DNI-NEWS Digest - 4 Jun 1998 to 5 Jun 1998

There are 7 messages totalling 523 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. US 'embargo' relaxed to allow Iran Air bookings 2. FWD: jmhvry aslamy sh tn dgr az mKalfyn syasy ra bh aedam mHkvm krd 3. bamdad amrvz jmeh dktr mHmdHsn paply yzdy astad ayrany Kvd ra dr brabr yvnskv AtS my~znd 4. Ayt~allh Kzely: dr mrasm dvm Krdad syly bh Cvrt aslam Kvrd 5. Tehran mayor - symbol of Iran's political divide 6. Khomeini's Grandson Calls for Unity 7. aKbar kvtah az Shrvnd

US 'embargo' relaxed to allow Iran Air bookings

It appears that as part of the recent commitment by the US and Iran to facilitate travel to each other's countries, the ban on selling Iran Air tickets in the US has been quietly lifted.

A few weeks ago I tried but failed to buy Iran Air tickets; travel agents of Iranian origin told me 'embargo'. I didn't find any Iran Air flights listed on ITN or on EZSabre. I had to buy the tickets I needed from a Paris travel agent.

Today, I find that ITN is allowing reservations and quoting prices in US$ on all the flights I need. EZS is not, however.

Presumably part of a low-key baby-steps relaxation of the embargo.

FWD: jmhvry aslamy sh tn dgr az mKalfyn syasy ra bh aedam mHkvm krd

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jmhvry aslamy sh tn dgr az mKalfyn syasy ra bh aedam mHkvm krd

bnabh aKbar dryafty az ayran, jmhvry aslamy sh tn dygr az zndanyan syasy bh namhay elyrxa krmany 43 salh, nadr jefry v ezyzallh Kyry ra bh aedam mHkvm krdh ast. aHkam aedam ayn sh zndany syasy kh az svy Sebh vyJh dadstany anqlab avyn mHakmh v bh aedam mHkvm Sdh~and dr tarK 52 frvrdn 7731 mvrd tCvyb Svray ealy qxaiy rJym qrar grft.

dr Haly kh synh Gakan mdafe HfX nXam srkvbgr aslamy Hakm br ayran Ghar dst v pa bh pabvsy Katmy bray njat ayn rJym bh Qayt artjaey rfth~and v az abtkareml~hay ayn AKvnd mrtje dr bhbvd Hqvq bSr v tQyyrat mcbt dr ayran yad my~knnd. mKalfyn syasy hmGnan yky ps az dygry bh jrm dgrandSy v aetrax bh nXm mvjvd bh jvKh~hay aedam sprdh my~Svnd.

ma xmn mHkvm nmvdn aHkam aedam ayn sh zndany syasy, az klyh ansanhay Azadh, jryanat v nyrvhay mtrqy v nhadhay mdafe Hqvq bSr my~Kvahym kh ba tmam tvan bray jlvgyry az ajray ayn aHkam xdbSry v njat jan dhha zndany syasy dygr kh hm aknvn dr srasr ayran dr Cf aedam qrar darnd. bh yk aetrax byn~almlly v gstrdh aqdam nmaynd.

kanvn zndanan syasy ayran dr~tbeyd

31 Krdad 7731


bamdad amrvz jmeh dktr mHmdHsn paply yzdy astad ayrany Kvd ra dr brabr yvnskv AtS my~znd

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bamdad amrvz jmeh dktr mHmdHsn paply yzdy astad ayrany Kvd ra dr brabr yvnskv AtS my~znd

dktr mHmdHsn paply zdy, yky az sKnran knfrans anjmn mTaleat ayrany dr vaSngtn v astad jQrafy danSgah frdvsy mShd kh az fSarhay vzart aTlaeat bh tng Amdh ast thdyd krd kh agr bray brrsy athamaty kh bh av vard Sdh ast dadgahy eadlanh tSkyl nSvd bamdad amrvz jmeh 5 Jvin Kvd ra dr mqabl saKtman yvnskv dr parys bh AtS Kvahd kSyd.

dktr paply yzdy exv vabsth mrkz mly tHqyqat elmy fransh ast v aTlsy kh ba nam aTls ayran ba hmkary brnard hvrkad karSnas amvr ayran dr mrkz tHqyqat elmy fransh - thhy krdh ast dr mah Jvivn dr fransh mntSr Kvahd Sd.

