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Topics of the day:

1. Kargozaran Issues Statement On Treatment Of 'Zan'
2. Further Reactions on Shirazi Assassination
3. Iran Opens Door For UK, Says Cook
4. Iranian Visits Baghdad To Discuss PWOs Issue
5. On Iran-Russia Ties
6. OPEC Basket Price Up By 28 Cents
7. Security Apparatus Should Be A Source Of Comfort F
8. Municipal Election Results Must Be Finalized Soon-
9. PRESS DIGEST - Iran - April 15
10. Thursday Newspaper Headlines In Tehran


Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 20:48:56 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Kargozaran Issues Statement On Treatment Of 'Zan'

Kargozaran Issues Statement On Treatment Of 'Zan' Daily

thr 030
kargozaran issues statement on treatment of 'zan' daily
tehran, april 15, irna -- the political bureau of kargozaran-e
sazandegi (executives of construction) party in a statement wednesday
termed the recent ''disinformation and fuss against faezeh hashemi''
as a short episode of a ''plot'' by those who intend to prepare the
grounds for the ''elimination of competent figures from the scene of
the 6th term of the majlis''.
the statement, a copy of which was sent to irna, called on the
people as the ultimate jurors that by exercising ''vigilance, not let
those who intend to disturb the political atmosphere of the country
slaughter the comrades of the revolution and the system with the
blade of tyranny and deceit under false pretexts.''
it said that the move which has been launched against faezeh
hashemi, director of the daily zan and a member of the central
council members of kargozaran party, is a short episode of a
''plot' by those who are intending to create impediments on the
way of ''political development'' and eliminate competent managers in
the country.
the statement stressed that the drama, which was composed long
before the may 23 presidential elections and intensified ever since,
has targeted the two outstanding politicians and helmsmen of the
past and present, ''hashemi'' and ''khatami''.
the statement termed the reaction shown towards the daily zan as
a political pretext to attack constructive forces in order to pave the
way for those who wish to gain unexpected success in the 6th term
of the majlis.
it said a quick review of the press in recent months reveals the
coverage of even more eye-catching subjects in the publications
sponsored by the ''monopoly front'' (right faction), adding that
however no fuss has ever been made by the others over such materials.
::irna 15/04/99 15:39


Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 20:51:40 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Further Reactions on Shirazi Assassination

Further Reactions on Shirazi Assassination

U.S. Condemns General Shirazi'S Assassination

thr 014
u.s. condemns general shirazi's assassination
new york, april 14, irna -- the u.s. state department on tuesday
condemned the assassination of major general ali sayyad shirazi by
the terrorist mujahedin khalq organization (mko) last week.
he said his government condemned the terrorist act and denied
that washington supported the mko.
the u.s. mass media gave very little c
overage to martyr sayyad
shirazi's assassination and did not even mention the mko agents
responsible for the crime.
sayyad shirazi was assassinated by an mko agent disguised as a
municipality cleaner in front of his home in norther tehran last
the vatican and a number of other european countries as well
as several foreign military attaches based in beirut, have condemned
the heinous crime by the mko.
::irna 14/04/99 10:15

Canada Condemns Act Of Terrorism, Condoles Family Of Martyr Shirazi

thr 084
canada condemns act of terrorism, condoles family of martyr shirazi
tehran, april 14, irna -- canada wednesday condemned recent act of
terrorism in the islamic republic of iran in which the army commander
lieutenant general ali sayyad shirazi was assassinated by a member of
the terrorist mojahedin khalq organization (mko).
the public relations office of the islamic human rights commission
in canada in a response to the letter of the commission declared that
the outlawed members of the mko will not be allowed to enter the
country and that three key members of the terrorist organization who
were trying to settle down in canada were deported.
::irna 14/04/99 23:43

Sunni Clerics, Sports Community Condemn Recent MKO Crime

thr 068
sunni clerics, sports community condemn recent mko crime
tehran, april 14, irna -- the sports community of the country and
muslim sunni ulema and clerics from khwaf, khorasan province,
condemned the recent terrorist act of terrorist mojahedin khalq
organization (mko).
the sport community of the country including sports federations and
renowned clubs, coaches and referees issued a joint statement
denouncing assassination of lieutenant general ali sayyas shirazi.
mko in its latest act of terrorism assassinated sayyad shirazi
on saturday.
in its statement, the sports community called on the international
fora to severely encounter terrorism.
furthermore, in a telephone call to irna, friday prayer leader of
khwaf in khorasan province, molavi ghothoddin ahrari condemned the
barbaric move.
he called for arrest and punishment of those who committed the
crime and expressed sympathy with the leader, the iranian nation and
the bereaved family of martyr shirazi, wishing patience for them.
::irna 14/04/99 18:49

