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Iran Team Earns Village's Respect

Iran Team Earns Village's Respect By Anne Swardson Washington Post Foreign Service Saturday, June 20, 1998; Page E04

YSSINGEAUX, France, June 19óNo matter who wins the Iran-United States game Sunday, the Iranian players know they will receive a warm welcome when they go home. In fact, a celebration already is scheduled for Monday.

Not in Iran, but in Yssingeaux, a southern town of 7,000 where the Iranian team's training camp is located. This village in France's volcano country has adopted the Iranian players to a degree unusual even by the universal-bonhomie standards of this 32-nation tournament.

The local bakeries, bars, hardware stores and knickknack shops all feature signs in the colors of the Iranian flag welcoming the team in both French and Farsi, the Iranian language. Every issue of the local newspaper features an article of team news in Farsi. Iranian poetry, music, culture and the country's treatment of women highlighted a series of evening presentations.

A downtown shop sells Iran-made curios, and Wednesday night local restaurateurs and 50 volunteers put on a Persian dinner for 700 people, about half Iranian and half locals. Four hundred people were turned away, but the team was in attendance.

"There was a real connection between the locals and the Iranians," said Yssingeaux mayor and national politician Jacques Barrot. "We have become fans of Iran in the sporting sense."

More than the Americans might like, in fact. Come Sunday, Barrot and other locals will be in the stands rooting for Iran. "It's not out of aversion for the United States," Barrot said. "But we are on the Iranian team, in a sense."

Many locals watched Iran's game against Yugoslavia last Sunday on television, said Georges Lezotre, a reporter for the local newspaper. Yugoslavia won, 1-0.

"I heard people here talking about the game saying, 'We should have had a draw,'" Lezotre said. "I was struck by how they said 'we'."

Yssingeaux and Barrot lobbied hard to get the Iranians to stay here. The sites of the team's three games -- Saint-Etienne, Lyon and Montpellier -- all are in southern-southeastern France. But the crowning allure was the National School of Advanced Pastry Studies.

Located in a 19th-century chateau on one side of town, the school normally trains professional pastry chefs from France and around the world. Now, however, head chef Alain Sagnol is cooking salmon and the local lentils for the team under the eye of an Iranian culinary adviser. Jacuzzis, a workout room and sauna were added to the chateau; the facilities will be turned into a health club when the Iranians depart.

In addition, larger beds were brought in to the dormitory-style rooms and televisions and refrigerators were installed. Contrary to early reports that female staff members had been asked to leave in deference to Islamic law favoring sex segregation, cleaning women and chambermaids have remained and try to do their work when the players are not around.

The team has remained virtually cloistered in the chateau, with forays out mostly for closed training sessions at a local stadium. Players did visit the nearby town of Puys en Velay on Thursday for some shopping and sightseeing. But most of the cultural exchanges have come from the steady stream of Iranian fans into Yssingeaux.

A group of young people from Iran is lodged at a vacation colony just down the road, and Iranians who live in Europe drive in, spend a few days and leave. They have come not just from France, but from Germany and as far away as Denmark.

At first, the female Iranian visitors wore scarves over their heads and very modest clothing. But now, "they wear jeans, they wear skirts and stockings," said Jeannine Tardy, who runs a small grocery store on the main square. "They are very warm and friendly. I let some in just at closing time and they thanked me over and over. I guess it's different in Iran."

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By Philip Hersh, Tribune Staff Writer.

YSSINGEAUX, France His chance came when Iran was playing in the 1996 Asian Championships in Dubai. Ali Daei scored once in the first match, once in the second, then four times against South Korea, a frequent World Cup qualifier, in the fourth match of the tournament. There were coaches and agents from all over Europe and Asia watching, and they liked what they saw of Daei and two of his teammates, Khodadad Azizi and Karim Bagheri. They would wind up in the German Bundesliga, the first Iranians to play beyond their borders since the Islamic Revolution, then come back to help their country make its first World Cup appearance in 20 years. After one season with Armenia Bielefeld, a lesser team, Daei has signed a three-year contract with Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga's most storied franchise. It paid a $2.3 million transfer fee for him in May. The attention focused on Iran's participation here, particularly because of a draw that matches it against the United States Sunday in Lyon, may be the chance for other Iranian players. As the U.S. game approaches, with its political overtones, reporters from all over the world were descending on the Iranians' training base, at the edge of this city of 6,119 inhabitants in the rural Auvergne region. The team is housed in the dormitories of France's National Pastry Chefs School, on the manicured grounds of a 19th Century mansion. The view from Yssingeaux, 3,000 feet above sea level, is of green hills in every direction.

That is far, indeed, from the dirt fields on which Daei learned the game in his native Ardabil, a city of 300,000 at the base of the mountains in the Azerbaijan province of northwest Iran. He hopes the road he has taken will open to other Iranian players.

"Playing in this World Cup and in Germany is a start for younger players in Iran," Daei said, speaking English with U.S. reporters. "They will think, `If you can do it, we can do it.'

"In Germany, soccer is professional, and Iran it is not until just now. In Germany I am learning everything I need to be a professional. I have played there one year, and I think I already have learned a lot."

His mastery of those lessons was clear in the Yugoslav match. Daei, 29, played with the toughness of a German pro, not just the technical mastery so prized in Iran, where first division soccer still is largely semipro. A 6-foot-4, 180-pound forward, he was called for nine fouls. That is why Iran's coach, Jalal Talebi, does not seem concerned by the suggestion the United States may drag Alexi Lalas back from oblivion so Lalas can bang his big body against Daei. "Ali plays against many tall, strong players in Germany," Talebi said. "He knows how to take care of himself." Daei risked missing the World Cup when he broke a cheekbone in Armenia Bielefeld's final Bundesliga match May 2. Expected to be out four to six weeks,he was playing again by the third week of May. "Football is getting more and more physical every day," Daei said. "There is no way to avoid contact." Daei does not have the temperament of soccer's so-called "hard men." As a child, when he wasn't studying or playing soccer, he daydreamed about taking long, solitary walks on the snowy slopes of Mount Sabalan, which rises above Ardabil to a summit at 15,780 feet.

Before he began climbing soccer's highest peaks, Daei was grounded in his studies by a father, Abolfazi, who always insisted, "Studies are first in this life." When the local youth coach would ask for Ali Daei, his father would sometimes send one of his other four sons. At other times, Daei's mother would pass his soccer equipment out a window of their house so he could slip away to play. It made Daei concentrate even more on the game when he did play.

"I want to thank my father for this," Daei said. "It helped me to play better."

While studying to be a metallurgical engineer at Sharif University in Tehran, Daei played pickup games against Taxirani, the cab drivers' team, which was in the second division of the city league. He soon signed with Taxirani, then moved to a bank team and eventually to Pirouzi. Daei led the Iranian league in scoring five straight years.

Back in Ardabil, he has become a hero of such proportions his face appears on everything from T-shirts to sandals. When his pass set up the Azizi goal that assured Iran's World Cup qualification last November, the Daei home in Ardabil was surrounded by well-wishers from 3:30 in the afternoon until 1 a.m. the morning after.

"It isn't just in Azerbaijan but all over Iran that people like me and all the other (national team) players," Daei said. "Our people love soccer more than they do in Brazil."

The Iranian players fancy themselves as Brazilian knockoffs in playing style, especially since Brazilian Valdeir Vieira was their coach at the time of qualification. That was two coaches ago: Vieira was replaced in January by Croat Tomislav Ivic, and he was dumped May 20 for Talebi, an Iranian with a home in Palo Alto, Calif. That gave Talebi less than a month with the team before the World Cup.

The dispirited Iranian team that lost 7-1 to AS Roma in its final exhibition match under Ivic seemed totally transformed in both attitude and effectiveness when it met Yugoslavia last Sunday.

"Mr. Ivic is a good coach, but his (4-4-2) system is different from our usual tactic (a 3-5-2, which is more offense-oriented)," Daei said. "We didn't have the time to adjust."

When he took over, the 53-year-old Talebi gave the team back the low-key atmosphere it had enjoyed under Vieira.

"I told the players to go back to their normal life, their normal habits, their normal feelings, their normal system," Talebi said. "That is why we are playing with more freedom."

Freedom of movement may give Iran's players a chance to move freely abroad.

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Sport: Dooley attacks shirt swap ruling

Dooley attacks shirt swap ruling United States captain Thomas Dooley has slammed FIFA's attempt to ban players exchanging shirts at the end of matches as "stupid." Dooley defied the ruling when swapping shirts with Germany's Olaf Thon after their opening Group F game, which the USA lost 2-0.

"FIFA says it wants to promote fair play but what is a better symbol of fair play than guys who have been battling for 90 minutes trading their jerseys," he said.

Dooley plans to carry on regardless after Sunday's match against Iran, when the gesture will take on even more importance.

"Even if we lose 4-0 I will want to trade a jersey and try to give the Iranians the feeling that we are not enemies."

