wait a few days for the final results, but the reform
victory is clearly visible on the horizon."
The pro-Khatami daily Fath, close to jailed reform hero Abdollah
Nuri who likely would have won a seat in the legislature had he been
allowed to stand, hailed the "moving response of the people and the
reform victory."
Iran, published by the state's official IRNA news agency,
headlined its edition: "The Smiling Face of Reform," saying the vote
had "above all expressed the national will to go full-speed down the
road of reform."
Another pro-reform daily, the Akbar Eqtesad, announced "the
reformist wave has overcome parliament."
The conservative press was more circumspect, although the
English-language Tehran Times said the reform voice of the people
was "now crystal clear" and the will of the people had to be
Resalat said: "Whatever the results of the vote, Iran will never
vote in favour of servitude to foreign powers or a distancing from
an Islamic society."
The conservative paper stressed that the unprecedented 75
percent turnout by voters was in response to an appeal from Iran's
supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
The afternoon Kayhan daily said the vote had been a "people's
'yes' in a referendum on the principles of the Islamic republic" and
noted that reformers had not made especially strong calls for
relaunching ties with the United States.
"Hopefully that will continue to be the case," it said, vowing
that the Islamic revolution "will attain its goal."
The afternoon Aftab-e-Emrouz, a pro-reform daily, went simply
with one big headline stretched across its front page: "Iran -

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 22:39:29 -0500
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: Political Change fails to excite Christians

James Kirkup - in Tehran
One group that regards Iran's parlimentary elections with
decidedly mixed feelings is the country's Christian population.

Officially, Iran is home to 300,000 Christians, mostly orthodox
worshippers of Armenian extraction.

The mood of optimism that seems to be sweeping many of Iran's
muslim majority was certainly not evident among Christians voting
at Tehran's principal church yesterday.

The Holy Church of St Sarkiz lies in an urban valley in west Tehran,
sandwiched between two tower blocks. On the wall of one is a mural
of khomainee the father of the islamic revolution may Christians
say has made them second class citizens subject to harassment
and abuse.

For fear of persecution, few were willing to talk to foreign reporters
although one family yesterday agreed to speak as they queued
to cast their votes in the St Sarkiz polling station.

"We will be voting for our own candidates. We need them to protect
us and preserve our rights," said the father, a man in his 50s.

In recent years, Christians have returned to MPs to majles, one from
Tehran, and one from Isfahan.

"There's a religious apartheid in this country against us, and we will
never be free", When a muslim is killed in an accident, his family
get a sum in compensation. But when a Christian is killed, the law
says his family gets one 12th of that money. And since the revolution
we can not get jobs in many government departments."

His wife, a retired teacher, said political reforms in Iran were
irrelevant to Christians. "It doesn't make any difference. We just
have to do what we're told. It's worse for the young people".

Her daughter, in her early 20s, agrees. "This is my biggest
problem," she said, gesturing to the headscarf and the full
length coat she is forced to wear to comply with islamic laws
on women's dress.

" Why should I have to dress like this? It is not my faith."
Her mother added.. "They can't do anything here. If she were
to walk down the street with a boy, they would throw her in jail
and call her a whore."

The daughter said many Christians were leaving Iran, or
trying to. Some Christians say emigration is so widespread
that no more than 60,000 are left in the country.
"We want to go to Austria, or the US. They are free countries
where we can work."

She said she was unusual among her friends in having a job,
with a transport company. Most Christians are employed in family
businesses confined to their communities.

Not all Christians feel so badly treated. The girl's uncle pointed
out that Iran's reformist president has moved to protect the
separate Christian legal and education systems. And to mark
the Christian new year last month, he authorised a one-off
gift payment of 25,000 rials (about $2.50) to all Christian students.

But few seem optimistic about future, even if khatami's reformers
are in the ascendant. "It doesn't matter to me," the daughter
said. "I just want to leave."

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 22:32:46 -0500
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: Reuters: Reformers Surge in Iran Parliament Polls

By Jonathan Lyons

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian reformers built a commanding lead in early
returns on Saturday from parliamentary elections, threatening to eclipse
years of conservative control of the assembly.

Reformers close to President Mohammad Khatami won all five seats in
Friday's polls in the central city of Isfahan, and took a strong lead in
Mashhad, Iran's second city, reports from the provinces said.

They also took three of four seats in the southern city of Shiraz, with
the final place to be determined in a run-off.

Returns from the highly politicized capital Tehran, however, are not
expected for several days.

The reports from the three provincial cities were consistent with
earlier trends that showed reformers were headed for a majority in
parliament, currently enjoyed by conservatives who have sought to block
Khatami's social and political reforms.

A solid pro-reform majority would boost Khatami's efforts to create a
civil society within Iran's Islamic system. It could also help bring
Iran further out of its international isolation, normalizing ties with
western Europe and arch-enemy the
United States.

Last March Khatami became the first Iranian leader to visit the West
since the 1979 Islamic revolution, going to Italy and meeting the Pope.

By mid-afternoon, official results of 148 races showed the reform
coalition with 55 seats, conservatives with 22 and independents with 25.
Eleven winners had unknown affiliations, and run-offs were required for
the remaining 35 seats.

Reformists Sweep Hotbed City Of Isfahan

Local journalists, quoting election officials, told Reuters that all
five seats in Isfahan, a city that has been a hotbed of factional
strife, went to reformers close to Khatami.

They said that in the final count pro-reform incumbent Abdolrahman
Tajeddin came in first, with reformers claiming the next four seats.

Cleric Ali Fallahiyan, long-time head of Iran's feared intelligence
service, came in a distant 12th.

In Mashhad, Iran's holiest city and stronghold of religious
traditionalists, reformers were holding four of five seats with about
two-thirds of the ballots counted, journalists said.

``Those conservatives who were too hardline could not get enough
votes,'' said one newspaper editor in Mashhad, noting that reformist
candidates had also done well in other parts of Khorasan province.

