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Topics of the day:

1. Iranian Free-Style Wrestling Team Undergo Training
2. American Wrestling Official Sees No Problem With S
3. American Students Welcome Iranian Wrestling Team
4. Cabinet Holds First Meeting in New Iranian Year
5. Russia Not To Attend Spokane 99 World Cup Wrestlin
6. Italy to Guarantee USD 500 Million in Capital, Tra
7. Kutan for Closer Trade Ties Iran
8. Iran Has No Limitations to Strengthening of Ties W
9. Russian Party Leader Hails Iran as Moscow's Major
10. Russian FM to Visit Iran Soon
11. OIC Chairman Expresses Concern About Kosovo Crisis
12. OIC Contact Group Asks Security Council to Stop Ge
13. International Criminal Tribunal Warns Yugoslav, Se
14. US Slams China, Cuba For Abuses At UN Rights Body
15. U.S. Warns N.Korea Against Further Missile Tests
16. OPEC Deal, Takeover Buzz Lift Investor Interest in
17. Abtahi-On Status of Youth Following May 23 Preside
18. Human Rights /Shamlou/ New York


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:46:42 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iranian Free-Style Wrestling Team Undergo Training

Iranian Free-Style Wrestling Team Undergo Training Courses

thr 004
iranian free-style wrestling team undergo training courses
spokane, washington, april 1, irna -- members of iran's free-style
wrestling team to the u.s. world cup free-style wrestling competitions
are offered courses on new referee regulations.
two outstanding international referees from iran akbar iranmanesh
and rahim jeddi, who have arrived here to judge the u.s. world cup
free-style wrestling competition, are offering the courses to the
iranian team during their stay in spokane, washington state, for a
few days.
jeddi said the organization of the courses had been essential for
iranian wrestlers in view of a change in 10 points of the wrestling
refereeing regulations.
he said that iran ranks first worldwide for having nine
international referees and this is a high privilege for the country.
::irna 01/04/99 09:57


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:46:50 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: American Wrestling Official Sees No Problem With S

American Wrestling Official Sees No Problem With Spokane Contest

thr 013
american wrestling official sees no problem with spokane contest
spokane, washington, april 1, irna -- secretary of the u.s. wrestling
federation rich bender told irna here on wednesday that everything
is set for the spokane 99 world cup free-style wrestling contest with
arrival of all wrestling teams, except that of russia, to the u.s.
until wednesday night.
the competitions are to be held here april 2-3.
bender said the technical board of the international wrestling
federation (fila) had also arrived here and was following its own
on likelihood of disturbances at the competitions by the
terrorist mojahideen khalq organization (mko), bender said the u.s.
security forces are responsible for guaranteeing security and order
at the contests and would deal with any one acting in violation of
the regulations.
he said that cuban, german and canadian teams are represented by
strongest wrestlers. however, he added, the iran-u.s. competition
would be of grave importance and the two sides are expected to find
their way to the final round of the event.
::irna 01/04/99 12:20


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:46:36 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: American Students Welcome Iranian Wrestling Team

American Students Welcome Iranian Wrestling Team

thr 012
american students welcome iranian wrestling team
spokane, washington april 1, irna -- a large number of american
students residing here on wednesday hailed the iranian free-style
wrestling team's presence in the city by chanting `iran, iran'.
the iranian team was busy doing warm-up exercises to get ready
for the spokane 99 world cup free-style wrestling contest, which is
to be held in the city april 2-3.
the students carried iranian flag and placards and chanted the
slogan `iran, iran'. one of the placards bore the statement `wrestlers
welcome to the u.s.'
::irna 01/04/99 11:58


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:47:30 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Cabinet Holds First Meeting in New Iranian Year

