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Topics of the day:

1. Press on mayor's case (fwd)
2. editing quran, or Re: Stoning in Open Air or Restricted Area
3. <No subject given>
4. Sarkuhi given back passport
5. Can you Help?
6. medicine
7. Students again push for change in Iran
8. Women Soon to Play Soccer, Officials Say
9. Rafsanjani Slammed for Backing Mayor


Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 20:18:53 +1000
From: Mehdi Ardalan <mardalan@LAUREL.OCS.MQ.EDU.AU>
Subject: Press on mayor's case (fwd)

Salaam (April 19)

Deputy Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister on Police's Step to
Control Pages of a Number of Morning Dailies

The move by the police to control pages of three morning dailies
before their print in the lithography and print office was condemned
and described as illegal by the Culture and Islamic Guidance

To clarify the incident we had an interview with Mr. Ahmad Bourqani,
the deputy culture and Islamic guidance minister for press and

Q: We received the news that on Tuesday night [print] location of
three morning dailies were visited by the police and their materials
were reviewed. Would you please explain the incident?

A: According to the existing information a group of police agents
went to the Offset Print Office where the dailies Iran and Hamshahri
are printed and [where] the lithography work of the daily Jameah is
done, in the early morning of Wednesday April 15. Preventing the
print of the dailies Iran and Hamshahri, they controlled and
inspected the pages of the newspapers.

The group showed a warrant signed by Numiri, the judge of Bench 26
of the Tehran Justice Administration. The warrant had been written by
hand and was a photocopy. As a result the dailies Iran and Hamshahri
started their print with a delay.

The police even subjected the print observers of one of the dailies
to body search and controlled and inspected their personal
belongings. The officers did not pay attention to the protests by the
officials of the newspapers and permitted their print only after the
conclusion of the control operation.

According to officials of Jameah the police agents in the course of
their control and inspection operation when reaching the section for
lithography of Jameah confiscated a copy of the front page of the
daily prepared for April 14, but not used because of the changes of
the reports. When the observer from Jameah refused to give the copy
they took the page away by giving a receipt.

Q: Does the judiciary have the right to review the materials of the
newspapers and the press?

A. According to Article 4 of the Press Law 1985 no government or
non-government official and agency has the right for censorship and
control of the press.

The move on Wednesday was completely illegal and the judiciary is
expected to guard and respect the law more than any other

Q: What steps has the Guidance Ministry taken until now?

A: The ministry condemned the illegal move in a statement as soon as
it received the reports. Furthermore by sending two letters to the
judicial and police officials I have requested them to explain the
legal grounds for their step for the ministry and the public opinion
and not to trample the law so openly in the future.

Q: Did the judiciary take any step to inform the Guidance Ministry
or to have coordination with it in that connection?

A: The judiciary did not make nay coordination with the Office of
Deputy for Press. In principle since the stop was illegal there had
been no possibility or need for coordination.

Q: What do you think has been the connection of this issue with the
Tehran Municipality case? What are you going to do [to prevent] the
repetition of such incidents?

A: We have not been informed of the reasons for the illegal step
yet. We have called on the officials of the judiciary and the police
to explain the reasons for the step. But those present in the print
office are saying the inspection officers were in a way after finding
materials in connection with the Tehran Municipality.

The Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry shall take steps for
prevention of such incidents after receiving the opinion of the
judiciary and the police.


Qods (April 19)
Special News
Legal Inquiry:

More than 100,000 posters of Mr. Gholam Hussein Karbaschi were
printed by the Offset Print Office on the order of a Reyhaneh Gostar
Institute during the detention of the Tehran mayor.

An informed person at the office disclosed to the Special News
Reporter: ``The police on the basis of a legal warrant and the order
of judicial authorities carried out investigation about the printing
of Mr. Karbaschi's posters in the Offset, Iranchap, Chapgostar and
Jahan Koudak print offices on Tuesday night. Any claim about
inspection and interference in the print of the dailies Iran,
Hamshahri and Jameah is a lie and does not seem to be anything other
than manipulation of atmosphere and a political game.''

