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1. Debating Moderation, a Year After Iran Vote 2. Jalal Talebi Speaks Following Victory Against Inter Milan 3. Saudi minister to make landmark visit to Iran 4. Hamshahri: pyrvzy dr mqabl ayntrmylan ra mytvan bavr krd? 5. Khatami's speech in Tehran Univ (Gerdsooz) 6. Mass Iranian turnout for Khatami hailed as endorsement of his reforms 7. Child Is Victim of Suicidal Mother

Debating Moderation, a Year After Iran Vote

Debating Moderation, a Year After Iran Vote


TEHRAN, Iran -- One year after an election that changed the face of Iranian politics, students and other Iranians gathered by the thousands here Saturday to celebrate the openness instilled by President Mohammad Khatami.

But the anniversary rally came against a backdrop of sharpening tensions between the moderate Iranians, who reveled in the memory of Khatami's overwhelming victory and conservatives who view his popularity as a threat to their longtime grip on power.

Along with Iran's supreme leader, the more conservative Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Khatami has tried to calm that strained environment in recent weeks. But his caution has frustrated some supporters, who had hoped he would prove more willing to confront rival factions.

And so while the gathering Saturday at Tehran University was generally buoyant, it reflected consciousness of a divide in Iranian society. Some fear that the country is moving too quickly from the restrictive spirit of the 1979 Islamic revolution, and others believe it is not moving fast enough.

"We believe that Mr. Khatami needs to do more," said Majid Farahani, 25, a student leader, "and the only way to do that is to be more honest with the people about the obstacles he is facing. Otherwise he might fail, because the only power he has behind him is the 20 million people who supported him during the election."

Although Khatami was to address the rally later Saturday, he stayed away from an earlier demonstration in which students urged stronger efforts toward liberty.

Among recent signs of tension has been a warning reportedly issued by the chief of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, the country's most powerful military force. The general, Rahim Safivi, has been quoted as telling fellow military leaders that the course adopted by the government poses a threat to national security, and that the military should act "to uproot the counterrevolution wherever they are."

Tehran-based diplomats and Iranian analysts say those remarks betray the unease that has continued to reverberate within Iran since Khatami's victory on May 23, 1997 -- even though he won 70 percent of the vote against a candidate supported by the ruling religious establishment.

In recent days, conservative groups mobilized to counter the preparations for Saturday's celebration by trying to focus on another anniversary. Sunday also marks the day 16 years ago when Iran won perhaps its biggest victory in the 1980-1988 war with Iraq.

Since he formally assumed power in August, Khatami, 54, has eased press restrictions, creating a climate of freer political expression than at any time in at least 15 years.

Even Khamenei, 58, the remote figure who succeeded Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1989 as supreme leader, has in recent months begun to emulate Khatami's more populist approach. He once arrived unannounced at a recent meeting of students to engage in a discussion later broadcast on television.

But in real terms, Khatami's influence remains limited. The government's most important powers, including the military and security forces, are still in the hands of Khamenei, who is regarded under the Constitution of the Islamic republic as God's representative on Earth. Other powers are jealously guarded by the legislature and the judiciary, which like Khamenei's office remain very much under conservative control.

Perhaps for that reason, Khatami, a more moderate cleric, has kept a low profile whenever disagreements have turned contentious. At the beginning of the year, he used a television interview to urge breaking down the "wall of mistrust" between the United States and Iran. But he has not repeated that message recently, apparently mindful that it generated complaints.

He has also issued warnings against anyone inclined to take new liberties to extremes. This seems to emphasize his concern that tensions between rival factions, expressed nearly every day in the press, could spill over into street clashes.

"He's worried that some groups, from all the factions, might be going a little too far," said a former Khatami campaign spokesman who is now a deputy minister of culture and Islamic guidance.

Last month Khatami weathered the most serious crisis since his election, a dispute involving the mayor of Tehran, who was jailed by judicial officials on charges of corruption. The government quickly condemned the arrest, but the president issued no statement.

