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Topics of the day:

1. Iran Cartoonist May Face Court for Drawing--Paper
2. Nationwide Gathering of Army Commanders to Be Held
3. Iranian Delegation Leaves for Belgium to Attend IP
4. Speaker: Iran Keen to Promote Ties with Europe, Fr
5. Iran Continues to Back Palestinians
6. Jordanian Minister Calls Relations with Iran as St
7. 41 Political, 20 Specialized Groups Received Licen
8. Minister Hopes for Mental, Intellectual Security o
9. Khamenei's Order on Checking Further Expansion of
10. Drought, Earthquake, Accident, etc.
11. Shell Vows New Austerity in Exploration and Produc
12. Saturday Newspaper Headlines in Tehran
13. OPEC Production Cut Bolsters Oil Markets - IEA
14. On Kosovo Crisis
15. Iraqi Holy City Braced for Chemical Attacks, Says
16. Encyclopedia of Iranian Dialects to Be Compiled


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 06:26:44 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iran Cartoonist May Face Court for Drawing--Paper

Iran Cartoonist May Face Court for Drawing--Paper

08:24 a.m. Apr 10, 1999 Eastern
TEHRAN, April 10 (Reuters) A teenage cartoonist could be
prosecuted in Iran for a drawing that allegedly insulted the
country's Islamic laws and was in part responsible for the
closing of a newspaper, reports said on Saturday.

An Islamic revolutionary court ordered the daily Zan closed on
Tuesday after it had published the cartoon, as well as an
Iranian New Year greeting from the wife of Iran's former shah.

The court summoned editor Faezeh Hashemi, daughter of former
President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, and told her to bring the
young cartoonist with her, or he would be formally summoned, the
newspaper Neshat said.

Hashemi insisted she alone was legally responsible for her
paper's contents and 17-year-old Davood Ahmadi Mounes had merely
drawn what he had been told to, another daily Khordad reported.
She said the cartoon was not meant as an insult.

The cartoon shows a thief holding a couple at gunpoint. The
husband advises the gunman to shoot his wife as he would have to
pay less blood money.

Under Islamic law enshrined in Iran after the 1979 revolution,
relatives of a murdered woman receive only half the amount of
blood money as is paid for a male victim. The money is paid in
return for the family's forgiveness.

This is the second time the newspaper, which targets women and
young readers, has been ordered closed. Last year, publication
was suspended for two weeks after a court convicted it of
defaming a senior policeman.

The cartoon and the message from Farah Diba, wife of the late
Shah Reza Pahlavi, provoked the ire of conservatives who have
accused the moderate paper of being anti-revolutionary.

Iran's press has enjoyed more freedom since the 1997 election of
President Mohammad Khatami, but the government has come under
mounting conservative pressure to crack down.

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 06:26:54 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Nationwide Gathering of Army Commanders to Be Held

Nationwide Gathering of Army Commanders to Be Held This Week

thr 019
nationwide gathering of army commanders to be held this week
tehran, april 10, irna -- a nationwide gathering of army commanders
will commence on tuesday at the threshold of the army day (april 18),
said secretary of the gathering brigadier general amir fasihi here
fasihi who is acting deputy for coordination of the joint staff
command of the armed forces said that commanders of major units of
the air, naval and ground forces as well as the joint staff of the
armed forces and the ideological-political information departments of
the army will attend the 3-day gathering.
the participants will discuss ways to improve the combat readiness
of the armed forces, plans to counter any threat against the islamic
republic system and expansion of research activities.
::irna 10/04/99 12:18


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 06:27:08 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iranian Delegation Leaves for Belgium to Attend IP

Iranian Delegation Leaves for Belgium to Attend IPU Meet

thr 028
iranian delegation leaves for belgium to attend ipu meet
tehran, april 10, irna -- an iranian parliamentary delegation led by
vice-president of the foreign policy commission of the majlis mohammad
javad larijani left here for brussels friday to attend the
interparliamentary union conference.
about 137 delegations from the member states are attending the
6-day gathering which started work saturday.
full nuclear disarmament, condition of nuclear tests as well as
issues and problems of big cities are among topics of the
agenda of the ipu conference.
the iranian delegation has given a proposal on contribution and
cooperation of interparliamentary union in line with the plans of the
year 2001 which has been designated by the u.n. as the year of dialog
among civilizations at the proposal of iranian president mohammad
khatami. the proposal will be included in the agenda of the conference
in case of approval.
settlement of the debts of poor countries, international measures
in line with the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,
implementation of the u.n. security council resolution 425 on
settlement of middle east problems are among proposals made by other
members of the union.
the kosovo crisis and finding a solution to it is among other
proposals which the delegates are expected to discuss.
the women participants in the conference are also scheduled to
discuss women's problems and issues at world level in the conference.
about 100 women delegates in their day-long meet will review
issues including the existing inequality on participation of women
and men in political activities and specific problems of women in
large cities.
majlis deputy from tehran ms. marziyeh dabagh is to address the
meeting on the status of women in the islamic republic and
achievements made with respect to women's active presence in all
::irna 10/04/99 14:00