Cabinet Holds First Meeting in New Iranian Year

thr 028
cabinet holds first meeting in new iranian year
tehran, march 31, irna -- the first cabinet session in the new iranian
year (started march 21) was held here wednesday afternoon and was
chaired by president hojatoleslam seyyed mohammad khatami.
the president congratulated his colleagues on the new iranian year
as well as the festivals of eid-ul adha and eid-e ghadeer-khom and
hoped that the new year would usher in prosperity and blessings for
the people and government of iran.
he further hoped that through cooperation and consultations the
government and the people could work together in overcoming the
problems facing the nation. they would make use of all resources at
their disposal for the benefit of the people and the progress of the
country, he stated.
the cabinet expressed deep sorrow over the deaths of a number of
memorizers of the holy qur'an in a road accident in khuzestan
province, southern iran.
the relevant authorities, it stressed, should cooperate with the
investigation team which was set up under the directives of the
paramount leader of the islamic revolution grand ayatollah seyyed ali
the cabinet also extended congratulations to the leader and the
people of iran on the auspicious occasion of the founding of the
islamic republic on april 1.
in its meeting, the council of ministers approved the executive by
law on permitting the registration of branches of foreign firms or
their representatives which was ratified by the islamic consultative
assembly, the majlis, in 1997. the cabinet also approved the setting
up of 33 more industrial townships in various provinces throughout the
::irna 31/03/99 22:03


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:47:20 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Russia Not To Attend Spokane 99 World Cup Wrestlin

Russia Not To Attend Spokane 99 World Cup Wrestling Contest

thr 014
russia not to attend spokane 99 world cup wrestling contest
spokane, washington, april 1, irna -- the national russian free-style
wrestling team will not attend the spokane 99 world cup free-style
wrestling contest, which is to be held here from april 2-3.
secretary of the u.s. wrestling federation rich bender said
in an interview with irna that the russian team would not attend the
contests despite their desire due to problems at the american
embassy in moscow.
bender said the embassy has been closed down due to continued
demonstrations next to the embassy building in moscow and it is
impossible for the embassy staff to issue visas for all the wrestlers.
he said that five out of the eight russian wrestlers had managed
to get visas but the remaining three failed to do so. therefore,
the russian wrestling federation officials announced that russia
would not attend the contests because participation of a mere five
wrestlers from that country in the contests would tarnish hopes of
winning the competitions.
gunmen staged demonstrations and exploded bombs in front of the
u.s. embassy to moscow over the past few days in protest at nato
attacks on yugoslav serbs.
attacks on yugoslav serbs.
meanwhile, head of the national iranian free-style wrestling team
aref rabti said that russia's absence would make it difficult for the
iranian team to win the championship title of the competitions.
rabti said that moreover, russia's absence would diminish the
importance of the contests.
he said that competition of the russian team with those of cuba,
canada and germany would have lowered their scores, and this would be
in iran's favor.
he said that however, iran would strive for bagging medals at the
bg/ks /ks

::irna 01/04/99 12:22


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:48:04 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Italy to Guarantee USD 500 Million in Capital, Tra

Italy to Guarantee USD 500 Million in Capital, Trade in Iran

thr 031
italy to guarantee usd 500 million in capital, trade in iran
rome, march 31, irna -- the director of the italian export credit
insurance agency, sace, mario mauro announced here wednesday that his
company has undertaken to guarantee usd 2.5 billion in investment and
trade overseas.
he added that it has taken the responsibility to provide insurance
coverage for capital investment and trade to the tune of half a
billion dollars in iran.
according to the milanese publication 'il sole 24 ore', this
guarantee has been given to iranian banks. in the past, sace used to
refrain from providing any form of insurance coverage for the export
of goods to iran.
however, the italian insurance agency has
however, the italian insurance agency has
however, the italian insurance agency has
however, the italian insurance agency has
however, the italian insurance agency has
however, the italian insurance agency has been covering iranian
exports for about two years now. it is expected that the amount of
insurance coverage will be increased in coming years.
mauro noted that export to iran increased by 30 percent in 1998
and it covers all small, medium-sized and major italian companies.
he concluded that italian firms should make use of the opportunity
to boost trade in southwest asia.
::irna 31/03/99 23:46


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:48:12 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Kutan for Closer Trade Ties Iran

Kutan for Closer Trade Ties Iran

thr 025
kutan for closer trade ties iran
ankara, april 1, irna -- leader of the islamist fazilat party of
turkey rajaee kutan told irna in van today that in the event his party
should win in the upcoming parliamentary elections it would stress
closer trade and economic relations with neighboring iran.
he said closer trade exchanges between the two countries would
improve the economic status of turkey's eastern border with iran.
the turkish officisl said a railrod that now connects iran and
turkey is not used at its actual capacity. he said the railroad that
crosses van is currently only used for passenger traffic purposes.
::irna 01/04/99 18:18