US Nod to Iran Could Set Back Moderates


Friday June 19, 1998

US Nod to Iran Could Set Back Moderates

Scott Peterson, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

TEHRAN, IRAN -- For both Iran and the United States, the policy of "diplomacy by rhetoric" has reached significant proportions. US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, in the most forthright American move to ease nearly two decades of estrangement with Iran, spoke Wednesday about a "road map leading to normal relations."

Predictably, Iran yesterday welcomed the "positive tone" but added that "concrete action" would be required to normalize ties after an 18-year break.

But the cautionary note was more than routine, and points toward the crisis that has been building in Iran between hard-line conservative clerics - for whom the 1979 Islamic Revolution rejects Western culture, and the US especially - and moderates.

The reform-minded President Mohamad Khatami set the conciliatory tone during a CNN interview in April, when he called upon the "great American people" to engage in a "cultural dialogue" and to break down the "wall of mistrust" between the US and Iran. Mr. Khatami was elected in May 1997 in a landslide that rattled the conservative clerical establishment.

The American response comes at a time when Khatami's government is under harsh attack, led by conservative clerics and parliamentarians who say the Islamic Republic is moving too quickly away from the ideology of the revolution.

Observers here say the current power play in Tehran's courts, newsrooms, and coffee houses is so uncertain that the US move can be easily argued to work both for or against Khatami. If he is seen to be too close to the US or eliciting too much goodwill from Washington, there could be a backlash.

On Sunday, Khatami's moderate Interior Minister Abdullah Nouri faces impeachment proceedings for his handling of pro- and anti-Khatami rallies, for his open support of reformist policies, and for allowing US academics to visit last month. Also on Sunday, Iran and the US face off in a politically charged game during soccer's World Cup.

Under way also is the trial of popular Tehran Mayor Ghollam Hossein Karbaschi, whose 11-day detention last April caused violent protests. And two pro-Khatami newspapers are faced with court proceedings aimed at shutting them down.

In such an atmosphere, diplomats say, a blessing from Washington - if not carefully calibrated - could be "the kiss of death."

"We are ready to explore further ways to build mutual confidence and avoid misunderstandings," Ms. Albright said during a speech in New York at the Asia Society. Echoing some of Khatami's own words, she added: "As the wall of mistrust comes down, we can develop with the Islamic Republic, when it is ready, a road map leading to normal relations."

Current US economic policies of sanctions against Iran, however, and trying to thwart Iran's role in any Caspian Sea oil pipeline deals "remain unchanged." Since the Gulf War, the US has pursued a policy of "dual containment" against Iran and Iraq.

Albright said that "Iran's support for terrorism ... has not ceased," but lauded its efforts to fight drug smuggling across its borders and to mediate a peace in Afghanistan.

Though the US and Iran have signaled a willingness to look toward d/tente, Iran has focused on broad people-to-people exchanges, while the Clinton administration has called for government-to-government talks, which many deem premature.

For Iran, the US move is a recognition that Iran has become too important in the region to ignore. Isolating Iran "has proven costly, unsuccessful, and detrimental to economic development in the entire region," said Iran's ambassador to the United Nations, Hossein-Nejad Hosseinian, in response.

Martin Indyk, US undersecretary of state for Near East affairs, noted that the American move comes at a precarious time for Iran, but the ideological battle suggests that "engaging with us on a government-to-government level is more than the political traffic will bear in Iran at the moment," he said.

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Iraqis ponder World Cup clash of US, Iran foes

Iraqis ponder World Cup clash of US, Iran foes 02:37 a.m. Jun 21, 1998 Eastern

By Dominic Evans

BAGHDAD, June 21 (Reuters) - Iraqi soccer fans were torn over who to support in the World Cup match between Iran and United States on Sunday. In a perfect world, both teams would lose.

How could Iraqis cheer for either of Baghdad's two main battlefield enemies, who wreaked military and economic damage on Iraq during two Gulf Wars and years of international sanctions since then?

Few Iraqis could normally support neighbouring Iran, which Baghdad fought in a ruinous eight-year conflict and still accuses of holding thousands of prisoners of war.

But in a country reeling from sanctions blamed on the United States and where the slogan ``Down USA'' is still scrawled on pavements from its latest crisis with the West, supporting Iran seemed the lesser of two evils.

``I want Iran to win because it's a Moslem country,'' Ali Madhat said seeing the latest World Cup coverage on television in a Baghdad cafe on Saturday night.

Pensioned off from the 1980s Iran-Iraq war when an Iranian rocket blew off the fingers of his right hand and injured his leg, Madhat still found it easier to back his former battlefield foes than Iraq's current tormentors.

``We want Iran. They are better,'' said Khalil Taher, a teacher who stays out until one o'clock every night to watch the football.

Other Iraqis agreed they would sooner see their Moslem neighbours emerge victorious than the United States.

But most people in the packed, steamy cafe in northern Baghdad said they couldn't pick sides in the controversial clash.

``I want to see good football. Politics? No thanks,'' said retired referee Abdullah Saadi, shouting above the sound of Iraqi television commentary and the slap of dominoes on tables.

Iraq failed to reach the World Cup finals when it lost both legs of a qualifying match with Kazakhstan, a humiliating result which led to reports of severe punishments for the Iraqi players.

Saadi blamed Iraq's poor showing on the sanctions which have cut it off from the world.

The national team, Asian champions in the 1980s, are still eligible for international competitions but club sides get barely any foreign fixtures.

``We were masters of Asia... Iraqis are very sporty people. They love sports, especially football,'' moaned Taher.

For the cafe fans, World Cup matches offer some chance to forget the daily grind of life in Iraq under sanctions.

``We can't travel. No one would give us a visa and we don't have money,'' said Madhat. ``At least this gives us something new every day.''

Iraq, Iran discuss war prisoners' releases

Iraq, Iran discuss war prisoners' releases 08:49 a.m. Jun 20, 1998 Eastern

BAGHDAD, June 20 (Reuters) - Senior Iraqi and Iranian officials discussed in Baghdad on Saturday how to step up the release of remaining prisoners from their 1980-88 war.

The official Iraqi News Agency (INA) said Brigadier-General Abdollah Najafi, Iran's top official for POW affairs, met Iraq's Foreign Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf and Defence Minister General Sultan Hashim Ahmed.

INA said Sahaf stressed ``the need to speed up closing what remains of the file on prisoners and missing people through concentrating joint efforts.''

Ahmed said he hoped the talks would bring swift results.

In April the two countries repatriated more than 5,500 prisoners of war, including an Iranian pilot shot down over Iraq just days before Iraqi troops stormed over the border into Iran.

Iran has said 5,000 to 10,000 prisoners are still held by Iraq. Baghdad denies holding any Iranians and has said Tehran still holds about 18,000 Iraqi POWs.

The prisoners are just one issue preventing normalisation in ties between the two neighbours. Iraq is also seeking the return of planes flown to Iran during the 1990-91 Gulf Crisis.

Both countries also host armed rebels committed to the overthrow of each other's governments.

Iran denies Israeli sold it chemical weapons

Iran denies Israeli sold it chemical weapons 01:32 a.m. Jun 20, 1998 Eastern

TEHRAN, June 20 (Reuters) - Iran has denied it bought chemical weapons from an Israeli businessman convicted by an Israeli court of aiding an enemy of the Jewish state by selling them to Tehran.

``Foreign Ministry spokesman Mahmoud Mohammadi here on Friday ruled out remarks made by the Zionist regime's prime minister that an Israeli trader had sold chemical weapons to Iran,'' the official Iranian news agency IRNA said.

Mohammadi was referring to remarks by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday that Nahum Manbar had committed one of the most terrible acts in Israeli history by selling poison gas ingredients and chemical weapons equipment to arch-foe Iran.

The Israeli court found Manbar guilty on Wednesday of aiding an enemy of Israel. He faces a maximum of life in prison at his sentencing next month.

``Mohammadi said such baseless claims by officials of the occupying regime of Quds (Jerusalem) indicate their concern over Iran's diplomatic efforts at the level of international communities to curb the danger posed by Israel's nuclear weapons,'' IRNA said.

He was apparently referring to Iran's call at a U.N. conference in Geneva on Thursday for diplomatic pressure to be exerted on Israel to ``abandon and dismantle its nuclear weapon programmes.''

Israel has never officially acknowledged nuclear capability, saying only, and without elaboration, that it ``would not be the first country to introduce atomic weapons to the Middle East.''

Clinton pursues charm offensive toward Iran

Clinton pursues charm offensive toward Iran 06:52 p.m Jun 18, 1998 Eastern

By Jonathan Wright

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Clinton Thursday reinforced the U.S. charm offensive toward Iran, saying the Islamic country was changing for the better and the United States wanted genuine reconciliation.

U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, speaking in New York on Wednesday evening, offered to explore new confidence building steps with Iran, with the ultimate aim of normal relations with the Islamic republic.