Instead, he worked behind the scenes at two very different tasks: persuading his supporters to cancel a protest, while persuading Khamenei to order the mayor's release.

The mayor, Gholamhossein Karabaschi, an ally of Khatami, is back at work after 11 days in jail. By all appearances he is seeking to avoid further controversy, and there has been no indication whether he might face trial.

In the meantime, however, the legislature, led by Ali Akbar Nateq-Nouri, the candidate Khatami defeated, has begun to try to exert more power. It is weighing legislation that the government would have no power to revoke.

One bill, already approved in preliminary form, would prohibit publication of photographs of women, even veiled, and of articles judged sexually inflammatory. Another would require segregation of hospitals by sex, a step opposed by many advocates for women, who say there are nowhere near enough female doctors to care for women.

Khatami's government opposes both measures. But its voice has not been loud enough to satisfy those who hope to distance Iran further from the restrictions in place since the 1979 revolution.

"We voted for Khatami," said Mohammad Khosravi, 18, who took part in the demonstration Saturday. "But they're not allowing him to do anything."

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Jalal Talebi Speaks Following Victory Against Inter Milan

From Persian Gulf Soccer homepage->News at http://www.zal.com/PGS/news/may23b.htm

Jalal Talebi Speaks Following Victory Against Inter Milan Following Iran's decisive victory against Italian First Division Club Inter Milan on Saturday, Jalal Talebi gave a post game interview with Sedaye Iran Los Angeles. The interview was conducted via telephone with Sedayeh Iran spokesman Khodabakhshian.

Question: What are your thoughts on Tomislav Ivic?

Talebi: He [Ivic] had focused had focused too much on defensive tactics which did not fit into abilities of the Iranian players. He was trying to implement a very sophisticated tactic which was not working. Unfortunately Ivic created a sense of fear from opponents in our players. Ivich thought Iran is like Afghanistan where there is no knowledge of soccer. He was selfish, self centered and did not have respect for the players. The players did not feel comfortable with him.

Question : Will you implement a 3-5-2 in the World cup?

Talebi: Yes. I have found the right players for the positions they are best at.

Question: Have you finalized the 22 players? Will there be any changes since Ivic was replaced by you?

Talebi: None of the players who are in the camp will be sent back to Iran. We will be adding the following players to the team: Hamedani, Majidi and Latifi.

Question: What are you training plans now?

Talebi: We will play with Milan one more time. We will not play with Portugal because the weather is extremely hot in Portugal and this is not good for our team. We are scheduled to play with Croatian national team but so far they have not responded.

Question: How is Abedzadeh doing?

Talebi: "Abedzadeh has not practiced with the team and most probably will not be ready to play in the World Cup. We are not confident about our reserve goalkeepers. The hardest thing for me was taking over so close to the finals."

Question: What are your thoughts on playing USA?

Talebi: For us, it's just another game. We're going to the World Cup to play soccer. This is a sporting competition. Sport is one thing and politics is another.

Saudi minister to make landmark visit to Iran

Saudi minister to make landmark visit to Iran 04:34 a.m. May 24, 1998 Eastern

By Sami Aboudi

DUBAI, May 24 (Reuters) - Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal marks a new chapter in ties with Iran when he travels to Tehran later this week on an official visit which is expected to culminate in the signing of a cooperation agreement.

Saudi newspapers have said Prince Saud was scheduled to fly to Tehran on May 26 for a two-day visit, invited by his Iranian counterpart Kamal Kharrazi, who visited the kingdom in March.

``Saudi-Iranian relations have to a large extent overcome the period of darkness and have entered the era of cooperation,'' said Wahib Ghorab, a senior Saudi journalist at the London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper.

``Prince Saud's visit gains an added significance in light of the possibility of signing a cooperation agreement between the two sides,'' said Ghorab.

Saudi media has said Prince Saud was expected to sign a cooperation accord with Iranian officials covering economic, scientific, cultural and other matters. They gave no details.

