DNI-NEWS June 1998

DNI-NEWS Digest - 1 Jun 1998 to 2 Jun 1998

1. Iran rebels say responsible for deadly blast 2. Rebels claim blast at Iran court, two dead 3. Iran deputies to quiz minister over Murdoch visit 4. Shell ups interest in Iran after sanctions waiver 5. Shell reopens gas talks with Iran 6. FOCUS-Iran sees bright future for oil investment 7. Iran says Pakistan N-tests counter Israel's bomb 8. Western oil firms prepare for return to Iran 9. PRESS DIGEST - Iran - June 2

DNI-NEWS Digest - 2 Jun 1998 to 3 Jun 1998 - Special issue

There are 13 messages totalling 1253 lines in this issue. Topics in this special issue: 1. Sepa'h-e pAsdArAn va sharyetE kouni! 2. NEWS - Iran says more 'terrorist' attacks in Tehran 3. fwd: frmandhspah, jryan svmy dr kmyn anqlab nSsth ast(1) 4. U.S. condemns Mujahideen attack in Tehran 5. Croat 2 Iran 0 final! 6. Sarkouhi Interview 7. Women Lawyers at Risk 8. Daily Blasts Ebtekar for Silence on Nuke Tests 9. Despotism Harms Society, not Freedom 10. Freedom for Opposition Parties Inevitable, says Yazdi 11. Sarkouhi Concerned About Violations of Freedom 12. Jews: The invisible Iranians

DNI-NEWS Digest - 3 Jun 1998

There is one message totalling 38 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Firoozi, German to Get New Trials

DNI-NEWS Digest - 3 Jun 1998 to 4 Jun 1998

There are 11 messages totalling 841 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Sport: Croatia Downs Iran 2-0 2. Iranian President To Visit New York 3. Khatami Fights Back Opposition Criticism 4. HRW/Iran 5. Iran Guards chief says forces watching opponents 6. Iran leader vows allegiance to Khomeini's ideals 7. FOCUS-Iran says rebels attack targets in Tehran 8. Armed Iranian exiles in new Tehran attacks 9. Iran says AIOC in oil swaps talks despite US ire 10. Iran seeks Indo-Pakistani talks on nuclear tests 11. Iran to link Israel to alarm over nuclear tests

DNI-NEWS Digest - 4 Jun 1998 to 5 Jun 1998

There are 7 messages totalling 523 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. US 'embargo' relaxed to allow Iran Air bookings 2. FWD: jmhvry aslamy sh tn dgr az mKalfyn syasy ra bh aedam mHkvm krd 3. bamdad amrvz jmeh dktr mHmdHsn paply yzdy astad ayrany Kvd ra dr brabr yvnskv AtS my~znd 4. Ayt~allh Kzely: dr mrasm dvm Krdad syly bh Cvrt aslam Kvrd 5. Tehran mayor - symbol of Iran's political divide 6. Khomeini's Grandson Calls for Unity 7. aKbar kvtah az Shrvnd

Subject: DNI-NEWS Digest - 5 Jun 1998 to 6 Jun 1998

There are 14 messages totalling 1155 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Iran bows under pressure to stop death by stoning By Charlotte Edwardes in Teheran 2. Sport: World Cup-Penpix Iran 3. Sport: World Cup-Iran's preparation not ideal 4. Pakistani official rules out nuclear cooperation with Iran 5. Former Iranian president welcomes U.S. condemnation of court blast 6. Iranian judiciary chief warns press against fostering divisions 7. Joint Stamtement on Bomb Explosion in Iran's " Revolutionary Courts" 8. Aksariyat: amyr antXam: mn nXam mZhby ra qbvl ndarm 9. Aksariyat: yk saly kh Ghrhy kSvr ra tQyyr dad 10. Sport: BBC, Passion in Iran 11. Trial of moderate mayor threatens to rekindle faction row in Iran 12. Tehran mayor a former cleric turned maverick politician 13. Iran's supreme leader not "seriously ill" 14. Sport: Croatians give Venables humiliating farewell