mHmdHsn paply yzdy dr gft vgv ba Kbrgzary fransh v bKS farsy radyv fransh gfth ast: vzart aTlaeat jmhvry aslamy Gndy pyS kvSyd mra ba astfadh az sfrhaym bh fransh v Karj az kSvr bh jasvsy vadard. ama Gvn zyr bar nmy~rftm Gndy bed bray mn papvS jasvs dvKtnd v dstgrm krdnd. paply afzvdh: az jvn ta dsambr parsal vzart aTlaeat Gndbar mra bh atham jasvsy mvrd bazjvyy qrar dad v sranjam dr avayl dsambr hngamy kh bray karm rhspar fransh bvdm dstgyrm krdnd v 81 rvz dr anfrady ngahm daStnd. v bray hmkary bh mn fSar my~Avrdnd. dr Tvl dstgyry v bazjvy fSarha bh Hdy rsd kh bray rhayy az dst Anha qvl hmkary dadm. Anha ba thdyd kh agr ayn qxaya ra jayy bazgvyy knm mra Kvahnd kSt rhaym krdnd. aknvn kh my~Kvahm bh ayran brgrdm tnha tqaxaym ayn ast kh mra mvrd mHakmh~y elny v eadlanh qrar dhnd v agr bygnah SnaKth Sdm dvlt ayn kar Klaf Kvd ra jbran knd. paply yzdy bh Kbrgzary fransh gfth ast: bray jlb tvjh emvmy bh vxeyt danSgahyan v pJvhSgran dr ayran az rvz sh~Snbh aqdam aetraxy Kvd ra dr brabr saKtman yvnskv dr parys Srve my~knm v agr jmhvry aslamy bh Kvasth~hay mn pasK mcbt ndhd dr saet 03:9 CbH jmeh 5 jvn Kvd ra bh AtS Kvahm kSyd.

paply afzvd: mn hmsr v sh frznd darm, zndgy ra dvst darm v nmy~Kvahm bmyrm. mslman Syeh metqd hm hstm v Trfdar Ayt~allh Kmyny bvdm. ama fSarhay vzart aTlaeat v tvqeat v athamat Anha v vxet asfbary kh asatyd danSgah dr ayran ba An rvbrv hstnd mra vadar saKth ast Gnyn tCmymy bgyrm.

paply yzdy dr vaSngtn nyz gft kh vzart aTlaeat bh av atham rabTh~y jnsy ba yky az danSjvan dKtr danSgah mHl tdrysS ra zdh v Abrvy dKtr danSjv v av v hr dv Kanvadh ra brdh v av dr eml mjbvr bh azdvaj mClHty ba ayn dKtr Sdh ast.


Ayt~allh Kzely: dr mrasm dvm Krdad syly bh Cvrt aslam Kvrd

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=begin= Ayt~allh Kzely: dr mrasm dvm Krdad syly bh Cvrt aslam Kvrd

thran: Ayt~allh Kzely exv fqhay Svray nghban gfth ast: ayn mTlb ra bad CryH bgvym, dr mrasm rvz dvm Krdad syly bh Cvrt aslam Kvrd.

Ayt~allh Kzely kh dr mrasm bzrgdaSt Ayt~allh mrtxy brvjrdy sKn my~gfth afzvdh ast: atfaqat aKyr kh bh nam Azady brgzar Sd. brKlaf qanvn bvdh ast? ayn Gh Azady ast? riys jmhvr sydmHtrmy ast, az Kanvadh rvHany ast, bh jay Clvat, svt v bh jay allh akbr, kf my~znnd.

av adamh dadh ast: mgr my~Svd ba mtyng, qanvn asasy evx krd? mgr ba mtyng my~Svd mjls Kbrgan evx krd? bbynyd mrdm Gh gftnd, mrdm gftnd, jryan bny~Cdr Srve Sdh ast. my~gvyyd 03 mylyvn ray bray Aqay Katmy mgr my~Kvahyd qanvn asasy bnvysyd? az svyy bh qvh qxaiyh Hmlh my~knnd, amrvz bh mjls Kbrgan Hmlh my~Svd.