But former Iranian President Hashemi Akbar Rafsanjani, who now heads a powerful state body, said in March during a visit to Saudi Arabia that arrangements were underway to establish a cooperation commission between the two countries and that the Saudis had drafted a nine-article proposal to study.

Saudi-Iranian relations, which went sour after the 1979 Islamic revolution toppled the pro-Western shah, began to thaw after moderate Iranian cleric Mohammad Khatami was elected president in national elections a year ago.

In the past, Saudi Arabia had seen non-Arab Iran as trying to meddle in the internal affairs of Gulf Arab states. Iran had accused Saudi Arabia of backing Iraq during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war.

President Khatami has sought to project a new image of Iran since he assumed office last August. Iran has toned down media rhetoric against Gulf Arab states and reined in anti-U.S. rallies at the annual haj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia this year, a traditional source of tension between the two political and economic heavyweights.

Saudi Arabia dispatched its Minister of State Abdul-Aziz bin Abdallah al-Khoweiter to Iran last July with goodwill messages from King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah to outgoing president Rafsanjani.

Crown Prince Abdullah attended the Organisation of the Islamic Conference summit in Tehran in December and top Iranian officials, including Rafsanjani, Kharrazi and Interior Minister Abdollah Nouri visited Saudi Arabia this year.

Saudi Arabia and Iran have also restored direct air links and Iranian companies exhibited products at a trade fair in Jeddah. An Iranian warship also paid a friendly visit to Saudi Arabia in March, the first one of its kind since the revolution.

But the two countries, the largest oil producers in the 11-member Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries, remain at odds over Western military forces in the Gulf.

Saudi Arabia regards the Western presence as necessary for security in the region, which sits on two thirds of the world's oil reserves. Iran sees security as the responsibility of regional states.

Saudi Arabia also backs the United Arab Emirates in its dispute with Iran over three strategic islands in the Gulf held by Iran.

Iran's Kharrazi is currently in Abu Dhabi on a two-day visit for talks with UAE President Sheikh Zaid bin Sultan al-Nahayan and other senior officials on the islands.

``Iran has begun a new era and a new course seeking good neighbourly relations and non-intervention in the internal affairs of its neighbours,'' Ghorab said.

``I believe that the Saudi-Iranian contacts have helped turn a new page in relations between the two countries. The important thing is that confidence has been restored,'' he said.

((Gulf newsroom, +971 4 607 1222, fax +971 4 626982, dubai.newsroom+reuters.com))

Hamshahri: pyrvzy dr mqabl ayntrmylan ra mytvan bavr krd?

This file was created by pfont to Gerdsooz Applet to be able to read this file in Farsi, you have to use gerdsooz for Windows or use the program at: http://www.payvand.com/gerdsooz


pyrvzy dr mqabl ayntrmylan ra mytvan bavr krd?

ely dayy bazykn pranrJy v Amadh tym mly fvtbal ayran dr Sb pyvstn bh bayrn mvnyK tvanst dr mqabl ayntrmylan dvgl zyba bh cmr brsand.dayy arzShay vaqey Kvd ra dr jam jhany fransh bhtr nSan Kvahd dad.av pa dr jay bazyknan bzrg jhan mygZard.