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:48:40 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iran Has No Limitations to Strengthening of Ties W

Iran Has No Limitations to Strengthening of Ties With Azerbaijan

thr 024
iran has no limitations to strengthening of ties with azerbaijan
baku, april 1, irna -- iran's ambassador to the republic of azerbaija
ali reza bigdeli announced here thursday that tehran places no
restrictions to the establishment of strong ties with baku.
in an interview with the azeri news agency mpi, which was printed
in today's issue of the baku daily 525, bigdeli said that iran can be
the best ally for the azerbaijan republic and without doubt this is
stressing on the need to strengthen and develop ties between the
two neighboring and muslim countries, he said there are countries
which do not see the expansion of tehran-baku to be in their
he said that even some of these countries like the u.s. and the
zionist regime, make the development of their ties with the republic
of azerbaijan conditional on restricting ties with iran. the
interference of such countries in the region is a part of the problem
standing in the way of promoting tehran-baku ties, observed the envoy.
he stressed that iran has not placed any restrictions in the way
of establishing ties with the republic of azerbaijan.
to promote ties with azerbaijan, he went on, tehran has called for
the lifting of visa requirements between the two countries. if this is
fulfilled, he said, it would be an important step towards
strengthening and developing ties between the two neighboring muslim
turning to iran's ties with the republic of armenia and its
reflections of the public opinion in azerbaijan, he said the issue is
being exaggerated to proportions out of the reality.
''the level of our ties with armenia is lower than that compared
to the republic of azerbaijan and iran is the third trading partner
of armenia while turkey is the fourth,'' he pointed out.
''it is surprising that objections are raised against iran's ties
with armenia while others too have good relations with that country,''
he declared.
many countries while establishing ties with armenia also provide
substantial assistance to that country by boycotting azerbaijan,
however baku has good ties with these countries, said bigdeli.
''we assess this as a political ploy and believe such issues are
only meant to be excuses to stop the expansion of ties with iran,''
the envoy added.
on the possibility of setting up a north atlantic treaty
organization (nato) base in the region, bigdeli said, '' we are
closely following the issue and believe that the setting up of such
base in the region will not be useful for regional security or for
he said that some believe that with the establishment of nato
bases in the region the karabakh conflict will be solved in
azerbaijan's favor.
asked if iran has any specific plan for the settlement of the
karabakh issue, he said that the solution to the conflict is in the
interest of iran and the region. he said, ''we believe that iran,
together with armenia and azerbaijan, will benefit from the solution
to the crisis.''
iran is making every effort to solve the conflict by building
closer ties with both baku and yerevan and a lot has been done
towards this end, he said.
bigdeli hoped that the people of azerbaijan understand iran's
objectives in this respect. he said that baku has turned to the minsk
group to solve the karabakh conflict and unfortunately iran is not a
member of that group.
the prolongation of the conflict has created problems for both the
countries as well as the region, said bigdeli adding, ''we believe
that iran can take steps to solve the conflict which will not be in
any way less than what the minsk group has done from the beginning.''
the republic of azerbaijan and armenia are ensnared over the fate
of the karabakh region and the armenian support for karabakh
separatists has put that country on a collision course with
the two countries have observed an unofficial truce for five years
and international efforts to find a final solution to the crisis have
so far proved futile.
::irna 01/04/99 18:22


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:48:50 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Russian Party Leader Hails Iran as Moscow's Major

Russian Party Leader Hails Iran as Moscow's Major Strategic Partner

thr 010
russian party leader hails iran as moscow's major strategic partner
moscow, april 1, irna -- leader of russian liberal democratic party
vladimir zhirinovski told reporters here on wednesday that iran is the
most important and major strategic partner of moscow in the world of
zhirinovski said that if other countries had followed an
independent policy like iran in defiance of the u.s. pressures, their
assets would not be plundered and the west would fail to overcome
its economic problems with the money of these countries.
he called for further expansion of russia's relations with
the middle eastern states, especially iran, and criticized certain
russian officials for opposing russia's cooperation with muslim
he criticized those opposed to good relations between moscow
and iran as those "who speak russian but think american."
::irna 01/04/99 11:06