DNI-NEWS Digest - 6 Jun 1998 to 7 Jun 1998

There are 8 messages totalling 636 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day: 1. Trial of Tehran mayor opens amid tight security 2. Tehran mayor stuns court with claim prosecution trumping up sex charge 3. Tehran mayor denies corruption charges as trial opens 4. FW: MKO, Taliban and Nateq Nuri 5. BBC on Karbaschi's Trial 6. Excerpts from Karbaschi's Trial Proceedings 7. 'Iran Daily' on Karbaschi's Trial 8. IRNA Chief on Journalistic Freedom

DNI-NEWS Digest - 7 Jun 1998 to 8 Jun 1998

There is one message totalling 175 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. SJMNews:Iran's fledgling feminists run for daylight

DNI-NEWS Digest - 8 Jun 1998 to 9 Jun 1998

There is one message totalling 80 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. WC98-Iran exiles reject 'football diplomacy'

DNI-NEWS Digest - 9 Jun 1998 to 10 Jun 1998

There are 21 messages totalling 1059 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Claims tribunal says U.S. firm must pay Iran 2. Full story Soccer-World Cup-Iran coach approaches Cup with mixed feelings 3. UN court extends filing limits in Iran/US dispute 4. Iran needs ``Islamic bomb,'' says paper 5. U.S. House approves Iran sanctions, veto expected 6. PRESS DIGEST - Iran - June 10 7. Iran takes veiled swipe at U.S. over drugs 8. Iranian press condemns Germany for silence over Tehran blasts 9. Two killed, four injured in hospital blast in Iran 10. Moderate Iranian paper stops publication after controversial article 11. Iranian MPs want interior minister impeached 12. Iranian businessmen begin first visit to Egypt since 1979 13. Court warns Iranian newspaper director over "defamatory" articles 14. Kuwaiti interior minister in Iran to sign security accord 15. Iran, Iraq exchange more soldiers' remains 16. Jameah: Eroticism, Pluralism, Romanticism, Phallus worshipping, music, painting and other forbidden topics 17. Irna: license of daily 'jame'e' revoked 18. Iranian court orders moderate daily shut 19. Iran to cut oil output by 100,000 bpd from July 1 20. Irna: mStyazKak ayran brrfyetryn qlh jhan bh yadgar gZaSth Sd 21. Irna: bahnr,astyxaH vzyr kSvr bray bazgSt cbat v aramS bh jameh ast

DNI-NEWS Digest - 11 Jun 1998 to 12 Jun 1998

1. Shajarian Calls for Respect for Rights of Artists DND-11Jun1998.htm

DNI-NEWS Digest - 10 Jun 1998 to 11 Jun 1998

1. Jameah to continue publication 2. Lack of Press Law Hinders Political Development 3. Press Reaction to Jame'eh Ruling 4. Iranian cabinet studies move to impeach interior minister 5. Banned Iranian newspaper vows to publish ahead of appeal 6. Khatami supporters rally round Iran's embattled interior minister 7. Tehran mayor denies stealing "a single rial" as trial resumes 8. Iran agency denies Kinkel,Kharrazi discussed Hofer 9. PRESS DIGEST - Iran - June 11

DNI-NEWS Digest - 12 Jun 1998 to 13 Jun 1998 - Special issue

There are 8 messages totalling 1208 lines in this issue.

Topics in this special issue:

1. USIA: TRANSCRIPT: IRAN: ONE YEAR AFTER PRESIDENT KHATEMI'S ELECTION 2. Sport: Iran Team Has Impact on French Town 3. Sport: World Cup-Yugoslavia and Iran return to world stage 4. Yugoslavia, Iran clash in battle of pariahs 5. Irna on Nouri 6. Taliban publicly hang two alleged Iranian agents 7. Cries of "death" to Tehran mayor interrupt weekly prayers 8. Iran prayer leader urges calm after rise in tension

DNI-NEWS Digest - 13 Jun 1998

There are 6 messages totalling 293 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

1. Nouri's Impeachment a Step Towards Civil Society 2. Khatami Concerned Over Contents of Jame'eh 3. Gozaresh-e Ruz Publisher Under Detention 4. Impeachment, Trial Overshadowed by WC98 5. Gozaresh-e-Ruz Publisher Arrested - AP 6. Paper Calls for Free, Diversified Press

