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Topics of the day:

1. Paper: Tehran Mayor to Be Freed
2. Riot Police Break Up Iran Protest
3. TALKING POINT-Iran's Khatami mends ties with Iraq
4. Iran submarines use live ammunition in war-games
5. Jailed Tehran mayor a pawn in Iran power struggle
6. FOCUS-Clashes disrupt pro-mayor rallies in Iran
7. FOCUS-Iran police break up rally for jailed mayor
8. Kar va Kargar:Read This Column (fwd)
9. Eye-witness report of student demo
10. Names of the signatories for the second anniversary of Bazargan's
departure (Bahman 1375)


Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 20:16:26 +0200
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: Paper: Tehran Mayor to Be Freed

Paper: Tehran Mayor to Be Freed

By Afshin Valinejad Associated Press Writer Monday, April 13, 1998; 5:41
p.m. EDT

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Student supporters of Tehran's jailed mayor
canceled a planned protest in the capital after a government-run
newspaper reported Monday that the moderate politician might soon be

The cancellation averts, at least for the moment, a confrontation
between the students and hard-line opponents of Mayor Gholamhossein
Karbaschi. The hard-liners had warned the students against airing their
grievances in the streets of Tehran.

Karbaschi's backers are demanding his immediate release after his arrest
April 4 on what they say are trumped-up corruption charges. Prosecutors
have charged the mayor with embezzlement.

Karbaschi's imprisonment has made him a symbol of reform in Iran. He is
a key ally of moderate President Mohammad Khatami, who stunned the world
with his landslide victory over a hard-line opponent in presidential
elections last May.

A government newspaper reported Monday that Karbaschi might soon be
released. That news followed a report Sunday in the Teheran Times that
Iranian leaders had ``reached some sort of conclusion.''

Hard-liners warned that demonstrations planned for Tuesday could
compound the tensions in the capital city of 8 million.

Khatami also urged the students to cancel the rally, citing the need to
``safeguard social tranquility.''

Moderates consider Karbaschi's imprisonment as part of an organized
campaign by hard-liners to undermine Khatami's rule. The order to arrest
him came from the hard-line judiciary.

Khatami has worked to relax rigid social restrictions in Iran and
improve relations with the United States. Conservatives have opposed his

Court officials have promised that the mayor will get an open and fair
trial, but his lawyer, Bahman Keshavar, complained he had not yet been
allowed to see his client.

Copyright 1998 The Associated Press


Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 20:17:29 +0200
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: Riot Police Break Up Iran Protest

Riot Police Break Up Iran Protest

By Afshin Valinejad Associated Press Writer Tuesday, April 14, 1998;
7:17 a.m. EDT

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Riot police wielding batons broke up a protest
today in Iran by thousands of students demonstrating in support of
Tehran's detained mayor.

Fistfights erupted between supporters of Mayor Gholamhossein Karbaschi
and his opponents outside Tehran University, and a few of the protesters
were arrested.

About 300 riot policemen closed off streets near the university where
4,000 students were protesting and then charged the demonstrators. There
were no serious injuries.

Karbaschi's arrest has turned into a showdown between supporters of
President Mohammad Khatami and his powerful hard-line opponents inside
Iran's Islamic government.

Prosecutors have accused Karbaschi of misappropriating public funds in a
wide-ranging corruption scandal in the municipality.

But moderates consider the mayor's arrest as part of an effort by
hard-liners to undermine Khatami's rule.

As Tehran's mayor since 1989, Karbaschi has improved public services and
the appearance of the once-dreary capital. But his management style,
which some say is high-handed, has earned him many critics, particularly
among hard-liners.

Copyright 1998 The Associated Press


Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 20:19:25 +0200
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: TALKING POINT-Iran's Khatami mends ties with Iraq

TALKING POINT-Iran's Khatami mends ties with Iraq

04:27 a.m. Apr 14, 1998 Eastern

By Firouz Sedarat

DUBAI, April 14 (Reuters) - Despite political woes at home, Iran's
moderate president Mohammad Khatami has gained foreign policy points by
breaking a logjam in ties with former foe Iraq, analysts said on

The Iranian analysts said last week's swap of prisoners from the 1980-88
Iran-Iraq war, the biggest exchange since 1990, and steps by the two
sides towards relaunching pilgrimage visits to holy Shi'ite Moslem sites
in Iraq were the biggest achievements in bilateral ties in the past

The exchange coincided with a row between Khatami's cabinet and the
conservative-led judiciary over the arrest of Tehran's mayor
Gholamhossein Karbaschi, a close ally of the new president.

``I think Khatami's government has been flexible and agreed with Iraq
that the two countries should set aside old priorities that had caused
the logjam and work on resolvable, humanitarian issues first,''
London-based analyst Alireza Nourizadeh said.

Tehran-based journalist Iraj Jamshidi said: ``Despite pressures from
opponents, the Khatami government has been actively pushing its foreign
policy initiatives.''

``The Foreign Ministry has been much more active than before on ties
with Iraq. And the results are there to see: POW swaps, more border
trade, and mass pilgrimage trips in sight,'' he said.

In last week's swap, 5,584 Iraqis and some 319 Iranians were released.
The two countries exchanged some 70,000 POWs in 1990. The latest
exchanges were decided by joint committees Tehran and Baghdad agreed to
set up in January after high-level talks.

Iran said on Monday it hoped all remaining POWs would be freed within

Tehran earlier said Iranian pilgrims could soon visit holy Shi'ite
shrines in Iraq, accepting an offer Baghdad made last year. The issue
has been a highly emotional one among Iran's majority Shi'ites.

The analysts said a resolution of the POW issue, among the thorniest
blocking the normalisation of ties, was an important step forward, but
important problems remained which were even harder to resolve.

``For years, Iran's insistence that Iraq stop backing the Mujahideen
Khalq and Iraq's demand for the return of its planes had blocked efforts
to normalise ties,'' Nourizadeh told Reuters.

Iran and Iraq have long traded accusations of backing each other's armed
rebels. Mujahideen Khalq, Iran's main opposition group, is based in Iraq
while Tehran has hosted the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in
Iraq, a Shi'ite group.

``All factions in Iran agree on the demand that Iraq should stop backing
the Mujahideen, so I think Tehran will continue to push this demand,''
Jamshidi said by telephone.