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 06:27:22 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Speaker: Iran Keen to Promote Ties with Europe, Fr

Speaker: Iran Keen to Promote Ties with Europe, France in Particular

thr 043
speaker: iran keen to promote ties with europe, france in particular
tehran, april 10, irna -- majlis speaker ali-akbar nateq-nouri
said here on saturday that history, culture and civilization are the
most important commonalty between iran and france, playing an
important role in further expansion of bilateral ties.
nateq-nouri told head of iran-france parliamentary friendship
group michel bucheron that iran and france can benefit from
necessary potentiality for further expansion of bilateral and
multilateral cooperation and for joint investment in central asia.
tehran-paris economic cooperation would further expand in light
of france's technical know-how and iran's experienced work force,
said nateq-nouri, adding that removal of unrealistic attitudes and
misunderstanding of realities as prerequisites for cooperation
between iran and france and between iran and the european countries.
iran is interested in expansion of relations with europe,
especially france, on the basis of mutual respect and understanding,
equality and protection of national interests, hoping that relations
between tehran and paris, especially between their parliaments, would
further broaden, he added.
bucheron, hailing the urban-rural islamic councils elections
held in iran on february 26, said that system of election in iran
is the most complete and well-organized of its kind in the region.
he called as ''poor and sometimes unrealistic'' the information
available in france and europe about iran and expressed hope that he
would change the superficial attitudes about iran in france and
europe, after his return.
::irna 10/04/99 17:47


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 06:27:40 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iran Continues to Back Palestinians

Kharrazi: Iran Still Determined to Support Palestinian Causes

thr 049
kharrazi: iran still determined to support palestinian causes
tehran, april 10, irna -- foreign minister kamal kharrazi of iran
here saturday told head of the political bureau of the palestine
liberation organization faruk kaddoumi that iran is still
determined to support the ideals of palestinian people.
there is a strong heart link between peoples of iran and palestine
and despite foreign pressures tehran stands to support the causes of
the palestinian people.
kharrazi, referring to the enemy plots to impose their ideas on
the palestinian nation, said that the holy qods is not a palestine
problem rather it is a problem of the world of islam.
most of the crises gripping the region have their roots in
the zionist regime's expansionist policies, he said underlining
continuation of palestinians resistance to the zionists'
expansionist policies.
alluding to the compromise negotiations, kharrazi said iran had
predicted the futility of the talks.
kaddoumi, praising iran's stands toward the palestinian plight
and referring to the fruitlessness of the compromise talks said "from
the very beginning we were of the belief that the oslo agreement
would not lead to a just peace."
u.s. failure to remain impartial and increasing expansionist
policies of the zionist regime have contributed to further violation
of palestinian rights.
::irna 10/04/99 18:26

Iran Says Will Continue to Back Palestinians

10:41 a.m. Apr 10, 1999 Eastern
TEHRAN, April 10 (Reuters) - Iran's Foreign Minister Kamal
Kharrazi told a visiting Palestinian official on Saturday that
his country would continue to support Palestinians in their
struggle against Israel.

Kharrazi told Farouq Kaddoumi, head of the political department
of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO), that Iran was
determined in its support for the struggle of the Palestinian

``Despite all pressures, (Iran) is firm in its support for the
Palestinian ideal,'' the official Iranian news agency IRNA
quoted Kharrazi as saying.

Iran does not recognise Israel and has condemned the Middle East
peace process as a sell-out of Palestinian rights.

Relations with the Palestinian Authority were soured last year
when Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei launched a
vitriolic personal attack against Palestinian leader Yasser
Arafat for signing the U.S.-sponsored Wye Plantation Accord with
the Israelis.

The United States and Israel have accused Iran of undermining
the peace process by supporting extremist Palestinian groups, a
charge Iran has denied.

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 06:27:50 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Jordanian Minister Calls Relations with Iran as St

Jordanian Minister Calls Relations with Iran as Strategic

thr 061
jordanian minister calls relations with iran as strategic
amman, april 10, irna -- jordanian government spokesman and
minister of nasir al-lawzi in a meeting with iranian ambassador to
amman mohammad ali sobhani on saturday called his country's relation
with the islamic republic of iran as ''important and strategic''.
in the meeting, the jordanian minister underlined the need for
expansion of mutual cooperation mainly in the areas of press and
he then expressed his satisfaction with the upcoming visit of
the iranian minister of culture and islamic guidance ataollah
mohajerani to jordan.
the iranian ambassador also conferred with the jordanian minister
of religious affairs abd as-salam as-abbadi on mutual relation between
tehran and amman as well as participation of the iranian minister of
culture and islamic guidance in the inauguration ceremony for the tomb
of jafar ibn abi talib which is now under reconstruction.
the two sides also exchanged views on holding by iran of quran
exhibitions during the unity week in jordan.
referring to iran's significant role in creation of islamic unity
among muslims, the jordanian minister underlined the need to hold
dialogue amongst islamic scholars on understanding and strengthening
of commonalties among islamic sects.
::irna 10/04/99 19:18