He added: ``The bailiffs' action was limited to asking questions
from officials of the print offices about the print of the posters
and there was no inspection and interference.

``The 100,000 posters were delivered to Reyhaneh Gostar on April 13.
The aim of the institute when Mr. Karbaschi was in prison as an
accused was definitely agitating the public opinion, causing tension
in the atmosphere and calling on the people to riot.''

It is noteworthy that it seemed the posters were going to be
distributed inside some newspapers but after the freedom of the
Tehran mayor they were distributed in various districts together with
the tracts of ``Karbaschi was freed by God.''

Conviction Before Trial:

Mr. Hossein Allahkaram in a letter sent expressed regret over the
remarks by the secretary of the Expediency Discernment Council
Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani.

Writing Graffiti for or Against:

It is said the case of 48 of those arrested including perpetrators
of the disturbance on last Tuesday, taking part in an illegal march,
is being reviewed and been sent to the Tehran Public Justice Office
for ``Disruption of Public Order.''

The above were acquitted from the charge of "action against the
security of the system" by the Revolutionary Court on Wednesday, but
they are still in custody for continuation of the legal proceeding.

Another report indicates some unidentified persons wrote graffiti on
the walls in Tehran in favor of Mr. Karbaschi and against the
judiciary on the last days of last week. They were clearing the
graffiti against the Tehran mayor.


Hamshahri (April 19)
Old Means, Old Goals

The political and social groups must enjoy adequate adaptability to
developments in order to prepare for their survival.

Unfortunately, it seems that our friends in some of the Tehran
afternoon dailies have once again ignored that important principle,
especially in relation to the need for adapting to interests of the
nation and the leadership and they are planning to repeat the history
in a dull manner.

Following the important developments of last Tuesday and the firm
order of the Supreme Leader regarding release of the Tehran mayor and
the extensive support of the people for the Leader's remedy some of
the friends in some of the afternoon dailies were expected to follow
their colleagues in one other afternoon daily, to keep silent at

Despite the Supreme Leader's emphatic order to maintain unity and to
prevent discord at home those friends did not stop spreading
pessimism in regard to the leading executives of the system and aimed
at one of the great assets of the revolution and system the day after
the Leader's advice.

The background, performance and record of Ayatollah Hashemi
Rafsanjani during more than half a century of relentless struggle
without the slightest deviation from the great Khomeini's policy are
too clear to be covered by such dust.

We have not complained against the violation of humanitarian
principles in political activities by some of the "shy" tendencies in
regard to maintaining respect of the top personalities of the system
and the revolution. The friends however are expected to keep away
from the storming waves if they are unable to understand the social
development in Iran.

Even if that is too much to expect, one would at lest expect that
means as old as the goals and objectives would not be employed.

Who would benefit from pursuing discord among the groups and
attacking a humble servant of the people, of the revolution and of
the Leadership?


Salaam (April 19)
Line of Violence... up to Tehran Friday Prayers!
by: Jaafar Golabi

The disruption of the Friday prayers in Tehran, led by Mr. Hashemi
Rafsanjani, although for the first time in Tehran is the logical
extension of the action that began may years ago.

That bleak tradition gained strength with the silence and even
encouragement of certain factions and extended from mourning service
to university classes and speeches, the seminaries, popular rallies,
offices of dailies and cinemas and in the last act, which will not be
the last, to the Friday sermons and clearly questions the authority
of the IRI!

It is easy for a political faction to prepare a 30-40 strong group
to create tension in the operation of the opposite faction but its
consequences would make every responsible person think that one who
sows wind will reap whirlwind. The best method to deal the pest that
would soon extend to all the factions, is that all the factions
condemn any violation of the law, especially the violent actions.
Let's leave out the considerations and accept clearly that the groups
supporting violence are affiliated to the right wing. Today, the
responsibility of the right wing would require it to command them to
end violent actions and open the way for a serious and legal approach
to them. Otherwise they must accept the responsibility for the
incidents today and tomorrow.


Iran (April 19)
Any Other News?

