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Topics of the day:

1. Dehnamaki and history
2. reformist coalition
3. Liberal dissidents continue their struggle
4. [Fwd: Shamsolvaezin: Israel murdered the writers]
5. FMI: Israel behind the murders


Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 14:01:33 EST
Subject: Dehnamaki and history

12-30-1998 - our challenge is for the sake of principles, publisher

tehran, dec. 30, irna -- anybody who obeys the velayat, either
during the late imam's lifetime or the present leader of the islamic
revolution, will be supported, said masoud dehnamaki, publisher of
'shalamcheh' weekly.
in an interview with the english-language 'iran daily' published
wednesday, he added ''we will likewise, confront anybody who stands in
the way of the velayat. those factions which did not follow the
velayat but intended to make it follow them have found us to be
he pointed out that the faction which was not in power for the
last eight years has taken courses on psychological warfare and
they later launched newspapers which keep targeting public opinion.
he added that with the merger of the kargozaran (executives of
construction) and khatt-e imam (imam's path) those with management
experience have tarnished the atmosphere and abused the younger
he said that they chant youth-friendly slogans to bring the
youth against them adding ''we are victims of a political plot
although they know that we do not have any factional claims. we do
not fight for power or to establish political rule; our challenge is
for the sake of principles.
''the approach to political development in the country is on a
mistaken route,'' he said adding that it is wrong to think that
political development is feasible through issuing 100 licenses for
formation of parties.''
history proves that parties have been unable to determine the
political fate of a country, and this is due to the nature of a party
which is meant to guarantee political authority.


Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 14:03:32 EST
Subject: reformist coalition

TEHRAN, Dec 30 (Reuters) - Iran's major reformist political groups supporting
President Mohammad Khatami have joined forces against conservative rivals for
the February 26 municipal council elections, newspapers reported on Wednesday.

``All the groups and individuals who joined hands (in Khatami's presidential
campaign in 1997) will be active in this tremendous movement,'' said a
statement by 16 centrist and leftist groups.

``The council elections are another test for the Iranian people and a precious
opportunity to institutionalise popular participation,'' the coalition said.
The statement appeared in several newspapers.

Moderate groups' unanimous support played a crucial part in Khatami's
landslide victory in May, 1997, over his conservative rival.

The coalition brings under one umbrella such influential groups as the leftist
League of Militant Clerics, the technocratic Executives of Construction, and
Iran's biggest student movement Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat.

Although different in ideology, all 16 groups have protested against what they
say are attempts by conservatives to
dominate the polls through mobilising their considerable resources -- from
state media to mosques and the final confirmation of candidates.

Nearly 70,000 candidates have signed up in the first two days of registration
which began on Monday, newspapers reported.

Election officials said on Tuesday 578 women were among those who had put
forward their names so far for about 200,000 seats. Registration closes on

A potentially debilitating row over the naming of poll monitors for Tehran was
averted when election bodies run by rival conservatives and moderates approved
a compromise list, newspapers said.

Earlier, backers of Khatami, who has made Iran's first municipal polls a
centrepiece of his agenda, charged conservatives with eliminating moderate

But a larger factional dispute over the screening of candidates to the
councils due to be elected in every city, town and village has yet to be

The Interior Ministry has vowed to block the arbitrary disqualification of
pro-reform candidates, while conservative-led boards supervising the elections
say they have the final say over the issue.

Political analysts said Khatami hoped the elections could reinvigorate his
populist reform drive and inject a measure of local democracy and self-
management to a nation ruled by autocratic monarchs for centuries until the
1979 Islamic revolution.


Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 17:19:51 EST
Subject: Liberal dissidents continue their struggle

TEHRAN, Dec 30 (AFP) - Around 300 liberal political
personalities said Wednesday they will gather at a Tehran mosque on
Thursday to commemorate the violent murder of a nationalist leader
and his wife last month.
The dissidents said in a notice published in moderate Etelaat
newspaper that they will meet in Fakhr mosque in northern Tehran to
mark the 40th day after the deaths of Daryush Foruhar and his wife,
The couple were stabbed to death in their Tehran home by
unidentified intruders on November 22.
"We will gather to commemorate the martyrdom of these heros of
the Iranian nationalist movement," the notice said.
The notice was signed by some 300 opposition activists,
university professors, doctors and former government officials.
The authorities have pledged to investigate the murders, but
they have not divulged any information on the case.
Foruhar, 70, was the leader of the Party of the Iranian Nation,
a secular movement banned but tolerated here, and an outspoken
critic of the Islamic regime.
He was the minister of labour in the interim government of Mehdi
Bazargan who became prime minister after the 1979 Islamic
But the transitional government was ousted after eight months
and Foruhar has since been campaigning against the government.
The couple's assassination preceded the kidnapping and murder of
two secular intellectuals -- Mohammad Mokhtari and Mohammadeh
Pouyandeh -- by unknown killers early this month.
Another writer, Majid Sharif, was found dead in mysterious
circumstances. The authorities said he had died of a heart attack.
Iranian authorities have condemned the chain of killings and
blamed them on a "foreign enemy plot" aimed at undermining the
Islamic regime.


Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 03:01:20 +0000
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: [Fwd: Shamsolvaezin: Israel murdered the writers]

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According to Iran Daily, 31 december 98, page 2, Shamsolvaezin stated that
Israel, a relidious democratic state, supports the establishment of another
religious democratic state in the Middle East.



"a.abdi" wrote:

> According to Akhbar Newspaper, 30/12/98, Israel is behind the murder of
> the authors. Akhbar quoted Shamsolvaezin.
> Asghar

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Subject: Shamsolvaezin: Israel murdered the writers
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According to Akhbar Newspaper, 30/12/98, Israel is behind the murder of
the authors. Akhbar quoted Shamsolvaezin.




Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 03:04:13 +0000
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: FMI: Israel behind the murders

According to Iran Daily, 31/12/98, page 2, FMI blamed right wing faction
in Iran and Israel for the murder of the authors.




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