The initial response to Albright was hostile, as with most previous U.S. attempts to bury the enmity of the two decades since Islamists overthrew the Shah of Iran, a U.S. ally.

Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said the United States must change its ``hostile policies'' towards Iran before the two countries could hope to normalize relations.

But Clinton, speaking at a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden, stuck by the new initiative, which follows tentative overtures earlier this year by both Clinton and moderate Iranian President Mohammad Khatami.

``I agree with the remarks made yesterday by Secretary Albright. We talked about them extensively before she made her speech,'' Clinton said.

``What we want is a genuine reconciliation with Iran, based on mutuality and reciprocity and a sense that the Iranians are prepared to move away from support of terrorism and the distribution of dangerous weapons, opposition to the (Middle East) peace process,'' the president added.

``We appreciate the comments that were made by the president (Khatami) several months ago and we are exploring what the future might hold ... We believe Iran is changing in a positive way, and we want to support that,'' he said.

In January Khatami offered dialogue between the Iranian and American peoples but stopped short of offering the government-to-government contacts that Washington is seeking.

The United States took up the offer of closer cultural contacts, in the hope that these will pave the way for official relations at a later stage.

Albright, addressing the Asia Society, noted that since Khatami put out feelers Washington had taken cautious steps, including easing up on visas for Iranians, revising a travel warning and promoting cultural exchanges.

A U.S. wrestling team made a successful and widely publicized visit to Iran for a tournament and their soccer teams are playing in the World Cup in France on Sunday.

``We are ready to explore further ways to build mutual confidence and avoid misunderstandings. The Islamic Republic should consider parallel steps,'' said Albright.

``If such a process can be initiated and sustained in a way that addresses the concerns of both sides, then we in the United States can see the prospect of a very different relationship,'' she added.

Clinton, asked if he was considering a gesture towards Iran, said only that Albright's speech spoke for itself.

But Kharrazi told a news conference in Madrid: ``Until the United States shows that it is ready to have an attitude towards Iran that is based on mutual respect and equality, there won't be very many possibilities for relations.''

He said Albright's speech showed Americans were coming to some new understandings. But no major progress was likely ''until hostile policies of the United States against Iran are changed and they approach Iran with new attitudes'', he added.

State Department spokesman James Rubin said Teheran's immediate response should not be seen as definitive. ``We would expect the officials in Iran to take some time to absorb the significance of the secretary's statements,'' he said.

He said the essence of Albright's speech had been ``to recognize change; to make clear that we intend to exploit opportunities when we see them; and to make clear that it would be irresponsible for the United States, given the importance of Iran in the world, not to try to exploit those opportunities.''

He repeated Washington's willingness to have government-to-government talks with Teheran provided they were publicly acknowledged and at an authoritative level and both sides could raise the issues that concerned them.

The United States and Iran have not had diplomatic ties since after Islamic militants took 52 Americans hostage at the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1979.

A senior U.S. official called Albright's speech ``the first comprehensive, substantive policy statement on Iran'' since Khatami's ground-breaking January interview with CNN.

It follows the important U.S. decision to waive sanctions against France's Total and two other foreign firms which are in a $2 billion gas deal in Iran.

Other factors in U.S. strategy could be the struggle for power inside Iran between Khatami's supporters and conservative clerics, as well as the nuclear tests by nearby India and Pakistan, which put southwest Asia back into the spotlight.

WC98-Iran want victory - and better U.S. ties

Soccer-World Cup-Iran want victory - and better U.S. ties 09:53 a.m. Jun 21, 1998 Eastern

By Kaveh Basmenji

TEHRAN, June 21 (Reuters) - An Iran victory over the United States and better relations between the two countries are the hopes of Iranian fans ahead of Sunday's World Cup match in Lyon.

A narrow 1-0 defeat by Yugoslavia has raised Iran expectations they could beat the American team, but they are also looking to see how the game could affect ties with their arch-foes.

In a speech taped with the Univision cable channel to be aired during Sunday's game, U.S. President Bill Clinton called for better understanding between two countries that have had bitter relations for almost 20 years.

``As we cheer today's game between American and Iranian athletes, I hope it can be another step toward ending the estrangement between our nations,'' he said in remarks released ahead of the broadcast.

Washington broke diplomatic relations with Tehran in 1980, months after radical students seized the American embassy in Tehran and held 52 embassy staff hostage for 444 days.

Young soccer-loving Tehranis were as hopeful about a rapprochement with the United States as they were confident of defeating the American team.

``They (the Americans) are not good at football, but they are good people, and as Mr Khatami said, we have got to boost relations with their people,'' said Hamid, an 18-year-old student.

Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, a moderate cleric, has urged increased dialogue between people of the countries to bring about a ``crack in the wall of mistrust.''

``Over the past year, President Mohammad Khatami and I have both worked to encourage more people-to-people exchanges and help our citizens develop a better understanding of each other's rich civilisations,'' Clinton said in his World Cup message.

It was not clear, however, whether Iran authorities were prepared to broadcast the Clinton statement on state television.

Iranian newspapers, in early reaction to an accelerating U.S. drive to revive diplomatic ties to the Islamic Republic, greeted the news with a mixture of scepticism and outright hostility.

The coaches of both teams have stressed the importance of simply playing football, despite the fuss and controversy surrounding the match.

Iran coach Jalal Talebi said Iran would unveil a surprise for their American rivals even before a ball is kicked. Asked whether there will be a sporting exchange between the two teams, he said: ``I believe more than that. I believe we'll do something extra.''

Hardline papers in Iran last week warned against the two sides exchanging jerseys after the match. But few fans appeared to take that warning seriously.

``I think something will happen... They may even embrace each other, like the wrestlers did,'' said Farshid, 22, referring to a visit by a team of American wrestlers to Iran in February.

Meanwhile, youngsters armed with Iranian flags and horns were ready to hit the capital's streets after a hoped-for victory. Kick-off is at 11.30 p.m., holding out prospects of late night celebrations in the usually staid capital.

U.S., Iran to play politically charged match

U.S., Iran to play politically charged match 04:32 a.m. Jun 21, 1998 Eastern

LYON, France (Reuters) - Two countries with a nightmarish political history will be playing for their soccer lives in Group F on the field in Lyon, where the United States and Iran contest their long-awaited showdown Sunday.

Iran (0-1-0 in Group F), which was the last of the 32 nations to qualify for the World Cup, began hostile relations with the United States in November 1979, when it held a group of Americans hostage for 444 days until January 20, 1981, the day of Ronald Reagan's presidential inauguration.

Since the hostage incident, neither country has carried a flattering opinion of the other. American flags have burned in the streets of Iran, while people in the United States have enjoyed throwing darts at pictures of Ayatollah Khomeini, in addition to using toilet paper with his likeness.

Because of the magnitude of the game, the players for each nation realize there is more at stake than the three points awarded to the winner.

There is significant governmental opposition to soccer in Iran, as evidenced by the national team's constant coaching changes, though a great part of the populous is addicted to the game. With the hopes of their countrymen in the balance, the Iranian team has also made it a mission to improve the world's view of its people with its showing on the pitch.

Things are slightly different for the Americans, who, because of the hatred of their opponent, should have a much bigger audience than normal stateside. Team USA (0-1-0) has a chance to turn otherwise casual sports fans into soccer buffs with a beating of the Iranians.

Aside from the political motives of the game, the two non-favorites of Group F need a win to maintain realistic hopes of moving on to the second round, though it already seems a foregone conclusion that Iran will miss out.

In its opener, Iran was beaten 1-0 by Yugoslavia, while Team USA fell 2-0 to Germany. To advance, Iran needs to beat the Americans and then earn at least a tie with powerhouse Germany, at the same time needing the USA to beat Yugoslavia.

For the Americans, the hopes for advancing are significantly more realistic. A win over Iran is a good possibility, but the Americans would also benefit greatly if Germany beats Yugoslavia earlier in the day.

That would leave the Americans with a straight-up battle for advancement into the second round against Yugoslavia in Nantes on Thursday.

A draw in this game benefits neither Iran nor the Americans, though it would keep both alive.

Since neither opponent scored in the first game, both will be looking to get their attacks on track. USA appeared to get in gear in the second half against Germany, but Juergen Klinsmann took care of snuffing the momentum with a goal in the 64th minute to make it 2-0.

The 3-6-1 formation that the Americans were expected to use was played more like a 4-5-1 as the USA came out in a clearly conservative approach, aiming for a draw against the Germans. They are likely to take more chances against the less dangerous Iranians, relying more on goalkeeper Kasey Keller to keep the opposition off the board.

Iran allowed only Sinisa Mihajlovic's goal in the 73rd minute in its heartbreaking defeat to Yugoslavia June 14. The Iranians remained close on the scoreboard and was outshot just 11-9. It slowed the Yugoslavian attack with 30 fouls, though it received no cautions or red cards.