Parties and factions are a relatively new phenomenon in Iran and their
fluid nature makes an exact tally impossible.

However, the smaller outgoing parliament was composed of roughly 120
conservatives, 80 reformers and 70 independents.

Preliminary figures put turnout at more than 80 percent of the 38.7
million eligible voters, up from the 71 percent in the last
parliamentary polls in 1996, election officials said.

Some 88 percent took part in the presidential polls of 1997, won by
Khatami in a landslide, and reformers this round set out to recreate his
powerful coalition of women and youth.

``Khatami Smiled''

``The people give the vote of confidence to reforms and Khatami
smiled,'' read the banner headline in Arya daily, summing up the
euphoria in the pro-reform camp.

Among the losers were top conservative members of parliament, including
a leading critic of Khatami and his liberal cultural policies.

Ali Zadsar, a hard-liner from Jiroft in southern Kerman province, was
defeated by the reformist candidate backed by Iran's leading student
movement, officials said.

Zadsar had been a prominent critic of Khatami and a driving force in
the failed impeachment last year of liberal Culture and Islamic Guidance
Minister Ataollah Mohajerani.

In Khatami's home town of Ardakan, in Iran's central desert, reformist
Mohammad Reza Tabesh, a close relative and aide to the president,
defeated the conservative incumbent.

The early results did not all go the reformers' way. A center-right
candidate in the city of Yazd, seen as a Khatami stronghold near
Ardakan, defeated the pro-reform incumbent.

``Whatever the results, the most immediate gain from this is a
wonderful victory for the great nation, which with its presence added
another golden page to the book of its destiny,'' President Khatami said
in a message to voters.

``You cultured people showed that you are still moving toward
strengthening the system, whose pillars remain Islam and spirituality,
independence, freedom and progress.''

The manifesto of the main reformist coalition, the Islamic Iran
Participation Front, promises to expand freedom of the press, reform the
hidebound judiciary and reduce the scope for clerical meddling in future

It has also pledged greater transparency in government, with outspoken
members suggesting the time is ripe for renewing ties to the United
States, Iran's arch-enemy.

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 22:28:39 -0500
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: Iran reformists lead in elections

TEHRAN, Iran, Feb. 19 (UPI) -- Initial results from Iran's
first round of legislative elections show that the reformist candidates
will dominate the 290-seat parliament for the first time since the
Islamic revolution in 1979.
Manual counting of votes continued Saturday after Friday's
elections witnessed a record voter turnout of more than 75 percent of
the 38.7 million eligible voters, which appeared to have been in favor of
the reformists, led by President Mohammad Khatami.
Initial results in the first round of voting, in which
candidates must receive at least 25 percent of total votes in their
district to secure a seat, showed the reformists were heading toward a
victory over conservative rivals in major cities and rural areas in a
sign of growing popular demands for political and social liberalization
in domestic and foreign policy.
Reformist candidates, led by the president's brother, Mohammad
Reza Khatami, campaigned vigorously in the week preceeding the elections
to displace the outgoing 270-seat parliament, which had been dominated
by the conservatives for more than two decades.
The president's brother, who led a coalition of reform groups
naming itself the "Islamic Iran Participation Front," secured a seat in
a district in Tehran in the first round of voting, as did others who
defeated incumbent conservative rivals.
About 5,700 candidates, including 400 women, had sought the
votes of eligible voters, aged 16 and over.
Iranian newspapers Saturday quoted President Khatami as
congratulating Iranians for their unprecedented voter turnout,
especially the youth, "whose presence in the elections demonstrated the
glory of post-revolution elections," adding that the polls "took the world by
surprise and brought joy to the well-wishers of Islam and Iran."
Khatami, the first reformist president to have been elected in
the Islamic republic almost three years ago, described the elections as
"another golden page to (Iran's) book of destiny," saying they "proved
once again that Iranians remain steadfast in strengthening the system it
has formed on the basis of Islam and spirituality of independence,
freedom and progress of the country."
The official Islamic Republic News Agency, IRNA, Saturday
carried statements by different political organizations hailing the
legislative elections, which was apparently conducted in a peaceful
IRNA quoted the reformist Participation Front as saying in a
statement that the "outstanding, vigilant participation of the people
was the greatest victory for the leadership, the system and the people
themselves...Whatever the result may be, it will demonstrate victory for
the people and stabilization and strengthening of the system and its
The reformist Islamic Iran Solidarity Party congratulated "all
reformers and sympathizers of the system," saying "there is no doubt the
social base of legitimacy of the political system has widened because of
the good points and widespread acceptance of President Khatami's
political development plan."

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 22:31:21 -0500
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: AFP: US pleased by growing strength of democracy in Iran

TIRANA, Feb 19 (AFP) - US Secretary of State
Madeleine Albright said on Saturday that the United States
was pleased by the high turnout in Iran's parliamentary
elections, calling it a symbol of growing democracy.

"The Iranian people, clearly, by going to the polls in such
large numebrs have demonstrated their eagerness to use
the electoral process to make their voices heard and to
chart their country's political direction.

"Their enthusiasm is testimony to the growing strength of
democracy in Iran which we do welcome," said Albright,
on a visit to Albania. She declined further comment until
the final results were known.

Iran's reformers were on their way to crushing their
conservative rivals, according to early results released
Saturday, winning at least 57 of 95 seats in the traditionally
conservative provinces.

Reform backers of President Mohammad Khatami took at
least 10 seats that had been held by conservatives or
independents from the right in the outgoing parliament,
according to an AFP tally.

