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1. Dr. Farhang/F. Negahdar in New York/ July 3rd
2. 2 Armed Robbers Executed in Shahroud
3. Hamshahri: 3 where hanged publicly in shahrood
4. Jameah Newspaper
5. Support GM strikers! -Forwarded

Dr. Farhang/F. Negahdar in New York/ July 3rd

Hi all,

Please distribute this to various mailing lists if at all possible. I do not
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and Iran list if possible. I will send a summary of the speeches after the



Sponsor: Kanoon'e Iran


Dr. Mansour Farhang, Political Science Professor at Bennington college
Topic: "Prospects of Non Governmental HR Organization activities in Iran

Farokh Negahdar, Member of Central Council of Fadaian (Aksariat)
Topic: "Prospects of Party Activities in Iran"

Time: Friday July 3rd, 1998, 7-10 P.M.
Place: Hamilton Hall, Columbia University, New York

2 Armed Robbers Executed in Shahroud

According to Hamshahri (24 June, 1998), two armed robbers were hanged in
Shahroud. The two men, Hossein Abdollahi and Abbas Khandouzi, robbed a
jewlery store on May 23 (2 Khordad), killing the owner. They then killed
two policemen who were chasing them, before giving themselves up.

Hamshahri: 3 where hanged publicly in shahrood

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Jameah Newspaper

According to Movahedin, Jameah Newspaper will fight for survival and if it dies, the soul of Jameah will get incarnated into another body immediately, as a result, Jameah will continue to strike and stuggle.



Support GM strikers! -Forwarded


Should investment decisions that determine who will work and who will not be entirely in the hands of corporate managers and stock market traders? Nearly 10,000 Flint, Michigan automobile workers, whose strike has effectively shut down General Motors, say "No!"

Scholars, Artists, and Writers for Social Justice (SAWSJ) salute the strikers and offer our support to their struggle. The stock market does not measure the social and moral character of our society. The unfettered rule of the market has generated economic insecurity and social inequality, subverting the nation's democratic traditions.

Unionized auto workers of Flint, Michigan helped forge the modern labor movement and build the American standard of living. Today's UAW workers insist that their livelihoods and working standards must not be sacrificed in a multinational corporate scramble for cheap wages and sweated labor. They resist GM's attempt to break signed agreements about workloads and demand that General Motors live up to its pledge to reinvest in Flint's factories. We, the undersigned, support their strike.

*ADD YOUR NAME AND RETURN TO: sawsj@sage.edu

[Scholars, Artists, and Writers for Social Justice (SAWSJ) was created to help restore the mutually empowering relationship between the labor movement and its allies in the academic and cultural communities. For more information write to sawsj@sage.edu or to SAWSJ, Labor Relations and Research Center, Draper Hall, University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA 01003 or see our Web site at http://www.sage.edu/html/SAWSJ.]

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