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:48:58 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Russian FM to Visit Iran Soon

Russian FM to Visit Iran Soon

thr 003
russian fm to visit iran soon
moscow, april 1, irna -- russian deputy foreign minister georgy
mamedov told his iranian counterpart morteza sarmadi here on wednesday
that russian foreign minister igor ivanov wil visit tehran in a near
future to further consolidate tehran-moscow relations.
mamedov said that conditions would be ready during the visit for
agreement in various areas in order to expand bilateral relations.
he said that his country will continue with its efforts to end
the kosovo crisis peacefully.
he added that russians believe that as chairman of the
organization of the islamic conference (oic), iran can play a ''highly
constructive'' role in global developments.
sarmadi hailed the important relations between tehran and moscow
and stressed mutual cooperation at the international organizations
with an aim to bring about a fair order in the world.
::irna 01/04/99 09:53


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:49:10 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: OIC Chairman Expresses Concern About Kosovo Crisis

OIC Chairman Expresses Concern About Kosovo Crisis

thr 025
oic chairman expresses concern about kosovo crisis
tehran, march 31, irna -- in a message to the islamic countries
president mohammad khatami of iran who is also head of the
organization of the islamic conference (oic) expressed deep concern
about the worsening of crisis in kosovo.
khatami in his message to the oic member states warned against
continuation of the killing and displacement of innocent civilian
muslims by the serbs and the likelihood of crisis spilling over to
other parts of the balkans.
the attacks by the north atlantic treaty organization (nato) on
yugoslavia will further complicate the crisis, khatami said,
expressing concern that the serb extremists, in reaction to the nato
attacks, would repeat the crimes they had perpetrated against muslims
in bosnia-herzegovina.
the oic heads of state burden the responsibility for preventing
repetition of the bitter experiences of the bosnian war, the
oic chairman said in his message.
khatami also instructed foreign minister kamal kharrazi to call up
his counterparts in the oic contact group and try to prepare the
preliminaries for a new move, along with other international
institutions, in a bid to find a principled solution to the crisis and
help restore a lasting peace and try to bring to an end the
miseries of the balkan people especially muslim population.
::irna 31/03/99 19:21


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:49:24 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: OIC Contact Group Asks Security Council to Stop Ge

OIC Contact Group Asks Security Council to Stop Genocide in Kosovo

thr 008
oic contact group asks security council to stop genocide in kosovo
new york, march 31, irna -- the organization of the islamic conferenc
(oic) contact group on bosnia-herzegovina and kosovo said on wednesday
it is regrettable the un security council has been unable to discharge
its responsibility toward the ethnic cleansing in kosovo.
in a statement adopted at the emergency meeting of the oic contact
group and sent to president of the un security council huasun qin by
iran's permanent representative to the united nations hadi nejad
hosseinian, the contact group deplored the belgrade authorities
intransigence which led to failure of diplomatic efforts.
iran holds the presidency of the oic contact group on bosnia-
herzegovina and kosovo.
the oic contact group reiterated that the security council has the
primary responsibility for maintenance of international peace and
security and that in carrying out its duties the security council
should act on behalf of the members of the united nations.
the contact group expressed its serious concern over the fact that
the federal republic of yugoslavia (serbia and montenegro) has
unleashed its war machine against its own civilians, engaged most
recently in military aggression against its neighbors, blatantly
violated the provisions of international law and numerous security
council resolutions and refuses to cooperate with the hague-based
international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia (icty).
the oic contact group reiterated its position that the mandate
of the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia
covers the crimes committed on the territory of kosovo and the
tribunal should bring to justice those responsible for the grave
violation of international humanitarian law.
nejad hosseinian asked ambassador huasun qin to circulate the
statement as a document of the security council.
::irna 01/04/99 10:08


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:49:46 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: International Criminal Tribunal Warns Yugoslav, Se