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 22:29:49 -0500
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: AFP: Reform victory will make government's job easier: Iran FM

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 19 (AFP) - A big victory for reform candidates
in Iran's parliamentary elections will help the government push
through its reform agenda, Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi
said Saturday.
"The bills that are sent to parliament can be passed more easily
and in a positive atmosphere. The debates can be helpful for the
government," said Kharazi, here on a three-day visit to Malaysia.
President Mohammad Khatami enjoyed "good support" in the
country's polls, he said.
Although final results of Friday's election are not expected for
a few days, the reform movement behind Khatami seems to be headed
for a crushing victory over conservative rivals.
The Mosharekat paper, closely linked to the largest pro-reform
party behind Khatami, on Saturday predicted Khatami would enjoy
majority support from the next legislature.
Kharazi, who returns home late Saturday, also said Khatami would
continue his policy of developing good ties with other countries.
"In foreign policy I'm sure we will continue our policy in terms
of developing our relations with other countries as we have been
doing in the last one-half years," he said.
Kharazi said detente, dialogue and participation have been the
pillars of Iran's foreign policy.
"We are going to be committed to that," he said.
Kharazi also said that "there are chances" of starting a
dialogue with the United States.
"They need political will and national consensus. There are
differences in the United States between the administration and
Congress. They should solve their own problems first."
The United States, which broke off relations with Iran in 1980
following the taking of hostages at its embassy in Tehran, has been
unsuccessfully seeking to engage the Islamic state on a variety of
issues for nearly two years.

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 22:40:53 -0500
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: AFP: Triumphant reformers say Khatami no longer has to fight alone

TEHRAN, Feb 19 (AFP) - Iranian reformers vowed
Saturday to help President Mohammad Khatami forge a
more liberal, democratic Iran after apparently crushing
their conservative rivals in parliamentary elections.

Although final results are still days away, reformers seem
well on the way to a long-sought majority as initial returns
showed they won 20 of 41 seats in rural provinces that
have long been a conservative stronghold.

"The burden of reforming Iran no longer rests on the
shoulders of Khatami alone," said the Mosharekat daily,
closely linked to the top pro-reform party, the Islamic Iran
Participation Front (IIPF).

"Reformers will dominate the next parliament," it said as
Khatami was poised to get the "cooperative" legislature he
asked for from voters to push through his ambitious social,
political and economic reforms.

With Friday's ballots being counted by hand, official
results from all-important Tehran -- where 30 of the new
parliament's 290 seats are up for grabs -- are still several
days away.

But the first provincial results indicated an upset win for
the reform camp, which took over 10 seats that had been
held by conservatives or independent rightists in the last
parliament, according to an AFP tally.

Reformers backed by the IIPF won 20 of the 41 seats in
rural areas that have traditionally been close to the strict
Islamic values touted by conservatives who have long
carried the regions.

In more liberal Tehran, which sets the political tone of the
nation, reformers were expected to cruise to victory as an
unprecedented 75 percent of Iranians voted, with the
heavy turnout thought to favour reformers.

Voting was extended for two hours as Iranians flocked to
the polls, and officials later announced that all who showed
up before closing hour would be allowed to vote as long
queues piled up at polling stations.

Conservative spokesman Mohammad-Reza Bahonar
gamely claimed a "relative success" but the conservative
Tehran Times said it was "now crystal clear that Iran has
two different trends" politically.

A second round of voting may still be necessary for the
last remaining seats among those candidates who failed to
get at least 25 percent of the vote, though the date for
another poll has yet to be fixed.

Interior ministry sources told AFP late Friday that
Khatami's brother Mohammad-Reza, the IIPF's
number-one candidate, would be elected in the first round
although the ministry later denied the report.

"We can't get carried away or become too proud or
arrogant," IIPF official Ahmad Borghani told AFP on
Friday well before the close of the polls.

"It's only normal that we wait for the end of the voting and
the final results," he said.

President Khatami urged a huge turnout when casting his
own ballot Friday, pleading with the Iranian people to
"allow us to speed the way to a brighter future on this
historic day."

His brother, confident of his chances throughout the
campaign, said last week that with more than half of the
population under age 25, reform in Iran was now

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 22:34:55 -0500
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: Reformists win big

THE IRANIAN -- According to the latest Majlis election results, the
reformists have won big against the conservatives.

The Iranian news agency (IRNA) reported that so far 82 seats of 290-seat
Majlis have been determined: 67.1% of the winners belong to the pro-Khatami
23 May coaltion (4th of Khordad), 25.6% are conservatives, and the
remaining 7.3% are independents.

The following are the names of the newly-elected members of the Majlis and
their political affiliation, reported by IRAN. This list will be completed
as more information become available:


ardabil ali-mohammad gharibani may 23
mir-qesmat mousavi right wing
khalkhal keikavous khaknezhad may 23
pars abad hassan almassi may 23
germi mir-qesmat mousavi asl right wing


shahre-kord mohammad ra'issi nafchi may 23


esfahan abdolrahman rahman tajeddin may 23
nasser khaleqi may 23
rajabali mazrouei may 23
ahmad shirzad may 23
akram mossavari manesh may 23
khansar mojtaba shayesteh may 23
shahr ne'matollah ali rezaei may 23
kashan hassan tofiqi may 23
qamsar ali baghbanian may 23
na'ein seyed abolfazl razavi may 23
ardestan seyed vali-ollah tavakoli taba may 23
falavarjan habibollah esmailzadeh may 23


rasht mohammad-baqer nobakht haqiqi right wing
anzali hassan khasteh-band right wing
talesh askar eslam-doust may 23
astara hassan zahmatkesh may 23
ashrafieh reza solh jalali may 23


gorgan qorbanali qandehari may 23
kordkoui azim gol may 23
katouk mohammad-sadeq sadeqi right wing


hamadan hamidreza haji-babaei right wing
malayer mohammad kazemi may 23
kaboudarahang reza tala'ei nik independent
twiserkan torkashvand may 23
asadabad zabihollah safaei may 23
nahavand mohammad-reza ali-hosseini may 23


kermanshah esmail tatari independent
abbasali allahyari may 23
kolyaee baratali mohammadifard independent
paveh mostafa mohammadi right wing
pakdasht mohammad qomi may 23
firouzkouh mostafa khanzadi may 23
savojbalagh ja'far golbaz may 23