Nourizadeh also said Iran would not give in on the Mujahideen, blamed by
Tehran for bombings which killed a president, a prime minister and more
than 100 officials.

Iraq has repeatedly demanded the return of 148 Iraqi planes flown to
Iran during the 1991 Gulf War over Kuwait. Iran, which says only 22
planes landed safely, insists it would return the aircraft only with the
approval of the United Nations.

``I think Iran basically thinks it should keep the planes -- or at least
not return any more than 22 -- as part of its war damages claims of more
than $100 billion against Iraq,'' he said.

Nourizadeh said Iraq was also concerned over Iran's role in Kurdish-run
northern Iraq.

``There is finally movement on Tehran-Baghdad ties, but there is still
deep suspicion and many unresolved issues. So I do not think that
prospects of their ties are comparable with those of Iran's relations
with Saudi Arabia, for example,'' he added.

Coolness between Iran and Saudi Arabia has thawed since the election of
Khatami last year on a platform which advocated resolving tensions in
Tehran's foreign relations. ^REUTERS@


Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 20:19:58 +0200
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: Iran submarines use live ammunition in war-games

Iran submarines use live ammunition in war-games 11:59 a.m. Apr 14, 1998

TEHRAN, April 14 (Reuters) - Iranian navy submarines fired live
ammunition at mock enemy targets at sea and on shore during war-games in
the Gulf, an Iranian military official said on Tuesday.

Captain Abdollah Manavi, spokesman for the ``Ettehad'' (Unity)
exercises, said the three Russian-built diesel submarines also practised
avoiding detection and countering threats by hypothetical enemy forces.

The Iranian news agency IRNA quoted Manavi, a deputy Navy commander, as
saying speedboats, frogmen, special forces and air force planes also
took part in the exercises on Monday.

The nine-day war-games began on Sunday.

It is the first exercise in which Iran has operated its three Kilo class
submarines together.

The exercises are scheduled to be carried out by the navy and air force
in an area extending from the port of Bandar Abbas at the mouth of the
Gulf to Chahbahar on the Gulf of Oman.

The war games also include two frigates, two personnel carrier vessels,
two logistics vessels, and 15,000 naval and air force personnel.

Iranian navy officials have criticised the U.S. military presence in the
Gulf region and said the code name of the exercises indicated Iran's
willingness to cooperate with its Gulf Arab neighbours.

Iran's regional ties have often been tense, in part over differences
concerning the presence of Western forces in the Gulf and a dispute with
the United Arab Emirates over three Gulf islands.


Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 20:21:47 +0200
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: Jailed Tehran mayor a pawn in Iran power struggle

Jailed Tehran mayor a pawn in Iran power struggle 05:20 a.m. Apr 14,
1998 Eastern

By Barry May

TEHRAN, April 14 (Reuters) - Tehran's popular mayor has become a pawn in
a power play for control of the next phase of the Iranian revolution
that toppled the pro-Western monarchy.

Gholamhossein Karbaschi, who has been credited with rejuvenating the
face of the decrepit capital, now wears prison uniform in Evin, the city
jail that earned notoriety as the scene of some of the violent excesses
of the early years of the 1979 Islamic revolution.

Karbaschi, 44, has been held without bail since April 4 on charges of
embezzlement, misappropriation of funds and mismanagement. He can be
detained for up to one month pending initial investigations.

An Iranian court rejected an appeal by Karbaschi's lawyers for his early
release on bail, two conservative evening newspapers reported on Monday

Some of his top aides were convicted last year on graft charges and
their supporters say they have been subjected to torture and
mistreatment in detention.

The mayor, who has been credited with transforming Tehran by building
low-cost housing, fast expressways, parks, sports facilities, cultural
centres and supermarkets, has become a cause celebre.

His supporters say he is a national hero rather than a criminal and his
detention is politically motivated, an allegation denied by the

``Nobody believes this has got anything to do with embezzlement,'' a
Tehran municipality official told Reuters.

``In our view, he is not in prison. It's just a leave of absence,'' said
the official, who asked not to be named.

Some say Karbaschi is a victim of a power struggle that pits Iran's
conservative clerical establishment against the scholarly,
reformist-minded president, Mohammad Khatami.

Khatami, supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, parliament speaker Ali
Akbar Nateq-Nouri, judiciary chief Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi and former
president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who appointed Karbaschi in 1989,
have all been drawn into efforts to defuse what has become a potentially
explosive crisis.

Khatami, a Shi'ite Moslem clergyman and a moderate in the context of
Iranian politics, stunned the conservatives who had ruled Iran for two
decades by capturing the presidency last May in a landslide that all but
buried three hardline opponents.

Karbaschi played a pivotal role in mustering a rainbow coalition behind
Khatami's platform of respect for the rule of law and a more human face
for the revolution.

The biggest loser was Nateq-Nouri, a close ally of Khamenei whose
supreme authority gives him control of all the crucial levers of power
while remaining above the political fray.

``Both sides have powerful armouries,'' a Western diplomat in Tehran
said. ``Khatami has the popular support of 20 million voters -- 70
percent of the people who voted in the election in the hope that he
would bring about a change for the better.

``But the conservatives still control parliament and the state security
apparatus, and they are limiting the president's room for manoeuvre.

``As a result, Khatami has been unable to meet many of the expectations
of those who voted for him,'' the diplomat said.

Iranian students were granted permission to stage a rally in support of
the mayor on Tuesday, but on the eve of the demonstration bowed to a
cabinet appeal for calm and cancelled the event.

Parliament, still smarting from the election drubbing of their speaker,
was due to meet in a closed unofficial session on Tuesday to discuss the

Diplomats in Tehran expect the situation to be resolved by a compromise
which could see Karbaschi freed on bail while awaiting trial.

``The situation is tense but I think it is going to calm down as soon as
the authorities decide on the procedural steps of the trial,'' another
Western diplomat said.

``The moderates have been trying to scare people that the conservatives
will mount a coup,'' the diplomat said.

``But the army has no political tradition here. We're not in South


Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 20:20:46 +0200
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: FOCUS-Clashes disrupt pro-mayor rallies in Iran

FOCUS-Clashes disrupt pro-mayor rallies in Iran 01:08 p.m Apr 14, 1998

By Barry May

TEHRAN, April 14 (Reuters) - Iranian police in riot gear on Tuesday
clashed with students demanding the release of Tehran's jailed mayor and
arrested several protesters, witnesses said.