Iran press unimpressed by U.S. diplomatic drive

Full story Iran press unimpressed by U.S. diplomatic drive 05:36 a.m. Jun 20, 1998 Eastern

By Jonathan Lyons

TEHRAN, June 20 (Reuters) - Iranian newspapers, in early reaction to an accelerating U.S. drive to revive diplomatic ties with the Islamic republic, greeted the news on Saturday with a mixture of scepticism and outright hostility.

Conservative dailies dismissed the U.S. bid for reconciliation as the latest ploy from the ``Great Satan,'' with one vowing President Bill Clinton would carry any dream of restored ties to his grave.

Newspapers identified with moderate President Mohammad Khatami, however, largely preferred to present news of the offer without commentary, reflecting the explosive nature of anything to do with the United States.

That caution reflects fears of some Iranian and foreign analysts that by placing much of its hopes publicly on Khatami, the White House risks provoking a conservative backlash against the popular but institutionally weak president.

Jomhuri Eslami, an organ of the hardliners, denounced the U.S. move in a front-page commentary, headlined ``The Satan's New Roar.''

The newspaper said the United States had revealed its ``true face'' by repeating its allegations that Iran was sponsoring terrorism and seeking to acquire weapons of mass destruction -- charges the Islamic republic emphatically denies.

The daily charged U.S. officials were seeking to make a distinction between the moderate Khatami, elected in a surprise landslide one year ago, and other Iranian leaders.

Khatami kicked off the current round of careful diplomacy in a television interview in January that first held out hopes of better U.S.-Iranian relations.

``This shows that the American president is hypocritically trying to divide the Islamic Republic's authorities...This is a dream the present American president will take to the grave,'' Jomhuri Eslami said.

``It is America who should pay the costs of its improper and hostile actions against the Iranian nation and it is too naive to expect that Iran would step towards better relations with the White House,'' said Qods, which is linked to a powerful religious endowment run by conservative Shi'ite Moslem clerics.

Even the labour newspaper Kar-va-Kargar, which generally supports Khatami, slammed the U.S. initiative.

``With this new message the Americans have embarked on a new psychological operation which is in fact a change of tactics, not strategy. There is no doubt that the long-term strategy of the United States is the elimination of the revolutionary government and uprooting the Islamic system in the world,'' it said.

By contrast, most moderate newspapers carried front-page reports of the U.S. charm offensive from the official Iranian news agency IRNA, with little or no commentary.

In one of the few exceptions, the English-language Iran News called the U.S. proposals ``unprecedented'' but said Washington must now offer concrete steps, such as the lifting of sanctions against Iran and the freeing of Iranian assets frozen in U.S. banks for 19 years.

The Persian-language Iran relied simply on a cartoon of Clinton and Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi volleying a soccer ball across a ping-pong table, a reference to the ``ping-pong'' diplomacy that ended decades of estrangement between Washington and Beijing.

World Cup teams from the United States and Iran, each badly in need of victory, meet on Sunday in Lyon, France, in what many ordinary Iranians hope will prove another gentle step toward normalisation with Washington.

They also confidently predict an Iranian victory, likely to set off the kind of joyous street celebrations -- virtually unknown in this staid society -- that greeted Iran's last-minute qualification for the world soccer extravaganza.

Clinton has taped remarks calling for better bilateral ties, to be broadcast during the World Cup match. It is unclear what, if any, response Iranian authorities may have prepared.

Iranian coach Jalal Talebi, refusing to divulge any secrets, has only promised reporters ``something extra.''

The United States cut ties after Iranian students occupied the U.S. embassy in Tehran and took 52 Americans hostage during the 1979 revolution that deposed the U.S.-backed Shah.

vzyr kSvr ayran astyxaH Sd

This file was created by pfont to Gerdsooz Applet to be able to read this file in Farsi, you have to use gerdsooz for Windows or use the program at: http://www.payvand.com/gerdsooz =begin= Smarh Krj , 86 vzyrkSvr ayran astyxaH Sd .......................... thran - ayrna, 13 Krdad 7731 brabr ba 12 Jvin 8991 "ebdallh nvry" vzyr kSvr jmhvry as__lamy ayran bedaz Xhr ykSnbh ba mKalft 731 nfr az nmayndgan mjls ntvanst mjdda az mjls Svray aslamy ray aetmad ksb knd v astyxaH Sd dr payan yk jlsh hft saeth tnh_a 711 nf_r az nmayndgan bh vy ray aetmad v11 nfr nyz ray mmtne dadnd 13 tn az nmayndgan mjls S_vray aslamy 02 Krdad mah ba amxay namhay ba envan aynkh "adamh Kdmat ebdallh nvry bh envan vzyr kSvr mane AramS v cbat kSvr ast" , Kvastar astyxaH vy Sdnd. dr jlsh elny amrvz mjls Svray aslamy SS tn az mvafqan astyxaH vzyr kSvr bh ayrad sKn prdaKth v sps ebdallh nvry dr dv nvbt v Ghar t_n az nmayndgan mKalf astyxaH aySan , bh mvard astyxaH vzyr kSvr pasK dadnd. "mHmd Katmy" ryy_s jmhvry s_h mah frCt dard ta frd jdydy ra bray aHraz pst vzart kSvr , b_ray ksb ray aetmad bh mjls Svray aslamy merfy knd -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. Smarh Krj , 470 mStrkyngramy lTfa bjay Kbr Smarh 86 az Kbr Zyl astfadh nmayyd vzyr kSvr ayran az mjls ray edm aetmad grft .................................................... thran - ayrna, 13 Krdad 7731 brabr ba 12 Jvin 8991 "ebdallh nvry" vzyr kSvr jmhvry as__lamy ayran bedaz Xhr ykSnbh ba mKalft 731 nfr az nmayndgan mjls ntvanst mjdda az mjls Svray aslamy ray aetmad ksb knd dr payan yk jlsh hft saeth tnh_a 711 nf_r az nmayndgan bh vy ray aetmad v11 nfr nyz ray mmtne dadnd 13 tn az nmayndgan mjls S_vray aslamy 02 Krdad mah ba amxay namhay ba envan aynkh "adamh Kdmat ebdallh nvry bh envan vzyr kSvr mane AramS v cbat kSvr ast" , Kvastar astyxaH vy Sdnd. dr jlsh elny amrvz mjls Svray aslamy SS tn az mvafqan astyxaH vzyr kSvr bh ayrad sKn prdaKth v sps ebdallh nvry dr dv nvbt v Ghar t_n az nmayndgan mKalf astyxaH aySan , bh mvard astyxaH vzyr kSvr pasK dadnd. "mHmd Katmy" ryy_s jmhvry s_h mah frCt dard ta frd jdydy ra bray aHraz pst vzart kSvr , b_ray ksb ray aetmad bh mjls Svray aslamy merfy knd * 931 * saet , 92,71 tmam =end=

Irna: nHvh ray gyry dr jryan astyxaH vzyr kSvr

This file was created by pfont to Gerdsooz Applet to be able to read this file in Farsi, you have to use gerdsooz for Windows or use the program at: http://www.payvand.com/gerdsooz =begin=

Smarh Krj , 370 nHvhraygyry dr jryan astyxaH vzyr kSvr ........................................ thran - ayrna, 13 Krdad 7731 brabr ba 12 Jvin 8991 "elyakbr naTqnvry" dr payan AKryn dvr sKnan astyxaHknndgan v vzyr kSvr dr KCvC nHvh raygyry gft, ayn raygyry br asas aCl 531 qanvn asasy v tfsyr Svray nghban az ayn aCl Cvrt mygyrd. vy dr adamh tCryH krd, br asas tfsyr Svray nghban ray drbarh "edm aetmad bh vzyr kSvr" dadh mySvd Gra kh vzyr pyS az an daray ray aetmad bvdh ast naTq nvry afzvd, nmayndgany k_h T_rfdar astyxaH v mvafq ezl vzyr kSvr hstnd "ray sfyd" mydhnd v nmayndgany k_h mK_alf astyx__aH v az Trfdaran abqai vzyr kSvr hstnd , "ray kbvd" Kvahnd dad. riys mjls hmGnyn dr mvrd Aray mmtne gft, astfadh az "kart zrd" nyz bh mannd kart kbvd bh meny mvafqt ba abqai vzyr kSvr ast vzyr kSvr bed az Xhr ykSnbh az mjmve 562 ray ba 731 "ray sfyd" ba edm aetmad nmayndgan mjls mvajh v az ayn smt brknar Sd. dr hngam merfy aexay dvlt "mHmd Katmy " dr 92 mrdadmah s_al 6731 "ebdallh nvry" az mjmve 362 ray ba 351 ray mvafq v tnha 98 ray mKalf v 12 ray mmtne az mjls ray aetmad grfth bvd * 931 * saet , 54,71 tmam =end=