sabzavar hassan seyed-abadi independent
morteza kheir-abadi may 23
gonabad azadi azadi-manesh may 23
birjand mehdi ayati may 23
tabas masha'allah shakibi may 23
qouchan mohammad baqer zakeri may 23
jajroum seyed abolqassem hosseini right wing
neishabour hossein ansari-rad may 23
qa'enat mousa qorbani right wing
rashtkhar gholam heidar ebrahim-bai may 23
kashmar mohammadreza khabbaz may 23


ramhormoz seyed nasser mousavi independent
shadegan issa moqaddami-zad may 23
shoush seyed jassem sa'edi independent
khorramshahr samirpour jazayeri right wing
azadegan abdozzahra alemi nissi may 23


gachsaran bahram tajgardoun may 23
yasouj seyed baqer mousavi may 23


sanandaj baha-eddin adab right wing
jalal jalali-zadeh may 23
marivan abdollah sohrabi may 23
bijar mohammad mohammad-rezaei right wing


boroujerd alla'eddin boroujerdi right wing


amol seyed mahmoud kazem dinan right wing
behshahr ali-asghar rahmani khalili may 23
qa'emshahr gholamreza gorzin may 23
babol mohssen nariman may 23
hossein-ali qassemzadeh right wing
ramsar fakhroddin saberi may 23
chalous anoushirvan mohsseni bandpei may 23


bou'in zahra qodratollah alikhani may 23
takestan rajab rahmani right wing


qom mohammad reza esmaili may 23
seyed mohammad mir mohammadi right wing
seyed ali yasrebi right wing


semnan seyed taher taheri right wing
damghan hassan sobhani right wing
shahroud kazem jalali right wing


mahabad rahman behmanesh may 23


yazd, sadouq seyed mohammad razavi may 23
taft,meimeh serajeddin vahid-mehrjerdi may 23
ardakan mohammad-reza tabesh may 23
bafq seyed mohammad kazem mortazavi may 23

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 22:30:59 -0500
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: AFP: Iran reformers in virtual sweep of three big cities: estimate

TEHRAN, Feb 19 (AFP) - Iranian reformers have virtually swept
three of Iran's biggest cities in parliamentary elections, according
to estimates from official sources obtained by AFP on Saturday.
The figures show reformers backing President Mohammad Khatami
winning in Isfahan, Mashhad and Tabriz, after earlier official
results showed reformers also crushing conservatives in the
countryside and smaller towns.
According to the estimates, reformists will snatch two seats
from conservatives in the outgoing legislature to win all five spots
representing the central city of Isfahan.
They indicated the closest right-wing candidate was some 120,000
votes behind, while in the conservative stronghold of Mashhad in the
northeast pro-Khatami reformers will take four of the five MP
The estimates also show reformers sweeping all five seats in
Tabriz in the northwest.
In addition leading conservative MP Abbas Abassi from the
southern coast city of Bandar Abbas has been beaten, according to
the figures.
With all votes in Friday's election being counted by hand, final
results from the cities are not expected to be released until Sunday
or Monday.

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 22:26:35 -0500
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: Results of Iranian parliamentary polls at 2030 GMT

TEHRAN, Feb 19 (Reuters) - Iranian election officials have announced the
winners of 162 seats in the new, expanded 290-seat parliament. Forty-three
contests will go to a run-off, expected in April.

A reformist coalition backing President Mohammad Khatami is bidding to wrest
control of the assembly from the conservatives and their allies among the

In the old 270-seat parliament, the rough breakdown was 120 conservatives, 80
reformers and 70 independents, but figures varied as alliances shifted.

Party and factional affiliations remain fluid in Iran. However, declared
affiliations show the following results as of 2030 GMT:

Reformist Coalition ...71

Conservatives .........29

Independents ..........33

Unknown affiliation ...29

Run-off declared ......43

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 22:33:28 -0500
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: AFP: Reformers has won 70% so far

Conservatives "shattered" as Iran reformers romp home in polls

TEHRAN, Feb 19 (AFP) - Iranian reformers crushed their
conservative rivals in parliamentary elections as first results
Saturday showed voters shared President Mohammad Khatami's vision of
a more liberal Islamic republic.
Pro-Khatami reformers have won around 70 percent of the seats in
the legislature so far, according to official results and estimates,
and analysts said the conservative movement had been "shattered."
Although final results are still days away, the longstanding
right-wing majority is all but officially finished and Khatami seems
finally on the verge of having a parliament to enact his social and
political reforms.
Reformists swept all five seats in the cities of Isfahan and
Tabriz and took four of the five in Mashhad, a conservative
stronghold in the northeast, according to official estimates
obtained by AFP.
Meanwhile in final results published from traditional right-wing
strongholds in the countryside and small towns, the pro-Khatami camp
led by the president's brother Mohammad-Reza captured at least 57 of
95 seats.
The state news agency IRNA said some 33 MPs had kept their seats
so far, 18 of them conservatives and the remainder reformists and
Interior ministry figures showed another 28 seats would go to a
second-round run-off for those candidates that did not win at least
25 percent of the vote. The date of the run-offs has yet to be
Interior Minister Abdol-Vahed Mussavi Lari told a press
conference that 72 new deputies had been elected to the new
parliament, which does not begin its tenure until May.
Conservatives sounded an upbeat note about the polls and one
spokesman said there "could still be surprises" in the second round,
adding: "We're not beaten yet."
But analysts said that for conservatives, who have dominated
almost every aspect of political life in Iran for the past 20 years,
the writing was now on the walls.
"The right wing is shattered," said political analyst Ali
Ajanpour, adding that Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Khatami's moderate
predecessor who hitched his wagon to the conservatives, had taken a
fatal political blow.
"Even if he is elected in Tehran, Rafsanjani -- who has banked
all his prestige on this election -- will never become speaker" of
parliament, he said.
"The conservatives have to accept and digest their defeat.
Rafsanjani has blown his return to politics," political writer Kazem
Karvanavi said.
With votes being counted by hand, official results from Tehran
-- where 30 of the parliament's 290 seats are up for grabs -- and
other large cities are not expected to be released until mid-week.
But even the conservative Tehran Times, whose Saturday edition
apeared well before the first results from the provinces, said the
reform voice of the people was "now crystal clear."
"The burden of reforming Iran no longer rests on the shoulders
of Khatami alone," trumpeted the Mosharekat daily, closely linked to
the top pro-reform party, the Islamic Iran Participation Front.
According to an AFP tally, at least 12 conservative or
independent rightist seats in the outgoing legislature were captured
by reformists as voters backed Khatami's vision of a more open
"civil society."
Under Iran's unusual election system candidates could appear on
any number of party lists, making it difficult to determine the
exact political leaning of some of the victors.
But with an unprecedented 80 percent of eligible voters casting
their ballots Friday, Khatami appeared to have gotten the massive
turnout he pleaded for to "allow us to speed the way to a brighter
Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi, speaking in Malaysia on
Saturday, said a pro-government parliament would allow measures sent
to the legislature to be "passed more easily and in a positive
Interior ministry sources told AFP late Friday that Khatami's
brother Mohammad-Reza would definitely be a victor in the first
round although the ministry later denied the report.
Mussavi-Lari told reporters Saturday that the vote had been
carried out without incident but IRNA later reported hundreds of
people rioted in the southwestern town of Shush Danial.
It said 15 people had been wounded in clashes with police after
protesters hurled stones at police and burned vehicles, charging the
winning candidate -- named by IRNA as Hassan Sobhani -- had bribed
Sobhani's political affiliation was not immediately available.
US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said that Iran's voters
had "demonstrated their eagerness to use the electoral process to
make their voices heard and to chart their country's political
"Their enthusiasm is testimony to the growing strength of
democracy in Iran which we do welcome," she said during a brief
visit to Albania.

