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Topics of the day:

1. irna: dorri najafabadi: repentent opposition members to be pardoned
2. NCRI: tsys radyv Azad ayran (gerdsooz)
3. ncri: grany
4. The texts of President Khatami's letter to Ayatollah Khamenei and the
leader's directive on Karbaschi's release (fwd)
5. Press on mayor's case (fwd)
6. Ansar-e-Hezbullah and Dr Amir Ahmadi
7. Stoning in Open Air or Restricted Area


Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 14:56:43 +0200
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: irna: dorri najafabadi: repentent opposition members to be pardoned

dorri najafabadi: repentent opposition members to be pardoned

orumiyeh, west azarbaijan prov., april 18, irna -- minister of information
ghorbanali dorri najafabadi said
in orumiyeh on friday that those deceived by the enemy would be granted
amnesty if they show
repentence for their past wrongdoings.

addressing the friday prayer congregation, he said the grouplets and those
involved in sabotage against the
islamic republic of iran have reached the point that they have no place
among the nation.

he elaborated on the characteristics of hezbollah (party of god) from the
viewpoint of the holy quran and
said the followers of hezbollah are required to play their role well on all
political, social and economic

hojatoleslam dorri najafabadi said unity is the key to victory.

''when we see the enemy has attempted to sow discord among us, we should be
sensitive to the enemy's
plots and deal strongly with them,'' the information minister said. ss/rr
end ::irna 18/04/98 18:46


Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 15:02:59 +0200
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: NCRI: tsys radyv Azad ayran (gerdsooz)

This file was created by pfont to Gerdsooz Applet
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use gerdsooz for Windows or use the program at:

tsys radyv Azad ayran rvz GharSnbh 62.1.77, Kbrgzary fransh bh nql az
rvznamh nyvyvrk taymz aelam krd: klyntvn rvz GharSnbh 51Avryl ba tsys yk
radyvy tblyQaty xddvlty kh bh zban farsy bray ayran brnamh pKS my knd,
mvafqt krd. dr GarGvb ayn TrH kh bh Sdt az janb kngrh Amryka pStybany
my Svd, dvlt klyntvn 009hzar dlar bray AQaz kar ayn radyv aKtCaC my dhd.
ayn mblQ dr aKtyar radyvy arvpay Azad radyv Azady gZaSth my Svd. ba ayn
vjvd bh nvSth nyvyvrk taymz, dvlt Gk az trs vaknShay trvrysty, npZyrfth kh
ayn radyv btvand ba astfadh az radyv arvpay Azad mstqr dr prag, brnamh pKS
mqamat Amrykayy nyz npZyrftnd kh tsys ayn radyv mmkn ast tlaShayy ra kh
bray mZakrh ba thran bh eml my Ayd, Kncy knd. dr gzarS rvznamh nyvyvrk taymz
hmGnyn gfth Sdh bvd kh dvlt klyntvn 1mylyvn dlar dr aKtyar Cday Amryka kh
bdvn hyGgvnh brnamh v hdf syasy, brnamh hay Kbry v Agah knndh pKS my
knd qrar Kvahd dad, ta az An bray tqvyt brnamh hay bKS farsy astfadh knd.
hmGnyn bna bh gzarS nyvyvrk taymz, dvlt Amryka 009hzardlar nyz bray AQaz kar
yk frstndh radyvyy dygr, bray pKS brnamh bh zban farsy aKtCaC Kvahd dad.
dyrvz az sKngvy vzartKarjh sal Sd kh Aya ayn arqam vaqeyt dard ya Kyr? Aqay
rvbyn gft: hnvz drbar hyG Gyz tCmym grfth nSdh ast v mZakrat adamh dard.
bh gfth radyv Amryka "dvlt klyntvn ba ayjad yk frstndh jdyd radyvyy mKalf
bvdh ast, Gra kh astdlal my knd ba tsys yk radyvy jdyd farsy zban,
mmkn ast ayran ra dr ayn zman kh rvabT rv bh bhbvd ast, naraHt knd".
radyv Amryka 72.1.77 afzvd: bh gfth mqamat Amrykayy hdf az tsys ayn srvys
sKn prakny jdyd farsy, hyGgvnh zyan v Asyb rsandn bh Hkvmt Aqay Katmy
riys jmhvry ayran nyst. jymz rvbyn sKngvy vzartKarjh Amryka gft: gzarS
mntSrh dr rvznamh nyvyvrk taymz mbny br aynkh frstndh pySnhady bray pKS
hay farsy, tblyQat xddvlty dr ayran pKS Kvahd krd, nadrst ast. vy gft:
ayn radyv gzarShay mfCl try dr mvrd vaqeythay syasy, ajtmaey v msail
syast Karjy kh br An kSvr acr Kvahd daSt, pKS Kvahd krd. nXr vzart
amvr Karjh Amryka ayn ast kh Cday Amryka bayd adarh ayn radyv ra bh ehdh
daSth baSd. vly kngrh Amryka nXry mtfavt dard.


Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 15:04:29 +0200
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: ncri: grany

This file was created by pfont to Gerdsooz Applet
to be able to read this file in Farsi, you have to
use gerdsooz for Windows or use the program at:

grany AsvSytdprs 42.1.77: Gnd rvz ps az kahS arzS ryal bh myzan
06drCd bray mnTbq krdn An ba bazar Azad, dvlt ayran rvz dvSnbh qymt nan ra
05drCd afzayS dad. ayn aqdam bh envan AKryn aqdamhay dvlt bray mbarzh ba
kahS drAmd dvlt my baSd. ama tHlylgran my gvynd, ayn aqdamha hmGnyn mvjb
afzayS tvrm nyz Sdh ast az svy dygr qymt ryal dr bazar syah 03drCd kahS
yafth v az 0084ryal bh 0026ryal afzayS yaft. hfth gZSth vzart nft qymt SS
mvad svKty kh byStryn mCrf ra dard, 52drCd afzayS dad. bh dnbal ayn aqdam,
qymt kalahay mCrfy v Hml v nql dr ayran byn 03 ta 05drCd dr Xrf sh rvz
afzayS yaft. nan aknvn bh qymt 001ryal bray hr qrC nan v bnzyn bh qymt
002ryal hr lytr bh frvS my rsd. dvlt vxeyt tvrm ra Sdt bKSydh v bh Aramy
svbsydha ra dr mvrd tedady az mvad QZayy HZf krdh ast. rvznamh hay ayran
afzayS qymt skh Tla bank mrkzy ra bh envan meyar ngrany dr jameh ayran dr
mvrd tvrm arzyaby my knnd. rvznamh kyhan nvSt: qymt skh Tla Ty rvzhay
gZSth mstmra afzayS yafth v bh qymt by sabqh 000574ryal rsydh ast.
Kbrgzary rvytr 42.1.77 nyz ba aSarh bh afzayS qymt dlar ta mrz 036tvman dr
ykSnbh gft: "Sahdan gftnd CbH rvz dvSnbh nyrvhay antXamy dhha tn az dlalan
ra dstgyr v ba Gnd myny bvs ba Kvd brdnd".


Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 15:23:24 +1000
From: Mehdi Ardalan <mardalan@LAUREL.OCS.MQ.EDU.AU>
Subject: The texts of President Khatami's letter to Ayatollah Khamenei and the
leader's directive on Karbaschi's release (fwd)

Source: Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Tehran, in Persian 1930 gmt
15 Apr 98

Here are the texts of President Khatami's letter to the eminent leader of
the Islamic revolution and the eminent leader's directive:

Your Eminence Ayatollah Khamene'i, the eminent leader of the revolution, may
God extend your life.

With my greetings. The Tehran Municipality case which has led to the arrest
of the mayor of Tehran has brought about certain problems for the executive
management of the country which entail detrimental social, political and
economic effects. We are of the view that under the auspices of your
decisive adroitness, an opportunity had come about so that the problem could
be resolved with less intervention and within the framework of laws and
regulations. Regrettably, this has not been realized so far.