IRNA: vzyrkSvr bh mvard astyxaH Kvd pasK dad

This file was created by pfont to Gerdsooz Applet to be able to read this file in Farsi, you have to use gerdsooz for Windows or use the program at: http://www.payvand.com/gerdsooz =begin=

vzyrkSvr bh mvard astyxaH Kvd pasK dad)1 ( ............................................ thran - ayrna 13 Krdad 7731 brabr ba 12 Jvin 8991 ps azsKnan SS tn az nmayndgan mvafq astyxaH vzyr kSvr, " ebda... nvry " bh pasKgvyy ayradaty kh az svy anan mTrH Sdh bvd prdaKt. vy gft , hr Gh dr mTalby kh mTrH Sd byStr dqt krdm aHsas krdm mTlb jdy vjvd ndard v Gh bsa kh brKy aSkalat jzyy kh dr aynjamTrH Sd, mytvanst az Trq dygr Hl v fCl Svd nvry ba aXhar ayn mTlb kh dr rabTh ba ray aetmad v ya edm aetmad hyGgvnh dQdQhay ndard , afzvd , amydvarm mjls Svray aslamy ba aetbar v ezt btvand msvvlythay Kvd ra dr zmynhhay mKtlf nXarty anjam dhd v dvlt hm btvand bh vXyfh pasKgvyy Kvd bh Kvby eml knd vzyr kSvr adamh dad , amydvarm ma hm bray bqa dr ayn ealm rah nafrmany v meCyt ra pyS ngyrym v bh drvQ v Hq kSy mtvsl nSvym , mn fkr myknm mnasb bvd dr bHc astyxaH mvard bTvr rvSn bray astyxaHSvndh mTrH mySd grGh ta Hdvdy aSarh Sdh mannd anjam mCaHbhha v ezl v nCbha vly Tbyeta ksy kh myKvahd astyxaH Svd nmydand kdam ezl v nCb mvrd nXr bvdh v hmyn baec mySvd kh astyxaHSvndh ntvand pasK dhd. vy ba aSarh bh bHc emdh astyxaHknndgan pyramvn ezl v nCbhay anjam Sdh dr vzart kSvr tCryH krd , Hdaql dr rabTh ba mdyryt astanha mn dr Hd amkan antCab anha ra ba mjls Svray aslamy hmahng krdm v rvy ayn mvxve Hsasyt daStm v bsyary az ksany kh mnCvb Sdnd Hty bKaTr aCrar nmayndgan mjls Svray aslamy dr mnTqh mvrd nXr, bvdh ast vzyr kSvr afzvd , dr artbaT ba frmandaran hm ta Hd amkan bray hmahngy ba mjls Svray aslamy aqdam Sdh ast ama nbayd kary knym kh astandar bgvyd mn dr qbal frmandar tHmyl Sdh msvvlyty ndarm v Hty dr artbaT ba frmandar njf abad hm kh bHc Sd nXryh vzart aTlaeat ra dr aKtyar darym v Tbq rval kary dr artbaT ba hmh antCabha ayn kar ra anjam dadym nvry adamh dad , nsbt bh tmam ksany kh Hkm grfthand, astelam Cvrt grfth v dr dv ya sh mvrd astelamha az Trf ma eml nSdh kh frmandar njf abad jzi anha nbvdh v aynkh vanmvd Svd vzart kSvr msayl ra az mjary qanvny dnbal nmyknd drst nyst , balaKrh az trybvn mjls asm afrady brdh mySvd v mTalby bh anha nsbt dadh mySvd dr Haly kh KvdSan nmytvannd byaynd v dfae knnd vzyr kSvr az aHtmal brvz " jryansazy " dr qbal bexy az antCab hay anjam Sdh abraz ngrany krd v gft , aynkh nmySvd agr ma Kvastym az grvhy az mdyrany kh bh dlayly mnzvy Sdh bvdnd astfadh knym bh anha atham bznym ta mdyran qbly abqai Svnd vy az nmayndgan mjls Svray aslamy Kvast ta svabq kary , tHCylat v Hxvr dr jbhh mdyran jdyd ra ba dvrh qbl mqaysh knnd ta astyxaH slyqhay v br asas tSKyChay SKCy Cvrt ngyrd v mstnd bh qanvn eml Svd vzyr kSvr xmn yadAvry mTalby kh bh sKnan meavn syasy vzart kSvr " nsbt dadh Sdh bvd " aXhar daSt , mn vaqea nmydanm sKnan meavn syasy vzart kSvr drst ast ya nyst v ayn sKnan gfth Sdh ya nSdh ast , mn bh hmkaran Kvd dr vzart kSvr gftm kh ayn mvard ra brrsy krdh v CHt v ya sqm an ra pygyry knnd vzyr kSvr dr hmyn rabTh axafh krd , dr vzart kSvr kh dhha ezl v nCb Cvrt grfth v dhha sKnrany v mCaHbh anjam Sdh bayd mvard bhTvr mSKC v rvSn astKraj Svd v angah dr mvrd anha vzyr kSvr mvrd sval qrar gyrd vy gft , mn nmyKvahm bKaTr Klafy kh mmkn ast az svy frmandar ya bKSdary Cvrt bgyrd bh jhnm brvm , ama aynkh Gnd mvrd bKCvC antKab Sdh v bzrgnmayy Svd, Sayd arzSmnd nbvdh v byanCafy baSd