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 22:32:07 -0500
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: AFP: Riots break out against election winner in western Iran

TEHRAN, Feb 19 (AFP) - Fifteen people were wounded
in clashes with police as hundreds rioted in the
southwestern Iranian town of Shush Saturday against the
local winner of legislative elections, the official IRNA news
agency said.

Hundreds of protesters, charging that the winning
candidate had bribed voters, hurled stones at police,
attacked provincial offices and other public buildings and
burned vehicles, IRNA said.

Fifteen demonstrators were wounded fighting police, who
fired bullets into the air and tear gas at the crowd.

Police said that the injured had been hospitalized and the
situation had been brought under control.

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 22:35:31 -0500
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: IranMania: New Parliamentary Representatives

New Parliamentary Representatives
(Those going to the second round of elections at the
bottom of the list)

**Pakdasht Constituency**

mohammad, ghomi
Votes: 32473
Total votes: 64832
Party: MOSHAREKAT, Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)

**Savojbolagh & Taleghan Constituency**

jafar, golbaz
Votes: 31923
Total votes: 123400
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Damavand Constituency**

mostafa, khanzadi
Votes: 16335
Total votes: 56659
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)


**Gachsaran Constituency**

bahram, taj gardoon
Votes: 25468
Total Votes: 70718
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

** Boyerahmad Constituency**

seyed bagher, moosavi jahan abad
Votes: 61617
Total Votes: 121835
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

** Falavarjan Constituency **

habibollah, esmaeilzadeh
Votes: 35486
Total Votes: 86182
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

**Kashan Constituency**

hassan, tofighy
Votes: 37147
Total Votes: 138822
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

** Fereidane & Fereydoonshahr Constituency**

asadollah, kiyanersy
Votes: 33428
Total Votes: 88978
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

**Lenjan Constituency**

alimohammad, namazi
Votes: 30797
Total Votes: 89292
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

** Khomeynishahr Constituency**

nematolah, alirezayei
Votes: 24524
Total Votes: 80765
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

**Ardestan Constituency**

seyed valiyolah, tavakoly tabazavareh
Votes: 14454
Total votes: 34260
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Najafabad Constituency**

mostafa, taherynajafabadi
Votes: 73770
Total votes: 141062
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Shahreza Constituency**

hassan, ramezanianpoor
Votes: 26004
Total votes: 74819
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Golpayegan & Khasar Constituency**

morteza, shayesteh
Votes: 17146
Total votes: 64355
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)

**Mobarakeh Constituency**

ghahreman, bahramyhassanabadi
Votes: 14891
Total votes: 57377
Party: Independent

**Natanz Constituency**

ali, baghbanian
Votes: 17459
Total votes: 33349
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Nain Constituency**

seyed abolfazl, razavi
Votes: 14767
Total votes: 30907
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**mahalat va delijan Constituency**

ali asghar, hadi zadeh
Votes: 13716
Total votes: 43449
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)


**Marvdasht Constituency**

hassan, shabanpoor
Votes: 46678
Total Votes: 157081
Party: Independent

**Sepidan Constituency**
gholamhossein, barzegar
Votes: 37951
Total Votes: 67408
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Larestan Constituency**

seyed mansoor, kashfi
Votes: 47331
Total votes: 96846
Party: MOSHAREKAT (reformist)

**Estahban & Neyriz Constituency**

mohammad, saghaei
Votes: 36207
Total votes: 90747
Party: Independent

**Lamrad Constituency**

seyed jalal, moosavi
Votes: 34533
Total votes: 61726
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Kazeroon Constituency**

mohammad bagher, bagheri nezhadian
Votes: 55857
Total votes: 115977
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Sarvestan va karbal Constituency**

zinolabendi, tahmasebi sarvestani
Votes: 41702
Total votes: 126570
Party: Independent

**Jahrom Constituency**

mohammad ali, sadaei jahromi
Votes: 29621
Total votes: 93916
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Darab Constituency**

javad, etayat
Votes: 32321
Total votes: 104297
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Mamasani Constituency**

seyed ebarhim, amini
Votes: 31724
Total votes: 115538
Party: Independent

**Fasa Constituency**

behyar, soleymani
Votes: 26857
Total votes: 96752
Party: Independent

**Oghlid Constituency**

khodadad, ghobadi
Votes: 14829
Total votes: 47702
Party: Independent

**Firooz abad Constituency**

sohrab, bohlooli ghashghaei
Votes: 40727
Total votes: 113167
Party: MOSHAREKAT (reformist)