Later on Tuesday, further scuffles broke out after hardline militants
disrupted a meeting held in support of moderate mayor Gholamhossein
Karbaschi at the Iranian Interior Ministry.

Witnesses at Tehran University said about 2,000 students gathered at the
campus, despite a decision by a group backing the mayor and President
Mohammad Khatami's moderate government to cancel a planned rally after a
cabinet appeal for calm.

Hardline activists attacked some students who chanted ``We support you,
Khatami'' and ``Karbaschi must be freed,'' they said.

The students then marched towards the interior ministry about two km
(1.2 miles) away, where state and city officials have hastily mounted an
exhibition of the 44-year-old mayor's projects to improve the capital
over the past eight years.

But police using batons stopped them after a few blocks and dispersed
the marchers. ``I saw police fill two buses with arrested students,''
one student told Reuters. Another witness said about 100 students were

Karbaschi, a close ally of Khatami and a popular figure in Tehran, was
arrested on April 4 and has been held without bail on allegations of

The mayor's supporters reject the charges raised by the conservative-led
judiciary and say the accusations are part of a campaign against the
reform-minded president.

The judiciary denies any political motive for its actions against
Karbaschi, who played a key role in mustering a rainbow coalition behind
Khatami's 1997 election platform of respect for the rule of law and
easing restrictions on daily life in Iran.

His detention has become the focal point of a power struggle between
moderates allied to Khatami and backers of the conservatives he
unexpectedly defeated in the presidential election last May.

Later on Tuesday, police stood guard at the yellow brick interior
ministry but let students enter its large auditorium. Inside, Karbaschi
backers placed flowers under a huge portrait of the mayor, chanting
``Karbaschi, Karbaschi -- you are a hero.''

Among those with flowers was moderate parliamentarian Faezeh Hashemi, a
daughter of ex-president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

``Apart from services to the city... he (Karbaschi) revived politics in
the country,'' she said in a speech to a crowd of about 3,000, mostly

``In our view, the judiciary has violated the law, and when the
judiciary violates the law, security and justice in society will be
destroyed,'' she said.

As Hashemi appealed for calm and avoiding tension, about a dozen
hardliners interrupted her speech, chanting: ``The looter of public
property should be executed.''

Karbaschi supporters responded with their own chants and the verbal
crossfire turned to blows. Ministry officials threw the hardliners out
and locked the gates.

The mayor is being held in Evin prison, a maximum security jail north of
Tehran which earned notoriety in the period before the 1979 Islamic
revolution which threw out the pro-Western shah.

Papers said a court rejected an appeal by Karbaschi for his release on
bail. ``The temporary detention cannot be changed,'' the conservative
daily Resalat said, quoting judiciary sources.

Under Iranian law, Karbaschi can be held for up to one month without
bail, pending preliminary investigations.

The hardline daily Kayhan said the Tehran appeals court had rejected a
bail plea submitted by Karbaschi's lawyers.

But the pro-Khatami daily Jameah said the possibility of Karbaschi's
release had increased as a result of intervention by Iran's supreme
leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. It said Khatami met Khamenei on Monday
and asked him for Karbaschi's release.

There was no official confirmation of the reports.

Pro-Karbaschi graffiti has appeared on the walls of this city of 10
million as the crisis over the mayor's detention has escalated. In
Revolution Square, backers scrawled: ``Karbaschi -- Man of Action'' and
``National Commander -- Karbaschi.''

Another message read: ``Don't forget the second of Khordad,'' referring
to the date in the Iranian calendar when 20 million people -- nearly 70
percent of voters -- gave Khatami his landslide victory over
conservative opponents last May.

Interior Minister Abdollah Nouri is due to appear before parliament on
Wednesday to answer questions about issuing students a permit to hold a
pro-Karbaschi rally. ^REUTERS@


Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 20:23:10 +0200
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: FOCUS-Iran police break up rally for jailed mayor

FOCUS-Iran police break up rally for jailed mayor 10:09 a.m. Apr 14,
1998 Eastern

TEHRAN, April 14 (Reuters) - Iranian police on Tuesday broke up a
demonstration by students demanding the release of Tehran's jailed mayor
Gholamhossein Karbaschi and arrested a number of protesters, residents

They said about 2,000 students gathered in front of Tehran University,
despite a decision by a pro-Karbaschi student group to cancel a rally
scheduled for Tuesday after the moderate government of President
Mohammad Khatami called for calm.

A group of hardline activists attacked some of the demonstrating
students who had started chanting ``We support you Khatami'' and
``Karbaschi must be freed,'' the residents said.

The students then started marching towards the Iranian Interior
Ministry, about two km (1.2 miles) away, but were stopped after a few
blocks by police in riot gear who used batons to disperse the march,
they said.

``I saw police fill two buses with arrested students,'' one student told

Rows of police stood guard at the ministry building, where the situation
was calm.

The detention of Karbaschi, a close ally of Khatami, has become the
focal point of a power struggle between conservatives and moderates that
has been brewing since Khatami's election last year.

Karbaschi's supporters have rejected graft charges raised against the
mayor by the conservative-led judiciary, saying the accusations were
politically motivated and part of a campaign against the president. The
judiciary has denied having political motives.

The mayor was instrumental in Khatami's election victory over the
conservatives' candidate.

Newspapers earlier said a court had rejected an appeal by Karbaschi for
his release on bail.

Two evening newspapers, seen as conservative and close to Iran's
judiciary, on Monday reported the court's rejection. There has been no
official confirmation of the reports.

``The temporary detention cannot be changed,'' the daily Resalat
reported, quoting sources in the judiciary. It said the court had
rejected the appeal.

The daily Kayhan also said the Tehran appeals court had reviewed the
plea made by Karbaschi's lawyers and decided to reject it.

As the row escalated, pro-Karbaschi graffiti have been appearing on
walls in Tehran.

In Revolution Square, supporters scrawled: ``Karbaschi -- Man of
Action'' and ``National Commander -- Karbaschi.''

Another message read: ``Don't forget the second of Khordad,'' referring
to the day in May when nearly 70 percent of voters gave Khatami his
landslide victory over conservative opponents.


