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Topics of the day:

1. irna: iran-quake


Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 17:27:43 +0100
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: irna: iran-quake

five people die, 50 injured in golbaf quake
golbaf, kerman, march 15, irna -- five people died and 50 others
injured when a strong quake hit the southeastern district of golbaf,
kerman province on saturday night, relief official said on sunday.
red crescent society official mohammad dabagh-zadeh said the
quake inflicted heavy damage on buildings and about 2,000 residential
units were damaged by the tremor.
a quake measuring 6.8 on the richter scale shook golbaf district
on saturday night. golbaf has a population of 24,000 people living in
3,600 houses.
1,000 people lost their lives in the same district in 1981 by a
strong quake with the same intensity (6.8 on richter scale). the low
casualty figure in yesterday's quake is owing to the safety
measures taken in constrcution of buildings in the wake of the 1981
head of the provincial headquarters for natural disasters mohsen
salehi said the relief operations to rescue those trapped under the
debris were completed within four hours time after the quake occured.
he said 20 minutes after the quake the trouble areas was
identified and relief workers were dispatched to the area.
salehi said 23 ambulances, 2,550 blankets, 370 makeshift tents,
food and medicines were immediately dispatched to golbaf district.
he said water, electricity and communications networks
which have been cut off in the area and the relevant workers have
managed to restore electricity.
he said 15 villages were effected but golbaf has been worst hit
by the quake.
::irna 15/03/98 18:33


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