**Hashrood Constituency**

mohammad, shahy arabloo
Votes: 28463
Total Votes: 58719
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)

**Varzeghan Constituency**

ali, akbarzadeh
Votes: 11894
Total Votes: 36205
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

**Maragheh Constituency**

seyed mostafa, seyedhashemi
Votes: 49955
Total votes: 145564
Party: Independent

**Meyaneh Constituency**

seyed hossein, hashemy
Votes: 33291
Total votes: 95279
Party: MOSHAREKAT, Chekade Azad Andishan (Reformist)

mohammad, kiyafar
Votes: 25877
Total votes: 95279
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Bostan Abad Constituency**

Taher Agha Barzegar Tokmehdash
Votes: 18834
Total votes: 51523
Party: Azad Andishan (Reformist)

**Bonab Constituency**

Rasool, Sedighi Banabi
Votes: 45648
Total votes: 66514
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Malekan Constituency**

Salman, Khodadady
Votes: 32958
Total votes: 58688
Party: Azad Andishan (Reformist)

**Sarab Constituency**

Hossein, Anvari
Votes: 22548
Total votes: 68858
Party: MOSHAREKAT(Reformist)

**Ahar Constituency**

ghasem, memari
Votes: 52643
Total votes: 94646
Party: MOSHAREKAT (reformists)

**Kaleibar Constituency**

ghole, allahgholizadeh
Votes: 16629
Total votes: 56116
Party: Independent


**Salmas Constituency**

aliakbar, aghaei moghanjoghy
Votes: 26803
Total votes: 76890
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)

**Naghadeh Constituency**

karim, rahmanycheyaneh
Votes: 39097
Total votes: 84680
Party: Independent

**Mahabad Constituency**

Rahman, Behmanesh
Votes: 32381
Total votes: 75713
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Piranshahr & Sardasht Constituency**

hasel, daseh
Votes: 22435
Total votes: 76466
Party: Independent

**Parsabad & Bilehsavar**

hassan, almasi
Votes: 26570
Total votes: 26570
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Garmi Constituency**

Mirghesmat, Moosavi Asl
Votes: 14064
Total votes: 47473
Party: Independent


**Nahavand Constituency**

mohammad reza, ali hosseini abasi
Votes: 22905
Total votes: 88424
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Asad Abad Constituency**

Zabihollah, Safaei
Vote: 25382
Total votes: 60105
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)


Mohsen, Torkashvand
Votes: 27451
Total votes: 64427
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Malayer Constituency**

mohammad, kazemi
Votes: 33913
Total Votes: 124994
Party: Independent

bighazn, shahbaz khani
Votes: 33048
Total Votes: 124994
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

**Hamedan Constituency**
hamid reza, haji baba
Votes: 59787
Total Votes: 223592
Party: Independent

**Bahar Constituency**
reza, talaei nik
Votes: 31889
Total Votes: 123916
Party: Independent

**Shahr Babak Constituency**

Mansoor, Soleymani Meimandi
Votes: 13416
Total votes: 43524
Party: Independent

**Zarand Constituency**

hossein, amiri khamkani
Votes: 45379
Total votes: 45379
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Sirjan & Mashiz Constituency**

seyed mohammad, hashemi
Votes: 56715
Total votes: 120427

**Bam Constituency**

hatam, narooei
Votes: 36860
Total votes: 108065
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)

**Kahnooj Constituency**

mokhtar, vaziri
Votes: 43804
Total votes: 98152
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)


** Torbat Heidarieh Constituency**

abo al ghasem, abedin poor
Votes: 37757
Total Votes: 138364
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

**Esfarayen Constituency**

seyed reza, noorzadeh
Votes: 27482
Total Votes: 62117
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

**Torghabeh & Chenaran Constituency**

ahman, moradi
Votes: 27986
Total Votes: 78294
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

**Kashmar Constituency**

mohammad reza, khabaz
Votes: 57990
Total Votes: 129448
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

**Neyshaboor Constituency**

hossein, ansari rad
Votes: 79014
Total votes: 206673
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

mohammad reza, dolat abadi
Votes: 78199
Total votes: 206673
Party: Independent

**Torbatejam & Taybad Constituency**
ahmad, khaw ahmadi
Votes: 59499
Total votes: 153703
Party: Independent

**Ghoochan Constituency**

mohammad bagher, zakeri
Votes: 39176
Total votes: 108851
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Gonabad Constituency**

azadi, azad manesh
Votes: 16406
Total votes: 60205
Party: Independent

**Dargaz Constituency**

rasool, mehr parvar
Votes: 25204
Total votes: 42509
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Birjand Constituency**

Mahdi, Ayati
Votes: 65431
Total votes: 130497
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Kavaf & Roshtkhar Constituency**

gholam heidar, ebrahim bay salami
Votes: 39187
Total votes: 72119
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Shirvan Constituency**

hossein, afarideh
Votes: 19829
Total votes: 74638
Party: Independent

**Ghaenat Constituency**

moosa, ghorbani
Votes: 37306
Total votes: 70137
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)

**Sabzevar Constituency**

hassan, seyed abady
Votes: 56650
Total votes: 207650
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)

morteza, kheyr abadi
Votes: 56603
Total votes: 207650
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Bojnoord Constituency**

seyed abo alghasem, hosseini
Votes: 80011
Total votes: 182617
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)

**Ferdos & Tabas Constituency**

seyed masha allah, shakibi
Votes: 43341
Total votes: 78183
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)


**Sarband Constituency**

ghasem, azizi
Total votes: 64533
Party: Independent

**Tafresh va Ashtian Constituency**

bahman, akhavan
Votes: 18292
Total Votes: 46916
Party: Independent

**Khomeyn Constituency**
syed amrollah, moosavi
Votes: 14730
Total Votes: 56031
Party: Independent


**bandar mahshahr Constituency**

peyman, ashoori bandari
Votes: 33500
Total votes: 128001
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

