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Topics of the day:

1. NEWS98 - Brzezinski Bares All: Why US Loves Saddam


Date: Sat, 26 Dec 1998 01:09:57 GMT
Subject: NEWS98 - Brzezinski Bares All: Why US Loves Saddam


Mr. Brzezinski, how troubling do you find the
lack of support by many of our allies on the
Security Council - the disagreements that have
broken out - the French saying we have to review
the sanctions we're seeing - the Russians pulling
their ambassadors?


Well, I'm not really troubled, let's say, by the
criticism from China or from Russia because it's
more related by other concerns. They don't like
American global hegemony; they would welcome any
opportunity to cut it down. I am much more
troubled by the fact that our policy is likely to
be resented intensely and increasingly so by the
Arabs and the Muslims more generally, and by the
Europeans, with the exception of the British. I
take their concerns and their judgments somewhat
seriously. I am also somewhat inclined to feel
that their criticism of our hysterical approach
towards Iraq, viewing Iraq as another Nazi
Germany, Saddam Hussein as another Hitler is not
without merit. I think we have lost our sense of

It is true that Saddam is a regional threat. But,
in fact, we have already punished him several
times for attempting aggression. He's lost
several times, and we have the capacity to keep
deterring him and punishing him. And, in fact, to
some extent he's even useful to us because it
enhances the dependence of the Gulf states and of
Saudi Arabia and others without protection, so it
reinforces our position in the region; whereas
otherwise, the Arabs might be turning against us,
in part because of the Israeli conflict and so
forth. So there's even some limited negative
utility in where he is. But I would insist on a
policy of credible containment and compulsion,
because I don't think anyone has come up with an
alternative and indefinite bombing is simply not
sustainable, especially once it begins to inflict
massive population casualties.

Excerpt from an interview conducted by the PBS
Newshour program on December 21, 1998, with former
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former
National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski,
where they discuss the recent air strikes against

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