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 12:32:55 -0700
From: LSS Webmaster <mosalemy@DIRECT.CA>
Subject: Re: Kar va Kargar:Read This Column (fwd)

sound like a circus with discusting animal charcters (all played by real
humans) to me.

what a freaking joke. these criminals take themselves way too seriously.
all these words like eminent blah blah blah. the guy IOkhmenei) is a
walking talking war criminal, so as rafsanjani. i mean...

i am totally angered by the whitewashing of a democratic secular foroum
abiut mayors' affair. i think mayor's case has almost nothing to do with
what our group is up to (unless, yet again!, we want to advocate one of IRI
official's human rights)

i say lets see beyond this kheimeh shab bazi, this game is played by both
sides of the political spectrum to further legitimize IRI and its fasictic
barbaris rule over iran. this is making of a fake hero for people.
karbaschi was a thief, just like most IRI officals, and yes his arrest is
politically motivated, but not the politics that nationalists and
toodeh/aksaryat media outside of iran, and IRI media inside of iran, wants
us to believe.

lets foget the mayor for one minute, and get on with our agenda re: human
rights, democracy and secularism in iran.


>Source:Kar va Kargar daily April 13
>Read This Column
>The heads of the three branches of power met at the Islamic
>Majlis on Saturday night to find a solution about the detention
>of the Tehran mayor and revoking the detention warrant.
>At the 3-hour meeting, Messrs Mohammadi Golpayegani, the
>head of the office of the esteemed Leader, and Akbar
>Hashemi Rafsanjani, the chairman of the Expediency
>Discernment Council, were also present.
>It is said at the meeting it was decided that Ayatollah Yazdi,
>the judiciary chief, and the legislative power would find the
>legal way for revoking the warrant and report the result.
>An informed source at the Majlis told our correspondent that
>Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani met the esteemed Leader yesterday
>to brief His Eminence on the outcome of the meeting.
>What is heard indicate the studies at the Judiciary will
>probably get nowhere and no positive solution will be


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 16:46:31 PDT
From: Arash Alavi <arash__@HOTMAIL.COM>
Subject: Eye-witness report of student demo

Students clash outside Tehran University

The following is a first-hand account and analysis of
today's events from an observer in Tehran posted to
Columbia University's Gulf2000 members:

On April 14, there was a clash between students and the
security forces outside Tehran University. Despite the
Khatami Government's call two days ago for not going ahead
with the planned political rally orgainized by the leftist
Islamist students (ostensively for protesting Mr.
Karbaschi's arrest ten days ago but entitled "unity of
people, power of Khatami") and the apparent cancellation by
the organizer yesterday in response to it, several hundreds
students showed up outside the Tehran University main gate
at 1:30 pm.

Soon after they began chanting slogans, a police vehiecle
approached to dispel the students. Then the core part of
the students left the site and began demonstrating along
the Enqelab Street. About 5-600 hundreds of students and
by-standers followed the demonstrators. In about 20 minutes
when the demonstrators reached the corner with Keshavarz
and Shunzdah-e Azar Streets, about 200 securities forces
with a truncheon in hand suddenly appeared and began
physically dispersing the demonstrators. Most of them ran
away. Only a dozen seemed to have been arrested. Apparently
the authorities hadn't expected this to happen and kept
calling in additional forces including a couple of units of
the Revolutionary Gurads. About an hour later, some
domonstrators managed to go back to the main gate and
started shouting the slogans. But again they were
dispersed. Nobody seemed injured.

Several observations. First, although CNN reported that
students protested against the arrest of the Tehran mayor,
I heard no slogan chanted in relation to it. Actually, they
shouted slogans expressing their strong support for
President Khatami.

Second, the fact that these students showed up and
demonstrated depite the announced cancellation of the rally
indicates, at least, that some young people don't listen to
even what President Khatami tells them not to.

Third, there were hundreds of by-standers who came despite
the announced cancellation of the rally, expecting that
something may happen. Among these were ordinary students
who didn't look like those committed political activists
whom we call the "leftist Islamists." Once the chanting of
slogans began, these ordianrily-looking students (including
female ones) ran up to site and joined the demonstration.

Fourth, after being dispelled by the security forces,
hundreds of students tried to resume the demonstration,
only to be dispelled by the security forces once again.
Actually, they repeated this several times. I wondered that
things like this ever happened since the Revolution.

Fifth, it looks like a new situation is emerging on the
ground level, that is, especially after all these political
rhetorics by Mr. Khatami emphasizing the pivotal role of
the youth in the future of Islamic Republic, the young
people may be running out of their patience. At the same
time, they are gradually realizing their own power.

The events like the last year's elections' turnouts, the
public show of jubilatoin on the day Iran secured its entry
to World Cup succor, and today's demonstration, seem to be
establishing a new political ground. And each time the
young people get to feel more confident. It should look
somewhat worisome even to a reformer like Mr. Khatami.

Tuesday, April 14, 1998 - Farvardin 25, 1377, No. 456

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Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 01:51:51 +0100
From: Asghar Abdi <asghar@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: Names of the signatories for the second anniversary of Bazargan's
departure (Bahman 1375)

