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Subject: FYI:Iran court holds prominent moderate cleric


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Subject: FYI:Iran court holds prominent moderate cleric
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Iran court holds
prominent moderate
cleric - agency

TEHRAN, Feb 27 (Reuters) - An Iranian
clerical court has arrested a prominent
reformist clergyman known for his outspoken
critical writings, Iran's official news agency
IRNA reported on Saturday.

It quoted relatives of Mohsen Kadivar as saying the
moderate Shi'ite Moslem scholar had been held on the
order of the special court of the clergy for the second
in the past two weeks.

The court had earlier questioned Kadivar, a prominent
supporter of moderate President Mohammad Khatami, over
his outspoken writings and press interviews.

Kadivar has published articles criticising the clergy's
dominant role in Iran's government, as well as
the legitimacy of the conservative-run court.

At the hearing, Kadivar insisted the charges against him
under Iran's press laws and were outside the court's
jurisdiction. He demanded a public jury trial at a press
court where he would be allowed to have a defence

The court, which meets in closed sessions to deal with
offences committed by clerics, has come under increasing
criticism by moderates and dissidents.

In December, a group of moderate clerics blasted the court

for ordering the arrest on fraud charges of a founder of
pro-Khatami clerical group, suggesting the move was
politically motivated.

The powerful court, set up after the 1979 Islamic
revolution, is under the authority of supreme leader
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and is not restrained by laws
governing the judiciary.

The court is led by conservative cleric Gholamhossein
Mohseni-Ejei, who gained prominence last year as the
judge in the trial of Tehran's modernising mayor, another

Khatami ally.

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islamic human rights commission wants clear-cut response on kadivar

tehran, feb. 28, irna -- islamic human rights commission in a

statement here sunday outlined the measures taken by the commission

following the detention of hojjatoleslam mohsen kadivar.

it stressed that following the court summons against kadivar last

week, the legal department investigating public complaints held direct

talks with him to find out the details of the charges. the commission

had corresponded with the relevant authorities about the case.

it also emphasized that the department responsible for following

up and monitoring the ongoing issue in its meeting sunday specified

that clear-cut response be obtained from the special clerics court on

the matter so that necessary measures can be taken.

the statement further added that the commission continues to

insist on the complete observation of the legal rights of the

citizens, including their legitimate freedoms within the framework of

the constitution.

the commission elaborated that in order to conduct a fair trial,

charges should be brought up completely within the norms of the law

and the defendant should be made aware of the these charges and have

access to the lawyer of his choice.

the islamic human rights commission added that the court

proceedings should be held in the open and the defendant should also

have the right to appeal and request a retrial.

concerning political and press crimes, the commission says,

"according to article 168 of the constitution of the islamic republic

of iran, people's legitimate freedoms in the various individual and

social areas cannot be breached."



::irna 28/02/99 21:41

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iran-u.s.-human rights

assefi says u.s. human rights report on iran, unfounded

tehran, feb 28, irna -- iranian foreign ministry spokesman hamid-reza

assefi said on sunday the u.s. state department's allegations

regarding status of human rights in iran are unfounded.

the u.s. administration has issued a report on situation of human

rights in the world describing the status of human rights in iran as

allegedly "poor".

he said the u.s. state department's annual report on human rights

in the world and its allegations on the basis of the one-sided and

biased interpretations of human rights situation in iran is an

attempt to divert the world public opinion from human rights

violations in the american society.

the state department's action indicated the u.s. bad intention

toward the progress of the iranian people and its failure to form

balanced relations with the islamic republic of iran. assefi said.

he said publishing such intentional reports has coincided this

year with the nationwide municipal elections in iran, helping display

the u.s. opposition to iran's national identity and progress.

assefi said the american society is now suffering from extensive

human rights violations thanks to the negligence of the u.s.

administration. racial discrimination, cruelty against foreigners,

torture in prisons, violence against children and women are on their

heights in the american community, arousing concern of the united

nations and the non-governmental organizations, he said.

"the islamic republic of iran in accordance with the islamic

belief and national and international commitments has respected human

rights of every iranian citizen inside and outside the country," he


iran believes that any sabotage in the process of its dynamic

society by any foreign country could not work and the country is

treading the path toward its lofty goals.

meanwhile, assefi dismissed a report provided by representative

of the united nations human rights commissioner maurice danby

copithorne as being contrary to the facts in iran and lack of

knowledge about the islamic criteria and norms recommended by islam.



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