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Topics of the day:

1. Ocalan's Arrest and Unrest in Kurdestan (Iran)


Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 08:10:56 EDT
From: Boddy Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Ocalan's Arrest and Unrest in Kurdestan (Iran)


PARIS-TEHRAN 22ND Feb (IPS) - Islamic authorities of Iran placed
the entire Kurdish-dominated regions of Iran, mainly Sanandaj,
the capital city of the Kurdistan province under military
conditions after violent demonstrations against the Islamic
Republic that erupted across Iranian Kurdistan were met by
security forces, making between 4 to 15 dead, including a child
and 25 others wounded, some of them seriously among the
protesters, according to both Kurdish opposition and Iranian

Started three days ago, originally in protest at the capture of
Adbullah Ocalan, the leader of the Turkish Kurdish separatist
Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in Nairobi, Kenya, by Turkish
anti-terrorist commando, the manifestations quickly turned into
demonstrations against the Islamic authorities, Iranian Kurdish
groups claimed in communiqués received by Iran Press Service in

The Democratic party of Iranian Kurdistan (DPIK), the Communist
Party of Iranian Kurdisan KOMALA, the Committee for Kurdistan of
the Iranian Communist-Workers Party (ICWP) all reported
continued unrest in Sanandaj, Kamiaran, Sardasht, Boukan, Baneh,
Marivan, Saqqez and Kermanshah, where demonstrators were
chanting slogans against the Islamic Republic, leader of the
regime, the ayatollah Ali Khameneh'i and president Mohammad

That information was confirmed by the pro-Khatami daily
"Hamshahri", saying that riot-control units were dispatched to
several Kurdish-dominated towns.

In separate statements, spokesmen for the DPIK, KOMALA and the
ICWP said that helicopters and jetfighters flew over Sanandaj,
breaking sound barrier, adding that unable to stop the
demonstrations, the army was also called in.

The official news agency IRNA confirmed Monday that sporadic
clashes between police and demonstrators took place in the town
of Orumyeh, the capital city of Western Azarbaijan where
protesters were staging demonstration against Turkey.
"Jahan-e-Eslam", a paper that belongs to the brother of the
leader, the hojatoleslam Hadi Khameneh'i, an adviser to
President Mohammad Khatami, reported that at least two
youngsters were killed by police attempting to ward off an
attack on the Turkish consulate there.

Turkey shut its consulate in that city and sealed off its
borders with Iran.

During clashes between demonstrators and security forces, public
buildings, including offices of the Information Ministry were
attacked, set afire, Kurdish opposition said.

It's true that at the beginning, using the capture of Mr.
Ocalan, the Iranian clerics tried to organise demonstrations
against Turkey, Israel and the United States, like the one in
Orumyeh, with the hope to show that in Iran do not have a
Kurdish problem on its own hand, but waiting for the first
possible occasion, the people, mostly the young, took to the
streets, protesting against the regime itself, as it always
happen in Iran.

An Iranian Kurd MP had earlier called on the country's Kurdish
population to rise up in protest against Turkey, which he
accused of having "repressed the Kurdish people and flouted
their rights for decades."

At odd with secular Turkey, the Islamic Republic officially
protested to Ankara's close military and security co-operation
with Israel, offering PKK operating and training bases in Iran.

Numbering at more than 6 millions and of Sunni confession in
their great majority, Iranian Kurds enjoy much better conditions
that those in Turkey, where they are even not recognised, but
are denied of their legitimate and natural cultural rights such
as having Kurdish schools. ENDS KURDS UNREST 2229920


End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 22 Feb 1999 to 24 Feb 1999