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Topics of the day:

1. update: 211 signatures/ protesting the killings
2. Fwd: Iranian opposition group blames Islamic regime for leader's murder
3. Freedom Movement calls for Gharavi's release
4. Eight clerics (Montazeri supporters) are arrested
5. More on Montazeri supporters
6. Religion and Democracy
7. Maktab-e-Quran-e-Tabriz
8. Human Rights: News from Iran


Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 14:47:28 EST
Subject: update: 211 signatures/ protesting the killings

Hi all,

The number of signatures listed below is 60. The total number of signatures
is 211 (includes outside internet). Please circulate this as wide as
paossible and sign today if you havn't done so already. There is a wide-spread
resistance to these killings inside Iran as well. A just resolution of this
is only possible if some impartial body is involved in the process and this
to the most salient point of this petition (sending a fact finding mission to

Please reply to by filling this form:
profession (optional):



December 1998

To: The Honorable Mary Robinson, the United Nations High Commissioner on
Human Rights, Geneva,
Switzerland, Fax # 01141-22-9170123

We are outraged to learn of the brutal and gruesome killing of two
opposition leaders in Iran, Mr. Dariush Forouhar and Mrs. Parvaneh Eskandari-
Forouhar on Sunday, November 22, 1998. We are sending this fax/e-mail to you
to ask for your expression of condemnation and outrage against this extra-
judicial execution.
We are also very concerned about the safety and security of other
members in Iran, including Mr. Abbas Amir-Entezam who remains in jail.

For your information, Mr. and Mrs. Forouhar were found stabbed to death in
their home in Tehran on November 22, 1998. Both of their bodies were
The similarity of this gruesome crime and the past assassinations of other
IRI's critics and opponents, both inside and outside Iran, is horrifying and
deserves the most urgent attention by international HR organizations. Mr. and
Mrs. Forouhar had recently called for a boycott of the elections of the
Council of Experts. Also, a few months ago, Iran's revolutionary commander,
Rahim Safavi, had vowed to
"behead" and "cut the tongues" of the opponents of the regime.

A few days later after the death of the Forouhars, the body of a missing
dissident writer, Mr. Majid Sharif, was found in Tehran. Meanwhile, another
dissident journalist, Mr. Pirouz Davani, has been missing since August 1998!

The body of another dissident writer was discovered in Tehran on Wednesday,
December 9, 1998. Mr. Mohammad Mokhtari, a prominent dissident writer, was
abducted last Thursday, and his strangulated body was thereafter identified in
a Tehran morgue by his relatives.

Mohammad Jafar Pouyandeh, a 45-year-old translator and author, has gone
missing after he left his Tehran office on Wednesday afternoon, December 10,
1998. Mr. Mohammad Pouyandeh was found dead in the town of Shahriar on
the outskirts of Tehran on December 13, 1998.

We strongly protest and condemn the extra-judicial killings of Dariush and
Parvaneh Fourouhar, Majid Sharif, Mohammad Mokhtari, Mohammad Jafar
Pouyanbdeh and request formation of
independent investigative committee to probe these killings and the
"disappearnces" in Iran.

We the undersigned would like to ask you to send a fact finding mission to
Iran to investigate the killing of Daryoosh and Parvaneh Forouhar, Majid
Sharif and Mohammad Mokhtari, Mohammad Jafar Pouyandeh and the
"disappeaance" of Piruz Davani and. We believe that this should be
investigated in the
context of ilegal activities of the "pressure groups", the "information
ministry and the "revolutionary guards" and other governmental organizations
have might have links with the semi-legal, semi-governmental pressure groups.