Kzely dr adamh~y adeayS gfth ast: anqlab yk Ablh mrQan grfth kh my~gZrd, AnGh my~mand qyam bzrg amam Kmyny ast. amydvarm ayn aStbah zvd mrtfe Svd. mn az riys jmhvr mHtrm my~Kvahm ayn aStbah ra CryHa aelam knd.

av adamh dadh ast: grvhk~ha kh az jryanat sasy syly Kvrdh~and, Gh my~gvynd, Kdavnd dr qrAn Hqvq zn v mrd ra teyyn krdh ast.

Kzely KTab bh mhajrany vzyr arSad gfth ast, vzyr arSad my~byny darnd bh qrAn tvhyn my~knnd, agr bh pdr riys jmhvr fHS bdhnd, Sma Cbr my~kny? byaiyd ajazh ndhyd bh qrAn tvhyn Svd, Sma fkr knyd Kda pdr riys jmhvr ast, ngZaryd bh Kda ahant Svd.

av afzvdh ast, bbynyd bazar dr Gh vxey ast. jryanat anHrafy bazar Srve Sdh ast. bny~Cdr tkrar my~Svd. ama mrdm rvSn Sdh~and

Kzely tai~kyd krdh ast: riys jmhvr bayd dr yk jme mjme eam CryHa" bh aStbah Kvd aetraf knd v agr nh mn my~trsm az ps grdny Kda v hm mrdm. riys jmhvr bayd Caf bgvyd mn aStbah krdm. ayn mTalb klysa ast. Kzely ba KSm adamh dadh ast: vaqea allh akbr rft. dr mHrm kf bznnd, svt bznnd. ayn kar Kvb bvd, ayn kar mvjb Sd mrdm rvSn Sdnd. qm zvd fhmyd v bh rah aftad.


Tehran mayor - symbol of Iran's political divide

Tehran mayor - symbol of Iran's political divide 09:56 a.m. Jun 05, 1998 Eastern

TEHRAN, June 5 (Reuters) - Tehran's moderate mayor Gholamhossein Karbaschi, whose trial on graft charges due to begin on Sunday has sparked an open row between conservatives and moderates, is no stranger to Iran's judicial system.

A 1970s revolutionary activist, pamphleteer and disciple of the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Karbaschi was arrested three times during the reign of the late shah of Iran and spent three years in prison before the shah was toppled in 1979.

After nine years in office, the popular Tehran mayor is now accused of corruption by some of his former allies in the fight to oust the shah. His case has become the centre of an intensifying factional struggle in Iran's government.

Karbaschi, 45, is a key ally of reformist President Mohammad Khatami, who trounced conservative opponents in last year's elections on a platform of social and political liberalisation.

Since then, conservatives -- who still control key levers of power -- have clashed with moderate supporters of Khatami on a variety of issues. The mayor's arrest in April put the spotlight on the brewing struggles.

Born to a religious family in the Shi'ite Moslem holy city of Qom, Karbaschi combined a secular education with traditional religious learning in various Qom seminaries, before heading to Tehran University in 1972 to study mathematics.

He immediately joined the growing anti-government student activist movement then sweeping the university.

He delivered speeches, wrote anti-government pamphlets, distributed the forbidden taped lectures of the exiled cleric Khomeini -- the father of Iran's Islamic revolution -- and joined in student protests.

As a result of his activities, he was sentenced to three years in jail in 1973. After his release in 1976, he continued his studies -- along with his activism.

By the time Khomeini returned to Iran in triumph in February 1979 after the departure of the shah, Karbaschi was widely recognised as a revolutionary with impeccable credentials.

He worked in Khomeini's office for six months before taking over as ideological head of the new Islamic republic's television station until 1982.

A rising star in political circles, he was personally appointed by Khomeini to become governor of Iran's central Isfahan province in 1982 before he reached the age of 30.

A successful stint in Isfahan led to his appointment as mayor of Tehran in 1989, where he won plaudits from residents for beautifying the city and improving its infrastructure.

But he angered traditional bazaar merchants with his taxation policies, and some economists partially blamed him for the Iranian capital's soaring inflation.

More ominously, Karbaschi fell foul of conservatives for what they saw as his open support for Khatami in the 1997 presidential campaign, including the alleged use of public funds to support the moderate cleric's bid for the presidency.

He now faces charges of corruption in the Tehran municipality -- allegations his supporters say are politically motivated by Iran's conservative-led judiciary.

His arrest in April was challenged by the government and sparked widespread protests by moderates. He was freed on bail after 12 days in jail.

