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Topics of the day:

1. tehran mayor taken into temporary detention
2. Ahmad Aram - disaster - Interior Ministry - Karbaschi
3. Karbaschi - Freedom of expression
4. bbc on mayor


Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 12:31:55 +0100
From: Asghar Abdi <asghar@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: tehran mayor taken into temporary detention

thr 017
tehran mayor taken into temporary detention
tehran, april 4, irna -- tehran's mayor gholamhussein karbaschi is
said to have been taken into temporary detention by tehran public
prosecutor's office, it was announced a short while ago.
no official report has yet been received by irna in this respect.
::irna 04/04/98 13:03


Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 18:49:34 +0100
From: Asghar Abdi <asghar@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: Ahmad Aram - disaster - Interior Ministry - Karbaschi

thr 045
landslide buries village in iran
shahre kord, april 4, irna -- tens of rescue teams from red crescent
society, construction jihad and law enforcement forces have been
dispatched on saturday to abkarlabad village in bazoft region of fars
province which lies buried due to land slide.
the village is located over 200 kilometers southwest of farsan
township in the central part of the province.
director-general of the provincial red crescent society in chahar
mahal hakhtiari, seyyed mehran nour bakhsh, said that the rescue teams
have been mobilized with foodstuffs, blankets, dishes, tents, mats,
emergency supplies and medical equipment.
an official with the provincial natural disaster headquarter,
hassan azizi naeini said due to the washing away of the access roads,
no precise information is available concerning condition of people,
injuries, tolls and the scale of damages to the region.
the provincial headquarters has asked for helicopters to help
the victims of the village; however, due to poor visibility and
adverse weather conditions the rescue operation has been rendered
impossible to the area, nayebi added.
last week's flood in the province inflicted severe damages to
bridges, access roads, power instalations, potable water
networks, other instalations in addition to over one thousand
residential homes in the province.
::irna 04/04/98 20:52

thr 046
iranian writer dies
tehran, april 4, irna -- iranian eminent writer ahmad aram died in
the united states at the age of 94.
the writer of over 200 books translated from english, arabic and
french has been hard worker in promoting the scientific, philosophical
and educational knowledge in iran.
aram was born in tehran in 1904 and died while on a visit to the
united states to see his relatives there.
::irna 04/04/98 20:53

thr 044
karbaschi-interior ministry
interior ministry: no prior knowledge of tehran mayor's arrest
tehran, apr. 4, irna -- the interior minisrty had no advanced
knowledge of the detainment of tehran mayor gholam-hussein karbaschi
who was arrested on bezzelment charges saturday morning.
the announcement was made this afternoon by the head of the
ministry's public relations office jahanbakhsh khanjani who further
added that the ministry was informed of the arrest via a letter from
the head of the 26th district court following the mayor's detainment.
pointing to the regular participation of karbaschi in the cabinet
meetings, khanjani expressed dismay at the lack of coordination
between the court and the interior ministry concerning the arrest.
earlier today, an informed source at tehran justice department as
well as a tehran municipality official verified the arrest of
karbaschi on embezzlement charges.
according to the municipality official, the arrest was made after
the mayor attended the court session convened to look into his charges
saturday morning.
::irna 04/04/98 20:08


Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 01:21:15 +0100
From: Asghar Abdi <asghar@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: Karbaschi - Freedom of expression