I believe the continuation of the current situation is not in the interests
of the system and society and, I also believe that this case, as well as the
case which has been forwarded by myself to the esteemed judiciary, should be
dealt with and decided upon by competent judicial authorities according to
the principles of justice, fairness and law, and by observing all the legal
and judicial standards as well as by observing the citizen's rights; since
our slogan - endorsed by yourself - is to have a lawful system and to
maintain social, economic and judicial security in the country.

I further believe, in this instance, that the continued detention of the
Tehran mayor can only serve to complicate matters, disrupt the process of
state management and pave the way for improper confrontations and ill-judged
statements by people of different persuasions, leading, eventually, to the
undermining of all forces.

Hence, I beg to request your eminence that the Tehran mayor be released, if
it meets with your approval, so that the case can be dealt with in
accordance with principles and laws, in a calmer atmosphere and away from
the adverse climate that has been created and is detrimental to a rigorous


Seyyed Mohammad Khatami.

The text of the eminent leader's directive to the head of the judiciary, Mr

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

Honourable head of the judiciary, Ayatollah Yazdi, may God extend your

The esteemed president, in a letter addressed to me, has stated that the
continued detention of Tehran Mayor Mr Gholamhoseyn Karbaschi is detrimental
to state management and entails detrimental effects. He has requested the
release of the aforementioned so that the legal process can be carried out
away from the adverse climate that has been created and is detrimental to a
rigorous investigation of the case.

Therefore, as we regard with confidence the views of the esteemed head of
the executive branch, I deem it necessary that you order his release.
Obviously, the current case must be pursued according to judicial
regulations which you, yourself, have always insisted upon. Those in charge
of the case must conclude their task with total meticulousness and with
assurance on the lawfulness and truthfulness of all authorities in the

God's peace and blessings be upon you,

Seyyed Ali Khamene'i

26th Farvardin 1377 [15th April].


Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 15:24:22 +1000
From: Mehdi Ardalan <mardalan@LAUREL.OCS.MQ.EDU.AU>
Subject: Press on mayor's case (fwd)

Farda (April 18)
What I Saw at Mayor's House

(Our Correspondent) - The mayor's house is at Shahid Jebeli Alley at
the far end of Jamshidiyeh Street [north Tehran]. Everyone who enters
the house kisses Karbaschi and congratulates his freedom.

One of those present shouts: "For good health of heroic Karbaschi,
the Amir Kabir of Iran, say Salavat [peace be upon Prophet Mohammad
and his posterity]."

Karbaschi, after saying Salavat says: "It seems Mr. Nili (the person
who had called for Salavat) is not going to leave the matter until
the time he has sent me to Fin Bath [a public bath in city of Kashan
where Amir Kabir, a reformer chancellor under Nasereddin Shah of
Qajar dynasty, was killed on the Shah's order)." This makes those
present laugh.

Outside the house there is a painting of Karbaschi's face. On it is
written: "Karbaschi, innovator of new urban management - Today's
Tehran Exhibition."

The dailies Kayhan, Jameah and the weekly newspaper Payam Azadi were
on the e front of Karbaschi and he was looking at them every now and

A picture of Karbaschi with Seyed Ahmad Khomeini (the late Imam's
son) is hanging on the wall in the house.

It is past midnight and Nili makes a call: "For well being of the
reminder of the dear Imam [ie Mr. Karbaschi], say Salavat." In this
way he is calling on those present to leave.

When leaving, a boy who has kissed Karbaschi asks him: "Have you
slaughtered the sheep I bought for you [as a votive for his
freedom]." Karbaschi says: "I haven't seen any sheep. I will be
thankful to God if they do not kill me myself." UP

Hamshahri (April 18)
It Is Said...

* "During the second sermon at the Tehran Friday prayer service
yesterday when the substitute Friday prayers leader was discussing
the topic of managers of the country and the necessity of
safeguarding their prestige about 40 people in the front rows of the
congregation led by a Massoud Dehnamaki attempted to cause tension
with the aim of expressing objection to Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani's

Dehnamaki and his supporters when leaving the congregation as a sign
of protest, called on the people to stop their prayers and not to
follow Mr. Hashemi. The people protested that.