1. Dr. Kourosh Parsa, Electrical Engineer, USA
2. Mr. Shahram Kheiltash, USA
3. Dr. Mohammad Eghtedari, Economist, USA
4. Manijeh Saba, Lecturer, USA
5. Ebrahim Soujeri, PhD Student, EEEng., Turkey
6. Kokab Bahoosh, Student, U.A.E.
7. Dr. Hosein Abghari, Professor, USA
8. Ali Khalili, Accountant, Canada
9. Dr. Esmail Nooriala, Persian poet, writer and literary critic, Colorado,
10. Farhad Abdolian, Hardware designer, Sweden
11. Dr. Mehran Sam, USA
12. Siavash Enayati, Software Engineer, USA
13. Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi, Associate Professor of History, Illinois State
University, USA
14. Sohrab Foruzan, Informatiker , Germany
15. Arash Izadi, businessman, Canada
16. Sohayl Shambashi, Consulting Engineer, San Diego, USA
17. Dr. Mansour Farhang, Professor of Political Science/ Bennington College,
U. S. A.
18. F. Saadat, Researcher, USA
19. Mr.. Mansour Kavianpour, Vice President of Product Development, USA
20. Mrs. Marieke Kavianpour, USA
21. Hamid S. Assadi, Student, Dominica
22. Mehdi Ardalan, Austrailia
23. Sam Ghandchi, Engineering Director, U.S.A.
24. Siobhan Gibbons, College administrator, USA
25. Dr. M. GhaemMagham, physician, USA
26. Tara Etemadi, Systems Engineer, U.S.A
27. Jerome W. Clinton, Professor Princeton University, USA
28. Navid Golshahi, Engineer, USA
29. Majid Maleki, Systems Analyst, USA
30. Roya Motamed Zaman, Multimedia producer, USA
31. Farnaz Ravandi, Software Engineer, USA
33. Dr. Sassan Pejhan, Electrical Engineer, USA
34. Maryam Pirnazar, Communications Consultant, San Francisco, USA
35. Mehrdad Mohebbi, Electrical Engineer, USA
36. Jalil Farid, Consulting Engineer, Sweden
37. Susan Ghaemi, Australia
38. Behdad Forghani, Engineer, USA
39. J. Naghizadeh, Ph.D., Research Physicist, U.S.A.
40. Hossein B. Zadeh, Human Rights Activist, UK
41. Dr. Masoud Karim-Nia, Chemistry Engineere, Germany
42. Hamid Beheshti, Germany
43. Alireza Azizi, Physicist, USA
44. Dr Majid Ghoddusi, Electron Microscopist, Australia
45. Michael Azar, Doctorate student, Sweden
46. Hossein Gholipour , Sr. Computer Consultant, Canada
47. Barry Ghanbari, USA
48. kamyar sarshar, PhD. Student of Computer Science, Germany
49. Jim Harris, Consultant, U S A
50. Zara Houshmand, Writer, USA
51. Dr. Shahram Tabe-Mohammadi, Research scientist, Canada
52. Dr. Siroos Afshar, Computer Engineer, USA
53. Shahrzad Khorsandi, Instructor, USA44. Michael Mares, Instructor, USA
54. Noushin Hatamian, adjunct professor, USA
55. Farid Marjayee, USA
56. Reza Sadre, provisional government's Commerce minister, USA
57. Manouchehr Shafiee, USA
58.Bahman Maghsoudlou, Film producer, USA
59. Dr. Sohrab Sadri, physician, USA
60. Jamsheed Barahman, USA

131 signatures from Washington D.C.
21 Signatures from New York



The Honorable Kofi Annan, Secretary General, The United Nations, Fax # (212)
The Honorable Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa, Fax: (011-27-21=
The Honorable Vaclav Havel, President of Czech Republic, Fax #
The Honorable Maurice Danby Copithorne, Special Representative on Iran,=
The United Nations Commission on Human Rights, Switzerland, Fax #
Mr. Hanny Megally, Director of Middle East Watch, New York, Fax # (212)
Ms. Karen Kennerly, Pen American Center, New York, Fax # (212) 334-2181
Mr. William F. Schulz, Executive Director, Amnesty International, New York,
Fax # (212) 627-1451
Ms. Nancy Bothne, Amnesty International Midwest, Chicago, Fax # (312)
Director, Amnesty International, Washington D.C., Fax # (202) 546-7142
Ms. Cosette Thompson, Amnesty International, San Francisco, Fax # (415)
Mr. Joe Baker, Amnesty International, Culver City (Los Angeles), Fax #
(310) 815-0457
The Iranian mission to UN, New York



Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 14:51:16 EST
Subject: Fwd: Iranian opposition group blames Islamic regime for leader's murder