* Hossein Allahkaram said at a meeting at Karamat Mosque in Mashad:
"From the viewpoint of the Hizbollah brothers the interior minister
does not have the qualification for that position."

He said: "In the recent affairs - the incident outside the Tehran
University and the Unity Consolidation Office, the incident in
Isfahan and the Freedom Movement ceremony - we consider Mr. Nouri to
have been the main cause."

He said: "Mr. Nouri has turned the Interior Ministry into a
headquarters for support of one of the political factions in the

* The Unity Consolidation Office at the conclusion of its monthly
meeting adopted a resolution and asked the esteemed Leader for
"delegation of the responsibility of the police to the interior
ministry so that it will have the necessary means for the legal
functioning of the ministry for safeguarding security."

The resolution also stresses the change of the structure and
maintaining impartiality and (respect of) rule of law by the
judiciary and adds: "The conference of the Islamic societies of
students of the universities of the country appealed to the esteemed
Leader out of sympathy to have a fundamental reconsideration about
the office of the chief of judiciary."

The office calls on the people to take part in the forthcoming
elections for the Experts Assembly and for the councils and stresses
it shall make all its efforts for the presence of all the great ulema
and religious authorities in the Experts Assembly elections.

The resolution considers the law on approbatory supervision and what
it has described as the illegal performance of the Council of
Guardians to be in serious conflict with the active presence of the
great Iranian nation in the Experts Assembly and councils elections.


Farda (April 18)
Special Report
How Tehran Mayor Was Freed

After 11 days of the detention of Gholam Hussein Karbaschi, the
mayor of Tehran, and in the conditions that there was no legal
solution to rescind the detention warrant, Seyed Mohammed Khatami
resorted to the revolution Leader so that Gholam Hussein Karbaschi
would be freed beyond the law.

Since accepting his executive responsibility a short time ago; this
has been the first time that the President has asked the Leadership
to exercise his guardianship.

It is said at one of the first meetings of Seyed Mohammed Khatami
with the Leadership (about the case) the revolution Leader stressed
the President's slogan of rule of law and said something to this

"During the two terms of Mr. Hashemi too I was stressing the
execution of the affairs according to the law although in some
instances Mr. Hashemi believed that the knots of some of the problems
could not be untied by means of the legal criteria and that it was
necessary for my exercising guardianship. And in those instances I
did that. I hope that as you yourself are saying you would pursue all
the affairs through the legal channels and would not ask me to use my
guardianship prerogatives beyond the law."

In the report by the representatives of the President (Shoushtari
and Marvi) (about the judiciary) it is said that there were some
instances of mistreatment and violation of the law.

Seyed Mohammed Khatami referred the report to Mohammed Yazdi (the
judiciary chief) for investigation.

According to the latest reports, the judiciary chief has given
instruction for investigation into the report and that the
investigation has begun.

Furthermore a number of government officials and political groups
were asking the municipality case should be put under the supervision
of individuals including (sic) Mohseni, the deputy director of the
Tehran Province Justice Administration.

Madhi Karrubi (a leading member of the left wing Militant Clerics
League) talked with Mohseni at a meeting to encourage him to accept
the ultimate responsibility for the case. Seyed Mohammed Khatami also
asked the Leader so that the responsibility for the municipality case
would be given to individuals such as Mohseni.

Mohseni was in charge of important cases such as the embezzlement at
Bank Saderat, the embezzlement and bribery at the Tobacco Company,
and the embezzlement and bribery at the Expropriated Property
Organization, accepted the responsibility for the Special Judicial
Complex which is in charge of investigation into the cases of the
high-ranking government officials including the municipality.

According to Mohseni after reviewing the documents and evidence the
judge concluded that the embezzlement charges were directed at Gholam
Hussein Karbaschi. At that time some officials and judges believed if
the interior ministry suspended the appointment order of Gholam
Hussein Karbaschi until the finalization of the case that would help
the judicial investigation. But this did not happen.

After a few instances of summoning of Gholam Hussein Karbaschi to
the Justice Administration, Judiciary Chief Yazdi at the last session
of the heads of the three branches of power in 1376 (before March 21)
in the presence of Hashemi Rafsanjani, announced that the Tehran
mayor would be detained in 1377.