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 06:28:00 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: 41 Political, 20 Specialized Groups Received Licen

41 Political, 20 Specialized Groups Received License Last Year

thr 034
41 political, 20 specialized groups received license last year
tehran, april 10, irna -- some 41 political groups, 20 specialized
groups and one religious minority grouping received licenses for
activities during the past iranian year, which ended march 20.
secretary of article ten commission of the law on parties and
associations asadollah badamchian here saturday added that 85
political groups, some 115 specialized groups and 26 religious
minority groupings are currently active in the country.
license of none of the groups or parties was revoked during
the previous year, he said expressing the hope that the existing
parties and groups will further abide by laws in the current
::irna 10/04/99 14:44


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 06:28:12 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Minister Hopes for Mental, Intellectual Security o

Minister Hopes for Mental, Intellectual Security of Artists

thr 036
minister hopes for mental, intellectual security of artists
tehran, april 10, irna -- minister of culture and islamic guidance
ataollah mohajerani here saturday expressed the hope that the third
decade of the islamic revolution will be witness to the mental and
intellectual security of the artists and those dealing with
creative activities.
addressing a gathering on prospects of arts in the third
revolution decade, held in commemoration of martyr morteza avini,
the minister further remarked that one of the preoccupations of the
contemporary world is the issue of culture. to this end, he added,
many countries have managed to sketch out their industrial-human
plans in conformity with the issue.
the minister said that for various reasons the tendency towards
culture is more stronger in the islamic republic of iran than in other
countries as almighty god has employed the language of art in the holy
quran in order to give his guidelines to man.
mohajerani underlined the need for the indentification of the
relationship between arts and religion and, in a more specific way,
between arts and the revolution.
elsewhere in his remarks mohajerani said if artists are expected
to play a fundamental role in the revolution, they should be respected
and boundaries of their creative works should be protected.
artists should also pay due attention to the values and living
criteria in a religious society, the minister said.
he praised the domestic and worldwide achievements iranians have
made in various artistic fields such as cinema, music, theater and
mohajerani also underlined the need for further acquaintance
of the youth with characteristics of martyr avini, a theoretician of
islamic arts.
::irna 10/04/99 14:52


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 06:28:22 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Khamenei's Order on Checking Further Expansion of

Khamenei's Order on Checking Further Expansion of Tehran

thr 042
leader orders checking further expansion of tehran
tehran, april 10, irna -- supreme leader of the islamic revolution
ayatollah ali khamenei here on saturday called on the government and
housing and urban development ministry to prevent further expansion
of the capital city, tehran.
ayatollah khamenei in his remarks to members of the islamic
revolution housing foundation's central council praised efforts and
activities of the foundation in building houses and stressed ''high
importance'' of building houses at villages and towns.
the leader also praised the father of islamic revolution and
founder of the islamic republic the late imam khomeini's initiative to
establish the foundation.
ayatollah khamenei also donated rls 100 million in cash to the
::irna 10/04/99 17:42


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 06:29:28 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Drought, Earthquake, Accident, etc.

Iran Short of 1.2 Billion Cubic Meters of Water This Year

thr 016
iran short of 1.2 billion cubic meters of water this year
bandar anzali, gilan prov., april 10, irna -- minister of
agriculture, isa kalantari, said here thursday that the country faced
a shortage of 1.2 billion cubic meters in water resources for
agricultural uses this year.
talking at a seminar to discuss the agricultural problems of
the gilan province, he said at least 15 percent of fertile
agricultural lands located by the sefidroud river will not be
cultivated this year due to shortage of wa
fidroud dam.
stressing that iran faced the problem of shortage of water and
was extremely suffering from it, the minister noted that aras and
sefidroud dams saved water behind them only to 30 and 60 percent of
their capacities respectively. he added that the dry farming lands
of ardebil province in northwestern iran were completely destroyed
this year.
kalantari further called on the farmers to adopt measure to reduce
the volume of their consumed water and said drilling of deep wells,
which has already started in gilan province, could help solve the
a high ranking official at the ministry also told the seminar
that the present draught has been unprecedented in the past thirty
::irna 10/04/99 11:57

50 pc Reduction in Rainfall in Tehran's Watershed Zones

thr 057
50 pc reduction in rainfall in tehran's watershed zones
tehran, april 10, irna -- the amount of rainfall in tehran's
watershed zones including those in karaj, lar and latian, has dropped
by 50 percent since last fall compared to last year and by 20 percent
compared to the past 30 years, said deputy energy minister for water
affairs gholamreza manuchehri here saturday.
he told reporters that water consumption has increased by 4
percent annually in tehran over the past 10 years, adding ''the
country is expected to experience water shortages this year.''
manuchehri also added that to reduce water pressure, which can
cause a multitude of difficulties in the water network, the energy
minsitry has installed pressure-reducing faucets throughout the
he stated that because the length of tehran water network is about
8,000 km, which is over 40 years old in some parts, the energy
ministry is planning to rebuilt the network at a rate of about 200 km
he said that due to limited water resources available, rise in
population and increase in demand for water, the subscribers should
follow a correct consumption pattern (150 litters per person), or
face higher charges for water consumption.
::irna 10/04/99 19:08

Iran Facing Worst Drought in 30 Years--Officials

08:46 a.m. Apr 10, 1999 Eastern
TEHRAN, April 10 (Reuters) - Iran is facing its worst water
shortage in three decades because of insufficient rainfall with
the problem mainly threatening agricultural development, the
official IRNA news agency reported on Saturday.

