Subject: DNI-NEWS Digest - 3 Jan 1999 to 4 Jan 1999

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Topics of the day:

1. Yazadi rejects calls for the UN investigation
2. Amini says "Forqan/Mehdi Hashemi/foriegners" behind the killings

Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 10:20:30 EST
Subject: Yazadi rejects calls for the UN investigation

TEHRAN, Jan 1 (Reuters) - Iran's top judge on Friday rejected calls for an
international investigation into killings of Iranian dissident
intellectuals, saying enemies were trying to portray the Islamic republic
as an unsafe country.

``The enemy is trying to pave the way for foreigners to enter the country
and say there is no security here,'' judiciary head Ayatollah Mohammad
Yazdi said in a Friday prayers sermon broadcast on Tehran radio.

He was referring to calls by Western human rights groups and exiled
Iranian opposition organistions for an international probe into the recent
killings of several dissidents in Iran.

``In Algeria there have been savage killings lately ...but there is no
question there of a United Nations investigation team,'' Yazdi told
worshippers gathered at Tehran University.

``But when two or three people are killed in our country, immediately it
is blown out of proportion and it is said that an investigative team must
go and see what is happening,'' he said.

Yazdi said Iranian police had arrested several people in the killings of
at least three secularist writers and two opposition leaders in the past
few weeks and that results of the probes would be announced in the
``not-too- distant future.''

Some moderates backing President Mohammad Khatami have suggested that the
spate of killings and disappearances, which have sparked terror among
Iran's cultural elite, could be part of a campaign by Islamic
conservatives to undermine the president's government and its liberal

But conservatives have rejected the charges, saying only Iran's enemies --
including the United States and Israel -- would gain from a terror
campaign to destabilise the country.

Iran's news agency IRNA said there were clashes on Thursday as a crowd
tried to hold a protest march in Tehran streets after a gathering which
marked the 40th day of the killing of veteran opposition leader Dariush
Foruhar and his wife Parvaneh.

Police intervened to disperse the protesters, it said.

Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 10:42:16 EST
Subject: Amini says "Forqan/Mehdi Hashemi/foriegners" behind the killings

TEHRAN, JAN. 2, IRNA -- reza amini, the security and disciplinary
advisor to iran's judiciary chief said on saturday the judiciary
would track down domestic and external hands behind a spate of
mysterious killings in tehran.
''even if someone confessed to the killings, it is not enough.
the investigations would go on to identify the entirety of the current
behind the organized crimes.''
he said some suspects also arrested are under interrogation and
it may lead to more arrests soon.
he said the technical studies carried out by the judiciary have
led to some clues to the murders. the intelligence body and the
coroners are now investigating the clues.
amini said technical studies have indicated that the organized
crime is typical of the terrorist ''forqan group'' and a group
attributed to mehdi hashemi.
the terrorist forqan group assassinated ayatollah morteza motahari
(member of the revolutionary council) in the early days of victory of
the islamic revolution in 1979. mehdi hashemi was found guilty of
organizing armed campaign against the islamic revolution in 1981 and
then executed.
the judicial official said certainly committing the murders is
backed from abroad and the police experts believe that they are in
the category of organized crimes.
he said the way the foreign media reflected the murders showed
that certain states or intelligence organizations have orchestrated
amini called for public patience and cooperation with the
government to discover the origin of the organized crimes in iran.
two writers, mohammad mokhtari, mohammad puyandeh, veteran
political activist dariush foruhar along with his wife parvaneh were
killed in tehran within a month in a spate of mysterious organized

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