The judiciary denies any political motives for the case against Karbaschi, saying it is just the latest in a series of trials involving the municipality.

Several of the mayor's top aides were sentenced to jail and flogging last year on similar charges.

Seldom out of the spotlight, Karbaschi -- along with several other moderate technocrat leaders who strongly back Khatami -- last month formed a new political party, one of the first to be allowed in the country since soon after the revolution.

Khomeini's Grandson Calls for Unity

Khomeini's Grandson Calls for Unity

By Earleen Fisher Associated Press Writer Thursday, June 4, 1998; 3:38 p.m. EDT

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- With the rift widening between supporters and foes of Iran's moderate president, the grandson of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini urged Iranians toward unity on Thursday's anniversary of the Islamic revolutionary's death.

Speaking to a crowd at the religious leader's gold-domed shrine outside the capital, Hassan Khomeini called President Mohammad Khatami the best proponent of his grandfather's teachings.

``Today, Khatami is the man who is providing the best assistance for the thoughts of Imam Khomeini and the current leadership of the country,'' the young Khomeini said. ``Khatami is establishing the pillars of the thinking of the Imam in the society.''

Like President Khatami, Hassan Khomeini is a hojatoleslam, or mid-level cleric. Both wear black turbans identifying them as direct descendants of Islam's Prophet Mohammed -- an important sign of political and religious prestige in this overwhelmingly Shiite Muslim nation.

While appearing to voice support for the moderate president, the younger Khomeini, thought to be in his mid-20s, also invoked a familiar theme of the Islamic revolution that Khatami has tried to soften: anti-Americanism.

``Whoever talks about relations with the U.S. government ... is far from the thinking of the Imam (Ayatollah Khomeini).''

Invoking the words of his late grandfather, who led the revolution that toppled the pro-American Shah in 1979 and installed a fundamentalist government, Hassan Khomeini declared: ``Relations with the United States are as (impossible as) relations between the wolf and the lamb.''

That brought the crowd to its feet in the revolution's battle cry of ``marg bar Amrika'' -- ``death to America.''

Khomeini died in 1989. Khatami, a relative moderate who was elected president a year ago in a landslide victory over the revolution's hard-liners, has advocated dialogue between the Iranian and American peoples -- but not their governments. Khatami attended Thursday's ceremony but did not speak.

The crowd appeared to number in the tens of thousands, not the hundreds of thousands that came in previous years.

Thursday's turnout was about the same size as the one at a rally in Tehran on May 23, the first anniversary of Khatami's election.

But there was an important difference: The demonstrators at Khatami's rally were almost all Tehran residents, many university students.

The throng at the Khomeini shrine, only 12 miles south of Tehran was swelled by contingents bused from faraway cities and provinces.

The crowd -- mostly men, carefully segregated from the women, who were in all-enveloping black chadors -- surged forward during Hassan Khomeini's speech and when Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Khomeini's successor as Iran's spiritual leader, appeared. They were held back by steel-bar fences and Revolutionary Guards.

Every few minutes, young men and boys fainted in the 90-degree heat. Their limp bodies were passed by hands over the heads of the crowd until they could be lowered onto the stretchers.

Among the first to pass out was Mehdi Hosseini, a 15-year-old Tehran schoolboy, who regained consciousness after being fanned with a poster bearing the image of Ayatollah Khomeini.

``I've been coming here for several years,'' the teen-ager said. ``I arrived last night and started praying.

``I'm here because Khomeini was a great man who changed history.''

Copyright 1998 The Associated Press

aKbar kvtah az Shrvnd

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002 kargr Zvb Ahn aCfhan dr merx aKraj

kargran Zvb~Ahn Kvahan afzayS dstmzdha v bhbvd vxeyt aqtCady Kvd hstnd

mdyryt karKanh Zvb Ahn aCfhan dr nXr dard 002 nfr az kargran karKanh aCfhan ra aKraj knd. TrH aKraj kargran Zvb~Ahn mvjb narxayy v aetrax emvmy kargran ayn vaHd tvlydy Sdh ast. TrH mdyryt bray aKraj kargran dr SrayTy mTrH Sdh ast kh kargran Zvb~Ahn hmGvn sayr kargran vaHdhay tvlydy ayran tHt fSar Sdyd bHran aqtCady jary, Kvahan afzayS dstmzdhay Kvd v bhbvd vxeyt Cnfy v aqtCady Kvd hstnd.