Quoting Agriculture Minister Issa Kalantari, IRNA said the
country was presently short of 1.2 billion cubic metres of water
for farming.

Klantari urged farmers to rationalise water consumption and dig
wells to make up for rainfall shortage.

He said dry farming lands in the northwestern province of
Ardebil, which depend on rainwater, had been completely

The minister said the Sefidroud and Aras dams in northern Iran
contained only 30 to 60 percent of their capacities. Iran's
northern provinces, some of them bordering the Caspian Sea, are
usually well-watered and humid, producing much of the country's
wheat, rice and citrus fruits.

Officials, who said the shortage was the worst in 30 years, have
warned of severe shortages in Tehran for the summer months
beginning in June.

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.

Quake Jolts Gilangharb

thr 053
quake jolts gilangharb
kermanshah, april 10, irna -- a 3.2-degree tremor jolted suburbs of
gilan-e gharb in this western province at 16:10 hours local time
(11:40 gmt) on saturday.
an natural disasters expert in the province sobhan mohammadi said
the quake, taking place 120 km southwest of kermanshah at gilan-e
gharb suburbs, has left no damage.
::irna 10/04/99 18:54

Collision of 42 Cars in Yazd Leaves 6 People Injured

thr 035
collision of 42 cars in yazd leaves 6 people injured
yazd, april 10, irna -- 42 vehicles collided with one another at
a time six km from meybod-yazd road on friday due to violent storm
and whirlwind, said deputy head of the provincial traffic department
colonel ali-mohammad mirhosseini here on saturday.
mirhosseini told irna that the accident left six people injured.
no information is available on the extent of damage
suffered by the cars involved in the accident, said the iranian
he said there were 61 road accidents in this southern province
during norouz holidays, showing a 43 percent decrease, compared to
the corresponding period the year before.
::irna 10/04/99 14:49

9 Killed on Saveh-Slafchegan Road

thr 051
9 killed on saveh-slafchegan road
saveh, tehran prov., april 10, irna -- nine members of two families
were killed as a minibus, a lorry and a bus collided with each other
on saveh-slafchegan road on friday, due to excessive speed of the
minibus driver.
the ideological-political department of isfahan law enforcement
agency said a 50-year-old man along with his four children, aged
between 16 and 28, and a 55-year-old woman along with her three
children, aged between 10 and 16, lost their lives in the accident.
the victims were all travelling in the minibus from a pilgrimage
visit to the holy shrine of hazrat masoomeh (a.s.) in qom.
::irna 10/04/99 18:31

Police Officer Killed in Armed Clash

thr 027
armed conflict-tehran
police officer killed in armed clash
tehran, april 10, irna -- a member of the law enforcement forces
was killed during an armed conflict with unk
was killed during an armed conflict with unk
was killed during an armed conflict with unknown assailants at
the railway station square, in southern tehran, early friday morning.
the persian daily 'iran' wrote saturday that a patrol unit of
the law enforcement forces around the railway station square, at
about five hours yesterday morning, noted a tramp carrying a white
large sack on his back.
the man who was supported by armed passengers of a nearby car,
when realized that the police were chasing him, tried to flee the
scene while leaving the sack behind, it added.
one of the law enforcement forces who was running after the man
was shot dead by the armed assailants of the car and another was
injured in his leg.
the tramp as well as the car managed to scape.
according to the report, the sack which was left behind was full
of weapons and explosives.
the paper also said that one of the assailants was injured during
the conflict.
::irna 10/04/99 13:41


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 06:31:24 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Shell Vows New Austerity in Exploration and Produc

Shell Vows New Austerity in Exploration and Production

04:23 p.m Apr 09, 1999 Eastern
By Andrew Mitchell

LONDON, April 9 (Reuters) - Oil giant Royal Dutch/Shell has cut
exploration and production spending this year by another $800
million and wants offers for assets in three West African
states, its chief of upstream operations said on Friday.

Shell now plans to spend $5.7 billion on upstream work this
year, down sharply from the $6.5 billion it had earmarked in
December, Group Managing Director Phil Watts told Reuters in an

The cuts mark a further retrenchment from bloated upstream
spending of over $8 billion last year, as the struggling
Anglo-Dutch titan seeks to pep up returns to shareholders.

