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Topics of the day:

1. Kerman Quake Kills One, Damages 517 Houses
2. Latest Result of Council Elections in Tehran (2)
3. Iranian President for France
4. Non-U.S. firms in Iran energy deals ...
6. The list of elected members for Councils


Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 22:43:06 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Kerman Quake Kills One, Damages 517 Houses

Kerman Quake Kills One, Damages 517 Residential Units
Reported By IRNA

thr 056
kerman quake kills one, damages 517 residential units
kerman, march 6, irna -- head of the provincial natural disasters
headquarters mohsen salehi said here on saturday that the 6.3 quake
that jolted this southern iranian province thursday morning resulted
in one death and damages to 517 residential units.
salehi said that about 10 residential units of zehkaman
and abshouyeh villages sustained 70-100 peand abshouyeh villages
sustained 70-100 percent damage with the
rest of the units sustaining 30-50 percent damage.
he said that residential units at abshin village also sustained
20-30 percent damage.
three houses were completely destroyed at shirinak village and
scattered damages were reported in other parts of the province, said
::irna 06/03/99 18:26


Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 22:42:52 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Latest Result of Council Elections in Tehran

Saturday Morning's Newspaper Headlines in Tehran

Reported By IRNA

thr 003

saturday morning's newspaper headlines
tehran, march 6, irna -- the following headlines appeared in
tehran's newspapers this morning:

iran daily:
-dlrs 500m alloy steel plant opens in yazd
-plants are god's miracle, leader
-israeli military wants to withdraw from s. lebanon
-preferences can't be imposed in the name of religion
-swiss army to protect missions in geneva
-cohen in bahrain

tehran times:
-details of intervention in iran's affairs by london-based
organization functioning under the guise of charity
-leader calls environment protection a vital issue
-institute close to cia hosts conference on persian gulf
security in turkey
-turkey car bomb kills four, injures gvernor
-khatami to visiovernor
-khatami to visit italy, syria, saudi arabia, kuwait, france
-oil prices rise as iran intensifies lobbying with opec members

iran news:
-yazd's alloy steel complex inaugurated by president
-fm condemns pgcc statement on iranian war games
-city councils must avoid political disputes, yazdi
-javid husain: india and pakistan must avoid arms race
-portuguese foreign minister arrives in tehran
-three killed, 10 hurt in turkish bomb attack by radical leftists
-president to visit france on april 12

kayhan international:
-asefi condemns pgcc statement on iran's maneuvers
-protecting environment a vital issue - leader
-urban, rural councils should not interfere in national politics
-mines exploitation will bring steel industry self-sufficiency,
-greek, iranian women's committee will bolster ties - shojaei
-italian officials: khatami most reputed personality in middle
-president: preferences should not be imposed on society in the
name of religion
-latest reports on councils elections results
-quake, floods hit six provinces
-leader stresses attention to forests, pastures
-bomb blasts in turkey
-greece supports khatami's proposal on dialog among civilizations

-leader stresses importance of protection of environment,

natural resources
-giant alloy steel complex goes on stream in yazd
-eu lodges complaint against u.s. with wto
-khatami to deliver speech at european university institute in
florence, italy
-southern lebanon air raided once again
-new jordanian king stresses restoration of palestinians' rights

-khatami: imposition of pressure on people will give rise to
-leader inspects institute for research in forestry and meadows
-foreign ministry spokesman: launching military exercises, an
important right of countries
-oic secretary general expected in tehran

jomhuri eslami:
-president inaugurates giant alloy steel plant,
ardakan-chadarmalou railway
-secretary general of lebanese hizbullah: we will clear southern
lebanon of zionists through war
-foreign ministry spokesman: pgcc statement, explicit
interference in domestic affairs of iran
-eu officially files complaint against -eu officially files
complaint against u.s. with wto
-two germans executed in the u.s.
-president: commitment to teachings of the holy quran will serve
as a deterrent against selfishness
-leader stresses protection of environment, natural resources
-american companies call for lifting of anti-iran economic
-unesco secretary general felicitates khatami on councils

-leader expresses regret over import of foodstuffs, plants
-president: country's income halved this year
-foreign ministry condemns interference of arab sheikhs in
iran's domestic affairs
-head of plan and budget organization: low income classes
shoulder pressures caused by inflation
-selected works of green film festival introduced
-iran, france sign consular agreement

kar va karegar:
-american oil companies intensify pressure on clinton's
administration to lift sanctions against iran
-leader: third development plan must pay attention to protection
of environment, natural resources
-president: democracy should be compatible with religion,
people's beliefs
-latest results of city/village councils elections
-iran condemns pgcc statement
-iran, france facilitate visa regulations
-khatami: industrial investments to increase in third development
-124,000 government shares transferred to private sector
-iran's attempts to attract europe's industrial contribution
-214 inventions registered countrywide

