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Topics of the day:

1. Computer Society of Iran (CSI) announces,
2. Iran's national wrestling team heads for United States
3. Iran official wants U.S., Israel denounced at haj
4. irna:ayran nrvJ ra bh tSdyd mHdvdythay syasy-tjary thdyd krd
5. knfdrasyvnfvtbal Asya mhdvy kya ra "bbr jvan fvtbal ayran "namyd
6. Mortaza Rafiq doost in Sweden
7. sport: Iran The new Asian power


Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 00:45:31 +0200
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: Computer Society of Iran (CSI) announces,

Computer Society of Iran (CSI) announces,

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Fourth Annual International CSI Computer Conference (CSICC'98)
26-28 January, 1999 (*)

Computer Engineering Department
Sharif University of Technology
Tehran, Iran
(*) The conference is held one month later (and hence in 1999)
because of the holy month of Ramadan.

CSI is pleased to announce its fourth annual Computer Conference
(CSICC'98) which is to provide a forum for sharing of original
research results and practical engineering experiences among
researchers and practitioners interested in all aspects of computer
science and engineering. The objectives of CSICC is to share recent
developments and original research in this field and to foster close
collaboration between scientific and industrial communities in Iran.

CSICC'98 is sponsored by CSI and organized by Computer Engineering
department at Sharif University of Technology and partly supported
by the Iranian Telecommunications Research Centre (ITRC), Ministry
of PTT. The conference will be held from 26th to 28th of January
1999 at Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. It includes
tutorials, paper presentations, keynote speakers, panel discussions
on topics of interest, exhibition of the R&D projects done in Iran,
and other activities to be announced. Research papers and industrial
applications reports as well as proposals for tutorials, and tool
demonstrations are solicited.

Topics of interests include (but are not restricted to) the
following areas:

o Information Technology
o Parallel and Distributed Processing
o Data Networks
o Data Security
o Integrated Data Base Theory and Applications
o Engineering and Computational Softwares
o Digital Image Processing
o Geographic Information Systems
o Computer Aided Design
o Expert Systems
o Persian Language Processing
o Neural Networks
o Theory of Computation and Algorithms
o Computing Curricula in Iran
o Strategic Plans, Projects, Standards in Iran
o Advanced Computer Architectures and their Applications in Iran
o Computer Applications in Industry and Automation
o Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems
o Social Impacts of Information Technology
o Management Information Systems
o Fault Tolerance and Testability
o Multimedia Systems


Authors are invited to submit their original papers that have not
previously been published in another forum. All submitted papers
will be refereed for quality, originality and relevance. Of
particular interest are papers that address experiences related to
Iran's computational need. All accepted papers will be published in
the conference proceedings.


1- Please send 4 copies of the full paper by the deadline mentioned
2- Papers should not be more than 10 pages.
3- Papers should include title, abstract, body, results,
conclusion,and references.
4- A letter cover should be attached with the name(s), affiliation(s),
email and mail addresses of the authors, and the paper title.
5- Note that the submitted papers should not include the author
name(s) or address(es) in the title or references.
6- It is encouraged that the papers are submitted electronically, in
LaTeX/TeX, Microsoft Word for Windows (.doc), or PostScript format.
7- Although Persian is the official language of the conference,
papers written in English are also accepted.


Companies and R&D laboratories are encouraged to present their
exhibits during the conference. For details, please contact the
CSICC'98 office.


o Paper, and Tutorial submissions: August 6, 1998.
o Notification of acceptance: October 7, 1998.
o Camera ready papers: November 6, 1998.


Rasool Jalili, General Chairman
CE Dept, Sharif Univ of Tech, Iran

Mohammad Ghodsi, Chair of Scientific Committee
CE Dept, Sharif Univ of Tech, Iran

GholamReza GhasemSani,
Head of CE Dept, Sharif Univ of Tech, Iran

Shaahin Hessabi,
CE Dept, Sharif Univ of Tech, Iran

MohamadReza BeigZadeh
Telecommunications Resaerch Center, Iran

AmirHossein Jahangir,
CE Dept, Sharif Univ of Tech, Iran

Mansour Jamzad,
CE Dept, Sharif Univ of Tech, Iran

Raman Ramsin,
CE Dept, Sharif Univ of Tech, Iran

Ebrahim Abtahi,
CE Dept, Sharif Univ of Tech, Iran


Dr. Rasool Jalili
Chair of CSICC'98
Computer Engineering Department
P.O. Box 11365-9517
Tehran, Iran


Home Page:

For further information, you can contact:
Phone: +98 21 600-5616
Fax: +98 21 600-5616


Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 00:49:48 +0200
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: Iran's national wrestling team heads for United States

Monday, March 30, 1998 Published at 16:26 GMT 17:26 UK

World: Monitoring

Iran's national wrestling
team heads for United

Iran's national wrestling team will leave for Germany on
Tuesday morning to pick up their US visas before heading
to the United States for the World Freestyle Wrestling
Championship, the Iranian news agency IRNA reported on

The Iranian Wrestling Federation said the team will make a
one-day stop in Frankfurt before leaving for Stillwater,
Oklahoma, the venue of the tournament, which takes place
on 4th-5th April, Iran will face Japan, Germany and the
United States on 5th April before going on against Russia
and Cuba on the last day of the competitions.

The US national wrestling team visited Iran in mid-February,
the first sporting delegation from the United States to visit
since the 1979 overthrow of the Shah.

The Iranian team consists of Behnam Tayebi and
Gholamreza Mohammadi, weighing in at 54 kg, Mohammad
Talai and Alireza Dabir at 58 kg, Abbas Haj-Kenari at 63 kg,
Masud Jamshidi at 69 kg, Majid Khodai and Pejman
Rastegar at 76 kg, Alireza Heydari and Fereydun Qanbari
at 85 kg, Abbas Jadidi at 97 kg, and Alireza Rezai at 130

BBC Monitoring (, based in
Caversham in southern England, selects and translates
information from radio, television, press, news agencies and
the Internet from 150 countries in more than 70 languages.


Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 00:52:55 +0200
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: Iran official wants U.S., Israel denounced at haj

Iran official wants U.S., Israel denounced at haj

31 March 1998 Web posted at: 03:22 GST, New York time (23:22 GMT)

TEHRAN, March 30 (Reuters) - Iran's top official at the Muslim haj
pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia said on Tuesday pilgrims should denounce the
United States and Israel as "devils," Iranian television said.

But the call for the Saudi-banned rally, dubbed "disavowal of infidels,"
appeared less than a clear-cut call for a demonstration than in recent
years when it had led to tensions between Riyadh and Tehran.

"The disavowal of infidels is the realisation of the political dimension
of haj...which makes the pilgrimage real and complete," the television
quoted Mohammad Mohammadi Reyshahri as telling a group of Iranian
pilgrims in the holy city of Mecca.

Saudi authorities prohibit political demonstrations at the haj, saying
the pilgrimage should be strictly religious. Iran says Moslems should
air political grievences during haj.

Reyshahri said a ritual at the climax of haj, in which pilgrims throw
stones at pillars symbolizing Satan, was a "symbol of struggle against
America and its illegitimate procreation Israel," the television said.

"America is today at the forefront of all devils," he said.

Reyshahri did not say if the stoning ritual was sufficient as a
"disvowal of infidels" rally or if pilgrims should chant political
slogans or hold a separate demonstration.

Such rallies have in the past been a source of tension between the two
countries. In 1987, 402 people, mostly Iranians, died in clashes with
Saudi security forces at an Iranian-led rally. Iran boycotted the haj
for three years.

But top Iranian officials this year have made conciliatory remarks about
haj, reflecting improving ties between the two regional powers following
last year's election of moderate Iranian President Mohammad Khatami.

Iranian pilgrims have in the past few years held low-key rallies inside
their own tent compounds and Saudi authorities have not intervened.

Last week Iran said its pilgrims had been harassed and urged Saudi
authorities to prevent what it called provocations against Iranian
pilgrims. Riyadh said on Tuesday it did not harass the Iranians.

The harassment allegations were the first reports of Saudi-Iranian
discord at the haj this year. Iranian officials and media have praised
Saudi Arabia's Sunni Moslem authorities for allowing Shi'ite Moslem
pilgrims to perform some of their own rituals.

Up to two million Moslems, half of them from abroad, perform the annual
pilgrimage which reaches its climax next week.

Copyright 1998 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved.


Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 01:02:44 +0200
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: irna:ayran nrvJ ra bh tSdyd mHdvdythay syasy-tjary thdyd krd

ayran nrvJ ra bh tSdyd mHdvdythay syasy _ tjary thdyd krd
thran - ayrna, nh frvrdyn 7731 brabr ba 92 mars 8991
sKngvy vzart amvr Karjh ayran rvz Snbh aelam krd tdavm syast nrvJ
drHmayt az "slman rSdy "nvysndh mrtdktab"Ayhhay SyTany "bh tSdyd
mHdvdythay syasy vtjary ayran elyh ayn kSvr mnjr Kvahd Sd
"mHmvd mHmdy "kh dr vaknS bh dydar nKst vzyr nrvJ ba "slman
rSdy "sKn mygft , baaSarh bhmHdvdythayy kh jmhvry aslamy ayran dr
rvabT syasy v tjary Kvdbh dlyl ayn gvnh aqdamhay xd aslamy nrvJ
Xrf salhay gZSth aemal krdh vHty rvabT dyplmatyk Kvd ba ayn kSvr ra
bh sTH kardar tqlyl dadh ast , gft , tdavm syasthay nrvJdr ayn zmynh
bh tSdyd mHdvdythay aemal Sdh Kvahd anjamyd.
vy afzvd dr SrayT fely aemal mHdvdythay tjary _ syasy dr rvabT
ayran ba nrvJ bh qvt Kvd baqy Kvahd mand.
sKngvy vzart amvr Karjh ayran mlaqat nKst vzyr nrvJ ba rSdy " ra nvey
Hmayt az ahant rSdy bh mqdsat jhan aslam tlqy krd.
"mHmvdmHmdy" Hmayt nKst vzyr nrvJ az SKCy kh eqayd v mqdsat byS
az yk mylyard mslman ra mvrd ahant qrar dadh v aq_dam av tvsT mjmveh
kSvrhay exv"sazman knfransaslamy"mHkvm Sdhast raaqdamy mZmvm dans_t v
an ra tqbyH krd.
vy afzvd , dvlt nrvJ brKlaf fxa v SrayT nvyn bynalmlly
kh hmana tfahm myan mltha vgft v gvy my_an frhngha vtmdnha ra
eaml hmzysty msalmtAmyz myan mltha mydand, gam brmy dard.
sKngvy vzart amvrKarjh dradamh , trfndhay tblyQaty rJym Chyvnysty
ra bray bhbvd vjhh mKdvS Kvd bh KaTr syasthay tvsehTlbanh
vtjavz karanhaS , tqbyH krd.
mHmdy pySnhad Krvj nyrvhay asrayyly az jnvb lbnan v hmzman
Sayeat drvQyn sfr mtKCCan vKaKamhay asraiyly bh ayran ra az jmlh ayn
trfndha Zkr krd v gft , edm mSrveyt rJym Chyvnysty drmnTqh anqdr
srdmdaran asrayyl ra ngran krdh ast kh ba TrH ayn gvnh Sayeat bdnbal
ksb vjhh bray Kvd hstnd.


Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 00:58:30 +0200
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: knfdrasyvnfvtbal Asya mhdvy kya ra "bbr jvan fvtbal ayran "namyd

knfdrasyvnfvtbal Asya mhdvy kya ra "bbr jvan fvtbal ayran "namyd
kvalalampvr- ayrna, 11 frvrdyn 7731 brabr ba 13 mars 8991
knfdrasyvn fvtbal Asya dr Astanh brgzary mrHlh payany hfdhmyn dvrh
rqabthay qhrmany baSgahhay Asya dr byanyhay "mhdy mhdvy kya" ra "bbr
jvan fvtbal ayran" namyd.
dr ayn byanyh kh rvz shSnbh dr "kvalalampvr" p_aytKt malzy mqr
knfdrasyvn fvtbal Asya mntSr Sd ,Amdh ast , tym "dalyan" qh_rman bdvn
rqyb Gyn aynk naGar ast ba tvan Sgrf tym "pyrvzy" ayran rvbrv Svd0
dr by_anyh knfdrasyvn fvtbal Asya Amdh ast " dr myan bazyknan tym
pyrvzy , mhdvy kya bazykn 02 salh KT Hmlh yk srvgrdn balatr az dygran
ast 0
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tym "brvsya dvrtmvnd" baSgah srSnas Alman v arvpa ra bh Kvd jlb krdh v
rqyban ayran dr jam jhany amsal fransh ra br An daSth ast kh az aknvn
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myany tym dalyan ast 0
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mhdvy kya dr CHnh bynalmlly SnaKth Sdh ast v bh tazgy az sfr yk hfthay
Kvd bray AzmayS jht exvyt dr tym baSgah "sathmptvn"anglys bazgSth ast.
dr dydarhay nymh payany kh rvz jmeh 41 frvrdyn dr hng kng brgzar
my Svd tymhay "pyrvzy" ayran v "dalyan" Gyn bh mCaf hm m_y rvnd v tym
hay "alhlal" erbstan v "pvhang" krhjnvby ba ykdygr dydar myknnd 0
brndgan ayn dv dydar brgzarknndh dydar payany ayn jam dr61 frvrdyn
ay_n knfdrasyvn afzvd , drKSS baSgah pyrvzy thran bray hmh SnaKth
Sdh ast v Qlbh br ayn tym kh sal gZSth bh mqam svm Asya dst yaft v dst
km dh tn az bazyknanS dr rdhhay jhany hstnd , kar Asany nyst 0
U@ ŮG yR ×n


Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 01:55:36 +0100
From: Asghar Abdi <asghar@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: Mortaza Rafiq doost in Sweden

There are news that Mortaza Rafiq doost spent his prison holidays in Sweden
before Lajvardi's removal. The news was disclosed by Khatami's faction and
Yazdi had to give in. The removal of Ayatullah Yazdi was dependent for this
Independent sources have not confirmed the news yet.


Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 05:52:36 +0200
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: sport: Iran The new Asian power


Iran The new Asian power

There lack something more than four years. In that moment it will be
shown that the future of football isn't only in Africa, but also in
Asia. In Japan/Korea 2002, they will be the home teams and they will
have the opportunity to prove that FIFA hasn't given them four places to
the World Cup of France in change of nothing. Japan, South Korean, Saudí
Arabian and Iran will be the four members of Asia in the French
championship. The supporters of football are already mad with their
teams in this continent and they want more than being a joke in the
first phase.
If Korean and Arabian have in the experience of the last World Cups
some of their main virtues, Iranian count with an advantage: their
coach. He is Croatian, of the Yugoslavian school. And that's enough
important. Furthermore, his curriculum is fantastic: he has trained
Anderlecht, Porto, Ajax, Atletico Madrid, PSG and Olympique from
Marsella. According to the national teams, he coached temporaly the
Arabian Emirates and his Croatian fellows in 1994.

Ivic, 63 years old, substituted in the bench the Brazilian Valdeir
Vieira, the man who took Iran to the World Cup after the classification
phase and the playoff against Australia. With Vieira in the bench, the
Asian team become the last in obtaining the classification for the World

The group in which they will play the World Cup makes almost imposible
being in the following round. Germany and Yugoslavia are the clear
favourite, and USA has enough experience in the finals as to win the
Iranian. By the way, in the match against the American can be special
after the historical events between both countries. Furthermore, Ivic
didn't want to play a friendly match against the American with the
excuse of not having days free.

The Iranian federation, with Mohsen Safaei Farahani at the top, trust
blindly in Ivic,and has placed a Croatian fellow and the assistants of
Vieira working for him. But they also trust, the same than the mad
supporters, in their players. There aren't stars, it's clear. Their most
important players are in Germany. The midfielder Karim Bagheri and the
forward Ali Daei play in Arminia Bielefeld, a low team in the table.
Together with them is the other forward in the line-up of the national
team, the star Khodadad Azizi, who plays in Cologne.

The rest play in Iran, with the exception of Hamid Estili, who is in
Geylang United, Singapur, and Reza Shahroudi, who acts in the Turkish
Altay. All of them know very well each other and have the sacrifice
spirit as their best virtue. They don't lack a more than acceptable
In the playoff against Australia, everything was decided in the second
leg. After a draw 1-1 in Teheran, Iran classified surprisely for the
World Cup. It was after being defeated 2-0. The final 2-2 in the last
minutes gave them the classification because of the double value of the
goals away home. In Australia, the two goals in three minutes of Bagheri
and Azizi, the Best Asian Player of 1997, changed the match.

Before arranging to the matches against Australia, the Iranian had won
17-0 the Maldives Islands in the first phase, a record in the World
Cup's 67 years history. In spite of this, they have arrived to the World
Cup without having won any of their last six matches of classification,
even the one against Japan, the first of Group B, in Malasia, which
forced them to play the life against Australia. A World Cup in which
they will be for the second time, after they made the debut in 1978 in
Argentina. After finishing third in the last Asian Cup, they obtained
the second position, after Saudí Arabian, in the Group A of the
classification. During the previous phase, the local coach, Mayeli
Kohan, was
substituted by the Brazilian Vieira after having problems with the key
players of the team.

Apart from the three important players before cited, the team
complements with the goalkeepers Ahmadreza Abedzadeh, Hajaeesbouei and
Nakisa, the defender Yahya Golmohammadi, Mohamad Khakpour, Ali Akbar
Ostad Asadi, Mehdi Pashazadeh and Afshin Peyravani, the midfielders
Estili, Mahdavikia, Majidi, Minavand, Saadavi,Mansourian, Shahroudi and
Yazdani and the forwards Asgar Modir-Rousta, Mousavi and Tahami.

These names don't say anything, but nobody must be quiet. Ask it to the


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