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Topics of the day:

1. Anwer of ArzeshhA to resalat (fwd)
2. Shalamche slandering the mayor (fwd)
3. Kar va Kargar:Read This Column (fwd)
4. Hello Salaam:readres phone calls (fwd)
5. Readable from Nation's House (fwd)
6. Those Involved in Detention of the Mayor Will Regret Their Deed (fwd)
7. Reasons for imposing restrictions on Ayatollah Montazeri (fwd)
8. Mr. President, Your Main Promise to People Was Defense of the Rule , of
Law (fwd)


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 14:30:56 +1000
From: Mehdi Ardalan <mardalan@LAUREL.OCS.MQ.EDU.AU>
Subject: Anwer of ArzeshhA to resalat (fwd)

Arzesh-ha (April 13)
Daily Resalat & An Analogy with Itself!

The daily Resalat published a Note in one its recent issues headlined "Why
threaten and frighten!" in which it repeated the well-known stands of its
faction and condemned allotments and critical stands regarding the detention
of the Tehran mayor.

Whereas a part of the Note concerned expressly the recent statement of the
Association (for Defense of the Values of the Islamic Revolution - SDVIR) in
which the daily that has always tried to offer a holy image about itself has
accused the SDVIR of "Power - mongering" we have to state a few points.

The daily stated: "The enduring attack of the SDVIR on the Judiciary gives
the impression of (the SDVIR) trying to gain power in the Judiciary."

The Resalat friends are gradually having to state their main internal concern.
Apparently, they are not concerned with the so-called plunder of public
assets. They are more frightened of the disrepute caused by actions that may
prompt the loss of one more of their power bastions!

We assure the daily that the Judiciary is a body under the blessed supervision
of the Leader and this accusation is not one to stick. We say let the Judiciary
as well as many other important positions including the IRIB and the
Mostazafan Foundation and some other economic institutions be theirs.

Have the gentlemen really not seen our stands on the Tehran Municipality?
We do not think so. Apparently, they assess everything with the eyes of the
bazaar wholesale dealers and the economy of the Qajar era (bazaar) chambers.
One "penny" is more valuable to them than justice, respect for management,
honor of the faithful and the general interests of the Islamic system. It should
be so, because it is possible to campaign in election with money, but justice
would scare many away people.

One last word is if they really support the Judiciary's actions in regard to
Tehran Municipality because of abuse, embezzlement and illegitimate use of
assets for election campaign, why have they not stated any word regarding the
prejudiced and round-the-clock use of the IRIB since about a year before the

You are people of accounting and would not ignore even one rial! Do ask
your friends in that organizations how much advertising on radio and TV costs
per second. You would probably say: "That is a different issue, it is not
embezzlement, let it be deferred!" Ok, but you would better know that the
invoices you have deferred are too many.


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 14:31:56 +1000
From: Mehdi Ardalan <mardalan@LAUREL.OCS.MQ.EDU.AU>
Subject: Shalamche slandering the mayor (fwd)

Shalamche is the organ of "a part of" AnsAr Hez.

Shalamcheh (#28; March 21 - April 22)

With Trial of Karbaschi Those Who Feel Obliged, Octopus with a Thousand
Tentacles Will be Exposed

* The President goes to work by bus, but Karbaschi is riding a modern white
Toyota car!

* The President has a humble house, but Karbaschi has a certain kind of
house in Jamshidiyeh [north Tehran].

* The President is eliminating the ceremonial things, but Karbaschi is adding
to them!

* The President gives presents to winner of contests and the elite, but
Karbaschi gives a pride to the son of his colleague and Azadi gold coins to
his bosses. This shows who are the ones who have become obliged by the
money spent from the public fund and are now sitting in red chairs [of the
Majlis] and are dying for him.

* If Karbaschi is put on trial the octopus with a thousand tentacles which is
dominating [everything from] car manufacturing to motorway construction,
selling oil, imports, exports, culture, politics and... will be exposed.