-khatami: defending islam does not need force
-kadivar: main loser is special clerical court
-varsity students to hold gatherings in protest to kadivar's
detention kadivar's
detention kadivar's
-khamoushi elaborates on promotion of iran-britain economic
-head of judiciary: observation of human rights in iran,
incomparable to other countries
-latest results of city/village council elections
-khatami: indulgence, tolerance, important privileges of islamic
-leader plants an oak tree
-irgc commander: enemies try to present officials adversely to
-ceremonies marking 32nd death anniversary of dr. mohammad

-leader terms destruction of natural resources as catastrophe
-report on president's visit to yazd
-members of 33521 islamic city/village councils elected

-tehran-karaj electric train to go on stream sunday
-office to foster unity to hold gatherings in 10 provinces to
protest against kadivar's detention
-members of islamic councils elected in 717 cities
-iran ranks first in car accidents in world

-kadivar in prison: i will not respond to any question in the
absence of lawyer
-commemoration ceremony held on the occasion of dr mosaddeq's
death anniversary
-varsity students hold protest gathering in ten cities
-khatami: proving rational statements does not need force
-members of tehran's city council determined

-leader: protection of environment w
-leader: protection of environment will be paid attention as a
principle in third development plan
-iran's attempts to make joint industrial investment with europe
-iran condemns pgcc statement
-president: billions of dollars worth of investment to be made
in iran next year
-leader of friday prayers: councilors should strive to prosper
the country away from political groupings

::irna 06/03/99 13:12


Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 22:43:16 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iranian President for France

Iranian President for France

BBC World: Middle East
Friday, March 5, 1999 Published at 18:22 GMT

President Khatami of Iran is to visit France next month.

The visit, widely anticipated in Iran, has been confirmed by
diplomatic sources in Paris.

He's due to arrive on April 12, following a trip to Italy.

The French part of the trip was preparedy.

The French part of the trip was prepared by the Iranian foreign
minister, Kamal Kharazi, when he went to Paris himself last
month -- the first such visit there by an Iranian minister for
eight years.

From the newsroom of the BBC World Service


Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 22:43:40 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Non-U.S. firms in Iran energy deals ...

Non-U.S. firms in Iran energy deals seen escaping U.S. sanctions

08:52 p.m Mar 05, 1999 Eastern
By Haitham Haddadin

NEW YORK, March 5 (Reuters) - International oil firms keen on
Iranian energy-sector deals face slim risk of U.S. sanctions
after Washington failed to penalise an international consortium
that sealed a landmark deal last year, experts said this week.
The potential payoff for many firms seems to offset even a
slight risk, since Iran has the world's second-largest natural
gas reserves and fifth-largest pool of oil reserves.

Despite Washington's anger at a $1 billion oil pact signed this
week between Iran and French oil giant Elf Aquitaine and Agip, a
subsidiary of Italy's ENI (ENI.MI), actual penalties against
them are not likely, according to oil industry executives,
analysts and a sanctions law expert who spoke at an Iran/Iraq
energy conference in New York this week.

President Bill Clinton's administration, the experts said, was
likely to continue to use the ``national interest'' rationale as
it did last year when it did not punish a consortium led by
France's Total SA over a $2 billion investment in the South Pars
gas field in Iran.

Under the 1996 Iran-Libya Sanctions Act, the president can
penalise non-U.S. firms investing $20 million or more in Iran's
oil and gas sector, or $40 million or more in Libya's energy
sector. Both are accused by the U.S. government of sponsoring
international terrorism, but deny the charges.

Clinton decided to issue the waiver for the Total deal, citing
the European Union's cooperation on curtailing Iran's capability
to produce banned weapons.

``In mid-May (1998), the administration made its 'national
interest' determination under the Iran-Libya Sanctions Act, with
respect to the South Pars project,'' said Jeffrey Turner,
partner with U.S.-based law firm Patton Boggs LLP.

``Assuming continued European government cooperation in halting,
for example, the spread of weapons of mass destruction, European
oil companiespean
oil companies making new investments in Iran face only a slight
risk of being subjected to sanctions,'' added Turner, whose
practice focuses on sanctions law.

More than 30 foreign companies are said to be competing
individually or in teams for 47 energy projects offered since
last year by Iran.

U.S. oil executives, irked by seeing international rivals
gaining a foothold in Iran's multibillion-dollar oil and gas
sector, also said it was questionable that any action would be
taken against Elf and Agip, or others that follow suit.