DNI-NEWS Digest - 13 Jun 1998 to 14 Jun 1998

There are 10 messages totalling 562 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

1. Iran 0 - Serbs 1 2. WC98: Dreary Yugoslavia anger coach 3. WC98: Asian teams struggle to make an impact 4. PRESS DIGEST - Iran - June 14 5. Iran seeks foreign help on jobs, trade 6. CNN: World Cup Soccer Recap (Yugoslavia-Iran) 7. AP: Yugoslavia 1, Iran 0 8. Sport: World Cup-Iran coach vows to fight to the last 9. World Cup-Yugoslavia say lucky to beat Iran 10. WC98: Yugoslavia and Iran Open Play in Group F

DNI-NEWS Digest - 14 Jun 1998 to 15 Jun 1998

1. Keeper's blunder saves Yugoslav blushes by Angus MacKinnon 2. The Iranian ARTICLE - A bucket of sand 3. Yugoslav press slams Santrac, team 4. Yugoslav boss Santrac praises Iran

DNI-NEWS Digest - 15 Jun 1998 to 16 Jun 1998

There are 11 messages totalling 780 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

1. Khatami mulls sweeping economic review 2. Tehran Mayor Challenges Judge 3. Sand Storming the LA Times 4. Governments Blocking International Criminal Court 5. 'aksariat' Request Return to Iran 6. We Say 'No' to Nuclear Energy, Weapons 7. Holding a Whip Over the Press 8. IRNA Denies 'Gozaresh-e Rouz' Affiliated to Agency 9. 'Gozaresh-e Rooz' Editor Interviewed 10. Paper Points to Phased Plot Against Khatami 11. Daily Blasts Jame'eh Ruling

DNI-NEWS Digest - 16 Jun 1998 to 17 Jun 1998

There are 14 messages totalling 741 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

1. GO IRNA, GO! 2. Montazeri's Ordeal Unconstitutional, says MP's Son 3. Daily says Jame'eh Ruling Unlawful 4. Khatami Next, After Karbaschi, Nouri, Mohajerani 5. Mohajerani Cites Khatami Support for Nouri 6. Iran to have first police academy for women 7. Iranian parliament changes mind on extra rice imports 8. Tehran mayor clashes with judge as trial resumes 9. Iranian authorities release director of moderate newspaper 10. Iranians hold POW talks in Iraq 11. Thousands killed and tortured in Middle East and North Africa - Amnesty 12. FYI: Shafi'i Kadkani, Zarrinkoub, and Eslami Nodushan in New York 13. Khazali U-Turn on Youth Clapping, Whistling in Moharram 14. "Iran Opens the Door"

DNI-NEWS Digest - 17 Jun 1998 to 18 Jun 1998 - Special issue

1. FWD: ICC - FINALLY A REALITY? 2. FWD: Farrokh Negahdar in the US & Canada 3. URGENT ACTION 4. Iranians hope for goodwill from Cup match with USA 5. Iran Soccer Coach Has U.S. Ties 6. U.S.-Iran Soccer Match: Players Try to De-Emphasize Politics 7. NYTimes: Albright, in Overture to Iran, Seeks a 'Road Map' to Amity 8. Video meeting set for U.S., Iran 9. Sport - Iran vows to fight to the finish 10. Iran calls for U.S. action on improving relations 11. Clinton pursues charm offensive towards Iran

DNI-NEWS Digest - 18 Jun 1998 to 21 Jun 1998 - Special issue

There are 14 messages totalling 1227 lines in this issue. Topics in this special issue:

1. France turns back 1,000 Iran fans 2. IRNA: majlis today voted for dismissal of the interior minister 3. Moderate Minister Impeached in Iran 4. Clinton to Use Soccer Diplomacy 5. U.S., Iran to play politically charged match 6. BBC: Iran v USA 7. Iran-U.S. Match More Than a Game 8. Sport: U.S. must attack early - coach 9. U.S. match `just a game' to Iranians 10. FIFA STATEMENT REGARDING THE FOOTBALL FEDERATION OF IRAN 11. Talebi's story unites Iranians, Americans 12. U.S. players focus on soccer 13. Soccer Brings Together Iranians 14. Sampson Rearranges Lineup