The small group began chanting some slogans against the Tehran mayor
in the nearby streets after leaving the service.

* The official in charge of the Isfahan Ansar Hizbollah at a meeting
with people in Semnan dismissed the point that the detention of the
Tehran mayor, which was ended on Wednesday night, has been political.

"The issue of embezzlement at the Tehran municipality was mentioned
in 1374 [beginning March 1995] and it has nothing to do with the May
23, 1997 epic," said Kaveh.

At a meeting with Quran reciters (about 100) in Semnan, Kaveh also
denied any link between the arrest of the Tehran mayor and the
Executives group and said: "That group was formed in Dey [month
beginning Dec. 22] of 1996."

Kaveh announced the address of the mayor's house in Niavaran [north
Tehran] and gave some strange information about it.

One of those present asked him about the size and price of houses of
other officials, including Ayatollah Yazdi, but he did not give any

* When the news of freedom of the Tehran mayor spread at the Evin
prison, prisoners distributed sweets and fruits.

A prisoner who was on furlough on the occasion of Eide Ghadir, said:
"There had been only one similar instance at the Evin Prison in the
past. That was when the Iranian football team was qualified for the
World Cup."

* The people in Yazd took to the streets in a jubilant mode when
they heard the report of the freedom of the Tehran mayor. UP

Jomhuri Islami (April 18)
For Information

* Simultaneous with Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani's statements about Mr.
Karbaschi in the Friday sermons, a number of worshipers, most of whom
were young, shouted "Death to plunderer of public assets." The
substitute Friday Imam of Tehran, noting the situation, speeded up
the delivery of his speech and concluded it.

* IRNA reported the release of Gholam Hussein Karbaschi at 5:46 p.m.
on Wednesday adding that "he was on his way to the Interior Ministry
after being released from prison." Considering that according to the
statement of the Tehran Justice Department Mr. Karbaschi was released
at 10 p.m. it is not clear as to how IRNA filed the report more than
four hours before! A statement sent on fax machines of newspapers
from an unidentified source deemed the IRNA action to be a part of
pre-planned actions to encourage the people to celebrate simultaneous
with his release. The statement accused IRNA that it had been forging
reports in favor of Mr. Karbaschi at the cost of losing its

* The question of Mr. Rassulinejad, MP for Damavand and Frioozkuh,
to the interior minister, was not asked on Wednesday and the
presiding board's office stated to reporters the reason as being the
ailment of the MP. But he was referred to as an "unjustified"
absentee at the close of the meeting. UP

Salaam (April 18)
Political Ailment!

Following a question by MP for Damavand to the interior minister,
the Majlis asked the latter to go to Majlis on Wednesday to answer
the question.

Even though the interior minister has been called to the Majlis
successively under the government of Mr. Khatami, he or none of the
ministers have never refused to go.

Seyed Ahmad Rassulinejad, an activist of the right wing, had
questioned the interior minister as to "why you haven not dismissed
the mayor... and strongly supported him?"

At 19 hours on Tuesday, office of Majlis speaker sent a fax message
to interior minister stating: "Mr. Rassulinejad has stated in writing
that he cannot be present in Majlis owing to ailment. Therefore, the
raising of the question on Wednesday is ruled out."

What we have heard indicates that the Majlis Hizbollah (the group of
right wing MPs) in a meeting they held confirmed unanimously that the
discussing of the Municipality case by the interior minister in the
Islamic Majlis would benefit the Tehran mayor in the public opinion
and it should be avoided.

Thus, the fax message was sent. But when the secretary of the
meeting (of the House) read the names of absentees and those having
arrived with delay, Rassulinejad's name was on the list of
unjustified absentees. UP

Farda (April 18)
A Few Points About Freedom of Tehran Mayor
by: Ahmad Tavakoli

1. The detention of Mr. Karbaschi was according to the legal
criteria. The executive power, which was against the detention from
the start, failed, to find a way for changing the warrant which could
be confirmed by the judge. In that situation there remained only one
way: Using the specific prerogatives of the Valiye Faqih.