* Fazel Khodadad with Rls. 1,230b embezzlement was sent to the gallows.
Will the "municipality-guys" with Rls. 1,300 b embezzlement be sent to the

* If Karbaschi is put on trial people will believe that the law is not just for
those who steal eggs but also for those who steal oxen...

How nice it will be if that happens, but it is a pity that...


* Now that the cabinet considers Karbaschi to be the mayor as before,
because there is no one else to pave the rough roads with embezzlement
and..., how good will it be if the meetings of the municipality are held near
him [in his presence] at the Evin Prison.

* The Unity Consolidation Office and the sweepers of the municipality with
the support of the Organization for Defense of Human Rights formed the
"Association for Defense of Embezzlers and Thieves of Public Funds" in
support of Karbaschi.

* Morteza Rafiqdoost cannot stand Karbaschi and the Muslim nation cannot
stand either of them.

* When arriving at prison there was only a Rls. 1,000-bank note in
Karbaschi's pockets, because he had left all his credit cards, travelers'
cheques, etc., with those accompanying him.

* On the anniversary of Operation Karbala 8 in Shalamcheh the ring-leader
of embezzlers and traitors to the public fund and blood of martyrs went to

* To declare solidarity with the Tehran mayor sweepers carried [collected] the
garbage to the Evin Prison.

* The "Guidance Without Islamic Culture Ministry" after the detention of
Karbaschi called on Hollywood producers to produce a film for expression of
sympathy with him with the name "A Man for All Cells."

* Karbaschi has threatened the prison officials that he would collect [fine
them] several times the amount of due Renovation Rate because the floor of
his cell is not surfaced with asphalt.

* Karbaschi has asked the prison officials to bring his horse, which is worth
tens of millions of rials, to the Evin so that he would not be alone.

* Karbaschi has organized a post-specialist class on embezzlement and
bribery for inmates.

* With Karbaschi's going to prison the mayor's cabinet in the Evin has been


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 14:32:39 +1000
From: Mehdi Ardalan <mardalan@LAUREL.OCS.MQ.EDU.AU>
Subject: Kar va Kargar:Read This Column (fwd)

Source:Kar va Kargar daily April 13
Read This Column

The heads of the three branches of power met at the Islamic
Majlis on Saturday night to find a solution about the detention
of the Tehran mayor and revoking the detention warrant.

At the 3-hour meeting, Messrs Mohammadi Golpayegani, the
head of the office of the esteemed Leader, and Akbar
Hashemi Rafsanjani, the chairman of the Expediency
Discernment Council, were also present.

It is said at the meeting it was decided that Ayatollah Yazdi,
the judiciary chief, and the legislative power would find the
legal way for revoking the warrant and report the result.

An informed source at the Majlis told our correspondent that
Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani met the esteemed Leader yesterday
to brief His Eminence on the outcome of the meeting.

What is heard indicate the studies at the Judiciary will
probably get nowhere and no positive solution will be


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 14:33:17 +1000
From: Mehdi Ardalan <mardalan@LAUREL.OCS.MQ.EDU.AU>
Subject: Hello Salaam:readres phone calls (fwd)

Source: Salaam daily April 13

* "I am a Basiji in the Corps East Zone. We do not agree
with the MP for Ahvaz who says (Tehran Mayor) Karbaschi
has been a basiji. A basiji is a person who has devoted
himself to the revolution and not Karbaschi who has studied
in the he U.S. and is American.

Salaam: On the eve of the Fourth Majlis elections in order to
damage the revolutionary image of Hojj. (Mahdi) Karrubi
rumors were made that at the wedding of his daughter he had
given one Azadi gold coin to every guest.

The esteemed Leader told a friend of his: "A person met me
and told me that Mr. Karrubi had distributed gold coins at
the wedding of his daughter. I told him Mr. Karrubi has no

At any rate in the world of politics some become fathers of
daughters they do not have and some lose their religion. Now
it is the turn of Karbaschi. He has studied at the Qom
Seminary but the place of his education becomes the U.S.!
And the son of a clergy becomes an American!