dstgahhay amnyty rJym aslamy az KTr vqve Hrkt aetCaby dr ayn vaHd bh vHSt aftadh v bray ayjad fxay reb v vHSt aqdam bh dstgyry nyrvhayy kh sabqh y fealyt dr sazmanhay Gp ayran ra darnd, nmvdh~and. aetCab Zvb~Ahn my~tvand mvj tvfndh~ay az Hrkat kargry ra dr astan aCfhan - kh yky az mrakz aCly Cnety ayran ast - mStel krdh v bdyn trtyb bh jnbS kargry abead mly v srasry bbKSd. az hmyn rvz dstgah amnyty rJym ba KSvnt tmam Hrkat kargran tankr Srkt nft ra srkvb krdh v sh tn az ranndgan ra bh envan rhbr ayn Hrkat dstgyr krdnd.

ma xmn mHkvm krdn aKrajhay dsth~jmey kargran az karKanjat, Hmat Kvd ra az drKvasthay brHq Cnfy karKanh Zvb Ahn aCfhan aelam my~knym.

dstgyry~hay vsye dr astan aCfhan bayd mtvqf Sdh v klyh dstgyr Sdgan v zndanyan syasy fvra v bdvn qyd v SrT Azad Svnd!

tk brgy rah kargr, Smarh 55, 82 my 89

devt bh aetrax jhany elyh qvanyn xdzn dr ayran

bh mvrys kaptvrn msivl vyJh kmsyvn Hqvq bSr sazman mll mtHd dr rabTh ba ayran

ba aHtram, bh aTlae my~rsand:

dr taryK 32 frvrdn mah amsal, TrH alHaqy madh~y 6 qanvn mTbveat kh az svy kmsyvn znan, jvanan v Kanvadh bh mjls Svray aslamy araih Sdh bvd, dr Svr avl tCvyb grdd v aknvn mrdm ngran tCvyb ayn dr Svr dvm mjls hstnd. brasas ayn TrH: astfadh~y abzary az zn dr tCavyr v mHtva, tHqyr v tvhyn bh jns zn v trQyb bh tSryfat v tjmlat, ayjad txad byn zn v mrd az Tryq dfae Karj az mvazyn Srey v qanvny az Hqvq an mmnve my~Svd.

dr Cvrt tCvyb nhayy ayn bh aCTlaH qvanyn ta Hd qvanyn v aHkam alhy tfsyr Sdh v bdyn trtyb ksy kh bKvahd az Hqvq znan dfae knd, mSmvl mjazat mrbvT bh nqx aHkam alhy v qvanyn Srey Kvahd Sd v nyz tCvr znan az mTbveat HZf my~grdd.

znan ayran kh taknvn qrbanyan aCly artjae Hakm br ayran bvdh~and v hzaran hzar jnayt elyh Anan aemal Sdh ast, aknvn baz hm byStr az gZSth dr bnd v znjyr qrar my~gyrnd v bh vyJh znan mtrqy v rvSnfkr bh atham kfr v alHad Amaj Sdydtrn kyfrhay artjae qrar Kvahnd grft.

ma znan ayrany dr ayn SrayT vHStnak bh lHaX ansany v Hqvqy az jameh~y bSry v dr ras An sazman mll mtHd, KCvCa kmsyvn Hqvq bSr, drKvast Hmayt my~knm v Kvahan ayn hstm kh qbl az tCvb nhay ayn TrH, aqdamat eajl bn~al bray jlvgyry az tCvyb An bh eml Ayd.

kmsyvn znan sazman fdaiyan Klq ayran (akcrt), Kvastar aqdam hr Gh sryetr az svy jnab ealy ast.

ba aHtram

kmsyvn znan sazman fdaiyan Klq ayran (akcrt) 32~my~8991

aedam~ha, Sknjh v mHakmat pSt prdh hmGnan adamh dard!

hvSng nvSyn, kh bh panzdh sal zndan mHkvm Sdh bvd ps az spry krdn Sanzdh sal, hmGnan dr zndan bh sr my~brd!