2. The considerations for exercising the absolute guardianship of
the faqih were mentioned in the president's letter as follows:

"The detention has caused some problems for the executive management
with harmful social, political and economic consequences."

"The continuation of the detention can only make the affairs more
complicated and prepare the grounds for incorrect approaches and it
will eventually weaken all the powers."

"I do not consider the continuation of the existing situation to be
in the interest of the system and society."

Now that the Valiye Faqih has accepted the President's analysis all
the political experts and pundits had better adjust their stand even
if they do not consider that analysis to be justified.

3. The President has said his final objective is that the case would
be investigated in a calmer atmosphere... The materialization of this
objective has been stressed in the revolution Leader's letter to the
judiciary chief too.

What is expected from all the political forces and the press now is
maintaining calm and self-restraint until the formation of the court.

The President's all-round support for final conclusion of [the
judicial investigation] is a necessity.

4. The President, who has considered freedom of the mayor to be
necessary for restoration of calm, should shoulder the biggest burden
in this important matter. And praise be Allah he has the merit for
this too.

From the legal viewpoint his orders are binding for the Interior
Ministry and some other agitated institutions and have extensive
popular respect.

Furthermore, the newspapers with the largest circulations which are
influential in bringing about calm belong to the public sector and
are under the direct or indirect influence of the government.

We hope that all the independent publications will also help the
President in bringing about calm for thorough judicial investigation.


Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 15:30:00 +1000
From: Mehdi Ardalan <mardalan@LAUREL.OCS.MQ.EDU.AU>
Subject: Re: Ansar-e-Hezbullah and Dr Amir Ahmadi

> The members of MKO and supporters of the NCRI disturbed Professor of Hushang
> Amir Ahmadi's talk in London University (SOAS) on Thuirsday 16th April,
> 1998. They accused Ahmadi of being the IRI spy. They asked Dr
> Mojtehedzadeh, "Where is your clerical uniform?". Dr Mojtehed zadeh replied
> that if the IRI gives me money, it is because of their concern to promote
> Iranian culture. You are paid by Saddam. My sponsor is better than yours.
> Opponents of Dr Ahmadi also criticised the presence of reporters of
> Jam-e-Jam in the hall.

MKO's opposition to Dr. Amir Ahmadi's speech reminded me immediately of
the objection a conservative member of Majlis raised about Iran
newspaper's publication of its interview with Amir Ahmadi.
Enemies of Democracy show their common faces in more than one way.




Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 15:38:12 +1000
From: Mehdi Ardalan <mardalan@LAUREL.OCS.MQ.EDU.AU>
Subject: Re: Stoning in Open Air or Restricted Area

> No. 880
> Thursday, April 16, 1998
> Representative Office of
> The National Council of Resistance of Iran
> Washington, DC
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Justice, Mullahs' Style: Stoning in Open Air or Restricted Area?,
> Pro-Government Daily Ressalat, April 9
> In response to a question raised by the correspondent of Farda daily on why
> the Minister had failed to defend the Islamic punishment of stoning in his
> Paris interviews, Ata'ollah Mohajerani [government spokesman and Minister of
> Guidance] said: "There is no doubt that we must all defend the Islamic
> decrees... As for stoning, there is a Quranic verse that says a group of
> faithful must be witness to it. In this regard there is a debate whether
> stoning should take place in full public view or whether it could be carried
> out in the presence of a limited number of faithfuls in a restricted area."
> The Minister of Islamic Guidance pointed out: "We should keep the interests
> of our country in mind in an open atmosphere of international public
> relations. Would it be in our interest if an act of stoning is filmed and
> broadcast abroad? If not, we should consider carrying out the verdict in
> front of a small crowd of the believers in order to forestall public
> backlash."
If this quote from Mohajerani is true, it certainly raises doubts as to
the qualification of him and his likes in paving the way for improved
changes in Iran. However, I am extremely suspicious of such a report as
quoted by a paper like Resalat of a person like Mohajerani and
furthermore the whole story being reported by a group like NCRI.



End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 18 Apr 1998 to 19 Apr 1998