Perhaps Mr. Karbaschi has committed something contrary to
the law in the same way that those investigating the case have
definitely committed some instances contrary to the law
during the years of their judiciary work and in the same way
that everyone who works inevitably has such instances but he
is definitely not American.

* The story of the judiciary is worth listening to! On the one
hand contrary to the explicit words of the law they released
someone who had been accused of murder but on the other
hand in connection with the dentition of Karbaschi they are
sticking to the law as if they are Siamese twins with it!

* To renew pledge to Mr. Khatami it will be good if we have
a march on May 23 (the day he was elected in 1997) of this

* About the case of the Tehran mayor, attention has not been
paid to the shortcomings of the law used by the
municipalities. It forces the mayor to resort to methods which
legally are considered violations.

* I want to tell Mr. Khatami and all the political factions
supporting him, especially the students if they show any
hesitation and fear the situation will become worse than in the

Salaam: We think [even] if the political groups become
hesitant the people shall not give up May 23 -- and they
should not do that.

Today some are making propaganda that people are
regretting their election of Khatami. We think there should be
preparations so that people can demonstrate on May 23 that
they are sticking to their vote for Khatami.


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 14:33:49 +1000
From: Mehdi Ardalan <mardalan@LAUREL.OCS.MQ.EDU.AU>
Subject: Readable from Nation's House (fwd)

Source: Iran daily to be published April 14
Readable from Nation's House

* It was heard that with the coordination of the heads of the
three branches of power and the talks of the chairman of the
Expediency Discernment Council with His Eminence
Ayatollah Khamenei, the sage Leader of the Islamic
Revolution, Gholam Hussein Karbaschi, the Tehran mayor, is
going to be freed today until the time of his trial.

* The generalities of the motion on exploiting women [in
pictures and in text] in the press were approved with difficulty
[narrowly]. Those opposed to the motion, mostly the
members of the Majlis Hizbollah League (the coalition of the
Executives, the Militant Clerics League and the groups
following the Imam's Line), believed the present press law
provides for the purpose of the motion and that only
supervision over the enforcement of the law must be

Those in favor of the motion were considering the approval
of it to be emphasis on the materialization of the Islamic
values in society.


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 14:34:25 +1000
From: Mehdi Ardalan <mardalan@LAUREL.OCS.MQ.EDU.AU>
Subject: Those Involved in Detention of the Mayor Will Regret Their Deed (fwd)

Source: Farda daily April 13
Those Involved in Detention of the Mayor Will Regret Their

Jalaleddin Taheri, the Isfahan Friday prayers leader, declaring
support for Karbaschi said those involved in his detention will
regret their move.

In an interview with al Sharq al Awsat, he said: ``The
detention was a political move. We are now facing a
crossroad: either to have a system based on law or a system
based on whims and narrow-minded interests.

``The issue is not the freedom of Karbaschi. The policies and
steps which have dealt blows at the real face of our
revolution must be ended.''

Defending Montazeri, he said: ``We had warned that trial of
Ayatollah Montazeri might lead to violent reaction throughout
the country and especially in Isfahan.''

He added: ``Those who made that childish threat (trial of
Montazeri) retreated from their position, but the threats are
remaining. We shall respond to any attempt to insult the
esteemed religious authorities with our participation.''


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 14:34:57 +1000
From: Mehdi Ardalan <mardalan@LAUREL.OCS.MQ.EDU.AU>
Subject: Reasons for imposing restrictions on Ayatollah Montazeri (fwd)

Source: Arzesh-ha No. 64, April 13
Reasons for imposing restrictions on Ayatollah Montazeri

Following actions by some persons and tendencies to have
the restrictions on Ayatollah Montazeri lifted, one member of
the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) explained
the reasons of the Council for imposing restrictions on Mr.

The council member who wished to remain anonymous,
referred to the last speech of Mr. Montazeri, saying:

"Mr. Montazeri discussed issues in his speech that were in
clear contravention of the Constitution. Because our laws
have stipulated that insulting the Leader is a crime and has a
specific punishment. His speech was combined with creation
of doubts in public opinion, too. There would have been no
problem, if he had criticized the Leadership with good faith.
But his orientation and the topics he raised were directed at
repudiating the system.

