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1. Iran's Second Sex

Re: Iran's Second Sex

Dear Farhad,
As a woman who saw the "sixties" social and sexual revolution in the West, and who knew and
felt the anger of women and young people who had been oppressed by men, and by older men
in particular, I know that a bloodless revolution is not only possible but inevitable if social
restrictions are applied too harshly or for too long against the wishes of even a fraction of the
population; even the fraction who their oppressors feel they can control most strictly by means of
economic power within the family. The "hippies" said that "Money does not matter; freedom
does. Peace, man". The Flower Children wore flowers, demanded free love, and sang "We've
got to get ourselves back to the garden".The women simply stopped acting like domestic serfs
and many were astonished to find that they had in the past been their own worst enemies by
accepting the gender-based brainwashing they had received as children. The conscripts sang
"One, two, three, four, what are we fighting for?" The young people sang "All you need is
love". The backlash of the old reactionary school simply cannot be effective against more than
just a few people who refuse the yolk of their control.
Hopefully the recent football street-party in Tehran will make the Iranian people realise that
"Power to the people" is not a mere song or even a political slogan, but an inevitable fact; one
which one denies at one's own peril.
To the ladies of Iran, I would sing "Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair".
Thanks again, Farhad.

Bobbie Bartlett


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