Iran-Jordan Friendship Group Condemns MKO

thr 031
iran-jordan friendship group condemns mko
amman, april 15, irna -- head of iran-jordan friendship group,
mansour bin torif here wednesday condemned the latest act of terrorism
by the terrorist mojahedin khalq organization (mko) in assassination
of major general ali sayyad shirazi.
speaking to irna, head of the friendship group said the mko
strategy in murdering people is unfair and inhuman and that these
moves will bear no fruit.
terrorism will never draw people's attention and the mko cannot
gain any popularity in iran through terrorist operations, he stressed.
asked about the motives of certain countries in rendering support
for the terrorist mko, torif said those who oppose islam resort to any
means and opportunity to harm the islamic republic of iran.
sayyad shirazi wasa martyred in front of his home last saturday by
the mko agents.
::irna 15/04/99 15:41

Iran Successfully Tests Sayyad-1 Missile

thr 061
iran successfully tests sayyad-1 missile
tehran, april 14, irna -- the ministry of defense and armed forces
logistics spokesman keyvan khosrawi said here on wednesday that the
modern surface-to-air missile 'sayyad-1' was successfully test fired
on wednesday.
khosrawi said the missile, produced completely by the airspace
industries organization, affiliated to the defense and armed forces
logistics ministry, was named after the late iranian army commander
lieutenant general ali sayyad shirazi to appreciate his braveries and
shirazi was gunned down by the terrorist mujahideen khalq
organization (mko) agents, disguised as city cleaners, on april 10,
as he was travelling to his work.
khosrawi said that manufacture of the missile would meet a part
of iran's air defense needs for the medium-range and long-range
surface-to-air missiles.
::irna 14/04/99 18:06

Countries Supporting MKO Urged To Stop Backing Terrorist Group

thr 048
countries supporting mko urged to stop backing terrorist group
tehran, april 14, irna -- relatives of victims of tens of
terrorist acts perpetrated by the mujahideen khalq organization (mko)
in recent years urged foreign countries which have given shelter to
and support mko terrorists to stop backing them.
they called on these countries to expell the mko terrorists from
therir soil so as to prove they are really against terrorism.
supporting terrorists is a breach of international regulations
and it is the legal right of the islamic republic, as the main victim
of terrorism, to call for the extradition of mko terrorists.
the terrorist mko claimed responsibility for assassination of
lieutenant general ali sayyad shirazi on saturday who lived an
ordinary life without having bodyguards.
the letter added that the responsibility of the violence seeking
groups lies with their supporters and their masterminds.
hundreds of ordinary people and high ranking officials have
fallen victim to mko terrorist acts since the culmination of the
islamic revolution in 1979.
the islamic human rights commission, a non-governmental iranian
organization, on monday sent letters to 17 countries strongly
protesting to the free activities of terrorists in those states and
called for extradition of terrorists to be brought to justice.
the letter was sent to governments of iraq, italy, france,
germany, spain, sweden, austria, denmark, the netherlands, belgium,
britain, switzerland, canada, australia, finland, norway and ireland.
::irna 14/04/99 15:03


Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 20:54:12 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iran Opens Door For UK, Says Cook

Iran Opens Door For UK, Says Cook

thr 046
iran ties-uk cook
iran opens door for uk, says cook
london, apr. 15, irna - foreign secretary robin cook has reiterated
the importance for the british government of normalising relations
with iran.
welcoming last september's agreement to restore full diplomatic
ties, he said that the upgrading to ambassadorial status had "paved
the way for us to have a dialogue with the organisation of islamic
conference (oic)" under the chairmanship of iran.
this will "make sure that we have a better understanding between
both the european world and the world of islam," cook said wednesday
night in his annual speech at the lord mayor of london's easter
following the upgrade announcement in new york, he said last
october that it was time for the european union and the oic started
talking at a high level, about many issues of common interest.
the foreign secretary listed the balkans, the middle east,
afghanistan, terrorism, human rights and minorities and said that
the west "cannot afford to have islam ashat
the west "cannot afford to have islam ashat
the west "cannot afford to have islam as anything but a friend."
in his banquet speech, largely devoted to nato's war with serbia
over kosovo, he also spoke of achieving an "historic breakthrough"
with libya in the past two weeks over the handover of suspects for
the 1989 lockerbie air disaster.
cook further referred to the importance of oil in the caspian
basin region, where he said britain had doubled its diplomatic
::irna 15/04/99 18:55


Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 20:54:22 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iranian Visits Baghdad To Discuss PWOs Issue

Iranian Visits Baghdad To Discuss PWOs Issue

07:56 a.m. Apr 15, 1999 Eastern
BAGHDAD, April 15 (Reuters) - Iraq and Iran are holding talks in
Baghdad on the release of soldiers held since the 1980- 88 war
and those missing in action, an Iraqi newspaper said on

The weekly al-Zawra quoted Hassan al-Dauri, the head of
Baghdad's side in the Iraq-Iran committee on prisoners of war,
as saying he had agreed with visiting Iranian Brigadier General
Mirfeisal Baqerzadah to exchange the bodies of 387 soldiers
killed during the war.

The paper said the bodies of 221 Iraqi soldiers and 166 Iranians
would be handed over on Saturday at al-Mundhiriya border point
100 km (60 miles) east of Baghdad.

The paper said Iraq asked Iran to provide formal death
certificates for 38 Iraqi POWs who had died in prison camps in

Last week Zawra, owned by President Saddam Hussein's eldest son
Uday, published the names of those who had died in detention
camps in Iran, saying it had obtained information on them from
POWs released by Tehran recently.

Last month Iran repatriated 450 POWs and in return Iraq released
53 Iranian detainees.

Ties between the two Moslem neighbours have been volatile,
mainly because each country shelters rebels fighting its
neighbour's government.

Last week the Iraq-based Iranian opposition Mujahideen Khalq
assassinated Iran's armed forces deputy joint chief of staff,
Lieutent-General Ali Sayyad Shirazi. The incident has drawn wide
anger in Iran against Iraq for hosting the exile group.

Iran's Foreign Ministry summoned Iraq's charge d'affaires to
demand an explanation on Baghdad's position.

Mujahideen said that its parliament-in-exile ended an eight- day
meeting in Baghdad on Thursday and issued a statement vowing to
overthrow the Tehran government.
``Whatever the turn of events, the mullahs' regime faces no
ultimate prospect other than being overthrown,'' the statement

Iraq and Iran also disagree on issues including war reparations
and Iraq's demand for the return of Iraqi military and civilian
planes grounded in Iran since the 1991 Gulf War over Kuwait.

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.


Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 20:54:46 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: On Iran-Russia Ties

On Iran-Russia Ties

Generalov Holds Talks With Habibi

thr 002
generalov holds talks with habibi
tehran, april 14, irna -- visiting russian oil and gas minister sergei
generalov here wednesday held talks with first vice-president hassan
in the meeting, habibi describing the irano-russia relations as
satisfactory and expanding, said that promotion of relations with the
friendly countries specially russia is of the main axes of the iranian
foreign policy.
referring to potentialities of the two countries, habibi said
tehran and moscow would be able to expand their industrial, oil and
gas cooperation in addition to their exchange of experience and
removal of the existing obstacles and prolems between the two nations.
habibi then termed iranian soil as an appropriate, economy and
safe route for the transfer of energy to the world market and for
the russian access to the persian gulf, middle east and far east.
the iranian first vice-president then called the presence and
interference of the foreign powers in the persian gulf, the sea of
oman and the caspian sea against the interest and security of the
region, emphasizing on the irano-russia cooperation aiming at
protecting the environment of the caspian sea.
generalov on his part referring to the historical relations of
the two countries, underlined further expansion of the traditional
relations and cooperation between the two nations.
he expressed hope that tehran and moscow during their upcoming
joint economic commission will make endeavors to further expand
their financial and banking cooperation.
::irna 15/04/99 00:32