"Considering his revolutionary background and the role he
played in the revolution, it was decided not to take a judicial
approach to him. It should also be considered that his critics
took acute and worrying actions against him that made a
remedial attitude all the more necessary.

"It is clear that he is not a critic without opponents. He has
ardent opponents and we really feared for his life. He has
opponents who became his opponent when the Imam issued
his statement. You noticed that after his last speech a large
number of his opponents attacked his house. We did not
endorse that attack but it was the people's right to hold
demonstration and protest his speech. That caused us not be
able to view him as an ordinary critic. It was then decided
that he should be maintained in his present conditions and if
his attitudes were corrected and he stopped doing things to
cause social tension, his condition should be returned to
normal. But if he were to add to tension, the restrictions on
him would be stepped up."

On the reasons for the stirring of the issues by some persons,
the SNSC member believed: "There are several groups.
First, there is a group who regard him to be a good ploy for
undermining the Velayat Faqih. They are not in favor of Mr.
Montazeri and they were basically opposed to the clergy and
the Imam, too.

"The second group is his supporter. They think they can
achieve their objectives by publicizing him again. They think
the system has adopted a policy of silence toward Mr.
Montazeri to have him forgotten. Thus, they are planning to
create tension so that he would not be forgotten.

The third are those who wish to create tension and to strike
at the government somehow, i.e. they wish to link some of
the tendencies within the government to the issue and they
aim to undermine the government."


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 14:35:38 +1000
From: Mehdi Ardalan <mardalan@LAUREL.OCS.MQ.EDU.AU>
Subject: Mr. President, Your Main Promise to People Was Defense of the Rule ,
of Law (fwd)

Source:Farda daily April 13
Mr. President, Your Main Promise to People Was Defense
of the Rule of Law
by: Ahmad Tavakoli

Article 113 of the Constitution considers you to be
responsible for enforcement of the Constitution and to be the
head of the executive power.

About the detention of Mr. Karbaschi:

1. Mr. Mohajerani, as the government spokesman, when
announcing the view of the cabinet last week adopted stands
which were contrary to the logic or content of Articles 156,
20, 107, 164 and 34 of the Constitution. The main theme of
his remarks was exempting the detained accused and
investigation into the violations and offenses at the Tehran
Municipality from the normal course of the law.

2. According to the law Mr. Abdullah Nouri, the honorable
interior minister, is responsible for safeguarding the law and
order. (But) he is taking steps which if not tension-creating at
least cannot be considered to be in the direction of order and

The most strange thing is the horrible minister's disclaiming
responsibility about the Tehran Municipality whereas
according to the law in the absence of the city councils he is
responsible for all the municipalities.

The move by Mr. Nouri is incompatible with all the Articles

3. Your Excellency and Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani, the former
president, requested from the Leader to intervene in the

As a result ``the esteemed Leader called on the honorable
heads of the executive and judiciary branches to carry out all
the necessary coordination for judiciary investigation of the

Carrying out the above is necessary according to Paragraph
7 of Article 110 and Article 57 of the Constitution.

4. The Unity Consolidation Office has announced it is going
to have a meeting tomorrow to protest against the
performance of the judiciary in the name of ``support for
Khatami's government.''

The rule of law means it was necessary for them to complain
to the Majlis about the performance of the judiciary --
according to Article 90 of the Constitution -- in the first
place. If that had proved ineffective they could have used
their right to have an assembly.

5. The stands adopted by the ministers under Your
Excellency's order and the statement by the brothers of the
Unity Consolidation Office and others who have become
active in this affair in the name of support for you indicate
they are displeased with the investigation of the charges and
are insisting for illegal advantages for Mr. Karbaschi.

In view of the stand of the cabinet announced last night, the
call for calm and elimination of tension, it is necessary that the
specific members of the cabinet, especially the honorable
interior minister, follow the stand of the government as a
whole. And the said groups demonstrate their coordination
with the government.


End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 13 Apr 1998