International Criminal Tribunal Warns Yugoslav, Serbian Presidents

thr 009
international criminal tribunal warns yugoslav, serbian presidents
united nations, new york, april 1, irna -- prosecutor of the
hague-based international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia
(icty) justice mrs louise arbour in a public briefing on wednesday
called on yugoslav president slobodan milosevic, president of the
epublic of serbia milan milutinovic to honor the international law and
warned them of their accountability.
she said she wrote a letter to president milosevic and reminded
that the failure of the federal republic of yugoslavia to cooperate
with the prosecutor's office regarding the investigation of war crimes
in kosovo has been reported by the tribunal's president to the un
security council.
justice arbour said investigators have been denied access to
kosovo to conduct their own on-site investigation.
she wrote to milosevic, "it is my intention to investigate all
serious violation of international humanitarian law that merit
prosecution in the international forum, particularly those involving
ttacks on the civilian population. meanwhile i believe that everything
must be done to deter committing future crimes."
arbour urged milosevic to exercise his authority over his
subordinates and exercise leadership to prevent commission of future
crimes and to take all necessary steps to punish any of his
subordinates who commit serious violations of international
humanitarian law in kosovo.
meanwhile, president of the international criminal tribunal for
the former yugoslavia (icty) mrs gabrielle
the former yugoslavia (icty) mrs gabrielle kirk mcdonald said the
tribunal has the mandate to investigate, prosecute and conduct trials
but cannot do so without the assistance of the states of the
international community.
she said she reminded all states of their obligation to cooperate
with the tribunal. all states and organizations in possession of
information pertaining to the alleged commission of crimes within
the jurisdiction of the tribunal should make it available to the
prosecutor, she said.
the icty president said she echoed the prosecutor's call to
president milosevic to stop genocide in the federal republic of
::irna 01/04/99 10:12


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:50:08 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: US Slams China, Cuba For Abuses At UN Rights Body

US Slams China, Cuba For Abuses At UN Rights Body

10:44 a.m. Apr 01, 1999 Eastern
By Stephanie Nebehay

GENEVA (Reuters) - The United States called on the United
Nations human rights forum Thursday to join it in condemning
China and Cuba for repressing basic political and religious

Harold Hongju Koh, assistant Secretary of state for democracy,
human rights and labor, also denounced violations in countries
including Iraq, Iran, Sierra Leone, Sudan and the former

In his speech to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, the
Korean-American lawyer also defended the U.S. human rights
record, which has been under fire during the annual session.

The 53-member state body is holding its six-week meeting in
Geneva through April 30 to examine abuses worldwide.

Koh reiterated that the U.S. delegation would introduce a
resolution on China ``where authorities have initiated a
crackdown against organized political opposition.''

``Dozens of political activists have been detained for peaceful
political activities, and three leaders of the China Democracy
Party have been given harsh sentences in closed trials that
clearly violated due process,'' the U.S. official said.

``The Chinese government also has attempted to restrict
religious practice to officially sanctioned organizations and
registered places of worship and detained Chinese citizens
because of the peaceful expression of their political or
religious beliefs,'' he added.

Koh said Tibet continued to suffer repressive social and
political controls, which undermined its unique cultural,
religious and linguistic heritage.

``There are credible reports of the imprisonment and torture of
monks and nuns, the death of prisoners, and the closure of
monasteries,'' he said.

On Tibet's exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, who advocates
autonomy for the homeland he fled in 1959, Koh said:

``The government has yet to engage in substantive dialogue with
the Dalai Lama, and despite repeated international expressions
of concern about the welfare of the boy designated as the
Panchen Lama, the Chinese government continues to refuse access
to him by international observers.''

``These developments represent a deterioration in China's human
rights conditions, which our government and others have
protested through bilateral channels,'' he added.

Koh said that through its resolution, the U.S. delegation would
urge respect for rights protected under the International
Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. China has signed but not
ratified the text, a major human rights instrument.

It protects ``not just the freedom of conscience, expression,
religion and association, but also the right to a fair trial, to
personal security, and to peaceful political dissent,'' he said.

The U.S. delegation began circulating a draft resolution to
other member states this week, but some diplomats said it was
late in the session to begin lobbying and win sufficient votes.
China has defeated all resolutions that began in 1990, months
after the bloody crackdown in Tiananmen Square.