ayran 4 - ayntrmylan yk ayran 4 - ayntrmylan yk glha:mhdvy kya)57(, ely dayy )67v87( v krym baqry )78( bray ayran vAlvrvkvba dqyqh )53( bray mylan srvys vrzSy:az rm ta mylan v kvmv yazdh gl faClh ast v az tvmyslav ayvyG ta jlal Talby yk Skst )1-7( v yk pyrvzy )4-1(.ayn faClh ra bayd bavrkrd? drvaqe mytvan bavr krd.ayntrmylan bzrg fvtbal aytalya v arvpa Ghar gl az ayran myKvrd v rm dygr tym aytalya hft gl bh ayran myznd.Aya ayvyG ayn andazh by bxaet bvd? v Talby ayn mqdar pr v ba danS? yeny ta ayn taryK ayn ptansyl dr tym ayran vjvd daSt v hyGks nmydanst kh qadrym ayntrmylan ra ba Ghar gl v dr aytalya Skst dhym! bray bexyha v Sayd bray bsyary az Kvanndgan CfHh ma kh bazy ra az Tryq tlvyzyvn tmaSa mykrdnd ayn bazy yk snaryv az pyS nvSth daSt v Sayd hm fvtbal ma Ty Ghar rvz batevyx yk mrby bzrg dnya dgrgvn Sdh v tvansth qhrman bzrg baSgahhay arvpa ra dr Kanh aS Skst dhd.tym ayran ba rvHyh bhtr v nfrat brtr bh mydan Amd, Syvh bazy nyz ba kmy aHtyaT ba pnj mdafe kh dv dfae cabt dr AKr daSt antKab Sdh bvd. mHmdKany v Kakpvr dr ayn fxa kar pvSSy anjam dadnd v mhdy paSazadh hmGnan nqS yargyr v yarkvb ra bazy mykrd.zrynGh dr nqS yk mdafe rast nsbta Azad bh Kdmt grfth Sd v mynavnd nyz ba kmy eqb nSyny dr smt Gp bazy krd.myanh mydan ra ba sh bazykn ba sh vyJgy mtfavt pr krdym.astyly nqS mrkzy v jngndgy daSt v nzdyk bh dfae baz mykrd, mnCvryan Hrkt dr erx Kvd ra byStr krdh bvd v az Hrkt Tvly kasth bvd ta myanh mydan ra az dst ndhym v mhdy mhdvy kya bh tnavb bh kmk ely dayy v bhnam sraj dr KT Hmlh myrft.dr Hrkt kly tym nvey aHtyaT qabl tvjh vjvd daSt kh bh mrvr ba nzvl v mnfel Sdn bazyknan ayntrmylan tbdyl bh Hmlh Sd v ntyjh aS Ghar gly Sd kh ayran bh raHty vard drvazh ayntrmylan krd.ayntrmylan dr ayn bazy az 51 bazykn ZKyrh lyst 33 nfrh Kvd bhrh brd. paglyvka brgvmy, zanh ty, jvrkaif, frh sy, klns, sartvr, mvryrv, vyntr, branka, zamvranv v vst drayn bazy Hxvr ndaStnd.dr evx ramazvty, pvlyzanv, barsvty, asgrynkat, tvrh ta, naz v vrkvba frCt yaftnd ta bh mydan byaynd. Xahr bazy bh gvnh ay bvd kh ajazh tHlyl vaqey ra az ma mygyrd v qxavt hm nmytvan krd, mgraynkh az tmamy msail pSt prdh Kbr daSth baSym.ayn bazy vaqea Ghrh Hqyqy hyGyk az dv tym nbvd v nmytvan dr mvrd An bHc fny krd.Skst ayntrmylan Anhm ba Ghar gl hxm krdny nyst ayn bazy yk traJdy bray ayvyG,yk kmdy Sad bray Talby v yk AzmayS bzrg aKlaqy v vrzSy bray ayntrmylanbvd. ama jda az tmam msail yad Sdh jhS tym ayran ra dr zman hayy az bazy bh raHty mySd tSKyC dad.bazgSt baqry, ezyzy, zrynGh v dayy bsyaramydvarknndh bvd vtym nyz CHyH ArayS yafth bvd, ama nmySvd ba CraHt nvSt kh ayn tym dst pKt jlal Talby ast v An tym kh az rm Skst Kvrd mHCvl ayvyG bvd.ayn dr hr Skl v Syvh aS az nXry rvHy bray tym ma kh qdm bh fransh mygZard arzSmnd ast, ama bh SrTy kh tvdh Qrvr rha Sdh dr fxay tym mly ra az bazyknan dvr knym v Hqyqt mvjvd ra bh Anha yadAvry knym.bly ma ayntrmylan ra Skst dadym v ayn pyrvzy dr taryK bhnam ma cbt Sd, Hal Ggvnh v GTvr tfavt nmyknd. dr frdahay dvr ksy az nve Skst nKvahd nvSt.