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Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 10:44:40 -0800 (PST)
From: Payman Arabshahi <>
Subject: Iranian opposition group blames Islamic regime for leader's murder
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TEHRAN, Dec 28 (AFP) - An Iranian nationalist opposition
movement accused the intelligence services on Monday of a role in
the murder last month of its leader Daryush Foruhar and his wife.
"I explicitly declare that these murders could not have been
committed without collaboration from, coordination with and
knowledge of a part of the intelligence services," said Bahram
Namazi, a member of the Party of the Iranian Nation (PIN).
Namazi, speaking before a crowd of around 100 people gathered at
Foruhar's home in central Tehran, where he was stabbed to death on
November 22 along with his wife Parvaneh, said the murders "are a
disgrace for the regime."
The couple's assassination preceded the kidnapping and murder of
two secular intellectuals -- Mohammad Mokhtari and Mohammadeh
Pouyandeh -- by anonymous killers early this month.
Another writer, Majid Sharif, was found dead under mysterious
circumstances. The authorities said he had died of heart attack.
Iranian authorities have condemned the chain of killings and
blamed them on a "foreign enemy plot" aimed at undermining the
Islamic regime.
"It is not acceptable to say agents have come from abroad to
kill opposition personalities," said Namazi, who serves as a
spokesman for PIN, a secular movement banned but tolerated here.
Foruhar's daughter, Parastu, also criticized the investigation
launched by the police into the murders, saying they "searched our
home and took away personal documents."
"No one has told us what has become of the documents and
personal belongings of my parents," she complained in a speech to
the crowd gathered to celebrate the late Foruhar's birthday.
Parastu, who lives in Germany, planted two fir trees in the
garden of her parent's home in their memory.

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Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 15:52:15 EST
Subject: Freedom Movement calls for Gharavi's release

TEHRAN, Dec 27 (AFP) - A liberal opposition movement criticised
on Sunday the "illegal" arrests of dissidents in Iran and called for
the immediate release of one of its members in the central city of
Iran's Freedom Movement (IFM), an outlawed but tolerated
opposition group, demanded the release of Ali-Asqar Gharavi, who was
arrested in November.
It charged in a statement faxed to AFP that Gharavi had been
"summoned, beaten and threatened" a number of times in recent months
by security forces, while "illegal arrests" of liberal dissidents
"are continuing in Esfahan."
The statement said "security forces had asked Gharavi not to
work with the IFM" and denounced "a campaign of repression against
IFM members."
The group had condemned Gharavi's arrest last November in an
open letter to Iran's President Mohammad Khatami.
Gharavi was seized during weekly Friday prayers at the home of
his father, prominent Ayatollah Mohammad Javad Gharavi.
The arrest was reportedly carried out on the orders of a special
court charged with dealing with criminal offenses carried out by
members of the Shiite clergy.
The IFM said at the time that another associate of Ayatollah
Gharavi named Ali Ghofrani had been arrested in Nain, east of
The IFM, officially illegal but grudgingly tolerated by the
Islamic government, was founded in the 1960s by Mehdi Bazargan who
was briefly prime minister following the 1979 Islamic revolution.
The movement is currently headed by Ibrahim Yazdi, a former
foreign minister and revolutionary firebrand turned liberal


Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 16:03:39 EST
Subject: Eight clerics (Montazeri supporters) are arrested

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Eight supporters of a moderate religious leader who
challenged the clergy's right to rule Iran have been arrested, the weekly
paper Aban reported Sunday.

Seven of the supporters of Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri were detained
for distributing pamphlets calling for his release from house arrest, the
paper said. It did not specify why the other was arrested.

All eight are clerics, the paper said. It did not say when they were detained.

In November 1997, Montazeri was publicly repudiated after he questioned the
legitimacy of rule by the clergy, including Iran's powerful spiritual leader
Ali Khamenei.

Khamenei accused him of treason and, days later, hard-liners attacked
Montazeri's home and office in Qom, forcing him to flee under police

Montazeri has been confined to his house in the holy city of Qom since the
middle of last year. He is allowed no visitors, and in February, a court
ordered the freezing of his bank account.

Montazeri was once heir apparent to the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the
leader of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. But he fell from grace for being too
critical of Khomeini's hard-line policies.

AP-NY-12-27-98 1301EST


Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 16:06:14 EST
Subject: More on Montazeri supporters

TEHRAN, Dec 26 (AFP) - An Iranian court has remanded in custody several
supporters of dissident cleric Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri, the Tehran
press reported Saturday.

A special court for Shiite Moslem clerics detained the clergymen after they
protested against the "heightened police surveillance" imposed on Montazeri
for the past 10 years, the moderate weekly Aban said.