DNI-NEWS Digest - 21 Jun 1998

There are 15 messages totalling 1033 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Flowers are giving fruit: Iran 2- USA 1 2. Soccer-World Cup-Iran and US teams exchange gifts before match 3. Iranian parliament ousts moderate interior minister 4. U.S. goes down in flames to Iran 2-1 :-) 5. Iran send Americans packing 6. World Cup-Iran stage historic 2-1 win over U.S. 7. Iran ends U.S. Cup dream 8. World Cup-Talebi thanks God for Iran win 9. World Cup-Iran coach says U.S. also deserved to win 10. World Cup-Violence flares despite US-Iran goodwill 11. Iranian fans celebrate soccer win in streets 12. World Cup-Jubilant Iranians mix protest and celebrations 13. Lebanese celebrate Iran soccer win over America 14. Iran revels in victory 15. Exiled Iranians demonstrate before game

DNI-NEWS Digest - 21 Jun 1998 - Special issue

There are 14 messages totalling 1427 lines in this issue. Topics in this special issue: 1. Iran Team Earns Village's Respect 2. IRANIAN MAKING THE MOST OF HIS OPPORTUNITY 3. Sport: Dooley attacks shirt swap ruling 4. US Nod to Iran Could Set Back Moderates 5. Iraqis ponder World Cup clash of US, Iran foes 6. Iraq, Iran discuss war prisoners' releases 7. Iran denies Israeli sold it chemical weapons 8. Clinton pursues charm offensive toward Iran 9. WC98-Iran want victory - and better U.S. ties 10. U.S., Iran to play politically charged match 11. Iran press unimpressed by U.S. diplomatic drive 12. vzyr kSvr ayran astyxaH Sd 13. Irna: nHvh ray gyry dr jryan astyxaH vzyr kSvr 14. IRNA: vzyrkSvr bh mvard astyxaH Kvd pasK dad

DNI-NEWS Digest - 21 Jun 1998 to 22 Jun 1998 - Special issue

1. Different News from Irna 2. IRI officials on the victory 3. Hamshahri: mjls, mhmtryn vzyr kabynh Katmy ra dr AKryn rvz bhar HZf krd 4. US-Iran relations: TEXT: CLINTON HOPES WORLD CUP GAME EASES US-IRAN ESTRANGEMENT 5. Reuters: U.S. Promises to Enforce Law on Iranian Exiles 6. USIA: AMERICAN AND IRANIAN SOCCER FANS ARE LINKED DURING THE WORLD CUP 7. JTA: U.S. move to engage Iran worries supporters of Israel

DNI-NEWS Digest - 21 Jun 1998 to 22 Jun 1998

There is one message totalling 228 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. US-Iran relations: State Dept. Daily Press Briefing June 22, 1998

DNI-NEWS Digest - 22 Jun 1998 to 23 Jun 1998

There are 5 messages totalling 378 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

1. FYI: Alliance Against Defamation of Iranians letter to LA-times 2. 4 young guys Executed in Ahvaz 3. About Iran's statement on suppression of freedom of press in Iran 4. IishTimes: Iran and US use football to score diplomatic goals 5. Fouad Ajami: Despite Overture, There'll Be No Quick Fix in Iran

DNI-NEWS Digest - 23 Jun 1998 to 24 Jun 1998

There are 5 messages totalling 149 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

1. Dr. Farhang/F. Negahdar in New York/ July 3rd 2. 2 Armed Robbers Executed in Shahroud 3. Hamshahri: 3 where hanged publicly in shahrood 4. Jameah Newspaper 5. Support GM strikers! -Forwarded

DNI-NEWS Digest - 24 Jun 1998 to 25 Jun 1998

1. Iraq, Iran agree on mechanism to close POW files 2. Clinton vetoes Iran missile bill 3. Iranian conservative leader dubs US opening "psychological warfare" 4. U.S. Vows To Remain Tough on Iran 5. Iran's Kharrazi visits Saudi before OPEC meeting 6. Democrats urge Clinton to sign Iran sanctions 7. Soccer-World Cup-Vogts expects Germany's old men to do duty 8. Italy's Prodi, invited by Khatami, to visit Iran 9. Iran, the half-winner of Group F 10. World Cup-Strikers give Germany 2-0 win over Iran 11. World Cup-Bierhoff pleased with German improvement