Names of the signatories for the second anniversary of Bazargan's departure
(Bahman 1375):
aHmd Aryanfr- naCr Amly- ebdalely adyb brvmnd - ely ardlan - ebas abvZry -
nCrt allh amyny - mHmd tqy anvry - dktr ZbyH allh arnvaz - Hsyn aeraby -
dktr mCTfy aKlaqy - dktr Hsn aslamy - mhnds rxa aKvan Hydry - dktr ely
aslamy - enayt allh atHad - dktr mHmd aslamy- Tahr aHmdzadh - dktr mHb allh
Azadh - frSyd afSar- mhnds mrtxy alhy- dktr ely Agah - mrtxy aSfaq - Tybh
aSfaq - svna amydy (samy)- prvyn AZrKSy (ely babaiy) - dktr Ksrv afxlyan-
mhnds mHmvd amyr aHmdy - mhnds mnvGhr aHtSamy - mHmd Hsn arbaby - dktr ely
mHmd ayzdy - mHmd Hsn ayzdy - dktr Hsyn afxlyan - mhnds elyrxa akbr Azadgan
- aHmd anvar- dktr anvar- dktr aHmdy gyvy - Ksrv amydy - mhnds Hmydrxa
aHrary - mhnds jlal aldyn AStyany- ebdallh abthaj - Hsyn asmaeyl zadh - dktr
mrtxy aqtCad - mhnds afraz- dktr gvdrz adyb -elyrxa aqbaly- aHmd Aqa aHmd -
mHmd rxa abrahymy- Sms aKvan - ebdallh azdjyny- dktr mnCvr aftKary - frhad
aezamy - frhad amyr abrahymy - amyr abrahymy - mHsn Al ely- mHmd rxa aslamy-
Hsn abrahymy- aHmd asmaeyly- dktr aHmd Arasth- mHmvd ardkanyan- rbab
ardkanyan- abrahym aHdy- dktr mjtby amamy- Hsn aSfaq- dktr mHmd rxa abrahymy
rad- mhnds astky- Hsyn aKvan mlayry - mhry akbry - Hmydh alvary - ezyzallh
amyr rHymy- bamdad arfe zadh - hady amyry - mhnds msevd Aqayy - faTmh astad
mlk - jvad aTmynany - dktr Sms aftKary - Hsn askvyy - dktr mHmd asmaeyl
afSar- mHmd Hsyn aslamy - Ksrv AZrbayjany- hady aHtXaXy- jlal aldyn Ayt allh
zadh- mhnds msevd Ayt allh zadh- ebdalely asHaqy - syd mHmd artxa - mnvGhr
amynyan - dktr akbr aymanyan
mhnds abvalfxl bazrgan- dktr Hsyn bny asdy- mHmd bsth ngar- Cfa byTrf - dktr
Hsyn bny Cdr- mhnds rxa bny Cdr- mhnds mHmd bhzady - mrtxy bCam - jlyl
bzrgmhr- QlamHsyn bhbvdy - dktr ely aCQr bhzad nya - dktr rHmt allh brhany -
dktr trabely brately - dktr ely brzgr- mhnds elyqly byany - mhnds mrtxy
bdyhy - ely akbr byaky - ebdallh brhan - ClaH aldyn byany - ely akbr bdye
zadgan - yvsf bhrvzy - jhangyr blvG - dktr bhrvz brvmnd- mhnds syd rvH allh
bastany - Hsyn babaiy- hvSng bhrvzy - mHmd bhfrvzy - Hamd bhfrvzy - aHmd
bydary - ebas by Azar- abvZr bydar- baqr bySh ay - frhad bySh ay - Hsyn byk
zadh - dktr jhanSah brvmnd - Hsyn bSaS - ydallh brhmt - syd CalH bnafty-
mnvGhr bmany- byryaiy- Cfyh brhany- mytra brhany- elyrxa bKtyary- mHmvd
banky- ely bastan- nCrt allh bryd fatHy
mhnds rxa pvyan - aCQr parsa - dktr mHmvd pyS byn - dktr Hbyb allh pyman -
mhnds hvSng pvr qbady - mjyd pyman- dktr Ksrv parsa - crya blasyd - mhnds
ardlan pnahy - zhra pnahy - pvrjany- mhnds rxa psndydh - mhnds Hmyd pyman -
dktr mHmd pdram - ezyz pvr Hmyd- ebas pvraXhry - mhnds mCTfy pvr QlamHsyny -
dktr mnvGhr parsa dvst - ZbyH allh pvrfxl - Hsn parsa - mhnds Hsn pvrjvady -
Hsyn pvyanfr- mhdy pnahy - Hsyn paSaiy - dktr nvrely tabndh - mhnds mHmd
tvsly- mCTfy tbryzy - dktr Qlamebas tvsly - rHym traby nJad - frzanh tvHydy
thrany- dktr frSth tkyh frdy - mHmd trkman - naCr tkmyl hmayvn - mhnds ebas
tvsly - hady tfngGy - mhnds mCTfy tnha - mhnds aHsan tvsly- mhnds ebas taj -
dktr mHmvd thrany - dktr ebas taj aldyny - mhnds ebas trkman - mhnds qasm
thrany - kyvmrc tat - dktr ely akbr tvsly - babk tKty - dktr prvyz tmamy -
akbr tqdsy - tabndh - afsanh tvsly - mhnds vHyd tvsly - aCQr thranGy - mHmd
rxa tvHydy thrany - mhnds mjyd tvlayy - rHym traby nJad - ebdaljvad tvkly
naiyny - aeXm tqy - Skvfh tqy - mHmd tvkl - dktrtvkly - drKSndh tymvryan -
Hsyn tHvyldar - alham tvsly- afsr tvsly - asHq tqvyan aSkvry - mHmd Hsyn
tnkabny - mHmdd Cadq tvlaiy - zyn aleabdyn tvlaiy
dktr syd mHmd mhdy jefry - Hsyn jefry - dktr ely akbr jlaly - mHmd jbrvty -
mhnds qasm jngy - amyr jbarzadh - asfnjany - dktr kmal jnab - xya jyrdhy
aSkvry - dktr aHmd jlaly - rvH allh jyrh bndy - dktr yvsf jlaly - QlamHsyn
jefry zad - mhnds mjyd jabry - mjyd jefry - frdvs jvhry fr - Xryf jlaly -
mhdy Ghl tny - myna Ghl tny - mrym Ghl tny - mhnds abvalfxl Hkymy - dktr
msevd Hjazy - mhnds seyd Hjazy - abralqasm Hydry - dktr jmSyd Hqgv - mHmd