The European Union had announced it would not put forward a
motion this year, but EU delegates were said to be studying
whether to sign on to the U.S. text on China.

Regarding Cuba, Koh said Fidel Castro's government continued to
``suppress ruthlessly all forms of political dissent.''

``Authorities routinely engage in arbitrary detention of human
rights advocates and independent journalists, subjecting them to
interrogation, threats and degrading treatment,'' he said.

Koh named four founders of the Internal Dissidents' Working
Group -- Marta Beatriz Roque Cabello, Felix Bonne Carcasses,
Rene Gomez Manzano and Vladimiro Roca Antunes -- given
''outrageous sentences'' for non-violently exercising their
rights to freedom of expression and association.

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:50:28 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: U.S. Warns N.Korea Against Further Missile Tests

U.S. Warns N.Korea Against Further Missile Tests

05:33 a.m. Mar 31, 1999 Eastern
By Bill Tarrant

SEOUL, South Korea (Reuters) - The United States has warned
North Korea of ``very serious consequences'' if it test-fires or
exports its new long-range missiles, U.S. Deputy Assistant
Secretary of State for Non-proliferation Robert Einhorn said

``Any further flight-testing of long-range missiles and any
further exports would have very serious negative consequences
for the evolution of U.S.-DPRK (North Korea) relations,''
Einhorn told reporters after flying into Seoul from Pyongyang.

Einhorn, who held talks in Pyongyang Monday and Tuesday about
the North Korean missile program, said the discussions were
substantive but achieved no breakthrough.

``This round of talks was highly substantive. We had frank
exchanges. I can't say we made any breakthrough,'' Einhorn said.
The talks have been held sporadically since April, 1996.

North Korea stunned the world last August by firing a new
generation, three-stage rocket that hurtled over Japan and into
the Pacific. Pyongyang said it was only putting a small
satellite into orbit.

But U.S. officials said the Taepodong missile used solid fuel in
its third stage, indicating North Korea had acquired the
advanced technology to become the fourth country with
land-based, intercontinental ballistic missile capability after
China, Russia and the United States.

North Korea repeated its demand in the latest talks for
compensation to end exports of missiles and their technology, a
senior U.S. administration official told reporters Wednesday.

Pyongyang reportedly wants $1 billion annually for three years.

Washington says North Korea has sold missiles and technology to
Pakistan, Iran and other countries in the Middle East. It has
emerged as the world's leading exporter of ballistic missiles,
which are believed to be its biggest source of hard currency.

South Korean officials say North Korea has 10 missile launch
sites and four factories producing missile parts.
While Pyongyang ``agreed in principle'' to freeze exports for
compensation, it rejected any limitations on its indigenous
missile development program, the senior U.S. official said.

North Korea said it could not restrain its missile program
unless ties with the United States significantly improved. But
that would not happen unless Pyongyang took the first steps, he

The United States was prepared to ease long-standing economic
sanctions under the Trading with the Enemy Act and take steps to
normalize ties if North Korea agrees to missile curbs, he said.

``We regard it as entirely proceed with easing
of sanctions as North Korea addresses the missile issue.''

Earlier this month, North Korea agreed to allow U.S. access to a
suspected secret nuclear project. The United States then said it
would provide 200,000 tons of food aid to North Korea, which has
now become the biggest recipient of U.S. foreign aid in Asia.

North Korea said Wednesday it would not change its missile
policy under pressure from the United States.

``It is the DPRK's legitimate right of self-defense to develop,
test and produce missiles by its own efforts to defend the
security of the country because the U.S. is posing constant
threats,'' North Korea's foreign ministry spokesman said.

The official Korean Central News Agency quoted the spokesman as
saying the U.S. threats came from ``enormous nuclear missiles
and weapons of mass destruction.''

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Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:50:48 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: OPEC Deal, Takeover Buzz Lift Investor Interest in

OPEC Deal, Takeover Buzz Lift Investor Interest in Oil Stocks

11:41 a.m. Apr 01, 1999 Eastern
By Haitham Haddadin

NEW YORK, (Reuters) - Investment houses and commodity trading
funds, riding a wave of optimism in the wake of recent OPEC
production cuts and a resurgence of takeover fever, plan to
plough even more money into the energy sector, analysts said.