Shell is also seeking offers for upstream assets in Congo, the
Ivory Coast and Namibia, Watts said, after briefing analysts in
the Netherlands on the company's commitment to a cost-cutting

``If you impose much stricter capital discipline, then you
actually force choices. You just have to cut off the tail,''
said Watts, who just last month took over Shell's whole upstream

BP Amoco Plc's agreement to take over of Atlantic Richfield
(ARCO) last week -- if approved by regulators -- will demote
Shell to third place among the world's publicly traded oil
firms. Profits plunged by half last year as it failed to control
spending as oil prices fell to historic lows.

The latest budget cuts are on top of planned upstream savings of
$1.1 billion by 2001 that Shell believes new technology, staff
cuts and a more centralised structure can deliver.

It wants to revive return on capital to 14 percent for the whole
group - and to 15 percent for the upstream part - from just 8
percent last year.

Prospects for Nigeria -- potentially the jewel in Shell's
upstream crown -- brightened with Watts' announcement of a
breakthrough new deal to fund a $400 million development of the
shallow water EA oilfield. The agreement will rid the 60,000
barrels-per-day venture of foreign firms' traditional battle to
get the Nigerian government to pay its share of joint venture
investment commitments. It bolsters Shell's hopes of agreeing
terms on developing huge deepwater reserves in an $8.5 billion
integrated project, including a big liquefied natural gas plant.

Shell also is striving to expand its presence in low-cost
producers like Kuwait, Iran and when sanctions allow, Iraq. Yet
Watts did not envision speedy progress on Shell's long-held
ambition to develop Iran's huge South Pars gas field after
Tehran's decision to offer the project out to other foreign

``They've decided to go that route. Life has moved on and we
have to recalibrate our priorities and respond to the new
opportunities,'' he said, confirming Shell's bid for Iran's
Nowruz and Soroush fields and its aim to go for the onshore
Bangestan venture.
The West African assets - mainly exploration - being offered to
potential investors are not among the biggest drains on Shell's
upstream budget, which soaks up more than half its total capital

The oil major is also seeking a partner for operations in
Venezuela and wants to sell off some its stake in the
Philippines' Malampaya gas project, as it seeks to shed non-core

But existing projects with production due in the next two years
or so will not be delayed or shrunk.

``Once you've got something under way, the worst thing you can
do is lose your nerve,'' Watts said.

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 06:30:58 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Saturday Newspaper Headlines in Tehran