abrahym Hkymy- mhnds Hsyn Hryry - ebdalkrym Hkymy - mhdy Hmsy - zhrh Hydry -
dktr ebas Hairy - Th Hjazy - mHmdrxh Hmsy - mhnds rxa Hajy - ezyzallh Hsny
ardkany - jmal aldyn Hairy - eysy Hatmy - nemt allh Haj amyry - jmSyd Hsam
fr- Hsyn Hq Snas - mhnds bhmn HafXy - dktr faTmh Hjry - mHmd baqr Hrmy -
mhnds asmaeyl Haj qasmely - mHmd Hjty krmany - Sms aldyn Haj syd jvady -
dktr naCr aldyn Hqaiq - nCrallh Hdady - mhnds jhangyr Hq Snas - CQry Haj
ebdalvhab - dktr Hjty - mnvGhr Hydry mnfrd - Hsn Hkymy - Asyh Hq Snas - dktr
yHyy Hkmt nJad - Hsyn Hydryan - syd jvad Hsyny - mhry Hairy
Hsn KrmSahy - HSmt allh KyaT zadh - mHmd KvS Tynt - QlamHsyn jz - eysy Kndan
- mhnds HSmt allh Kxvey - mhnds hvSng KTyby - mHmd KTyb - dktr ely aCQr KTyb
- mHmd Klyl nya - mhnds syd amyr Krm - dktr ely Kvajvy - Tahr KvS Klq - akbr
Krazy - mHmd Kvansary - dktr tqy Kzaey - aHmd Kalqy - elynqy Krsndyan - rxa
Kndan - vly Kanbabaiy - Tahrh Klj - Ksrvy zadh frvSany - aHmd Klyl allh mqdm
- asmaeyl KvS mHmdy - krym Katmy - jefr Kaif - abrahym Kdadady - rsvl dadmhr
- mhnds mHmd danSyan - mhnds ZbyH allh dbyr- dktr prvyz dbyry - dktr Hbyb
allh davran - mCyb dvany - dktr rxa dvlv - mhrdad dlyl - mhnds mHmd dhnvy -
dktr mHmvd dl Asaiy - hrmz dry - jmal drvdy - mCTfy dyba mhr - jefr dry Cft
- dktr ely dadgstr- mHmvd dJkam - ebas danSgr- seyd drvdy - Hsyn drvyS -
mhry dstmalGy - syd rxa dstmalGy - dktr Hsyn danaiy - abrahym dynvy -
raxy - aHmd riys rvHany - bhmn rxa Kany- mhnds ely aCQr rK Cft - mhnds mHmd
rsvlyan - jvad rhbry nya - dktr Hsyn rfyey - mhnds mHsn raftyan - rHym
rastgv- mjyd rxaiy - mjyd rHym zadh - dktr rxa riys Tvsy - aCQr rxaiy -
ydallh rvSn ardlan - mHmd rzaqy - frzanh rvstaiy - mhnds kamvr rxvyan - dktr
rxa rmxany - seyd rStyan - zyn aleabdyn rjaiyan - CalH rjaiyan - Hsn raxy -
mHsn raxy- mCTfy rvHany - dktr syf allh rxaiy - syd yHyy rxvy - prvyz
rysmanGy - mhnds mhdy rhnmaiy - nylvfr rfetyan - ladn rxaiy - prvyn riys
rvHany - elyrxa rjaiy - Qlamrxa rHym - dktr mnvGhr rfyey - mrtxy rhbany -
kyvmrc rasty- mrtxy rHmany - mhnds rstm pvr- dktr ebas rxaiy- Hsn radman -
mHsn rfet mnS - baqr rvzbh - tqy rHmany - aHd rxaiy - Cadq rsvly - mhnds
rsvl rast gftar - dktr syd Hsam aldyn rad mnS - mHmd jvad rHymyan - aCQr
mhnds kvrvS zeym - Hsyn zad eysy - ezyzh zare pvr - dktr abrahym zmrdyan -
jmal zrh saz - zyn aleabdyn zaKry - aHmd zyd Abady - rxa zynt bKS - mhnds
mHmvd zndyan - akbr zmany - mhnds zmany - seyd znjany - mHmdz rxa zyrky -
mhnds mHmd zavS - dktr mHmd zhryh - rqyh zare pvr - ezyzh zare pvr - Hsn
zrafSan - syd mjtby zman cany - dktr frydvn zrh saz - mhdy zmany
dktr ydallh sHaby - mhnds ezt allh sHaby - mhnds ely slTanzadh - mhnds haSm
myr sjady - dktr frydvn sHaby - dktr syrvs samy- mhnds seyd sHaby - nby
slTany - ely sHaby - syd mHmd Hsyn sadat gvSh - mhnds mnCvr sHaby - nXam
aldyn slymany - mhnds mnvGhr salvr - naCr fKr slTany - mhnds rxa qly salvr -
dktr Ksrv seydy - dktr ely akbr sr jmey - symyn samy - mHnds Hsn samy -
mhnds mHmd samy - dktr mHmvd samy - mhnds syamk saQry- ebdallh slTany - drh
sHaby - zhrh sHaby - Hamd sHaby - halh sHaby - mHmd sTvty - Hsyn skaky -
kaXm skaky - dktr aHmd sphry - mHmd saey - dktr aHmd saey - syd mHmd sjady -
seydh syd mnCvry - mrym sHaby - mHmd ely sfry - elyrxa sarvKany - nXam aldyn
slymany - mhsty sHaby - dktr mnvGhr samy - Hjt allh slym - hady seyd - ebas
smyey - byvk seydy - mrtxy slTanyh - mhnds Hsn sbzvary - dktr aHmd saey -
mHmd saey
Qlamely Sakry - Hsyn Sah Hsyny- Hsyn Shydy - dktr ebas Sybany- mvsy SyK
zadgan - mhdy Sryf zadh - arsTv Selh - abrahym Sakry - abvalfxl myr Sms
ShShany - mhnds qasm Skyb nya - dktr aHmd Shsa - Hsn Shbazy - jvad Srf aldyn
- ebdallh Srbt avQly - mHmd Sanh Gy - mhnds mnvGhr Sfyey - dktr pvran Sryet
rxvy - ebasely Shsvary - yvsf ely Shryary - ely Sjae - aHmd Sjaey Hmzh -
mnvGhr Sjaeyan - Kdyjh Sfa - dktr elynqy Sayanfr- syd Hsn Sbyry - hln Srbt
avQly - mhnds Cfdr Shrvzy - mrtxy SyK alaslamy - elyrxa Sfyeyan - aHmd Shamt
dar- mnCvr Sfyey- ebdalkrym Sryety