"Mahmud Khatib, Ali Khatib, Rasul Fathi, Jamshidian, Sharifian and Ahrari are
among the clerics who have been arrested for circulating petitions in support
of Ayatollah Montazeri," the paper said without giving further details.

Abasali Fateh, an aide of Montazeri who ran his office, was also detained, it

Once the designated successor of the founder of Iran's Islamic Republic
Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Montazeri was sidelined in 1989.

The 89-year-old cleric angered conservatives last year by condemning their
hold on power and criticising the growing intervention in policy matters of
supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Montazeri demanded greater powers for President Mohammad Khatami and his
moderate and left-wing supporters.

Conservatives and hardliners organized protest demonstrations all over Iran
and sacked Montazeri's office in the holy city of Qom where he is based. His
office in the northeastern pilgrimage city of Mashhad was also closed.


Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 21:33:36 +0000
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: Religion and Democracy

Read about Religion and Democracy at


Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 22:37:48 +0000
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: Maktab-e-Quran-e-Tabriz


Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 00:04:02 -0500
From: Rahim Bajoghli <rbajoghli@JUNO.COM>
Subject: Human Rights: News from Iran

/** mideast.gulf: 339.0 **/
** Topic: News from Iran **
** Written 8:06 AM Dec 23, 1998 by in
cdp:mideast.gulf **

Human Rights: News from Iran

Tehran: 15th Dec 98 The funerals of Mohamad Mokhtari took place from
Masjed Nabi in Amir Abad Street to University Court and his body was
taken from there by ambulance to his burial place near Karaj. At the
start of the ceremony , Mahmoud Dolatabadi, asked the crowd to maintain
peace and silence according to traditional custom. He emphasised that
this was the wish of Mr Mokhtari's family. More than 5000 people attended
the funerals. In the cemetery a poem was read with Mokhtari's voice. His
son Siavosh read another poem. In this ceremony writers Javad Mojabi,
Fariborz Rais Dana and Houshang Golshiri spoke.

Golshiri said: Mokhtari will always live in our memory, he was like me a
member of the writers association and all these years he tried to set up
the Association. Unfortunately there is so much sadness we haven't time
to mourn. Aren't we supposed to give martyrs for the civil society and
freedom of speech? we are ready to do so.

At the end of the ceremony Maryam Hossein Zadeh, (Mr Mokhtari's' wife)
thanked those who had attended and said:" Mohamad always used to say we
have a culture of not asking why. I wish he was here to see how millions
of people are asking thousands of why's .I thank every one of
you, dear people who have come to this corner of our home land to bury a
piece of our heart . I am extremely grateful to you writers, learned
people, who in this height of insecurity have accompanied us today . In
accordance with Mohamad's wish , we will transform our sorrow to thought.
happiness for his soul and let his thoughts live forever."

Tehran: In a radio interview Maryam Hossein Zadeh ( Mokhtari's wife)
demanded the setting up of a committee to investigate these murders. She
said: "I think committees should be set up with experts to follow
these matters and work urgently. It can't be that people walk out of
their house, they are arrested , killed and thrown in the desert,
creating such an atmosphere ( of fear) in the country. These committees
must become active and people should come from abroad to deal with this.

This is a serious matter , it isn't just the life of one person, it is
killing a country's culture. This is painful, my tragedy is irreversible
and this is hard for me and our people.

Karaj: On thursday 17th dec the burial of the writer Mohamad Pouyandeh
took place in Amir Abab mosque. At the start of the ceremony Javad Mojabi
spoke to the thousands gathered for this ceremony and asked them to be
peaceful . This isn't because we are afraid, it is because of
our culture and respect for the ceremony. During this burial the
participants had red roses, a large number of floral contributions had
arrived, one from Unesco, another from the writers association. , one
from Iran' publishers.

The participants carried Pouyandeh's body from the mosque to the
university There the security forces closed the road and the body had to
be transferred to an ambulance . During its journey to EmamZadeh Taher,
people standing on the road threw flowers at the ambulance. In the final
resting place, Ali Ashraf Darvishian ,Fariborz Rais Dana spoke, then
Nazanin , the 18 years old of Pouyandeh read a poem, with tears in her
eye and his wife demanded that his killers be found and punished and
thanked those who attended. During the ceremony , the writers association
distributed a short biography of Pouyandeh , amongst those
present listing some 20 works by Pouyandeh, the last one was the history
of Human Rights ( published by UNESCO) on the occasion of the 50th
anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights, published at
the time of his assassination.