Saturday Newspaper Headlines in Tehran

thr 002
saturday morning's newspaper headlines
tehran, april 10, irna -- the following headlines appeared in
tehran's newspapers this morning:
tehran times:
-russia warns u.s. against any invasion of yugoslavia
-zionist plots against iran justified
-new controversy surfaces between interior ministry and councils
elections supervisory board (cesb)
-kaddoumi, fm in tehran
-german national hofer to be released on bail
-top palestinian official warns arafat not to delay statehood
iran news:
-ayatollah yazdi warns press, rejects ties with u.s.
-top german envoy due in iran for talks after jailed national
wins bail
-fighting, gunfire on albania-yugoslavia border
-plo bureau head in tehran
-palestinian leader arafat in bangladesh talks
-south african fm arrives in tehran
kayhan international:
-islamic world cannot tolerate brutality against kosovar muslims
-leader hails officials for conducting successful hajj
-nato continues to strike yugoslavia as clinton calls for
milosevic's indictment
-u.s. takes advantage of arab weakness to hold joint maneuvers
-alliance forces advancing on bamiyan city (afghanistan)
-oil prices decline in asia, u.s. markets
-russia, nato on brink of missile war
-serbs set afire hundreds of mosques in kosovo
-venezuela putting international oil market at stake
-friday prayers leaders warn against danger of idea to forge
relations with u.s., cultural inroad
-australian historian arrested in germany for opposing zionism
-moscow warns nato; ground battle spreads balkan war to entire
-wall street journal reports: u.s., europe main factor behind
global economic crisis
-saddam's opposition to form transitional government inside iraq
through u.s. military support
-new decision on helmut hofer's case
-mobile calls on white house to prepare grounds for trade with
-oic geneva session: islamic world cannot stand pressure against
kosovar muslims
-secretary of islamic human rights commission: to investigate over
press violations, there is no alternative other than observance of
press law
-german chancellery minister due in tehran today
-top plo official in tehran
-kazakh prime minister to depart for tehran today
kar va kargar:
-friday prayers leaders in tehran, other cities criticize press
-hofer released on bail
-kharrazi: islamic countries to participate in peace-keeping
operations in kosovo
-russian missiles target nato states
-wall street journal discloses: zionists main hurdle on way of
caspian energy transfer via iran
-yeltsin warns against outbreak of world war iii
-ayatollah yazdi strongly criticizes 'zan' daily manager
-statistics on gasoline storage in u.s. causes oil price slump
-kazakh prime minister to arrive today
-niger on verge of coup d'etat
jahan-e eslam:
-american firm calls for trade transactions with iran
-yeltsin says in case nato launches military attack against
yugoslavia, moscow will hit west with atomic missiles
-secretary of islamic human rights commission: investigation
over press violations must be made within framework of constitution
-kadivar sends letter to president from evin prison
-ayatollah meshkini: khatami's election placed further hope in
hearts of youths
-coalition of three slav countries in europe; yugoslavia to
join russia-belarus alliance
-rajaei khorasani: u.s. policy towards iran not changed in
-need to make revision in health programs at schools
-uae, france launch joint maneuvers in persian gulf
-uzbekistan protests against military pact between russia,
sobh-e emrouz:
-members of tehran city council protest against majlis
interference in municipality affairs
-kadivar writes letter to khatami, calls for president's
interference for an open trial
-ayatollah yazdi at friday prayer denies rumors on alleged
violence in holy month of moharram (starting april 18)
-traffic official: half of vehicles in country travel in tehran
-row escalates between european supporters, opponents of nato
attack on yugoslavia
-international energy organization says crude oil surplus
reduces in world
-judiciary head warns press
-mohsen kadivar writes letter from evin prison, asks president
for fair, open trial
-pirouzi, esteqlal draw in soccer match in presence of over
100,000 spectators
-german minister to arrive, german national to be bailed out
-karbaschi says he has not thought of pardon
-kadivar writes to president, calls for trial according to
-kadivar to be tried by head of revolution court, musavi tabrizi
-grand soccer play (esteqlal-pirouzi) ends with no winner
-plo's kaddoumi says they expect much from iran
-judiciary head at friday prayer: people are vigilant, can
differentiate between friends and foes
-russian missiles target countries intending to attack yugoslavia
-head of french parliamentary friendship group: khatami's visit
to france, an important event in history of bilateral relations
-kazakh prime minister to arrive for talks on caspian sea legal
-oic contact group: islamic world cannot stand brutality
committed against kosovar muslims
-russian missiles target nato
-ayatollah yazdi: enemy not favoring left or right, opposes islam
-government stresses need for fundamental change in
administrative system
-press deputy of culture, islamic guidance ministry issues
statement on closure of 'zan' daily
-petrochemical official: attracting foreign invest, an advantage
-ayatollah yazdi at friday prayer strongly criticizes
government, journalists
-study over causes for fruits, fresh vegetables profiteering
-iran sends humanitarian assistance to kosovar refugees
-law enforcement personnel, armed assailants clash around
railway square
-mobil voices readiness for making investment in iranian oil
abrar-e eqtesadi:
-industrial exports drop by 29 percent in east azarbaijan
-german chancellery minister to arrive today
-ayatollah nour-mofidi: iranian people will be choked if
impediments on way of production, trade are not removed
-rls 3.1 billion worth of handicrafts produced in fars
-venezuela to break promise it made with opec
asr-e azadegan:
-ayatollah yazdi: people not criterion for rightfulness
-ebrahim yazdi: people's opponents are seeking violence
-divorce is bitter taste of sweetness; a study over causes for
increase in divorce cases in society
-islamic countries to begin dialog on civilizations in late
-russia calls on u.s., britain to stop attacks on iraq

saturday afternoon's newspaper headlines
tehran, april 10, irna -- the following headlines appeared in
tehran's newspapers this afternoon:
- ''brave commander of fronts'' major general sayyad shirazi
assassinated by terrorists this morning
- kayhan reports on details of assassination of major general
- ayatollah yazdi: enemy has targeted islam, it is determined to
expand scope of discord to most sacred points of society
- iran becomes self-sufficient in manufacturing essential
dentistry equipment
- friday prayer leaders from various cities comments on status of
press, anniversary of severance of iran-us relation
- russia threatens to intervene militarily in balkan
- chinese premier: us instead of accusing others should care
about status of human rights in its own country
- kharrazi comments on efforts made by islamic counties to
find peaceful solution to kosovo crisis
- major general sayyad shirazi assassinated by terrorists
- kazakh premier to arrive tehran on saturday
- iran, south africa to jointly cooperate in fields of industry,
agriculture, tourism, communications
- iran calls west's approach to human rights as double-standard
- russia warns against beginning of third world war over balkan
- ayatollah yazdi: no official entitled to resist law
- major general sayyad shirazi attains martyrdom
::irna 10/04/99 19:04


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 06:31:56 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: OPEC Production Cut Bolsters Oil Markets - IEA