QlamHsyn rhbry pvr ryys dadgah anqlab aslamy thran mHkvmyt bh mrg edh~ay az zndanyan ra tvsT dadgahhay anqlab aslamy aelam krd. av gft kh Hkm aedam dvltKvahan, mdyr eaml Srkt mxarbh~ay sHr valka Cadr Sdh, lftyh fxlh pvr bh atham jasvsy bray eraq mHkvm bh Ghar bar aedam Sdh ast v prvndh ebdallh amyny exvHzb dmkrat krdstan ayran kh bna bh adeay rhbry~pvr ryys zndan Hzb dmkrat krdstan ayran bvdh ast dr dst brrsy ast . . . av hmGnyn dr artbaT ba adeanamh~y ebas amyr antXam elyh prvndh~sazy elyh vy bh atham jasvsy bray amryka, aelam krd kh amyr antXam az hfdh sal qbl az anqlab jasvs amryka bvdh ast v dr dadgah vy mhnds mhdy bazrgan, abrahym zdy v ydallh sHaby nyz Hxvr daSth v az Anha tHqyqat Cvrt grfth ast. av hmGnyn aelam krd kh Tbrzdy bh jrm tSvyS afkar emvmy bh yksal mHkvm ama ps az aXhar ndamt Hkm vy pnj sal bh Halt telq drAmdh ast. av frj srkvhy ra nyz mthm bh tSvS afkar emvmy az Tryq namh~ngary bh Karj az kSvr krd.

aXharat rhbry~pvr msivl yky az dstgahhay slaKy rJym aslamy, Kvd bhtryn gvah bray afSay nXam Qyransany Hakm br rJym jmhvry aslamy ayran ast. naghan ky az mrQxb~hay rJym aslamy tad Hkm aedam tedady az mHkvmn dadgahhay anqlab aslamy ra aelam my~knd. mthmn mHkvm bh aedam Sdh, bTvr Kvdsranh v mKfy tvsT dstgahhay srkvb rJym dstgyr Sdh, tHt Sdydtrn Sknjh~ha qrar grfth v dr dadgahhay mKfy v drbsth (bdvn Hxvr hyit mnCfh, bdvn Hq astfadh az vklay vaqey, bdvn Hxvr rsanh~ha v mTbveat dr dadgahha, bdvn brKvrdary az frCt vaqey jht dfae az Kvd) bh mjazat xdansany aedam mHkvm Sdh~and. dr artbaT ba amcal mrtxy fyrvzy nz hmyn amr Cadq ast. mrtxy fyrvzy mthm bh jasvsy v rabTh~y namSrve Sdh ast ama bray hyG ks rvSn nst kh nambrdh bray kdam kSvr jasvsy krdh, mdark mvjvd kdamnd? ba Gh ksany daray rabTh namSrve bvdh ast? dr hmyn rabTh yky az Svahd zndh kh KT bTlan br hmh~y aXharat rJym kSydh ebas amrantXam ast kh mCra Kvahan brgzary yk dadgah elny bray acbat kZb bvdn athamaty ast kh rJym jmhvry aslamy elyh av vard krdh ast. agr sran rJym aslamy mdark vaqey elyh ebas amrantXam drdst darnd Gra az brgzary Gnn dadgahy my~hrasnd?

Gnan by~qanvny Sdydy br nXam qxayy rJym aslamy Hakm ast kh hvSng nvSyn zndany syasy dr zndan arvmyh kh bh atham artbaT ba nyrvhay Gp bh panzdh sal zndan mHkvm Sdh bvd, aknvn ps az spry Sdn Sanzdh sal hmGnan dr zndan arvmyh bh sr my~brd. ma hmh~y jryanat v nhadhay mdafe Hqvq bSr ra bh aetrax v karzar elyh nXam vHSanh~y srkvb jmhvry aslamy fra my~Kvanym!

aHkam aedam bayd blafaClh lQv Svd! zndanyan syasy bayd bdvn qyd v SrT Azad Svnd! mHakmat bayd ba brKvrdary mthm az hmh~y frCt~hay vaqey bray dfae az Kvd, fqdan hr gvnh fSar fyzyky v rvany bray grftn aetraf, Hxvr rsanh~ha v mTbveat dr dadgahha v nyz Hq mthm bray antKab vkl mdafe vaqey Cvrt gyrd!

hvSng nvSyn kh ps az tHml Sanzdh sal zndan hmGnan dr bnd ast bad blafaClh Azad grdd!

tk brgy rah kargr, Smarh 94, 91 my 89

bsm~allh alrHmn alrHm

jameh~y ahl snt ayran - dftr lndn

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tlfn v fks: 9832-347-1810


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