thr 004
the press and today's requisites
tehran, april 5, irna -- in an editorial to appear sunday april 5,
iran daily said that the first month of the new year is replendent
with the new beutifies of nature and pleasant spring breezes.
"iranians are embarking on this new beginning with their spirits
full of love and understanding, tempered by last year's experiences,"
it added.
"the wheels of construction and diligence are turning again. the
spring of 1377 is reminiscent of a lively nation's pride and
efforts. this is a nation that has tolerated appression throughout
history and safeguarded its freedom and independence through
patience and under the guidance of religious principles. more
glorious pages will be added to this history by promoting reciprocal
respect and national unity," said the paper.
it then stated "at this point in time, the essential aspects which
can secure the trend of even-handed development in our country are
attending to the public's interests, respecting everybody's rights in
the society and continuing the nationwide efforts for reconstruction.
to this end, the mass media and particularly the press play a
crucial role."
"the expansion of social rationale, removal of tension, avoiding
the language of force and violence, as well as understanding the
critical state of the country are issues the press has a
responsibility to focus on," it added.
the daily pointed out "the creating a healthy environment for
the expression of different ideas and tastes, facilitating
appropriate conditions for raising constructive criticism and
engaging in a wide-ranging social dialogue are requisites for the
growth and development of any society. the press is at the forefront
of this movement."
it continued that "honest communication with people, accelerated
and accurate dissemination of news, avoiding slogans and maintaining
integrity in speaking as well as writing, promotes a healthy social
environment and stimulates participation in public affairs. when
people are socially and politically active, the press, the private
sector, officials and leaders of the society are all duly energized.
consequently development and reconstruction plans can be implemented
more efficiently."
"thus, let us try to make 1377 the year of understanding, dialogue
and cooperation, as our leader and president have also desired, to
ensure the properity of our nation," concluded iran daily.
::irna 05/04/98 02:42

thr 049
attorney general-karbaschi
statement of attorney general's office on mayor of tehran
tehran, april 4, irna -- the public relations office of the
attorney general of tehran issued a communique regarding the arrest
of mayor of tehran gholamhossein karbaschi here saturday.
the statement reads: the district court of tehran branches 26
and 33 which had taken up the case to investigate the embazzlement
and misappropriation of public funds by some city council officials,
concluded that the instructions for displacement of the funds was
issued by the mayor of tehran personally.
it went on to say due to the accumulated evidences and
preliminery cross-examination of the mayor conducted by branch 26,
the mayor of tehran, karbaschi has temporarily been detained under
article 5, section 5 of the embazzlement law passed by the expediancy
council in 1367 (1987).
according to this law that "if sufficient evidence exists to
support that a person to have embazzled rls. 100,000 (dls 20), the
court has the right to temporarily detain an embazzler for a period
of one month without having the right to deposit a surety for the
bail for his release.
::irna 04/04/98 22:35

thr 051
cabinet to review detention of tehran's mayor :government spokesman
tehran, april 4, irna -- the government spokesman, ata'ollah
mohajerani told irna here saturday that the subject of the temporary
detention of the mayor of tehran, gholamhossein karbaschi is
expected to be reviewed tomorrow at the session of cabinet ministers.
mohajerani then pointed out that the government will announce
its opinion after the full review of the matter related to the
charges brought against tehran's mayor and his detention at the end
cabinet session.
according to the communique issued by the public relations
office of attorney general of tehran, the district court of tehran,
branch 26, issued an order of temporary detention according to
article five, section five of the law passed by expediency council
in 1987.
::irna 04/04/98 23:14


Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 01:26:47 +0100
From: Asghar Abdi <asghar@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: bbc on mayor

Saturday, April 4, 1998 Published at 18:20 GMT 19:20 UK

World: Middle East

Teheran mayor detained on
corruption charges

Mayor Karbaschi is credited with
changing the face of Teheran

The Mayor of Teheran, Gholamhossein
Karbaschi, who is a key ally
of moderate President Khatami, has been
detained by Iranian
security officials on charges of

He was summoned to court for questioning
by the city's public
prosecutor, and has been remanded in
custody on charges of
embezzlement, mismanagement and
violating the government's

But in a statement carried by the
official Iranian news agency, the
interior ministry said it objected to
the detention on the grounds that
it had not been consulted.

The Iranian media reported last

month that Mr Karbaschi would

stand trial in April as part of a

corruption scandal in his


Several of the mayor's top aides

have been sentenced to long prison

terms and floggings by Teheran


The trials have prompted

accusations that the officials were

mistreated and held in long solitary

confinement during detention.

Judiciary officials deny the


Power politics

The 47-year-old mayor has dismissed the
corruption allegations as
part of a fierce political campaign
waged against him by his
conservative opponents in the judiciary
because of his support for the

In his eight years in the post, Mr
Karbaschi has been widely credited
with transforming Teheran by building
low-cost housing and
financing public parks. He also played
an important role in the
election of President Khatami last May.

The BBC Iranian affairs analyst says his
continued detention and a
possible trial could lead to a
resumption of the power struggle
between conservatives and modernisers in
the Islamic Republic.


End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 3 Apr 1998 to 4 Apr 1998