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Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 12:34:37 EST

Press Release
For Immediate Release

Laili Panahi, 212-747-1046 (tel.)
212-425-7240 (fax)


New York City, November 3, 1998: On October 30, 1998, the
Committee for Humanitarian Assistance to Iranian Refugees
(CHAIR), the International Campaign in Defense of Womenís
Rights in Iran - U.S. (ICDWRI), the International Federation of
Iranian Refugees - NYC (IFIR) and the Worker-Communist Party
of Iran - NYC (WPI) organized a successful demonstration in
defense of Taslima Nasrin, the out-spoken activist of womenís
rights. Her writings and comments against Islam and its
suppression of womenís rights have unleashed the wrath of
reactionary Islamists and the government of Bangladesh. The
demonstration was held at the Consulate of Bangladesh in
Manhattan and was one of many summoned by the ICDWRI
and the WPI in various countries around the world. The
campaignís demands were that the government revoke the
lawsuit against Nasrin, that her safety be guaranteed and that
she and her mother be allowed to exit Bangladesh.

The demonstrators unequivocally defended Taslima Nasrin who
has been in hiding in Bangladesh due to threats to her life. Over
a hundred groups and individuals signed on to our NYC campaign
alone, including representatives of the following organizations:
Association of Iranian Political Prisoners in Exile, Brecht Forum,
Coalition to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, Committee In Solidarity with
the People of El Salvador, Committee for Workers Self-Defense,
Committees of Correspondence, Coordinadora 96-2000, Deep Dish
T.V, Freedom Socialist Party, Immigrant Workers Association,
International Bolshevik Tendency, International Socialist Organization,
Mid-Hudson National Peopleís Campaign, National Jobs for All, New
York Taxi Workers Alliance, Radical Philosophy Association,
Reproductive Law and Policy, Radical Women, Socialist Action,
Socialist Equality Party, Socialist League of Finland, Socialist
Workers Campaign, Socialist Party PA, War Resistorís League,
WBAI Radio Station, Working Group for the Institutionalization of
Human Rights in Iran.

On Monday, November 2, in continuation of the campaign,
Laili Panahi and Keyvan Javid, representatives of ICDWRI and
WPI respectively, met with the Vice Consul of the Bangladeshi
Consulate. During the meeting, they reiterated the campaignís
demands. Though the government of Bangladesh states that it
has not restricted Nasrinís flight from the country, its support
of the reactionary groups and organizations which have issued
death threats against Taslima Nasrin, is clear.

We hold the government of Bangladesh and the reactionary
Islamist forces accountable for Nasrinís life and demand safety
for those who dare to raise their voices against repressive Islamic
rules and its silent slavery of women.


End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 3 Nov 1998 to 4 Nov 1998