vzyrkSvr bh mvard astyxaH Kvd pasK dad )2( ........................................... thran - ayrna 13 Krdad 7731 brabr ba 12 Jvin 8991 "ebdallh nvry" vzyr kSvr drbarh sKnan brKy aznmayndgan drmvrd Hmayt av az Shrdar thran , gft, mvxve Shrdary thran, pyS az Ankh mn vard ayn vzartKanh Svm mTrH bvd v mn ta pnj mah ps az tCdy ayn msvvlyt ,nsbt bh An skvt krdm. "ebdallh nvry" axafh krd, mn dr eyn Hal khbCvrt klamy draynbarh skvt krdm, vly rayznyhayy nyz dr ayn zmynh anjam dadm Grakh fkr nmyknm ayn Syvh brKvrd , bh ClaH mdyryt ajrayy kSvr bvdh ast. vy gft ,avlyn bar, zmany kh dr merfy TrH bzrgy dr astandary arvmyh sKnrany mykrdm, gftm "az zHmat tmam mdyran Shrdary , az Shrdary thran grfth ta arvmyh, tSkr myknm." vzyr kSvr afzvd, brKy az rvznamhha Gh merkhhayy kh grftnd v gftnd kh mn az Shrdary thran dfae krdm. Aya vxeman bh aynja rsy_dh kh dr Hd "nvry" drbarh ayn mTlb kh gfthmySvd"dr kar qvay dygr dKalt krdhast" bh mmanet Kvd az hr gvnh aXhar nXr nsbt bh prvndhShrdary thran, elyrQm prsShay Kbrngaran aSarh krd. vy gft , mn hmvarh takyd mykrdm kh ayn msalh , dr HyTh ClaHyt dstgah vzyr kSvr KTab bh nmayndgan aXhar daSt, bdanyd kh vaqea tvTihay dr kar ast ta nsl jvan v rvSn v danSgahy ra az ma v anqlab v rvH_anyt jda knd. ma nbayd abzar ayn kar ra bh dst anan dhym v lazm ast ba drayt eml knym. "ebdallh nvry" axafhkrd,dr bsyary mvard, Sayd mn bh envan yk rvHany v ya An danSgahy aStbahy knd khnyazy bh tZkr daSthbaSd.ama agr nsnjydh vy yadAvr Sd kh " ps az anqlab ,bray vHdt, zHmat zyady kSydh Sdh ast v nbayd tmamy Anha ra ba aqdamy nsnjydh az byn brd." vzyr kSvr dr ayn zmynh kh" ablaQyh qvh qxaiyh bray telyq Hkm Shrdar thran ra ajra nkrdh ast" , gft , az mn pyS az ayn myprsydyd v mn pasK mydadm kh "blh, ajra Sdh ast." "nvry" dr mvrd aynkh Gh aqdamaty dr Tvl dstgyry Shrdar thran anjam dadhast , aelam krd ,"gftnd mn dr vzart kSvr, stad bHran v stad astqbal tSkyl dadm.mn nmydanm ayn stadha kja bvdhkhKvdm hm az An byaTlae hstm." vy KaTr nSan krd, vzart kSvr, tnha aqdam bh tSkyl "nmaySgah thran" krdh ast kh An hm bh tvCyh hyat dvlt bvd, Gra kh hyat dvlt Kvastar bh merx emvm gZaSth Sdn emlkrd Shrdary thran bvd. "ebdallh nvry" gft, mn bhmtCdyan ayn nmaySgah tZkr dadm khHq ndarnd hyG fealyty dr jht "nfy" anjam dhnd , zyra , tSkyl Gnyn nmaySgahy Crfa ba jnbh "acbaty Shrdary thran" Cvrt grfth ast. vy afzvd , zmany kh Kbr dstvr mqam meXm rhbry mbny br Azady Shrdar thran, pKS mySd, dr hyat dvlt bvdm v az Tryq tlfn,bh mtCdyan nmaySgah gftm kh An rateTyl knnd. vzyr kSvr afzvd, dr AQazyn rvzhay sal jdyd , hng_amy kh hyat dvlt myKvast kar Kvd ra Srve knd, ba ayn msalh rvbrv Sd khyky az mdyran layq v mvfqS kh nqS avl ra dr sazndgy amalqray aslam daSth ast, bdvn hyGgvnh hmahngy dstgyr mySvd. "nvry" axafh krd, Aya pyS az ayn khAqay krbasGy bray pasK bh svalha bh dadgah myrftnd v ya Hty aknvn kh dadgah aySan bh Tvr elny dr srasr kSvr pKS mySvd, hyGyks az janb ma, Hrfy draynbarh zdhast ? vy prsyd,zmany kh yky az qvytryn msivlan ajrayy nXam kh daray tHCylat danSgahy v Hvzvy ast, mvrd aetmad amam ast v sabqh mbarzaty dard, bdvn hyG mqdmh tvsT qaxy Hkm bazdaSt dryaft myknd, kdamyk az mdyran ajrayy kSvr Sjaet v Shamt kar krdn Kvahnd daSt? vzyr kSvr gft, mn bh df_ae az mdyryt brKastm v aftKar hm myknm kh ngZaStm dstgyry vy , bh kl mdyryt kSvr Asyb brsand v e_lavh br ayn, bh hmh mdyran ajrayy astanha takyd krdm kh bayd kartan ra adamh dhy_d v dlsrd nSvyd. "nvry" drbarh bHc tqsymat kSvry gft , AnGh kh dr T_rH astyxaH Amdh "taKyr ya tvqf dr ajray vXayf qanvny vzart kSvr" ast kh"tqsymat kSvry" yky az mCdaqhay An envan Sdh ast. vy afzvd, ma nsbt bh kdam vXyfh qanvny Kvd kvtah Amdhaym?vzart kSvr elavh br" tvseh syasy" vXayf mteddy hmGvn aHzab,amnyt v Svraha ra dard kh dr hyG mvrd An, kvtahy nSdh ast. vzyr kSvr yadAvr Sd, az 9 mah pyS bh ayn sv, ba fe_al krdn mdyryt tqsymat kSvry , sey Sd kh Hty pyS az mhlt teyyn Sdh az svy mjls , TrH tqsymat kSvry tdvyn Svd kh dr mvrd astan Krasan , ayn ms_alh dr asfnd sal 67 payan yaft. "ebdallh nvry" aznmayndgan Kvast kh " msail ra dqyq v AnGnankh hst, mTrH knnd" v gft, barha ba 52 nmayndh astan Krasan dr mjls Svray aslamy jlsh gZaStym v nXrat bsyary az afrad az msvvlan ajrayy An mnTqh ta mrdm ra grftym. vy afzvd kh ayn TrH, Amadh araih bh mjls ast v agr taknvn Gnyn kary nSdh , bh dlyl brKy tbeat An v parhay mlaHXat amnyty bvdh ast. "nvry" drbarh " edm pasKgvyy eady v mnTbq ba tvCyh Hxrt amam)rh( bh nmayndgan mjls", gft , ayn Kvd , bhanhay Sdh kh tblyQ Svd vzyr kSvr bh nmayndgan aHtram nmygZard, edhay mygvynd kh mn Anqdr mqtdrm kh j_vab nmayndgan ra nmydhm v parhay hm An ranSan tkbr mn mydannd. vy afzvd, hr dv ayn aXharnXrha Klaf ast. mn nhAnqdr mtkbr v nh Anqdr mqtdr hstm.mn aqtdar msvvlan ra drayn mydanm kh ba aHtram bh nmayndgan, bh Hrf Anha gvS dhnd v Anqdr kfayt daSth baSnd kh pasKgvy msail baSnd vAnqdr Shamt daSth baSnd kh agraStbahy krdnd, An ra bpZyrnd. vzyr kSvr jmlhhayy ra az Hxrt amam dr mvrd astyxaH nql krd v gft , "Hq nmayndgan ast kh az hr anHraf v Klaf kh az vzra v adarat mybynnd bh Hkm qanvny jlvgyry knnd v dvlt ra ta Hd astyxaH bkSannd , vly frq ast byn nXart v astyxaH v byn eyb jvyy v antqamgyry ,vayn frq ra hmh ks ps az rjve bh vjdan KvyS myfhmd." "ebdallh nvry" bh zmany aSarh krd kh bray pas_K bh s_valhayy bh kmysyvn daKly mjls Amdh bvd v afzvd , amam tvCyh k_rdnd kh m_sail dr kmysyvn mTrH v Hl Svd , vly frday An rvz , mtn CHbtha dr kmysyvn radr rvznamhha Gap krdnd. vy axafh krd, mn bh aexay kmysyvn gftm "fkr myknm nXr amam ayn bvd kh kmtr ayn mbaHc bh mjame emvmy kSydh Svd, ama ba ayn kar, dv bar ast kh Gnyn mySvd, yk bar dr kmysyvn, v bar dygr hm dr CHn mjls." vzyr kSvr afzvd, dr pasK bh mn gfth Sd kh Kbr mrbvT bh mbaHcat , az Tryq kmysyvn bh rvznamhha dadh nSdh ast. albth mn Amdn bh mjls v pasK bh svalha ra vXyfh Kvd mydanm.

thran - ayrna 13 Krdad 7731 brabr ba 12 Jvin 8991 vzyr kSvr dr adamh sKnanS dr pasK bh mvxvehay mTrH Sdh drbarh msayl Shrhay "njf abad" v "aCfhan" , az svy astyxaHknndgan gft , tSkr myknm az astyxaHknndgan kh brKy az msayly ra kh Sayd TrH an az trybvn bh mClHt mly nbaSd ra mTrH nkrdnd. vy gft , AnGh ra kh fkr myknm bh mClHt nXam nyst mTrH nmyknm ama ja daSt ta az vzyr kSvr devt mySd ta tvxyH dhd. "nvry" afzvd , mn dr vzart kSvr baSm ya nbaSm , ayn frCt bh mn v vzart kSvr dadh Svd ta dr yky az nSsthay Qyr elny shSnbh mjls , nqTh nXratman ra kh Crfa br asas mnafe mly v nXam TraHy Sdh , mTrH knym vzyr kSvr dr bKS dygry azsKnanS ba aSarh bhemlkrd dstgahhay ajrayy Ty salhay aKyr gft ,dr sal 86 v 37 msayl bsyar sadhtry pyS amd v tSnjy kh dr bexy az mnaTq kSvr pyS amd qabl mqaysh ba amrvz nbvd. vy tCryH krd , AnGh kh dr Tvl ayn mdt atfaq aftadh , ba mjmveh atfaqaty kh vjvd daSth , aCla qabl qyas ba gZSth nyst vzyr kSvr gft , mhmtryn mvxve dr dstvr kar vzart kSvr drKCvC msalh njf abad ayn bvd kh ta anja kh amkan dard ma Kvrak bray bygangan tvlyd nknym v dr ayn rasta vzart kSvr karhay zyady ra anjam dadh ast. "nvry" baaSarh bh aynkh brKvrdhay "tnd v KSn" mytvanst dr aynbarh mSklat zyady ra bvjvd avrd , gft , mn dr araih nXratm hyG gvnh mmaSaty ndarm v fkr nknyd kh mn ahl tqyh v mjamlh hstm v nXratm ra mytrsm byan knmnXratm ra bh raHty v bray rxay Kda dr Svray ealy amnyt mly byan krdh am vy gft , agr tnha mrdm az ayn jlsh bhrhmnd mySdnd aSkaly nbvd vly namHrman gvSSan bh ayn Cda ast v mClHt nyst brKy msayl ra mTrH knm v KvahS myknm kh jlshay brgzar Svd ta dydgahhay Kvd ra dr ayn KCvC mTrH knm "nvry" afzvd , dr Tvl ayn mdt , aqdamaty kh vzart kSvr v astandary aCfhan v frmandary njf abad anjam dadh bgvnhay bvdh ast kh mvrd tqdyr v tSkr riys jmhvry qrar grfth ast vzyr kSvr gft,ma dr mvxve njf abad az abead mKtlf bh An prdaKthaym kh yky az anha mvxve amnyty v antXamy bvdhast v ayn hmh aqdamat nbvdh ast vy afzvd , dr KCvC msalh njf abad jlsat bsyar zyady dr sTH Svray tamyn , metmdyn , astandary v ... brgzar Sd v SrayT v vxeyt v svabq njf abad bray hmh SnaKth Sdh ast "nvry" axafh krd,ma dr brKy azSrayT dGar ngrany mySdym v dr mvardy kh nyaz bh fealythay antXamy bvdh , anjam Sdh ast vy takyd krd , dr KCvC msalh njf abad az hmh evamly kh lazm bvdh bhrh bgyrym , bhrh grfthaym v ma nbayd bgZarym kh Skl msalh bgvnh ay baSd kh xrr nXam v anqlab dr An baSd. vzyr kSvr gft , dr mjmve anGh dr njfabad v aCfhan anjam Sdh mjmveh dstavrd hmh msivlan nXam ast v ayn byanCafy ast kh yk nfr ra mthm knym. " nvry " adamh dad ,dr aynja ) mjls Svray aslamy ( mTrH Sd kh mn az frdy astfadh krdham kh mrbvT bh flan band ast v ya aynkh mqld flan mrje astmn alan hm nmydanm kh frmandar mqld kyst v ayn ra vXyfh Kvd nyz nmydanm. vy gft , ma nbayd nsbt bh ksy kh 8 sal dr jng bvdh ,bradr dv Shyd ast v jzv zHmt kSydhhay anqlab ast msaily ra mTrH knym v bhrhay bbrym v dr qyamt ntvanym pasKgv baSym "nvry" ayn sval ra mTrH krd kh"ayn aTlaeat kh gfth mySvd, mstndat An Gyst ? kjast v Gh ksy aelam krdhast ? gzarS Kbrngaran grvh syasy "ayrna" Haky ast , adamh pasK vzyr kSvr bh jlsh bedazXhr amrvz mjls Svray aslamy kh qrar ast saet 41 aQaz Svd , mvkvl Sd. vzyr kSvr dr ayn jlsh dfaeyat Kvd ra py mygyrd.