Tehran-Moscow Sign Oil-Gas MOU

thr 004
tehran-moscow sign oil-gas mou
tehran, april 15, irna -- oil ministry of the islamic republic of
iran and fuel and energy ministry of the federal republic of russia
signed a memmorandum of understanding (mou) on oil and gas
cooperation here wednesday.
the two countries agreed to cooperate
the two countries agreed to cooperate on equal legal and
profit-sharing footing in the scientific, technical and economic
areas bilaterally.
the two side agreed to support and motivate firms and
organizations of the two nations in the oil-gas industrial sectors.
the mou covers cooperation in the area of exploration, development
of oil gas fields, services, purchase of equipment and cooperation
in the area of petro-chemical industry.
it also covers the construction of underground stores for the
natural gas, research, training of the personnel and study for the
possibility of swap plans, setting up of joint companies.
::irna 15/04/99 01:28

Generalov Visits Isfahan

thr 019
generalov visits isfahan
isfahan, april 15, irna -- visiting russian oil and gas minister
sergei generalov heading a delegation of russian companies' economic
and oil officials arrived in isfahan thursday.
upon arrival at shahid beheshti international airport of isfahan,
the delegation was welcomed by the provincial officials including
deputy governor general in charge of political and security affairs.
the delegation then inspected shahid montazeri's power plant and
petrochemical refinery in isfahan.
the russian officials are expected to visit cultural and
historical sites and monuments in isfahan before leaving here tonight.
during generalov's stay in tehran the two countries officials
agreed upon promotion of bilateral cooperation in oil and gas sectors.
::irna 15/04/99 13:12


Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 20:55:20 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: OPEC Basket Price Up By 28 Cents

OPEC Basket Price Up By 28 Cents

thr 058
opec basket price up by 28 cents
vienna, april 14, irna -- the price of the opec basket of seven
crudes increased by 28 cents and stood at 14.58 dollars per barrel
tuesday. this was an increase from 14.30 dollars monday, according to
opec secretariat calculations released here on wednsday.
the opec basket comprises algeria's saharan blend, indonesia's
minas, nigeria's bonny light, saudi arabia's arabian light, dubai
of the united arab emirates, venezuela's tia juana and mexico's
istmus crude.
energy futures prices climbed in trading on the new york
mercantile exchange (nymex) tuesday, according to reports released
in vienna wednsday.
west texas intermediate (wti), the american benchmark crude, rose
by 32 cents to finish at 16.72 dollars per barrel for may delivery,
while the june contract stood at 16.78 dollars, up by 32 cents.
in after-hours electronic access trading in new york wednesday,
wti was fetching 16.53 dollars a barrel for the may contract and
16.59 dollars for the june position, both down from the nymex

::irna 14/04/99 17:09


Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 20:55:08 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Security Apparatus Should Be A Source Of Comfort F

Security Apparatus Should Be A Source Of Comfort For People

thr 070
security-deputy minister
security apparatus should be a source of comfort for people
tehran, april 14, irna -- a popular system is one where information,
security, judicial and law enforcement apparatuses are a source of
comfort for law abiding citizens and a source of fear for enemies,
said deputy interior minister mostafa taj-zadeh here wednesday.
speaking at a gathering of security officials of provincial
governors general offices he added, ''political stability is when
people's security are safeguarded in the society and most stable
countries are the ones that have multiplicity of votes.''
he also stressed, ''without a doubt, our security also depends on
multiplicity of votes as well as abiding by the rule of law.''
taj-zadeh further stated, ''while security organizations should
respect the rights of civil servants, they should also be effective in
reducing unlawful acts in public organs.''
::irna 14/04/99 19:09


Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 20:55:00 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Municipal Election Results Must Be Finalized Soon-

Municipal Election Results Must Be Finalized Soon- Daily

thr 016
municipal election results must be finalized soon: daily
tehran, april 15, irna -- a morning english language daily here
thursday commented on the february 26th municipal elections in iran
and said the event has been registered as a turning point in the
history of the democratic process in iran.
it was the day when, for the first time, nationwide elections
were held for the civic bodies, ''which are rightly believed to be
'training schools' for the democratic process,'' wrote 'tehran times'
in its editorial thursday.
however, it added, many were disappointed when differences
emerged between the interior ministry's executive body and the
majority-faction dominated supervisory board on the outcome of the
elections, it further added.
it pointed to president mohammad khatami's measure in defusing
the tension by appointing an arbitration committee which finally
approved the results announced by the executive board and the nation
thus took a sigh of relief.
''unfortunately, the clouds of uncertainty are still hovering
over the fate of the civic bodies, particularly that of the capital
tehran, where the supervisory board disqualified five candidates who
were on the winning list announced by the interior ministry last
month,'' said the article.
it further added that the civic bodies elections fostered a
healthy atmosphere in the iranian political arena, adding that such
an atmosphere can remain healthy if prompt action is taken to remove
confusion and misunderstanding stemming from the uncertainty over
the final results.
the paper said in conclusion that president khatami should once
again take the matter in hand and do everything to remove
uncertainty from the future of the civic bodies so that the elected
councilors may start handling the municipal affairs soon.
::irna 15/04/99 12:49


Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 20:56:20 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: PRESS DIGEST - Iran - April 15

PRESS DIGEST - Iran - April 15

09:54 a.m. Apr 15, 1999 Eastern
TEHRAN, April 15 (Reuters) - These are some of the leading
stories in Iranian newspapers on Thursday. Reuters has not
verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.


- Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in a speech to senior
military officials, warns about the danger of an ``internal
enemy.'' He says the internal enemy should be defeated before
Iran can strongly confront its external enemies. Khamenei says
the internal enemy is targeting the people's faith and


- Iran's industrial exports fell 14.2 percent to $971 million in
the Iranian year which ended on March 20. The drop is attributed
to the fall of commodity prices on international markets, Iran's
multiple exchange rates, transport shortages and unstable
government regulations.


- Energy Minister Habibollah Bitaraf says Iran plans to transfer
to private hands at least 20 unfinished dam projects as well as
a major part of the country's agricultural irrigation system.
The cabinet is to make a decision on the issue shortly.


- Germany' Bayer AG (BAYG.DE)(BAYG.F) plans to transfer to Iran
its latest technology in tyre manufacturing, a local company
representative says. The firm has increased its activities in
Iran in the past years and plans joint ventures with Iranian
companies to produce paper and pest control.


- The all-share index at the Tehran Stock Exchange closes the
week to Wednesday at 1570.25 points, up from 1551.70 points a
week earlier.

((Tehran newsroom +9821 229 4536))

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.


Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 20:56:12 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Thursday Newspaper Headlines In Tehran