OPEC Production Cut Bolsters Oil Markets - IEA

thr 013
opec production cut bolsters oil markets - iea
vienna, april 10, irna -- opec's agreement to cut production by over
1.7 million b/d has had a major impact on oil markets and has caused
"an about-face" in trends for oil prices, the international energy
agency (iea) has reported.
in its latest monthly oil market report, it noted that oil prices
had "rallied strongly" on the basis of opec's "solid-looking
production cut agreement", reached in vienna last month, and put into
effect from 1 april.
indeed, it reported, prices came close to 17 dollars a barrel for
the american benchmark crude, west texas intermediate (wti), during
march, having slumped to a low of just under 10 dollars at the turn of
the year.
while the iea recalled that some previous opec agreements to
restrict output had been prone to fragility, it said: "this one may be
the agency said the impact of lower prices had encouraged opec to
undertake serious action and engage in "substantive discussions".
"the deep political foundation underpinning the agreement makes
it very difficult to violate ...," commented the report.
given the seriousness of the opec commitment - and restraints
undertaken by some non-opec producers - the outlook for better balance
on markets, especially for absorbing high levels of stocks, was
better, it maintained.
the iea estimated that stockdraw, if all production cuts were
adhered to, could be 450,000 b/d in the second quarter, with less than
50 million barrels being shaved off existing stocks.
in the third quarter, the pace would pick up and inventories would
be drawn down by 124 million barrels, rising to 253 million barrels in
the fourth quarter, assuming no additions to overall opec output were
made, it said.
the question now raised by the iea report concerns the direction of
demand and, fundamentally, if an upturn can be seen in some of asia's
battered economies.
so far, the report said, it was too early to say if asia had
"bottomed out". while the market had been given a boost by colder
weather, particularly in the industrialized countries of the oecd,
there was stagnating, if not declining, demand in other areas.
oecd demand rose a sharp 3.5 per cent, or 1.3 million b/d, in
february, in the nine largest oil-consuming countries. this was
articularly noteworthy in the united states and europe, but even oecd
pacific countries, where demand had been falling, seemed to be
moreover, first-quarter oecd demand was seen as rising by 800,000
b/d, or by 1.3 per cent.
nevertheless, in non-oecd asian nations, like china and those in
east asia, demand was still declining, reflecting the continued impact
of the regional financial crisis that erupted in 1997, observed the
more important to the iea, demand in the former soviet union (fsu)
was declining sharply and "plunged" by 16 per cent during march.
given the stronger performance in the oecd zone, the iea has firmed
its demand forecast for global demand in the first quarter of 1999.
demand worldwide should now reach 75 million b/d, up by around 0.4
per cent from a year earlier and 100,000 b/d higher than estimates
made one month ago.
but the iea has cautiously left its annual forecast for 1999 at 74.7
million b/d, up by 1.2 per cent, or 900,000 b/d over 1998.
at the moment, over half of the increase, or some 500,000 b/d, was
expected from north america and the remainder from europe.
"only a very modest recovery in oecd pacific demand is in prospect
at this time," the report added.
moreover, non-oecd demand "is projected to rise by just 130,000 b/d,
or by 0.5 per cent, with a modest increase in asian and middle east
demand offsetting a continuing slump in the fsu".
::irna 10/04/99 11:45


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 06:32:52 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: On Kosovo Crisis

Annan Urges Yugoslavia, NATO to Resume Talks on Kosovo

thr 003
annan urges yugoslavia, nato to resume talks on kosovo
united nations, april 10, irna -- u.n. secretary-general kofi annan
said on friday he is deeply distressed by the tragedy taking place
in kosovo and in the region which must be brought to an end.
in a statement, annan said the suffering of innocent civilians
should not be further prolonged. he urgently called upon the yugoslav
authorities to undertake the following commitments:
''to end immediately the campaign of intimidation and expulsion
of the civilian population;
''to cease all activities of military and paramilitary forces in
kosovo and to withdraw these forces;
''to accept unconditionally the return of refugees and displaced
persons to their homes;
''to accept the deployment of an international military force to
ensure a secure environment for the return of the refugees and an
unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid;
''to permit the international community to verify compliance with
these undertakings.''
he added, "upon the acceptance by the yugoslav authorities of
these conditions, i urge the leaders of north atlantic treaty
organization (nato) to suspend immediately the air bombardments upon
the territory of the federal republic of yugoslavia.
"ultimately, the cessation of hostilities i propose is a prelude
to a lasting political solution to the crisis which can only be
achieved through diplomacy. in this context, i would urge the
resumption of talks on kosovo among all parties concerned at the
earliest possible moment."
::irna 10/04/99 09:30