mhnds haSm CbaQyan - aHmd Cdr Haj syd jvady - alhh Cdr Haj syd jvady - dktr
rxa Cdr- naCr Cdr alHfaXy - nylvfr Cdr Haj syd jvady - mhnds mnvGhr Cnye
pvr- Hsn Craf - mXfr Cfry - Cdyqh Cdr Haj syd jvady - ladn CbaQyan - crya
CalHy - aSrf CalHy - prvanh CalHy - ayran Cdr- dktr qasm CalHKv- mhnds jvad
Cnaey - dktr ramyn CalHKv - mhnds vHyd CbaQyan - mHsn Camty - mhnds kyvan
Cmymy bhbhany- asd allh Camty - aHmd Cmymy - ebdallh Cdyqy - mHmd Cadq -
aCQr Cadqy - ardSyr Cfary - akbr Cfvyh - ebas CaHb alzmany - svdabh CalHy -
dktr baqr Cdr nya - dktr Hsn CalH - Hsn CalHKv- mlvk Cdr- dktr abvalqasm
Cadqy- mHmd Cdry - dktr fxl allh Clvaty - dktr ebasely CHafyan - akbr Cfvyh
- frydvn ClaHy
frydvn xrQamy - ely aSrf xrQamy - dktr mhran xrQamy - dktr jlyl xrQamy -
mhnds mjyd xyaiy - ely xya dvstan - mHmd ely xya dvstan - eTa allh xya
dvstan - syd Klyl xyaiy
mhnds yvsf Tahry qzvyny - dktr abvalHsn Tlvey - mhnds fryd Tahry qzvyny-
aeXm Talqany - Tahrh Talqany - Tybh Talqany - mHmd Hsn Talqany- mHmd rxa
Talqany- dktr Hsam Talqany - mhnds prvyz Talqany - mhnds frhad Tahry qzvyny
- dktr kaXm TbaTbaiy - dktr mHmd Tlyeh - Cadq Tvsy - msevd Tahry - mhsty
Tahry - mhkamh Tahry - mnyrh Thvry - Hsn Talby- mhnds akbr Tahry qzvyny -
srvr Tlyeh - dktr mhdy Tarmy - nahyd Thvry - mhnds mHmd Tahry qzvyny - ely
abrahym eynkGy - mHmvd emrany - mhnds Hsn erb zadh - mhnds jefr emady - syd
jefr ebas zadgan - mhdy emrany - Hbyb eTaiy - mhnds ebdalHsyn emrany - syd
ely mddy - dktr rHym eabdy - mhnds jvad eqyly- mhnds Hsyn eqyly - dktr Syryn
ebady - elyrxa endlybyan - hma eabdy - dktr mnvGhr esgry - dktr mhdy esgry -
mhnds Hsn ebvdyt - zryn dKt eTaiy - mrxyh emyd - asmaeyl elaiy - abrahym
ebasy - aHmd esgry rad - ebas eabdy - pry eTaiy - mhyn eabdy - mhnds seyd
eXym zadh - Hsn ebdy - ealm zadh - gylda eTaiy - rviyn eTvft - syd Hamd elvy
jlal Qny zadh - mhdy Qny - mhnds nvraldyn Qrvy -dktr aCQr Qrvy - mhnds
elyrxa Qrvy - bhaaldyn Qrvy - ebdalrHym Qrvy - akbr Qxnfry - SahrK Qxnfry -
frSyd Qxnfry - sasan Qxnfry - seyd Qfarzadh
dktr Hsn fryd aelm - dktr Qfar frzdy - dktr seyd faTmy - dktr ely frvHy -
mHmd ely fyax bKS - faTmh frhng Kvah - naCr frbd - elymrad fraSbndy - arslan
flaH - Hjt anCary - dktr abvalqasm frvzan - dktr mhdy fxly nJad - mHmd rxa
frKvy - mhnds myr Cadq frhngy - dktr mnCvr frhng - Hsyn frhng - mhry frhng -
kyvmrc frjad - amyr Hsyn flaH - abralHsn flaH - aCQr fny pvr - prvyz frvhr-
mHsn fyrvz Abady - Klyl frdvsy - dktr mHsn frSad - mhnds mCTfy faxly -
abvalqasm frqany - mHmvd fyxy pvr- mhnds Qlamely fryvr- naCr fKr slTany -
bhmn frqany - Cmd frarviy - ebas frSGyan
dktr nXam aldyn qhary - mhnds ely qhary - ebdalHsyn qmy zadh -mCTfy qly zadh
- mHmd qrbany - mHmd Cadq qaxy TbaTbaiy - mhnds Ksrv qSqaiy - dktr Hsyn qryb
- mhnds ely qhary - dktr aHmd qvamy zadh - dktr baqr qdyry aCl - dktr
ebdalHsyn qasm TbaTbaiy - qdrt allh qadry - abvalfxl qaimy - asdallh qnbry -
dktr rxa qaxy mqdm - dktr mHsn qryb - asmaeyl qvam sydy - Hjt allh qyasy -
ramyn qaim mqamy - zhra qbady - mahrv qSqaiy - ebas qasmy Sryf - dktr qasm
qaxy - davd qnbry - ebdalmjyd qndy zadh - mhnds frzad qasmy
mhnds mCTfy ktyraiy - naCr klary - naCr kmylyan - mhnds abrahym knkany -
faTmh kStkar - ebas kStkaran - mhnds mjtby ktyraiy - dktr aHmd klbasy aStry
- aCQr krmany - asmaeyl klantry - Hsyn ktabnvys - ely krmy rad - mhnds zhrh
ktyraiy - mHmd jvad kaSy - alyas klantry - ebdalkrym kny - mhnds mHmd mhdy
kaSanGy - dktr asdallh karSnas - Cfyh ky arslan - frH ktyraiy - fryba
ktyraiy - Sady klbasy - Klyl krym Abady - dktr mnvGhr kyhany - Hsn krymy
pvr- ely krmy rad - Hydr kdyvr- mnvGhr kdyvr- ayrj kdyvr- mHmd abrahym krymy
- dktr rHym kvhy faiq - ely grjy - jlal granmayh - mhnds grjstany - kyvan
glzar- mHmd abrahym glbn - mlyHh gvahy - ely akbr glprvran - rxa glprvran -
mhnds mHmd grjstany - Hsn lbasGy - ebas lTfy pvr- mrtxy lsany - ebdallh
lsany - mhnds syd qasm lvasany - mHmvd lbaf - mhnds ely akbr meyn fr - dktr
syd Hsyn mvsvyan - ely aCQr meyn fr - dktr naCr mynaGy - mHmd mHmdy ardhaly