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Khatami's speech in Tehran Univ (Gerdsooz)

Hi, I didn't had time check the file, and it may have some minor miss-spelling or problem with space between some words. It is a copy of Hamshahri's article: http://www.neda.net/hamshahri/770303/siasi.htm bA ehterAm, Farhad A. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. This file was created by pfont to Gerdsooz Applet to be able to read this file in Farsi, you have to use gerdsooz for Windows or use the program at: http://www.payvand.com/gerdsooz =begin=

riysjmhvry, Kdmtgzar hmh mlt ast v bayd pasdar aslam v qanvn asasy baSd

Hty qanvn Sknan nyz amrvz eml Kvd ra qanvny tvjyh myknnd v ayn dstavrd bzrg dvm Krdad ast andySh ra bhhyGvjh nmytvan az byn brd v ya ba frman v bKSnamh An ra mHdvd krd, vly mytvan jlvy abraz andySh ra grft

mrdm Hq darnd dr GarGvb qanvn, Azadyhay Kvd ra az dvlt bKvahnd

qvay sh ganh kSvr bayd byS az hmh pyStaz qanvngrayy baSnd

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Mass Iranian turnout for Khatami hailed as endorsement of his reforms

TEHRAN, May 24 (AFP) - The massive turnout to mark the first anniversary of Iranian President Mohammad Khatami's election victory was hailed on Sunday as a clear-cut show of support for his reformist agenda.

"People announced that their ideal society is one where there is freedom protected and recognized by law," moderate newspaper Hamshahri said.

Tens of thousands of people packed Tehran University on Saturday to mark the first anniversary of Khatami's election, in one of the biggest independent political gatherings since the 1979 Islamic revolution.

Hamshahri said the turnout was a new popular endorsement of plans by the 55-year-old moderate cleric to establish the rule of law and ensure greater freedom and democracy.

Leftist newspaper Salam said Khatami would succeed in carrying out his reform agenda despite mounting resistance from hardline conservatives, who fear that the fundamental principles of the revolution are being undermined.

"Khordad-2 an Irreversible Trend," read the headline of the newspaper's editorial, referring to the day Khatami was elected on May 23, 1997.

"Efforts to sabotage the election may have slowed down the pace of development, but it has not succeeded in stopping it," Salam added.

Among those attending Saturday's rallies were students, clerics, intellectuals and secular Iranians, a sign that Khatami continues to enjoy backing from all sectors of the population despite worsening economic conditions and the slow pace of reform.

Khatami was elected on a promise to implement political, economic and social reform and since taking office in August, he has tried to give the Islamic republic a softer image in the world and create greater social freedoms.

Salam said thousands of people marched in Esfahan, another bastion of pro-Khatami support in central Iran.

In both cities, crowds chanted slogans exceeding the boundaries the president himself has tried to impose on freedom of expression in a bid to avoid social chaos.

In Tehran, demonstrators attacked conservative officials and institutions, demanding their resignation or radical reforms, and many of the young people expressed their frustration over the strict regulations limiting their personal freedom.

Despite the thirst for change, many people, including Khatami himself, have warned against going too far.

"We have to understand what kind of freedom we are after, and understand the reality of the country we live in," Khatami said in his speech to crowd at Tehran University.

"We want a society based on respect for the law and for basic freedoms within the framework of the constitution," he said.

Jomhuri Islami newspaper criticized the student activists, many of whom were born after the revolution or are too young to remember it, for shouting "radical and diversionary slogans" during the rally.

"The attitude of some participants did not conform with our society's traditions and culture," it warned.

"Such slogans did not help to bring hearts closer. There is a fear that they will only intensify mutual recrimination and open the way for those who want to disrupt peace."

But the president, backed by moderate conservatives, has gone to great lengths to reconcile the new developments in Iran with the regime's fundamental principles.

"The makers of Khordad-2 are the same people who have defended the revolution over the years. They have only moved from one bulwark to another in their goal to defend independence, freedom and the Islamic republic," said Kar-Kargar daily.