thran - ayrna, 13 Krdad 7731 brabr ba 12 Jvin 8991 "ebdallh nvry" vzyr kSvr ayran dr jlsh bedaz Xhr ykSnbh mjls Svray aslamy kh saet 02,41 AQaz Sd , dr pasK bh msail mTrH Sdh drKCvC " vxeyt mrzha v amnyt kSvr " tCryH krd, jmhvry aslamy ayran drhmsaygy bsyary az kSvrhast kh msail v mSklat ayn kSvrha , acr emyqy br msail ayran dard nvry az "astqrar grvh Talban , kSt KSKaS , Srarthay qaGaqGyan , vxeyt bd meySty mrdm afQanstan v pakstan v naamny dr ayn kSvrha " bh envan brKy az msail v mSklaty kh dr mnaTq mrzy Srq kSvr mvcr ast nam brd. vy gft , amrvz mrzhay kSvr byS az ankh bh TrHhay nXamy nyazmnd baSd , bh TrHhay aqtCady , amnyty , ajtmaey v syasy nyazmnd ast nvry afzvd , dSmnan anqlab aslamy elavh br thajm frhngy dr tlaSnd ta myan Hkvmt v dvltmrdan v mrdm faClh byandaznd. vzyr kSvr mhmtryn hdf dSmnan ra srkvb v thdyd fxay aram kSvr danst v KaTrnSan krd, mnSai hmh fealytha nXamy nyst v bsyary az anha az Karj hdayt mySvd. vy drbarh aqdamat vzart kSvr dr KCvC tamyn amnyt v afzayS xryb amnyt dr mrzhay kSvr aXhar daSt , ngrS bh msail mrzy , ngrSy hmh janbh bvdh v feal krdn bazarGhhay mrzy dr nqaT mKtlf mrzy,nqS mvcry dr ayjad v gstrS amnyt dr mrzha daSth ast vzyr kSvr az "mSarkt mrznSynan " bh envan eaml mhmy dr tamyn amnyt dr mrzhay kSvr nam brd v KaTrnSan krd,bayd Hs mSarkt dr ayn KCvC tqvyt Svd v msail mrzy yk svyh nyst nvry az mjls Kvast ta nsbt bh SnaKt nyazhay asasy mrznSynan v tlaS dr jht Hl mSklat mKtlf mrznSynan gam brdard. vy gft , CHbthay brKy az nmayndgan astyxaHknndh Haky az ayn bvd kh dr mnaTq mrzy bytvjhy Sdh dr Halykh vaqeythay amary ayn ) gfthha ( ra tayyd nmyknd. vy afzvd , dr astan systan v blvGstan SaKCha nSandhndh bhbvd SrayT ast bh gvnhay kh vqve srqt , qtl emd v adm rbayy bh trtyb 73 , 82 v 71 drCd kahS daSth ast nvry gft, nbayd bHcha bgvnhay mTrH Svd kh kSvry mcl jmhvry aslamy ayran naamn jlvh dadh Svd

vzyrkSvr bh mvard astyxaH pasK dad )5( ....................................... thran - ayrna 13 Krdad 7731 brabr ba 12 Jvin 8991 vzyr kSvr dr artbaT ba brgzary rahpymayy v tSkyl ajtmaeat , gft , brgzary rahpymayy v tjme , Tbq qanvn asasy v mCvbat mjls , Hq Tbyey afrad v grvhha bvyJh grvhhayy ast kh daray mjvz az vzart kSvrhstnd. vy afzvd , hyG madh qanvny vzart kSvr ra mjaz nmydand kh azbrgzary ajtmae azsvy yk grvh kh drGarGvb mqrrat fealyt myknd , jlvgyry nmayd. vzyrkSvr ba byan ayn mTlb khsyast nXam vdvlt dr rastay tamyn Azady grvhha vaHzab mSrve ast , gft , kmysyvn madh 01 aHzab bhTvr mrtb tSkyl jlsh mydhd vbray aHzab v grvhha mjvz Cadr myknd. vy dr hmyn zmynh adamh dad , kmysyvn mzbvr bh Gh mnXvrbray tSklhay gvnagvn mjvz Cadr myknd, agr qrar baSd ayn grvhha fealyt syasy ndaSth baSnd , ps Gra bray Anha mjvz Cadr myknym ? vzyrkSvrafzvd, Tbyey ast kh bh tKlfat aHtmaly Anha nyz rsydgy Sdh v tCmymat lazm atKaZ mySvd. "nvry" gft , aCvla qxavt qbl az vqve jrm xmn Ankh KTa ast , baec brKvrdhay slyqhay ba qanvn Sdh v An ramKdvS mysazd, ajray qanvn drmvrd Klafkaran Garhsaz nhayy ast , agrqanvn dr hmh mvard ajra Svd mSkly pyS nmyayd mSkl ayn ast kh nCf qanvn dr mvrd brgzary tjme eml Svd v qsmt dygr yeny brKvrdba mtKlfyn ajranSvd. vy drhmyn zmynh axafh krd, bayd azajray qanvn dr ayn qsmt sval krd yaazajray qanvn drqsmt avl ? elavh brajray qvanyn vmqrrat drhmh zmynhha bayd hmh afrad v grvhhayy ra kh bh hr dlyl Karj az GarGvb qanvn eml myknnd bh ayn smt hdayt nmvd kh qanvn ra reayt knnd v agrmKalfty darnd dr GarGvb qanvn eml knnd. vzyr kSvrajray qanvn ra bhtryn rah HfX arzShay aslamy Kvand v edvl azAn ra mvjb trsym Ghrh namnasby az nXam danst vy gft , jalb ast kh drmrasmy kh ayn grvhhabaaKZ mjvz brpakrdh and hyG drgyry v tSnj pyS nyamdh v agr ayn amr nhadynh Svd Sahd hyGgvnh drgyry vtSnj nKvahym bvd. "nvry" afzvd , bray Sfaf Sdn fxay syasy v fealyt grvhha lazm ast dadgah syasy kh dr qanvn pyS byny Sdh tSkyl Svd vzyr kSvr drmvrd Cdvr mjvz bray tjme grvhhay danSjvyy dr danSgah v park lalh , yadAvr Sd kh dadn mjvz bh ayn grvhha Tbq qvanyn v mqrrat mvjvd bvdh v drAn mvqe hyG dlyly nbvdh kh bh Anhamjvz dadh nSvd. vy KaTrnSan saKt kh msvvlyt Cdvr mjvz ba kmysyvn madh 01 aHzab v msvvlyt brgzary ajtmaeat ba vzart kSvr ast v nsbt bh jvanb amrpyS byny lazm Sdh ast "nvry" tCryH krd kh dr tmam mjvzha taknvn Svray tamyn astan tSkyl Sdh v dr mvrd brgzary mrasm yadbvd mhnds bazrgan hm ba vzart aTlaeat hmahngy Sdh ast vzyrkSvr gft,vzart kSvr bray brqrary amnyt drmvard Zkr Sdh Gh kary rabayd anjam mydad kh ndadh ast,fqT bayd bh grvhhay mvafq qanvny ajazh dad vya grvhhay mKalf qanvny hm Hq darnd? "nvry" ba aSarh bh mjvzhayy kh bray tjme grvhha v tSklhay qanvny Cadr Sdh, aSarh krd v afzvd, mn az nmayndgan mCra myKvahm vjdan Kvd ra dr ayn mvrd bh qxavt bnSannd kh Aya Garh , jlvgyry az fealyt grvhhay qanvny ast yaaynkh azhmhdstgahhay ZyrbT bKvahym bh vXayf Kvd eml knndv bh grvhhayy kh dreml bh qanvn eadt nkrdhand nyz bqbvlanym bh qanvn tn drdhnd?