The oil sector has been lifted as oil prices rebounded sharply,
rising $5 to about $16.50 a barrel in the past month, as the
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and other major
producers reached a deal to cut the world oil glut which had
depressed the sector over the previous year.

Confidence is growing that this time around a nagging global
glut in crude supplies could be reined in as the producers are
less inclined to cheat having suffered so much financial pain.

Adding to the euphoria on oil were expectations of more
consolidation in the industry following 1998's merger mania,
especially following BP Amoco's $26.6 billion takeover of
Atlantic Richfield Co., which was formally announced on
Thursday. It is the second major deal for the former British
Petroleum in less than a year and has raised the prospect that
1999 will be another blowout year for mergers and acquisitions.

Andrew Schwartz, energy analyst with New York-based Van Eck
Global Hard Assets and Worldwide Hard Assets, said his funds now
plan to increase their energy allocation to 33 percent of assets
from the current 25 percent.

``We are raising our weighting of assets to the energy sector
because OPEC's new agreement on production cuts is based on
three critical factors that will make it effective in achieving
OPEC's objective of higher oil prices,'' he said.

``This agreement was reached at the higest political levels
rather than between the oil ministers,'' noted Schwartz, whose
funds manage $130 million in the stocks of energy and natural
resources concerns.

Schwartz said OPEC giant Saudi Arabia, which spearheaded the
effort to stem oil's slide, gave incentives to Venezuela and
Iran to ensure compliance with reduced output targets.

``The global supply-demand balance has been restored following a
long period of weak demand and rising inventory in the wake of
the Asian economic slowdown,'' Schwartz added.

Mark Rzepczynski, director of trading at John W. Henry & Co. in
Florida, one of the nation's largest commodity trading advisors,
said, ``Prices bottomed out in December and we've seen a big
rise since, from $12 to beyond $16.50. It is clearly on the back
of expectations from investors that this (pact) will have an
appreciable impact,'' Rzepczynski told Reuters by telephone.

He added, ``As we see oil prices come up, we're probably going
to see more entry into the market if this trend continues,'' he

Steve List, oil analyst at Baltimore-based Campbell & Co., said
his fund was mulling an increase in its energy holdings.

``It is under discussion definitely. The outlook is now
favourable for oil,'' List said.

Commmodity funds, he said, are well positioned in the their
energy holdings having done most of the buying as crude began to
romp higher, but hedge funds may also enter the game.

``There's still some marginal buying to be done by trend
following funds, most are 75-80 percent long...But I don't think
the hedge funds are heavily involved in these markets and their
fire power could drive prices even higher,'' List added.

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Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 23:51:24 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Abtahi-On Status of Youth Following May 23 Preside