Thursday Newspaper Headlines In Tehran

Thursday Morning's Newspaper Headlines

thr 006
thursday morning's newspaper headlines
tehran, april 15, irna -- the following headlines appeared in
tehran's newspapers this morning:
iran daily:
-president on lorestan tour
-zanganeh, generalov pursue oil cooperation
-a faithful army cannot be defeated; leader cautions against
devious diplomacy
-anti-aircraft missile successful
-housing, employment problems beyond gov't capacity
tehran times:
-real enemy intends to attack from within, leader
-u.n. secretary-general warns against spread of kosovo war
-iran to purchase 200,000 tons of rice from thailand
-pakistan test-fires long-range ballistic missile in response
to india
-raising ethnic issues harmful to national unity
iran news:
-the real threat is internal, says supreme leader
-u.s. joins in global condemnation of mko terrorist act
-hojatoleslam kadivar stands trial
-gov't to allocate funds for new development projects in lorestan
-iran-russia cooperation in oil, gas explored
kayhan international:
-iran's god-fearing army can never be defeated - leader
-gov't to allocate credits for development projects
-israel more than doubled jewish settlements in '98
-nato powerless to aid kosov's destitutes
-iran, bangladesh discuss scientific coop.
-leader receives commanders of three branches of armed forces
-khatami addressing gathering in khorramabad: construction,
development in deprived provinces, main task of government
-hojatoleslam kadivar at special clergy court demands his
-kargozarn-e sazandegi issues statement on treatment of 'zan'
-ayatollah hashemi rafsanjani: iranian youth are in contact with
world, clergy should speak to them in scientific language
jomhuri eslami:
-leader addressing army commanders: enemy intends to strip nation
of its sincerity, religious zeal and combat readiness
-president announces in lorestan: gov't decisive to remove
-majlis speaker calls for a realistic approach towards housing,
unemployment problems
-sayyad-1 anti-aircraft missile test-fired successfully
-shocking reports on massacre of kosovar muslims by serbs
-leader receives army commanders, underlines need for further
attention to education, discipline, research and institutionalization
-kadivar's trial opens
-kosovo crisis enters into new phase with unprecedented expedition
of western countries to balkans, border clash between yugoslavia,
-president addressing gathering in lorestan: imam khomeini's year,
a year of institutionalization of revolution
-leader receives army commanders, cautions against showing
leniency towards sweet diplomatic smiles
-president announces government's plans for development of
lorestan province
-world condemnation of lieutenant sayyad shirazi's assassination
-managing director of national japanese oil company to arrive in
tehran today
-majlis speaker: government supports housing projects by giving
long-term loans to people
-kadivar tried behind closed doors
-leader addressing army commanders: some act in a way which
spreads disappointment, doubt and moral instability in society
-hashemi rafsanjani: religious orators should have enough
knowledge of delivering speeches
-kerman majlis deputy: major tasks given to minor people
asr-e azadegan:
-leader in meeting with army commanders: some who might not be
the enemy, make people disappointed negligently
-hojatoleslam karrubi: clergy must refrain from raising
provocative issues
-majlis tense after hearing mp's speech over 'zan' daily case
-u.s. says ready for negotiations with iran, but iran rejects
sobh-e emrouz:
-leader addressing army commanders: outside enemy can be defeated
only when internal enemy is defeated
-president launches lorestan inspection tour
-kadivar rejects eligibility of court, his own charges
-representatives of right wing disrupt kerman deputy's speech at
-kargozarn-e sazandegi releases statement on treatment of 'zan'
kar va kargar:
-leader addresses army commanders, cautions them not to be
deviated from path to target
-president: imam khomeini's year, a year for institutionalization
of revolution
-kadivar in first court session says his petition is similar to
a political statement
-russian fuel, energy minister: moscow supports opec's efforts
-iran test-fires sayyad-1 missile successfully
-leader addressing army commanders: real enemy intends to
attack from within
-president in lorestan: imam khomeini's year, a year of
institutionalization of society
-experts opine: mko aims to halt khatami's reforms
-kadivar's trial opens
-20 dam building projects ready to be completed by private sector
-kadivar rejects charges on propagating against system; final
verdict to be announced next week
-belarus president arrives in belgrade under nato shelling
-deputy interior minister tajzadeh: intelligence, security, law
enforcement and judicial bodies should guarantee people's tranquility
-for first time since revolution, washington condemns martyr
sayyad shirazi's assassination
-leader addressing army commanders: enemy aims to weaken people's
faith, determination
-expediency council secretary mohsen rezaei praises martyred
sayyad shirazi's services
-president in lorestan: current year, year for
institutionalization of revolution
jahan-e eslam
-leader: some might act in a way which result in disappointment
-khatami arrives in lorestan for inspection tour
-kadivar's trial opens
-mp raises question, interior minister responds
-court convicts anwar ibrahim
-leader: some might negligently act in a way which result in
disappointment, doubt and moral instability in society
-kadivar's trial opens, final verdict to be announced next week
-deputy interior minister tajzadeh: a popular system is one
whose intelligence, security and judicial bodies provide tranquility
for people
-irgc commander: hands of counterrevolutionaries, lackeys of
imperialism must be curtailed from the press
-commander-in-chief of armed forces: real enemies intend to
attack from within
-sayyad-1 missile test-fired successfully
-deputy interior minister: intelligence, security bodies must
pacify people
-president addressing gathering in lorestan: government
allocated special credits for lorestan prol credits for lorestan
-leader addressing army commanders: beware of enemy, world of
diplomacy is no venue for serenity, honesty
-president launches inspection tour of lorestan province
-iran test-fires sayyad-1 missile successfully
-irgc commander: hands of counterrevolutionaries must be
curtailed from the press
-expediency council secretary: martyr sayyad shirazi was one of
key figures in army

Thursday Afternoon's Newspaper Headlines

tehran, april 15, irna -- the following headlines appeared in tehran'
newspaper this afternoon:
- supreme leader of revolution: some people unknowingly act like
enemy, causing morale harm to people
- president: resorting to freedom for making split in islamic
principles not acceptable
- reports on kadivar trial
- anti-aircraft missile dubbed as ''sat missile dubbed as
''sayyad-i'' testfired
- algeria's presidential election to be held only with one
- supreme leader of revolution underlines piety, readiness of
armed forces in confronting enemies
- president: people have right to decide their destiny
- country's industrial exports register a drop of 14 percent
- commander in chief of armed forces: real enemy is one who
weaken our faith, will
- some 85 kosovar refugees killed during nato air raid mm/ks
::irna 15/04/99 17:34


End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 15 Apr 1999