Tehran: Over 1000 students demonstrated in Amir Kabir University in
Tehran protesting against recent murders of writers. The demonstrators
shouted slogans against Mohamad Yazdi and Safavi and demanded the
resignation of the head of the judiciary and the minister for
Information. Alireza Siassi one of the leaders of the demonstration
addressed the rulers of the regime and asked: "why don't you tell the
people who committed these crimes? In practice the ministry of
information and the judiciary have joined forces with those who want to
destroy freedom and democracy in Iran.

They have often attacked our peaceful demonstrations, beaten up our
colleagues but the security forces have never arrested anyone or tried
and punished anyone.

Tehran: As the atmosphere of terror reigns in Tehran, Khamneii's
meaningful silence over recent murders , at a time when most people see
him responsible for the death squads , has caused comments . A number of
leading clerics and religious /political figures wrote a letter last
week to Khamneii , indirectly protesting at his silence. This letter is
signed by Hashem Agha Karmi, Baghi, Hossein Paya, Reza Tehrani, Ebrahim
Soltani , Akbar Ganji ... :

As most of the security, judicial and military forces are under your
authority, we signatories of this letter demand that all necessary
actions are taken to identify and arrest those responsible for these
shameful crimes. There are signs that the perpetrators of these crimes
which stem from ignorance, love of violence , are known.The future of
the system and Iran depends on the speedy action of the government to
stop continuation of such dangerous crimes unprecedented in Iran.

The final responsibility for the security of the citizens lies with you
as leader of the country.

Ghom: The theoreticians and researchers of religious seminary of Ghom,
issued a statement on the 16th of Dec blaming an unnamed internal group
for recent crimes. In this statement referring to the murder of the
Forouhars and the 3 writers the theologians say: recent events such as
attacks on newspaper offices, burning bookshops, attacking gatherings in
the university, attacks on two members of the government ( reference to
two ministers of khatami's government) who were beaten up, are all the
activities of unofficial groups who want to diminish the government's
authority and create instability. Amongst the members of this association
are Moussavi Ardabili, Assadollah Bayat and Khalkhali.

The next day Assadollah Bayat , one of the teachers of the Ghom seminary
was arrested on alleged corruption charges.

Tehran: The Imam's line, ( a pro Khatami faction) issued a statement on
the 15th of dec blaming the other faction for recent murders and

Strasbourg Wed 16th Dec:

At the invitation of the ad hoc committee for defending the lives of
Iranian writers (Koln) a number of Iranians staged a sit in outside the
European Parliament in Strasbourg and were able to speak to many MEPs
from the socialist, left and green parties. Meps passed a motion in 8
points expressing sorrow a the death of writers and reporters and
condemned the Islamic regime's policies towards women, national and
religious minorities , kidnapping of writers and intellectuals and called
for an International commission to investigate recent murders in

The Hague Thur 17th Dec:

At the invitation of the Committee to prepare an International Tribunal
of the Iranian regime thousands of Iranians and their international
supporters demonstrated outside the International Court in The Hague ,
shouting slogans against the rulers of the Islamic regime in Iran. In
this demonstration a message from the writers association was read and
Kambiz Rousta spoke.

Paris 16th Dec :

Iranians in Paris demonstrated with candles in one of Paris's main square
, a demonstration of 100 hours also started on the 19th of Dec outside
the Iranain embassy in Paris.

Stockholm 18th Dec :

Over 1000 Iranians demonstrated outside the Iranain embassy in Stockholm
, demanding that an International commission should be sent to Iran to
investigate the recent terror and murder of writers. A member of the
Swedish Left Party spoke at this demonstration , expressing the support
of his party .

Vienna :

Hundreds of Iranians demonstrated outside the offices of the Austrian
Prime Minister's office , against the meeting between EU troika ministers
and Iran.

Germany 18th Dec :

The UN special commissioner on Human Rights in Iran , Maurice Copithorn
met three Iranian writers , Faraj Sarkuhi, Abass Maroufi and Asgar Ahnin
as the representatives of Iran's writers Association abroad.

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End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 27 Dec 1998 to 28 Dec 1998