``I don't see how the government can enforce any sanctions
against Elf and Agip, if they waived them for other companies
for essentially a similar project,'' Don Voelte, executive vice
president of U.S.-based independent Atlantic Richfield Co.

(ARCO) told Reuters on the conference sidelines.

Noting that not only were the sanctions bad for his company but
also bad for U.S. business, he has said current U.S. policy will
do nothing to influence Iran's foreign policy as Tehran has
alternatives to U.S. technology and cash.
ARCO has already bid on two Iranian oilfield developments,
subject to the lifting of sanctions, while Houston-based Conoco
Inc. has long complained of the impact of sanctions, which cost
it a $1.0 billion stake in South Pars.

Italian officials have said the ENI-Elf deal with Iran to
develop the ageing Doroud oil field was smaller than Iran's
accord with the Total-led consortium. Italian leaders were
expected by U.S. officials to raise the issue in talks with them
in Washington this week.

U.S. congressmen on Thursday appealed to visiting Italian Prime
Minister Massimo D'Alema to temper his country's dealings with
Iran, expressing concern about the
Doroud deal.

Turner of Patton Boggs said a consensus for fundamental U.S.
sanctions reform has not yet been reached.

``It will likely take a few more stark reminders of the pain
unilateral sanctions measures cause U.S. companies before
Congress will likely support a fundamental change to the current
sanctions regime,'' he added.

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.


Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 22:48:12 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Latest Result of Council Elections in Tehran

Latest Result of Council Elections in Tehran

thr 004
over 1.1m votes counted in tehran
tehran, march 6, irna -- a total of 1,126,847 votes have so far
been counted in 2,228 polling booths in tehran, the elections
headquarters announced here friday night.
the names of the candidates who have got the majority of votes
are as follows:
1. abdollah nouri 448,964 votes
2. saeed hajjarian kashani 288,920
3. jamileh kadivar 276,216
4. fatemeh jalaipour 260,498
5. mohammad ebrahim asgharzadeh 259,457
6. mohammad atrianfar 240,530
7. ahmad hakimipour 228,076
8. mohammad hossein doroodian 208,817
9. mahmood alizadeh tabatabaie 194,806
10. gholamreza forouzesh 173,868
11. morteza lotfi 169,616
12. rahmatollah khosravi 165,696
13. seddiqeh vasmaqi 156,832
14. seyed-mohammad gharazi 154,514
15. abbas doozdoozani 151,384
16. hassan abedini 144,018
17. davoud soleymani 142,632
18. seyed-mansour razavi 137,726
19. yahya al-e eshaq 136,359
20. mohammad-hossein haqiqi 132,400
21. mohammad-kazem seyfian 124,872
::irna 06/03/99 09:14


Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 22:48:46 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>


By Safa Haeri

The daughter of Dariush and Parvaneh Foruhar, the leaders of the
secularist Iranian People's Party who were savagely assassinated
last November in Tehran reiterated here Thursday that since
the authorities of the Islamic Republic have failed to bring the
killers of her parents to justice, she will press for the
dispatch to Tehran of an international commission of jurists and
lawyers to investigate the assassination.

Speaking during a press conference held in the Association of
Foreign Correspondents in Rome, Ms Parsatou Foruhar first gave,
a detailed and moving account of the circumstances and the way
her parents had been murdered, - her mother with 24 stabs of the
dagger in the chest, her father with 11 - to observe that 100
days after the horrible assassination, the authorities continue
contradictory statements and refuse to identify the