Child Is Victim of Suicidal Mother

Child Is Victim of Suicidal Mother

By LINDA DEUTSCH .c The Associated Press

AP Special Correspondent

TORRANCE, Calif. (AP) - A suicidal mother leaps from a window with her small daughter. The child dies; the mother lives on in a shattered body and is tried for murder.

At her trial in a courtroom in this Los Angeles suburb, Farinoosh ``Roya'' Dalili lies prone in a hospital bed facing her jury, a box of tissues at hand to wipe her copious tears.

Mrs. Dalili's body was broken in so many places by her fall from a 10-story window that some 200 pins hold her splintered bones together. She's allowed to listen to testimony lying down because she cannot sit for long periods without pain.

It's the stuff of a classical Greek tragedy, and her Iranian family and members of the immigrant community stand by as the chorus, alleging she was an abused spouse whose victimization is continuing in the courts.

Prosecutors, who see no evidence of abuse, say she must pay for the death of her 3-year-old daughter, Nagen Natalie Dalili. So does her estranged husband, Nader Dalili, who's divorcing her and suing her for wrongful death.

``She's responsible for what happened,'' Deputy District Attorney Alex Karkanen said. ``She's lost a daughter but she did it.''

On March 3, 1997, Mrs. Dalili went to the Torrance Marriott Hotel and requested a room on a high floor.

The prosecution contends the 31-year-old woman held her daughter in her arms as she leaped from the window. Mrs. Dalili's lawyer, Alex Kessel, said that theory is pure speculation and probably wrong.

Kessel will present evidence beginning Tuesday that Mrs. Dalili and her little girl were so emotionally attached that the child probably saw her mother jump and followed her out the window.

Karkanen said he, too, believes the mother and child were close but says Kassel's theory is not supported by physical evidence.

``Based on our psychological reports, they were so close she wanted them to be together in death,'' he said. ``It's our feeling that's not her choice to make.''

Kessel points out that Mrs. Dalili tried suicide twice before. Once she slashed her wrists; the second time she tried to grab a doctor's needle and inject air into her veins.

Her husband testified that she had seemed ``a little bit depressed'' in the weeks before his daughter's death.

Dr. Ronald Markman, a forensic psychiatrist who testified for the defense, said someone as focused on suicide as Mrs. Dalili would not have thought about the fate of her daughter.

``I think the daughter's presence essentially is irrelevant to her state of mind,'' Markman said. ``Her only concern was her own demise. That's what she was looking for.''

Nagen was dead on arrival at a nearby hospital.

Her mother, who landed 10 feet away from her child, had internal injuries and shattered feet, hips, pelvis, knees, an ankle and an elbow.

Mrs. Dalili wept in court as the prosecutor displayed pictures of her dead child.

Kassel will seek to show how Mrs. Dalili was driven to despair by her husband's verbal, physical and sexual abuse, which escalated when her baby turned out to be a girl - Nader Dalili wanted a boy.

Kassel also said Mrs. Dalili, who left Iran when she was 15, had a college degree in French literature but her husband wouldn't let her hold a job.

The prosecutor said he has found no credible evidence of domestic abuse.

Negotiations for a plea bargain broke down after prosecutors' best offer was manslaughter with 11 years in state prison. They also suggested her commitment to a psychiatric hospital, which the defense rejected.

If there is a murder conviction, the degree is up to the jury.

The chance of a first-degree murder conviction is remote, according to Loyola University Law School Dean Laurie Levenson.

``Unless you have the world's coldest jurors, it's doubtful,'' she said. ``But you can't give parents license to hurt a child. I think jurors are upset anytime a child is a victim and they want someone held responsible. But it's certainly not your typical first degree murder case.''

Even the prosecutor seems troubled by the prospect of a harsh sentence.

``I don't think any normal person jumps off the 10th floor of a hotel,'' Karkanen said. ``It comes down to the question: what are we going to do if we convict her? The answer is we're human. We don't know. It will require a lot of soul searching on the part of the district attorney's office.''

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