Abtahi-On Status of Youth Following May 23 Presidential Elections

thr 029
abtahi-on status of youth following may 23 presidential elections
tehran, april 1, irna -- head of presidential office mohammad-ali
abtahi said in an interview with the weekly 'iran-e javan' (iran of
youth) two days prior to president mohammad khatami's visit to italy
that efforts are underway to remove weaknesses and reconstruct the
identity and role of the youth in the society.
hailing the iranian youth as ''wise and and powerful''
individuals, abtahi said the young generation are concentrating
their efforts to gain and guarantee their rights.
abtahi told the chief editor of the weekly hossein allahmoradi
that the youth are today demanding their rights and have reached the
point where they feel they can play a role in the society to fulfill
their ambitions.
the presidential elections of may 23 1997 gave a boost to the
improvement of the status of the youth, abtahi said.
he believed the culture shaped in the wake of the elections and
president mohammad khatami in general gave a great momentum to
religion and religious ideals and values. the iranian youth did not
and does not turn away from religion rather it hates violent and
illogical portrayal of religion.
he said that as long as the definition of freedom offered by
senior officials of society agrees with that held by the low strata of
the community, it would be natural to see a gap between officials and
the middle class and the vast majority of the society.
abtahi pointed out that the definition held by majority of
people would never go with the ones held by the hooligans and
the notorious.
president khatami and his close associates are trying to remedy
such ills with urgency despite opposition by a certain group, whose
interests lie in the augmentation of such ills, said abtahi.
abtahi brushed aside any conflict between president khatami and
the system and said the president has strongest relations with various
segments of the iranian society, including the grand ulema, basijis
(volunteers), advocates of islamic revolution prior to 1979 islamic
revolution and those active in the battle fronts.
''the claim that the youth is distancing itself from religion
after may 23 presidential elections is 'baseless','' highlighted
he added that based on statistics available at the secretariat of
the high youth council, only 57 percent of the youth polled in 1993
responded affirmatively to the question on whether they said prayers
or not while this figure rose to 75 percent in 1997.
he said such a rift could take place if the religion were
presented on personal attitudes but not on pure islamic sources.
he added that the religion which denies natural needs of the
society, considers restrictions rather than immunity and propagates
violence is not religion but a tool.
such an issue can also be looked at from international angle, said
abtahi, elaborating that after it had realized that it can not stand
popularity of islam, the domineering and hegemonic school of thought
tried to tarnish the image of islam, especially shiism.
he said that due to the same reason, the hegemonic power
interpreted islam and iran synonymous with terrorism, assassination,
violation and savagery.
iranian people's attitude towards massacre of algerian people
differs with what imperialism presents to the world, he said, adding
that the imperialism's approach towards the issue attempts to justify
that islam means brutality.
now in case one wants to try to serve islam, one should strive for
removal of such accusations, said abtahi, noting that all laws
enforced in iran today is not assessed as being national law rather
they are being looked at as islamic laws originating from the holy
efforts should be made to remove false beliefs attributed to islam
at the international level, continued abtahi.
the iranian official went on to say that there is not doubt that
the iranian society and the international community are interested in
president khatami.
''khatami does not want people to exalt him, rather he wants to
realize the goals he shares with iranian people,'' said abtahi, adding
such a thing would be impossible save people's active participation.
once a society bases its apothegms and aspirations on negation of
violence, public contribution and defending freedom, it can not cede
such great tasks to a single person, even if he were to be a champion,
said abtahi.
negation of violence costs dear and one or a few persons can not
fulfill it and this is something which khatami knows well, abtahi
further commented.
he said that khatami wants people to know that creating a hero is
not a requisite in life. president khatami wants people to pursue
their aspirations rather than making mythical heros, he added.
through the election of khatami the people demonstrated that they
are in favor of some changes that would help create a healthier
society in line with the transformation that have been taken place in
the nation and found that their wishes would come true in light of the
realization of president khatami's platforms.
he said that president khatami's meeting with supreme leader of
islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei marks the most effective and
important time of his eminence. he added during the meetings the two
discuss variety of subjects and without the supreme leader's support
the president would have failed to tackle his problems.
elsewhere in the interview, abtahi said that president khatami had
been much happy over realization of the most important aspect of the
constitution on friday, february 26, 1998, the day when the
urban-rural islamic council elections, were held nationwide.
it was not important to see which wing would win the elections,
rather what was of importance for khatami was decentralization and
distribution of power among people, he said.
the councils, he said, are necessary to give a hand to the
excutive branch in the administration of the nation.
::irna 01/04/99 19:54


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 18:12:17 EST
Subject: Human Rights /Shamlou/ New York

Iran National Front- New York Section Invites:
Join Us to Celebrate:
The 50th. Anniversary of Human Rights Declration Of Human Nations

Part 1 : Mr. Mahmoud Rafi , Secretary of " The League for the Defence of Human
Rights in Iran" On : " Difficulties of Islamic Republic on Conceptions of
Human Rights" & Dr. Mansour Farhang on " The Necessity of Promotion of Human
Rights in Iran"
Part 2- A Documentary Film : " Shamloo the Great Poet of Freedam "- 60
Director : Moslem Mansouri; Producer: Bahman Maghsoudloo : A
display of " Life, Art & Thought of Ahmad Shamloo"
Date: Saturday April 24, 1999 Time : 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Place: Mathematics Building - room 312- Columbia University; Manhattan New
York. ( 116th. Street & Broadway )


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