Russian Foreign Minister Due in Tehran Soon - Ambassador

thr 020
russian foreign minister due in tehran soon: ambassador
tehran, april 10, irna -- russian ambassador to tehran konstantin
shuvalov here saturday announced that russian foreign minister igor
ivanov will arrive in tehran soon to exchange views with his iranian
counterpart on international developments as well as bilateral ties.
speaking to irna in an interview, shuvalov said according to a
protocol signed between tehran and moscow, foreign ministers of the
two countries will meet annually for consultation and exchange of
iranian foreign minister kamal kharrazi visited moscow last year
at the head of a delegation and this year it is ivanov's turn to
visit tehran, the russian diplomat further added.
latest international developments, the issue of disarmament,
bilateral cooperation at international fora, maintenance of
international and regional security, human rights issue and fight
against terrorism will be among topics of discussions between the
two foreign ministers, said shuvalov.
he expressed satisfaction over proximity of views between the two
countries and said there is no serious dispute in political field
between iran and russia. this, he added, provides both the countries
with an opportunity to prevent regional conflicts while cooperating
in the settlement of other crises.
he said that security in the persian gulf and the situation in
central asia, caucasus and caspian sea are among other major issues
which will be discussed by the two foreign ministers.
the russian diplomat termed iran and russia as two ''economic
partners'', adding that bilateral trade cooperation is on the rise in
such economic fields as laying of oil and gas pipelines, oil
exploitation and atomic energy.
he called for further expansion of tehran-moscow cooperation as
major exporters of oil and gas and said to this end the russian
minister of fuel and energy sergei generalov will visit tehran to
hold talks with his iranian counterpart bijan namdar zanganeh and
other officials.
on the transfer of oil and gas from the caspian sea bed, the
russian diplomat said given the vast oil and gas resources in the
region, a mere route is not sufficient for the purpose.
however, he added, the issue of the pipeline in the absence of a
general consensus among the caspian littoral states will further
aggravate the legal problems.
moreover, laying a pipeline in the depth of the sea will pose
serious threats to the marine environment of the caspian sea given
that the sea is an earthquake-prone area, shuvalov opined.
he expressed disapproval of the russian federation with the
construction of the pipeline at the caspian sea bed and said that
both iran and russia hold a similar stance in this connection.
as for the caspian sea legal regime, shuvalov said at the
beginning russia, like iran, believed that the sea should remain in
the joint possession of all littoral states. but, he added, the
newly independent states have opposed the idea.
however, he further remarked, no country is authorized to take a
unilateral step towards exploitation of the caspian sea resources.
asked to comment on the contradictions between remarks made by
the russian energy minister and his deputy on the continuation of
tehran-moscow cooperation for bushehr atomic power plant, he said
people are free to make comments but official stands are adopted by
the officials.
he said no russian official has made any remark in connection
with the change in russia's stance towards completion of bushehr
atomic power plant.
according to shuvalov, only remarks made by the russian minister
of atomic energy, yevgeny adamov, are reliable and not those of any
one else.
::irna 10/04/99 14:06

German FM Discussed Kosovo Crisis with Kharrazi

thr 067
german fm discussed kosovo crisis with kharrazi
tehran, april 10, irna -- german foreign minister joschka fischer in
a telephone conversation with his iranian counterpart kamal kharrazi
saturday welcomed the visit to bonn by the foreign ministers of the
organization of the islamic conference (ioc) contact group on kosovo.
''as the current chairman of the european union (eu), germany
welcomes efforts by the islamic nations to resolve the crisis in
kosovo,'' said fischer adding that bonn is keen on exchanging views
with oic contact group on kosovo.
kharrazi voiced the concern of islamic countries over the ongoing
human tragedy facing ethnic albanian kosovan muslims and briefed his
german counterpart on the results of the recent meeting of oic contact
group in geneva.
the iranian foreign minister went on to say that the world of
islam cannot be indifferent towards the ongoing massacres of the
muslims in the balkans.
the oic, concluded kharrazi, is prepared to make serious efforts
to resolve the crisis.
::irna 10/04/99 22:56


Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1999 15:48:50 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iraqi Holy City Braced for Chemical Attacks, Says

Iraqi Holy City Braced for Chemical Attacks, Says UKk Daily

thr 026
iraq najaf-gas fears
iraqi holy city braced for chemical attacks, says uk daily
london, apr. 8, irna - iraqi president saddam hussein is deploying
troops wearing gas masks and special white uns masks and special white
uniforms, designed to
protect them against chemical weapons, around the holy city of
najaf, the london independent reported thursday.
it quoted a traveller recently leaving najaf saying that
everyone was "so frightened when they saw the chemical warfare
suits that they locked themselves in their houses" and the streets
were empty.
the daily said there were well-founded fears that the government is
prepared to use poison gas against any sign of an uprising, referring
to iraq using chemical weapons against domestic opponents in the past,
particularly at halabja in 1988.
it also referred to the iraqi government being aware of terror
provoked from any sign that poison gas is about to be used, saying
that it used helicopters in 1991 to drop flour to look like gas
clouds to speed up kurds fleeing to iran and turkey.
iraqi troops with tanks and multiple rocket launchers are
reported to have sealed off najaf since february 19, when
ayatollah mohammad sadeq al-sadr was shot dead in an ambush with
his two sons.
the independent said iraqi security has such a tight grip on the
holy city that it was "unlikely anybody other than government death
squads could have carried out the assassinations."

::irna 08/04/99 14:26


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 06:29:40 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Encyclopedia of Iranian Dialects to Be Compiled

Encyclopedia of Iranian Dialects to Be Compiled

thr 033
encyclopedia of iranian dialects to be compiled
tehran, april 10, irna -- research work has started to gather
information on different dialects spoken in six provinces of iran to
compile the first ever encyclopedia of iranian dialects.
according to the cultural heritage organization, the project
is aimed at identifying the origins of dialects, working out the
reasons for creation of such linguistic divisions, their connection
with one another, their classification according to their linguistic
features and historical relationship among them.
the research work will cover the dialects belonging to the
provinces of bushehr, sistan and baluchestan, kohkiloyeh and
boyerahmad, markazi, semnan and khorasan. a similar project has
already concluded in lorestan province.
::irna 10/04/99 14:39


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