At the meeting Mohammed Yazdi asked Seyed Mohammed Khatami for
arrangements so that Gholam Hussein Karbaschi would resign before his

At the meeting of the heads of the three branches of power and
Hashemi Rafsanjani in the presence of the Leader on Eid al Adha
(April 8), Hashemi Rafsanjani and Seyed Mohammed Khatami asked His
Eminence to intervene.

When they faced the Leader's answer about the necessity of
enforcement of the law and justice, they said there were other legal
ways to follow the municipality case.

A meeting of the heads of the three branches, Hashemi Rafsanjani and
Mohammadi Golpayegani, the chief of staff of the Leader, was held on
last Saturday evening.

The only choice was protest against the warrant and review of that
in an appeal court. At the meeting it was decided that Seyed Mohammed
Khatami and Mohammed Yazdi would hold a meeting together with lawyers
on the following day. But the session was not held because it was
reported that Gholam Hussein Karbaschi had protested against the
detention warrant and that the appeal court had confirmed the
evidence of the judge.

A few letters were exchanged between Mohammed Yazdi and Seyed
Mohammed Khatami. Mohammed Yazdi was stressing the independence of
the judges since according to the Constitution the judiciary chief
cannot give orders to a judge.

Seyed Mohammed Khatami at his weekly meeting with the Leader, which
occurs on Monday evenings, presented the letter exchanged between
Mohammed Yazdi and himself and called on the Leader to exercise his
guardianship and order the freedom of Gholam Hussein Karbaschi. On
Tuesday morning in Khatami's last letter to the Leader it was said he
believed that the continuation of the detention of the mayor could
only make the matters more complicated.

The BBC considered the freedom of Karbaschi a victory for the
moderates who want to restore Iran's relations with other countries.
It said the reason for that was the meeting outside Tehran University
on Tuesday and the moves by Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

Liberation in an article under the title of "Battle Between Two
Islams" called the Tehran Municipality case a confrontation between
reformers and traditionalists.

CNN, AP and AFP called Karbaschi's freedom a victory of the

One of the propaganda themes used by the foreign media is
attributing the victory of Khatami to certain individuals and
political groups. The aim is to direct any damage resulting from
investigation into problem charges against those individuals and
groups at the President.

CNN considered Karbaschi the mastermind of the President's election

The German news agency said: "Legally the mayor had to stay in
prison at least until the time of his court within the next two
weeks, but the great pressure of the public opinion eventually led to
his release."

It seems the new propaganda line of the foreign media is
manipulation of the atmosphere to prevent formation of a court
because with the formation of a court Karbaschi may be convicted.

The Arabic section of the BBC Television said: "It does not seem
that after the release of Karbaschi, Khatami would give consent to
Karbaschi's being put into prison once again."


Kayhan (April 18)
It Was Expected...

The Friday imam yesterday praised the Supreme Leader's action to end
the tension and made statements about the health of national managers
and their effective role which were surely endorsed by all the people
who know that none of the IRI officials are comparable with managers
and officials of other countries.

The honorable preacher briefly discussed the Tehran Municipality
case. Even though he did not mention any names unfortunately, there
was an indication of a one-sided and biased view.

Being expected to keep within emphasis on system's interests, he
judged the case of abuses and embezzlements in the Tehran
Municipality and spoke of its services during the construction
period. Those services are not hidden to anybody. The question
concerns the abuses and the honorable sermonizer knows that those
services would not justify violations and abuses. His suspicion
toward all those who are worried about violations and abuse is not

Considering the brilliant background of the sermonizer and his
outstanding role he had been expected to avoid a judgment about the
case and just call everybody to keep calm, as he did.


Resalat (April 18)
Report on Freedom of Tehran Mayor

Two hours before the freedom of Karbaschi on the request of the
President, the Interior Ministry distributed color pictures of Mr.
Karbaschi among Tehrani citizens.

According to the reports received an order by the interior minister
sent to all the district mayors before the release asked them to take
to the streets with (cars) by switching on the lights and with
pictures of Mr. Karbaschi.