vzyrkSvr bh mvard astyxaH Kvd pasK dad )6 ........................................... thran - ayrna, 13 Krdad 7731 brabr ba 12 Jvin 8991 "ebdallh nvry" vzyr kSvr drbarh mjvz ayn vzartKanh bray brgzary mrasm trHym mhnds "mhdy bazrgan" gft, hyG mjvzy dr kar nbvdh ast zyra brgzary mjls Ktm nyazy bh mjvz vzart kSvr ndard. nvry afzvd, dr Gnd sal gZSthmrasm trHym mhnds bazrgan anjam mySdh v Gvn bexa ba mSklaty mvajh bvd , dr sal 5731 br asas dstvr ryys jmhvry vqt "akbr haSmy rfsnjany" , vzart kSvr mvXf bh tamynamnyt mrasm salgrd Sd. vy KaTr nSan krd kh az An ps, vzart kSvr vXayf qanvny Kvd ra anjam dad v mratb tamyn amnyt ra bhastandary hav az An Tryq bh nyrvy antXamy ablaQ krd. vzyr kSvr drbarh "ayjad tSnj dr jameh" gft, bayd abtda bh tfavt dv mqvlh" tSnj syasy" v " nSaT syasy" tvjh krd. jamehay kh daray nSaT v Hsasyt syasy ast, Tbea dr mqabl namlaymat az Kvd vaknS nSan mydhd v dr Cvrt vjvd qvaed v nhadhay syasy drKvasthay Kvd ra bh Sklhay gvnagvn bh gvS msivlan myrsannd. nvry , antSar mqalat , brpayy tjmeha v rahpymayyha v Hxvr dr mjame tCmymgyry ra az rvShayy Zkr krd kh " hr jameh rSydy bray abraz tmaylat v dQdQhha v pySnhadat Kvd br mygzynd." vy afzvd, dr kSvry kh hr salh bh dlyl narsayyhay aqtCady br tedad bykaran afzvdh mySvd v nrK rSd jmeyt Shrhay bzrg , bexa bh pnj drCd myrsd, valgvy mCrf tQyyr krdh v sTH tvqeat bala rfth bh Tvr qaedh, bayd sTHy az tnS ra bpZyrym v An ra Tbyey bSmarym. vzyr kSvr ba "QyrsaKtary" Kvandn ayn tnSha gft, nahnjary hay naSy az SrayT gZar dr hr jamehay mnjr bh brKy tnSha mySvd v ayn amry Tbyey ast, albth mytvan ayn tnSha ra mvqta knar zd vly Hl Anha , rah ryShay myTlbd. nvry afzvd, tb v althab ajtmaey ra nmytvan ba Skstn myzan alHrarh br Trf krd , blkh dvlt mqtdr v pasKgv, dvlty ast kh ajazh TrH mTalbat ajtmaey v syasy Shrvndan ra dr GarGvb mqrrat mydhd v bh ayn trtyb, dr Cdd elaj ayn msalh v nyz dr Cdd rSd vartqay Agahyhay Shrvndan br myAyd. vy br atKaZ mvxey" mdavagranh" nsbt bh ayn tnSha takyd krd v gft, bayd fxay syasy kSvr ra hrGh byStr Sfaf tr v qanvnmndtr krd. vzyr kSvr drbarh eamlan tnS dr jameh gft, edhay kh az ajray qanvn mtxrr mySvnd ba tvsl bh Syvhhay KaC ahdaf Kvd ra teqyb myknnd, Sayd qCd darnd kh az Ab gl Alvd mahyhay bzrgy bgyrnd. vy axafh krd,gahy hm eaml tSnj ra bayd dreqb aftadgy varzS naSnasy parhay jryanat mdey arzSha jstjv krd kh bdvn dr nXr grftn evaqb aemal Kvd, batmsk bh aCvl mtrqy aslam, Gh bsa mrtkb tKlfaty mySvnd bdvn Ankh mbany Srey rftarhay Kvd ra ba mHkmat v mslmat aslam tTbyq dhnd. nvry gft, amam hm slyqh aS, hmyn bvd. zmany kh Aqay naTq nvry vzyr kSvr bvdnd, edhay dr Kyabanha bh bdHjabha Hmlh mykrdnd amam bh aySan nvStnd kh "brvyd ayn jvanan kh Hmlh bh bdHjabhamyknnd rabgyryd, HbsSan knyd." bh gfth vzyr kSvr, " yk dvlt Kdmtgzar v pasKgv kh bayd dr SrayT knvny ba anbvh mSklat , mqablh knd, byS az hr nhad dygry bh amnyt v cbat aHtyaH dard." vy afzvd,dvlty kh Sear"tvseh paydar v mvzvn" ra mydhd, qTeabdnbal bstr amny bray rah andaKtn GrK tvlyd v ayjad aStQal v afzayS bhrhvry ast. nvry aXhar daSt ,Gra bayd dvlt ra mSvq v eaml bycbaty merfy knym? 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vzyrkSvr bh mvard astyxaH Kvd pasK dad )7( ........................................... thran - ayrna, 13 Krdad 7731 brabr ba 12 Jvin 8991 "ebdallh nvry" dr adamh dfaeyat Kvd aXhar daSt , amnyt Hlqh aKr znjyrhay ast kh Hlqhhay avlyh an ra mdara v hmpZyry v aClaH Zat albyt v atfaq br aCvl mStrk tSkyl mydhd v bh tebyry abtda bayd daralslamy tSkyl Svd ta btvan an ra bh daralaman artqa dad nvry takyd krd kh amnyt fravrdh mhm azady ast v br ayn tvhm nadrst kh azady byStr ra baec naamny mydand , KT bTlan mykSd vzyr kSvr dr mvrd vxeyt amnyty kSvr aXhar daSt , SrayT amnyty kSvr dr hyG SrayTy ta ayn Hd mstHkm v bnyadyn nbvdh astagr amnyt vaqey tabey az mSrveyt nXam baSd kh hst Hxvr 03 mylyvny mrdm dr antKabat ryast jmhvry nSan dad kh myan Shrvndan v dvltmrdan pyman v pyvndy kh az bhmn 75 brqrar Sdh , hmGnan brqrar ast v Skaf byn dvlt v mlt kh dr kSvr ma sabqh daSth , trmym Sdh ast nvry gft , mhmtryn mvlfh amnyt mly yeny mSrveyt nXam v dvltmrdan v syastha, bed az antKabat hftmyn dvrh ryast jmhvry kamla tqvyt Sdh ast vy afzvd, damn zdn bh ayn tvhm kh dvlt jnab aqay Katmy dr brqrary amnyt tvfyqy ndaSth ast ayn gman ra tqvyt myknd kh nknd jryanat mrmvzy bray ayjad jng rvany v ntyjhgyryhay bedy, aknvn myKvahnd bh hr Skl mmkn fxa ra alvdh knnd nvry SaKChay byangr vxeyt nsbta mTlvb amnyt ra kahS tnShay qvmy , mnfel Sdn mKalfan v meandany kh bh dnbal brandazy nXam bvdhand , mnfvr Sdn dSmnan qsm Kvrdh jmhvry aslamy ayran dr acr artqa mnzlt ayran dr aZhan jhanyan danst vy gft ,tvseh srmayhgZary bKS KCvCy bdvn cbat syasy v aClaH saKtar hay ajtmaey v aqtCady tHqq nmyyabd amabrqrary cbatsyasy mvkvl bh reayt Hqvq afrad v hdayt tHvlat syasy bh svy GarGvb hay qanvny v tn dadn bh Hqvq mrdm v grvhhay ajtmaey ast vy ba aSarh bh tQyyrat gzarS gzarSgr kmysyvn vyJh Hqvq bSr drbarh ayran gft, bh aetraf sfart jmhvry aslamy ayran dr sviys msaedt bh mvqe vzart kSvr dr arsal aKbar v dlayl mqablh banaqxyn qanvn baec Sd tQyyrat qabl tvjhy drlHn v dydgah gzarS nmayndh Hqvq bSr bh vjvd Ayd nvry gft , ayn gzarS mbyn bZl tvjh vzart kSvr v dvlt jmhvry aslamy ayran ast kh bed az 51 sal dstavrd jdydy bray nXam ma mHsvb mySvd vzyr kSvr dr payan tCryH krd kh ngah dvlt bh amnyt ngahy klan , draz mdt v hmh janbh ast ps az payan ayn bKS az dfaeyat aqay nvry dv tn az nmayndgan mKalf TrH astyxaH ) syd "mHmvd deayy" v "mjyd anCary"nmayndgan thran (az vqt baqy mandh bray dfae az emlkrd vzart kSvr astfadh krdnd. =end=

End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 21 Jun 1998 - Special issue