DNI-NEWS Digest - 25 Jun 1998 to 26 Jun 1998

There are 9 messages totalling 825 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. SOCCER NEWS - Iran the equal of Germany 2. SOCCER NEWS - Germany 1, Iran 1 3. SOCCER NEWS - Germany v Iran quotes 4. SOCCER NEWS - Unconvincing Germans struggle past Iran 5. Klinsmann scores - click for full image... 6. Senior Iranian cleric says normal ties with US "impossible" 7. Tehran bombings and MKO 8. U.S. Search for Rapprochement with Iran Becomes Public

DNI-NEWS Digest - 26 Jun 1998 to 27 Jun 1998

There are 10 messages totalling 607 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. SOCCER NEWS - Iran Exits World Cup With Smile 2. Steps of Rome Cafe 3. Italian PM to visit Iran 4. Iranian leadership studies Internet use 5. US seeking to "humiliate" Iran: former Iranian hostage-taker 6. Conservative cleric says U.S.-Iran talks possible 7. Prodi first Western leader in post-revolution Iran 8. Iran pleased with EU dialogue, urges new talks 9. French-made choppers enter Iran's oil fleet 10. Iran wants "speedy" launching of talks with European Union

DNI-NEWS Digest - 27 Jun 1998 to 28 Jun 1998 - Special issue

There are 14 messages totalling 1276 lines in this issue. Topics in this special issue: 1. Iran hailed as heroes despite early exit 2. IRNA: Team Melli arrival in Tehran 3. Germany-Iran - K. Bagheri: "The German players' experience overwhelmed us in this match" 4. Iran vows to come back stronger 5. Sore About a Friendly Match 6. Petition to Madeline Albright against visa restrictions for Iranian students 7. TEXT: UNITED NATIONS DAY IN SUPPORT OF VICTIMS OF TORTURE 8. Iranian dies of heart attack as death sentence read out 9. Thief has fingers amputated in Iran 10. Iran tells EU to stop quizzing it about human rights and terrorism 11. Woman takes senior judicial post for first time since Iran revolution 12. Iran accuses US of hypocrisy over treatment of Iranian scholars 13. Iranian-Americans Urge Better Ties

DNI-NEWS Digest - 29 Jun 1998

There are 9 messages totalling 517 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. National Front Asked to Postpone Press Conference 2. Isfahanis Petition MP Against Nouri's Impeachment 3. Isfahanis Say No to Dismissal of Friday Prayer Leader 4. Do you remember when schools where free? 5. Impeachment will Cost MPs Next Election, says Weekly 6. Tehran Women Ignore Islamic Dress Code 7. Pahlavan Gives Poor Marks to the Opposition 8. Ensuring Freedom, Indvidual Rights is Khatami's Main Program 9. Israeli General Disputes Israel's Unquestioned Military Superiority

DNI-NEWS Digest - 28 Jun 1998 to 29 Jun 1998 - Special issue

Topics in this special issue: 1. UNITED NATIONS DAY IN SUPPORT OF VICTIMS OF TORTURE 2. Iranian journalists petition Khatami over closure of paper 3. Iran's ousted interior minister attacks conservatives 4. Khamenei calls for more corruption probes of Rafsanjani years 5. Israel was to help build "nuclear city" in pre-revolution Iran: report 6. fyi: Arab Imperialism, Islamic Colonialism 7. Three Candidates for Interior Minister 8. Israel uneasy about technology leaks to Iran 9. Iran oil seminar sparks investment stampede 10. Iran's Caspian oil line success buoys tender hopes 11. Sharansky, whose brief includes monitoring transfers of 12. World Cup Soccer Notebook 13. Info to all users 14. Mohajerani Supports Closure of 'Gozaresh-e Rooz' 15. Khatami on the Judiciary 16. Khamenei on the Judiciary 17. Khatami's Remarks on the Judiciary Distorted, says Daily 18. Salam: Those Favoring Iran-US Ties Are Not Spies 19. 'Reporters Without Frontiers' Freemasonaries, says Hizbollah