In an interview with IRAN Mr. Karbaschi denied any embezzlement.

Some carnivals were also staged in some areas of Tehran including
Shahrak Gharb (now Shahrak Qods in north Tehran, considered a posh

Today Hamshahri, Salaam and Iran continued their policy of support
for the Tehran mayor.


Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 13:00:51 -0700
From: mosalemy@DIRECT.CA
Subject: Re: editing quran, or Re: Stoning in Open Air or Restricted Area

A secular society does not seek to eliminate religion. Only its
intergration with politics and it certainly does not mean that tax payers
money should go into an "anti-Islamic public education campaign".

if tax money right now is being spent on killing bahaees and shoving islam
up any human hole, i think the very same tax fund can warn people not
against islam per say, but against anti human aspects and teachings of it.

i think telling people dont beat up your wife despite the teaching of kuran
should be part of a secular government mandate. i think educating people
about not letting their 9 year old daughter to get married to an adult man,
despite the teachings of islam should be part of the agenda of a true
secular government.

now this shouldne directly be anti islamic, but as long as the education
campaign is against the teachings of islam. it remains an anti islamic



Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 13:00:49 -0700
From: mosalemy@DIRECT.CA
Subject: <No subject given>

mehdi wrote;
If this quote from Mohajerani is true, it certainly raises doubts as to
the qualification of him and his likes in paving the way for improved
changes in Iran. However, I am extremely suspicious of such a report as
quoted by a paper like Resalat of a person like Mohajerani and
furthermore the whole story being reported by a group like NCRI.



he has said, about stonning, that it is a cultural matter and its not any
body's business. and that piece of news was reproted by reuter etcc. what
do you have to say about that?



Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 13:09:31 -0700
From: mosalemy@DIRECT.CA
Subject: Re: Sarkuhi given back passport

waoo what a victory for the toodeh/aksaryat melli campaign.

now the moderate president finally gives in to the writers.

sarkoohi was never my hero from the start. he is a shameful pro regime
opposition writer. a little bit better than maroofi, but not much.

he does not understand what he means by stating that he will go back to iran.

if sarkoohi comes out and he goes back, that means all of us real refugees
have nothing to fear in iran. that means IRI iran is a safe place, not only
for ordinary refugees like us, but also high profile "dissidents" like

here comes a good question for sarkoohi, if you want us to believe the
opening statement of your letter fro jail, that things that happened to you
in jail was blah blah blah, how can you risk going back to iran again. can
i conclude that you were lying? how can a person who was, according to your
own words, dealt with in such way, would want to go back to iran?

unless you are the christ of the intellectual community who has suffered,
and will suffer again for the salvation of the rest.

what a SHAM, what a shame.

down with velayate faghih, long live IRI

>Sarkuhi given back passport
> TEHRAN, April 20 (AFP) - Dissident Iranian writer and journalist
>Faraj Sarkuhi has been given back his passport by the authorities,
>the moderate Jameh newspaper reported on Monday.
> Sarkuhi, who was released on January 28 after one year in prison
>for "propaganda" against the Islamic regime, told the newspaper that
>he was in no hurry to leave Iran.
> But he said he would depart at some point to visit his family in
>Germany and to give talks about contemporary Iranian literature.
> However, Sarkuhi said he would not spend more than two months
>abroad and that afterwards he would return to Iran to concentrate on
>his journalism and writing.
> More than 50 Iranian writers last month wrote to Iranian
>President Mohammad Khatami demanding Sarkuhi be allowed to leave the
> Some 39 German writers, including Gunter Grass et Christa Wolf,
>also sent a letter to Khatami last month demanding that Sarkuhi be
>given a passport.
> Sarkuhi, a former editor-in-chief of the literary monthly Adineh
>(Friday), was among 134 writers in 1994 who signed a petition
>demanding greater freedom of expression.
> Sarkuhi's wife and two children live in Berlin.


Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 17:12:27 -0400
From: Sassan Pejhan <sassan@SARNOFF.COM>
Subject: Can you Help?

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