**Minab Constituency**

seyed ali, zolghadr (this was previously Zolfaghar)
Votes: 72589
Total Votes: 163166
Party: Independent


**Shahrekord Constituency**

mohammad, raeesi nafchi
Votes: 75024
Total votes: 75024
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)


**Astra Constituency **

hassan, zahmatkesh
Votes: 16622
Total votes: 41500
Party: Independent

**Roodsar Constituency**

davood, hassan zadegan roodsari
Votes: 50473
Total votes: 123719
Party: Independent

**Some sara Constituency**

mohammad taghi, ranjbar choobeh
Votes: 34422
Total votes: 86709
Party: Independent

**Astaneh Ashrafieh Constituency**

reza, saleh jalali astaneh
Votes: 34945
Total votes: 74550
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Bandar Anzali Constituency**

hassan, khasteh band
Votes: 30511
Total votes: 66946
Party: Independent

**Talesh Constituency**

askar, eslam doost karbandi
Votes: 55586
Total votes: 159465
Party: Independent

**Fooman Constituency**

rassol, jamati malvani
Votes: 42209
Total votes: 109920
Party: Independent

**Roodbar Constituency**
salim, marashi
Votes: 21027
Total votes: 73250
Party: Independent

**Langerood Constituency**

mahmood, ahkavan bazardeh
Votes: 24035
Total votes: 81766
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)


** Boroojerd Constituency**

aladdin, boroojerdi
Votes: 39551
Total Votes: 126064
Party: Independent

abdol mohammad, nezam eslami
Votes: 36989
Total Votes: 126064
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

**Poldokhtar Constituency**

seyed mohammad mahdi, shahrokhi
Votes: 22022
Total votes: 43597
Party: Independent


**Marivan Constituency**

abdollah, sohrabi
Votes: 20352
Total votes: 80984
Party: Independent

**Bijar Constituency**

mohammad, mohammad rezaei
Votes: 12786
Total votes: 50418
Party: Independent

**Sanandaj Constituency**

bahadin, adab
Votes: 92593
Total votes: 215235
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)

jalal, jalali zadeh
Votes: 83236
Total votes: 215235
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

** Masjed soleyman Constituency**

omidvar, rezaei mir ghayed
Votes: 57316
Total Votes: 95241
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)

**Dashte Azadegan Constituency**

abdo zahra, alami nisi
Votes: 20234
Total Votes: 49961
Party: Independent

** Behbahan Constituency**

vali allah, shoja poorian
Votes: 28549
Total Votes: 87745
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

**Shooshtar Constituency**

mohammad ali, sheykh
Votes: 37019
Total Votes: 97495
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

**Shoosh Constituency**

seyed jasem, saedi
Votes: 23840
Total Votes: 74397
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)

**Khorramshahr Constituency**

samir, poor jazayeri
Votes: 16147
Total votes: 55318
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

**Ramhormoz Constituency**

seyed naser, moosavi
Votes: 21423
Total votes: 68695
Party: Independent

**Shadegan Constituency**

eisa, moghadami zad
Votes: 13851
Total votes: 13851
Party: Independent


**Kermanshah Constituency**

Votes: 99553
Total Votes: 350293
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)

Votes: 95014
Total Votes: 350293
Party: Independent

**Songhor Constituency**

Votes: 15372
Total votes: 55261
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)


**Aramaneh Jonoob**

zhorzhic, ebramian
Votes: 2821
Total votes: 4317
Party: Religious Minority

**Bafgh & Mehriz Constituency**

seyed mohammad kazem, mortazavi
Votes: 29832
Total Votes: 81172
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

**Yazd Constituency**

seyed mohammad, razavi
Votes: 63163
Total votes: 175559
Party: Independent

**Taft & Abar kooh Constituency**

serajodin, vahidi mehr jordi
Votes: 21071
Total votes: 64917
Party: Independent

**Lordegan Constituency**

gol mohammad, salehi salah chini
Votes: 27015
Total votes: 85327
Party: Independent

**Ardakan Constituency**
mohammad reza, tabesh
Votes: 21073
Total votes: 31997
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)


**Takestan Constituency**

rajab, rahmani
Votes: 24077
Total votes: 81632
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)

**Booein Zahra & Avaj Constituency**

ghodratollah, ali khani
Votes: 37509
Total votes: 71111
Party: Independent


**Dashti & Tangestan Constituency**

seyedmohammadmehdi, poorfatemi
Votes: 37200
Total votes: 69503
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)


**Zahedan Constituency**

bagher, kord
Votes: 71491
Total Votes: 142974
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

jafar, kamboozia
Votes: 67204
Total Votes: 142974
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

**Saravan Constituency**

gholam mohammad, jahandideh
Votes: 17576
Total votes: 58201
Party: Independent

**Khash Constituency**

masood, hasehm zehi
Votes: 24084
Total votes: 60272
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

** Iranshahr Constituency**]

noor mohammad, roboosheh
Votes: 72296
Total Votes: 139367
Party: Independent

**Chabahar Constituency**

abdolghafoor, iran nezhad
Votes: 32639
Total votes: 94598
Party: Independent


**Khoda Bandeh Constituency **

morovat allah, parto
Votes: 31197
Total votes: 78856
Party: Independent

**Damghan Constituency**

hassan, sobhani
Votes: 19287
Total votes: 44408
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)