- dktr kaXm mstfyd- dktr mHmd mlky - mhnds jhangyr mhd myna - mhnds nXam
aldyn mvHd - Hsn myr mHmd Cadqy - dktr mHmd ely mylany - ely mvmny - naCr
mjll - aHmd mHmdy ardhaly - mCTfy mskyn - hady mvtmny - kaXm mlky - Ksrv
mnCvryan - Hsn mHjvb - Cmd mlky - hrmz mmyzy - mhnds rxa msmvey - mnCvr
mnfrd - jmSyd myremady - prvfsvr aHmd mh rad - syd jvad madr Sahy - msevd
manyan - mhnds lTf allh mymny- mHmd mHmdy grgany - mHmvd mvmny- jmSyd
mnCvryan- mCTfy mCTfvy - mHmd mHdc - mrtxy manyan - dktr mHmvd mCdq - mhnds
Jyla Sryet pnahy - mHmd Hsyn mylany - mHmd rxa mylany - dktr meyn aldyn
mrjaiy - ansyh mhrgan - maSaallh mdyHy - dktr mHmd qly mHmdy - haSm mnfrd -
syd ely akbr mezy - mhnds ayrj mstvfy - mrym mylany - syd mjd aldyn mCbaHy -
Shab mHmdy - kamran mHmvdy - mhnds mdaH-mhnds mearfy - Hsyn mXahry - mhnds
Shla mXahry - mhnds mrtxy mqdm - hvSng mClHy - abvalfxl mvtaxy lngrvdy -
syd ely mzarey - dktr Hsn mrSd - mhnds elyrxa mHmdzadh - ely mHmdy ardhaly -
ansyh mfydy - dktr mCTfy mfydy - mjtby mfydy - mhnds asmaeyl mdbr- mHmd Hsn
mHmdy ardhaly - rxa mfydy Zaty - srhng mtyn - Hmyd mnzh - aHmd mdrs zadh -
seyd meyn fr - dktr frbd meyn fr- nrgs meyn fr- qdsyh myr mez- mynv mrtaxy -
naCr mh Abady - mHsn mHsn zadh - Hsyn mqdm - mHmvd mvmny - mhdy mvyd zadh -
Hsn mHqqy - mHmd baqr mHqqy - mhnds vl allh myrKany - dktr mHmd baqr mstan -
mhnds rxa mstan - mHmd Hsyn manyan - seyd mdny - ebas mClH - mHmd mHqqyan
-mHmd mlk Kany- Hsn myr mHmd Cadqy- mHmd meXmy - mhajrany - mhnds mHsn mqds
zadh - dktr mrtxy mrtxvy- mHsn mHmvdyan- mmyzy frd - dktr krym myrbaqry -
dktr mhdy mmkn - dktr mHmd mvlvy -mhnds ebdalely mCHf -mhnds syd Cadq mjmran
- hvSng msted - Shrh mXahry -zry msmvey- Sms meyn fr - svsn meyn fr- nrgs
meyn fr- Shyn mCTfvy - ly ly mXfry - zhrh mHqqy- glrK mHqq - frH myrAQasy -
Hsn mahrvzadh - ebas mlky rad - mjtby mvsvy - mrtxy mvsvy - aHmd Klyl allh
mqdm - ezyz meyny - dktr mtqy - hybt allh salky - mHmvd mqdsy - vHyd myzadh
- Hsyn mntXr Hqyqy- ely mddy - dktr mvsvy znjany - mhnds mHmd Hsyn mvsvy
znjany - dktr rHmt allh myr Hqany - aHmd mvHd - alhh mCdaqy - Cadq mdny
mvsvy - dktr Tahrh mbSry - myr aHmdy - mhdy mvyd zadh - Hsnely mHmvdy -
fhymh mHby - mhnds mHmd mynaGy - prvyz metmdy - ngar mnCvryan - tqy mHy
aldyn - ebas mClHy - fyx allh mHraby - mHmd mHmdy - dktr aCQr mynv- mhnds
mvyd zadh - Qlamrxa njaty - mHmvd nkv rvH mTlq - fKralsadat nvrbKS - mhnds
seyd nvry - mhnds mnvGhr nvrbKS- mhnds mHmd tqy nkvfr- mhnds mHmdrxa nKSb -
dktr yHyy nXyry - Hydely njabty - mhnds asmaeyl naTqy- Qlamrxa nyk Cft-
mhnds aHmd nemt zadh - eft nvaby nJad - mhnds syd Hmyd nvHy - mhnds ely akbr
nvSyn - mlvk nraqy- mhnds mHmvd neym pvr- abvalfxl nymavry - kvrvS nymavry -
dktr ely akbr tqy pvr - nyaz neym pvr - mhyn nkvfr - msevd nvrbKS - mhnds
ely akbr nvSyny - rxa naib Hsyny- tymvr nadr fr- davd ndymy - mhnds ansyh
nkv rvH - mhnds kavh tqvy - dktr nemt - mHmd rxa najyan - mhnds HSmt allh
nykKvah - dktr mhdy nvrbKS - seyd nkvfr- mhnds amyr nkvfr- mhnds Hmyd nkvfr-
syd Hsyn naXm zadh- abrahym nyry- naCr njmy - frydh nvrbKS - mhnds Hsyn nbvy
- mhnds mHsn nraqy
dktr prvyz vrjavnd - mHmd tqy vCf nvry - Hmyd varsth - mhnds naCr Hdad -
mhnds akbr valy- dktr Hsn vhab Aqaiy - ely vkyl - Cdr vacqy - dktr mHmvd
vfaiy - dktr ayrj vamqy - ebas vzyry - mnCvr vfaiy-
dktr Klyl hraty - mhnds elyrxa hndy - dktr mHmdhady hadyzadh yzdy - mHmd ely
haSmy-dktr haSmy - ebdalHsyn hraty -prvyz hmayvny -ebas hndy -Hsn
hadyfr-mhnds davd hady nJad - fxlely hmdany -nsryn hndy -ardSyr hvSy - mhry
hmafr -nvraldyn haSmy - jmal haSmy - dktr aHmd hadvy - ebas hmayvny-
dktr abrahym yzdy - dktr kaXm yzdy -mhnds Hbyb allh ykta - dktr asmaeyl yzdy
- dktr Klyl yzdy - aeXm yzdy - dktr sara yzdy -dktr yvsf yzdy -myna yzdy -
lyla yzdy -mrym yzdy - ayman yzdy - dktr mHmd ely yvsf nya - dktr ZbyH allh
yvnsy - mHmd Hsn yganh - asmaeyl yzdpvr - crya yvsfy -Hmyd vHydy mnS - rHym
yavry - abrahym yzdanyan - Hsn yvsfy aSkvry


End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 14 Apr 1998