In an official communiqué that shocked the nation, the
Information (Intelligence) Ministry of the Islamic Republic
confirmed on 5th January that its own agents had killed the
Foruhar couple, as well as other
intellectuals and political activists in Mohammad Mokhtari,
Mohammad Ja'far Pouyandeh and Piruz Davani.
The unprecedented statement of the notorious Intelligence and
Security office that is directly controlled by the leader of the
Islamic Republic, the ayatollah Ali Khameneh'i came after
President Mohammad Khatami formed
a 3 men Investigation Committee that immediately found the hands
of Iranian agents and not those of foreigners, as Mr.
Khameneh'i would insist.
Despite heavy presence of security forces, more than 100.000
people of all walk participated at the funeral of the Foruhars
in Tehran, transforming the event in one of the largest
demonstrations ever held spontaneously in
Iran against the Islamic regime.
Both Ms. Foruhar and one of her lawyers, Dr Karim Lahiji noted
that in order to prevent publication of some secrets, including
ass to know who did issued the fatwas, or the religious orders
the authorities have transferred
the investigations to the military justice, a decision that is
"absolutely against the constitution or it proves that military
men have been among the killers", Dr Lahiji, the president of
the Iranian League of Human Rights said.
Concluding a 4 years long trial in 1977, a high court in Berlin
ruled that the highest authorities of the Islamic Republic,
including the leader of the regime, the ayatollah Khameneh'i
and the (then) President, the
ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani had all direct
responsibility in the assassination of Iranian political
dissidents, including 4 Iranian Kurdish leaders that had been
assassinated in a Persian restaurant in Berlin in
1992 by a mixed Iranian-Lebanese Shi'a Muslim hit squad.
"Unless one does not bring to justice all the culprits, all
those who gave orders and those who organized and those who
carried out the killings, unless the roots of the violence are
not severed, such murders will
continue", Ms. Foruhar told journalists, including several
representing the Iranian media both at home and in the Diaspora.
Earlier in the morning, both Ms. Foruhar and Mr. Lahiji had been
warmly received by Italian opposition MPs, among them Sig. Marco
Taradash of the Radical Party and Siga. Sandra Fei, of Forza
Italia, promising them support and pledge that they will urge on
the Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema to include in his talks with
the Iranian President the situation of human rights in Iran
while signing new trade and economic deals.
Briefing the Italian MPs on the situation in the Islamic
Republic, Mr. Lahiji pointed out that the Khatami government has
failed to answer the letters send to him by the 105 strong
members International Federation of
Human Rights Leagues to go to Iran to run an independent
investigation into the political murders.
To a question by Sig. Taradash, Mr. Lahiji observed that all the
victims were political or intellectual activists fighting for a
secular, democratic state instead of the present Islamic one.

"The sending of an non governmental international investigation
commission to Iran is necessary because the justice and the
judiciary are not independent", Dr Lahiji reminded, adding that
the commission's aim was "not
to interfere with the justice, but to assist the government and
the President in pinpointing the responsibilities".
This was the third international press conference organized by
Ms. Parastou Foruhar, starting with Bonn soon after Germany took
over the roving presidency of the European Union, to be followed
by one Paris in February
and the next one to be held in Geneva in April.
Pressed by journalists, Mr, Lahiji said what the Iranian right
groups and opposition wanted was that Europe treats the case of
the Islamic Republic the same way it did with the former Eastern
Bloc nations, where no Western
Head of State would visit a Communist capital without insisting
to have a meeting with the opposition.
"Human rights has no boundaries. One can not apply it in the
North and ignore it in the South. We are not against the EU
talking to Iranians or trading with that regime, but one must
realize that there could be no
economic and investment security with justice, without judicial
security. Talks and negotiations with the Iranian clerics must
include rights questions", he pointed out.
The ayatollah Khatami is to visit officially Italy from 9 to 11
March, making Rome the first Western Capital to play host to a
president from the Islamic Republic.
He was due to arrive on the 8th, but as the date ironically
coincided with the International Women's Day, the Italian
government worked it out with the Iranian side to "gently"
postpone until the ninth to calm a storm in
the Parliament, mostly by female MP, observing the appalling
situation of women under Islamic Canons that stipulates women
are half the men in social and legal status.

A short interview with Sig. Marco Tarad
ash, opposition MP and
coordinator the Italian MPs
opposed to the visit of the Iranian President Mohammad Khatami

IPS We know that Germany is Iran's main political supporter
and trade partner, that France is a political heavy weight after
the United States, how come that Italy was able to become Mr
Khatami's first European host?

Marco Taradash- This I don't know. But I read in the newspapers
that the Italian government has signed an important contract for
oil with Iran. In my view, Italy wants to compete with other
European countries for having an
important role in the Iranian market

IPS- But what card Italy played, sine as much as we know, France
and Germany were also in the race to invite him first

MT- My fear is that Italy accepted not to speak about Human
rights in Iran.

IPS- Do you think this is a precondition set by Iran or an offer
by Italy?

MT-I don't know. There is a partnership of silence.

IPS- You as an opposition MP, what are going to tell Mr Khatami
when he comes

MT- Nothing to Mr Khatami directly, but to the Italian
Government, yes, I want the the Prime Minister tell Khatami
that human rights are more important than business and above all
we want the Italian Government to
promise that a mission of jurist go to Iran to survey inquiries
on the killings of the last months.

IPS- We know that under Islamic laws women have almost no
rights. So, is it not an irony that Mr Khatami, the President of
a regime that Islam is its official constitution is coming to
italy the same day that is the
International Women Day?

MT- Yes, it is strange and it is something to think about.
IPS- Thank you


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Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 21:52:48 +0000
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: The list of elected members for Councils

This pages have the name of those elected for councils


End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 5 Mar 1999 to 6 Mar 1999