**Mah Neshan Constituency**

reza, abdollahi
Votes: 22550
Total Votes: 57223
Party: Independent

** Zanjan & Tarom Olia Constituency**
seyed afzal, moosavi
Votes: 45108
Total Votes: 179268
Party: Independent


**Amol Constituency**

seyed mahmood, kazem dinan
Votes: 50910
Total votes: 147131
Party: Independent

** Babolsar & Bandie Constituency**

meghdad, najaf nezhad
Votes: 36840
Total Votes: 82790
Party: Independent

**Babol Constituency**

mohsen, nariman
Votes: 98397
Total Votes: 214262
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

hosseinali, ghasem zadeh
Votes: 63672
Total Votes: 214262
Party: Independent

** Ghyem Shahr Savad Kooh Constituency**

gholamreza, gorzin
Votes: 71231
Total Votes: 194051
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

**Behshahr Constituency**

ali asghar, rahmani khalili
Votes: 63638
Total votes: 147025
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)


**Semnan Constituency**

seyed taher, taheri
Votes: 20070
Total votes: 70460
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)

**Shahrood Constituency**

kazem, jalali
Votes: 26486
Total votes: 101709
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)


**Songhor Constituency**
Votes: 15372
Total votes: 55261
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)


**ali abad katool** Constituency
mohammad sadegh, sadeghi
Votes: 15640
Total votes: 62090
Party: Independent

**kord kooy & torkaman**

azim, gol
Votes: 42198
Total votes: 114835
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)


**Ilam & Shirvan Chardaval Constituency**

abdolreza,heidari zadi
Votes: 50216
Total Votes: 175432
Party: Mosharekat (Reformist)

ali yari
Votes: 48248
Total Votes: 175432
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)

Going to Second Round of Elections
***Going to 2nd Round***

*dorood va japlogh Constituency*
*Going to 2nd Round*

gholamreza, abdolvand
Votes: 17461
Toal votes: 104494
Party: Independent

jahanshah, sedigh
Votes: 15690
Total Votes: 104494)
Party: Independent

***Going to 2nd Round***

*Andimeshk Constituency*
*Going to 2nd Round*

fereidoon, hasanvand
Votes: 19579
Total votes: 79928
Party: Independent

amin, byanak
Votes: 16308
Total votes: 79928
Party: MOSHAREKAT (reformist)

***Going to 2nd Round***

**Ramian Constituency**
**Going to 2nd Round**

ali, koohsari
Votes: 11786
Total votes: 77642
Party: Independent

ghorbanali, mir arab razi
Votes: 11553
Total votes: 77642
Party: MOSHAREKAT (reformist)

*Gonbade Kavoos Constituency*
*Going to 2nd Round*

atrak, tayar
Votes: 22595
Total votes: 124516
Party: Independent

moami, holakoo
Votes: 22208
Total votes: 124516
Party: Independent

***Going to 2nd Round***

*Meshkin Shahr Constituency*
*Going to 2nd Round*

khalil, aghaei kahak bolaghi
Votes: 12852
Total votes: 78936
Party: Chekade Azad Andishan (Conservative)

Votes: 11615
Total votes: 78936
Party: MOSHAREKAT (Reformist)

***Going to 2nd Round***

*Dayyer & Kangan Constituency*
*Going to 2nd Round*

Votes: 14008
Total votes: 61352
Party: Independent

Votes: 12282
Total votes: 61352
Party: Independent

***Going to 2nd Round***

*Broojen Province*
*Going to 2nd Round*

khalil allah, karimian
Votes: 10642
Total votes: 62195
Party: MOSHAREKAT (reformists)

mansoor, mirza koochaki broojeni
Votes: 9523
Total votes: 62195
Party: Independent

***Going to 2nd Round***

*Nehbandan Constituency*
*Going to 2nd Round*

gholam ali, abedi
Votes: 4211
Total votes: 36653
Party: Independent

mohammad esmaiel, ezazi
Votes: 3987
Total votes: 36653
Party: Independent

***Going to 2nd Round***

*Razan Constituency*
*Going to 2nd Round*

mohammad mahdi, mofateh
Votes: 13503
Total votes: 55451
Party: Independent

mohammad, piran
Votes: 10834
Total votes: 55451
Party: MOSHAREKAT (reformist)

***Going to 2nd Round***

*Kangavar & sahneh Constituency*
*Going to 2nd Round*

Votes: 25748
Total votes: 130139
Party: MOSHAREKAT (reformist)

Votes: 23532
Total votes: 130139
Party: Independent

lahijan (Gilan)

khoshnood, aziz asyabar 21453 (111610)
eiraj, nadimi 19978 (111610)

Dashtestan (Bushehr)

javanshir kadkhodapoor 20248 (109366)
hamideh edalat 10978 (109366) MOSHAREKAT

Marand(East Azarbaijan)

bagher, emami 28378 (147157)
Jafar, moneskhah 18423(147157) MOSHAREKAT

Dezfool (Khouzestan)

seyed ali, seyed agha miri 27495 (133152) MOSHAREKAT
farzad, zalghi 23421 (133152)

Paveh (Kermanshah)

mostafa mohammadi 20312 (83497)
seyed fatholah hosseini 14623 (83497)


seyed mahdi, tabatabaei 16466 (91980)
seyed ebrahim, hosseini 8987 (91980)

minoo dasht(Golestan)

shah mohammad, shiri 20123
seyed mansoor, hosseini 18284 (120509)

Khoy(West Azarbaijan)

kamel, abedinzadeh 32407 (151769) MOSHAREKAT
esmaeeil, bavaghar 28158 (151769)

Makoo(West Azarbaijan)

mohammad salim, oumoyi millan 24226
mohammad, abbaspoor 13554 (114000) Chekade Azad Andishan


ramezan, vahidi 39431 (182617)
rahman gholi, gholi zadeh 33395 (182617)MOSHAREKAT


jafar, afghahi farimani 24120 (104959) MOSHAREKAT
seyed hossein, hosseini 20267 (104959) Chekade Azad Andishan

Zabol (Sistan & Baluchestan)

seyed hassan agha, hosseini tabatabaei 28074 (135226)
abol ghasem, mokhtari 22646 (135226)
gholam hassan, aghaei 21133 (135226) MOSHAREKAT
abas, mir hosseini 19820 (135226)

End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 18 Feb 2000 to 19 Feb 2000 - Special issue