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Topics in this special issue:

1. Clinton's Remarks Spark Iran Debate On U.S. Ties
2. Iranian 'Moderates' -- Again?
3. Ipis Director General, Majlis Deputy Comment On Ir
4. Washington And A New Phase
5. Clinton's Regret Shows Iran'S Power
6. Journalists Ask President Khatami For Protection
7. Italy Condemns Acts Of Terrorism Under Any And All
8. On Army Day
9. Iran'S Khatami Slams Armed Opposition On Army Day
10. Italian Minister To Visit Iran Next Week - Paper
11. Speaker: Government Successful In Formation Of Cou
12. Iran, Yemen Satisified With Growing Ties
13. Time For A New Economic Rescue Team To Be Appointe
14. Oil Climbs Over $17 Us Barrier
15. Seminar On Investment Opportunities In Petrochemic
16. PRESS DIGEST - Iran - April 18
17. Sunday Newspaper Headlines in Tehran


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:27:16 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Clinton's Remarks Spark Iran Debate On U.S. Ties

Clinton's Remarks Spark Iran Debate On U.S. Ties

08:47 a.m. Apr 18, 1999 Eastern
By Mehrdad Balali

TEHRAN, Iran (Reuters) - Conciliatory remarks by President
Clinton toward Iran have revived a heated debate over ending two
decades of hostilities with the United States.

In the latest sign that Washington was slowly moving toward
improved relations with its one-time bitter enemy, Clinton said
last week that Iran had been subject to ``quite a lot of abuse
from various Western countries'' in the past, and should be told
it had a right to be angry.

Reformist allies of President Mohammad Khatami, eager to speed
up rapprochement with the West and normalize trade relations,
played up his remarks, saying they marked a ``new phase'' away
from adversarial sentiment and calling for a revision of

Relations soured after the 1979 Islamic revolution which toppled
the pro-American shah, and were broken after Iranian
revo Iranian
revolutionaries stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehran taking its
staff hostage. The two countries have been at sharp odds ever

``The world is changing. In politics, one must not see things in
black and white,'' said Mohammad Reza Khatami, the president's
brother and head of a reformist political organization.

``All countries make revisions in their policies based on their
national interests. We, too, must be able to move along our
interests, and not our emotions,'' he added.

Iranian moderates hope an end to U.S. hostility may boost
Khatami's political standing and help ease the country's
economic ills, the greatest challenge facing the president, by
paving the way for an end to U.S. economic sanctions against

Restored relations, they know, would also be hugely popular with
many ordinary Iranians who continue to view the American people,
if not the U.S. government, warmly.

Provincial governors throughout Iran, all moderates appointed by
Khatami's administration, sent a letter to the president
congratulating him over Clintpresident
congratulating him over Clinton's comments.

``Clinton's explicit admission and recognition of the rights of
our great nation... is another major international success for
the Islamic republic,'' they said.

But Khatami's hard-line rivals, strongly opposed to relations
with the United States, have rejected Clinton's remark as a ruse
to secure renewed political and economic influence in Iran.

Jomhuri-ye Eslami, a conservative newspaper, said Sunday it was
aive newspaper, said Sunday it was
alarmed by ``suspicious efforts'' by the reformist camp to play
up Clinton's comments.

``There is a line of propaganda here to portray Clinton's pale
remarks as a big success which will pave the way for restoration
of ties,'' it said. ``But the truth is that Washington is not
and never has been interested in giving up its inhuman stance
against the Islamic republic.''

The conflicting views reflect I
ranians' ambivalent feeling
toward the United Staranians' ambivalent feeling
toward the United States, which commanded overwhelming influence
in Iran up to the Islamic revolution.

While many Iranians associate the United States with the
economic prosperity and social, if not political, freedom which
they believe they enjoyed before 1979, others blame it for much
of the wrong committed against the country in the past century.

It is the latter view that still shapes policies toward a
country once called the ``Great Satan,'' although President
Khatami has encouraged some cultural and sporting exchanges.

Washinand sporting exchanges.

Washington has called for official dialogue to address its three
concerns: Iran's alleged sponsorship of international terrorism,
its efforts to amass weapons of mass destruction and its
opposition to the Middle East peace process.

But Tehran has declined such negotiations, apparently unwilling
to make any such conc
essions, and instead demanding that the
United States first cease hostilities.

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:27:40 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iranian 'Moderates' -- Again?

Iranian 'Moderates' -- Again?

Wednesday, April 14, 1999; Page A26

Gary Sick, in his March 29 Outlook piece, "A Look at . . . the
Iranian Stalemate," presents a biased and misleading argument
against President Clinton's continuing the state of emergency
with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mr. Sick suggests that the
economic sanctions against the regime in Iran are irrelevant and
that the United States should reconsider its policy of

His arguments are based on the false premise that Iranian
President Mohammed Khatemi is a moderate and was elected on a
nd was elected on a
platform dedicated to civil society, rule of law and
reconciliation with the international community. Mr. Sick does
not say that during Mr. Khatemi's presidency:

There have been 270 public hangings, and eight people have been
stoned to death.

Two prominent political opposition leaders (husband and wife
Daryush and Parvaneh Farouhar) were butchered in their homes by
agents of the Ministry of Information.

Twenty-nine Iranian dissidents were assassinated abroad.
Millions of dollars were paid to the Hezbollah forces in

Long-range missiles called Shahab were test-fired, and continued
efforts were made to acquire and develop weapons of mass

Writers and newspaper editors were kidnapped and slaughtered.

At Friday prayer ceremonies, worshipers are led in chanting
"Death to America!"

Despots in Iran are conducting a misleading public relations
campaign to undermine U.S. efforts to contain the regime in
Tehran. In dealing with rogue regimes such as those in Iran,
North Korea, Yugoslavia, Cuba and Iraq, a policy of appeasement
Yes the problem.

Events in Yugoslavia and Slobodan Milosevic's conduct are good
examples why the United States should try to convince its
European allies that a new policy is needed in dealing with the
mullahs' threat in Iran before it is too late and too costly.

SIAMAC before it is too late and too costly.


New York

Copyright 1999 The Washington Post Company


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:28:28 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Ipis Director General, Majlis Deputy Comment On Ir

Ipis Director General, Majlis Deputy Comment On Iran-U.S. Ties

thr 033
ipis director general, majlis deputy comment on iran-u.s. ties
tehran, april 18, irna -- commenting on the recent remarks of u.s.
president bill clinton on normalization of ties between iran and
the u.s., the director general of ipis abbas araghchi said since u.s.
has accused iran of supporting terrorism, seeking to acquire nuclear
weapons and opposing the middle east peace process, such talks cannot
be held on equal terms.
in an interview with the english daily in an interview with the
english daily 'tehran times' published
sunday, abbas araghchi of the institute for political and
international studies (ipis) reiterated that the conditions put
forward by u.s. for holding talks indicate that washington intends to
put iran on trial rather than have constructive talks with it adding
that under such circumstance, holding negotiations is not possible.
the conditions for normalization of ties were announced by
martin indyk, the u.s. undersecretary of state.
although the conciliatory tone adopted toward iran by clinton can
be considered as an apology to the iranianonsidered as an apology to the
iranian nation and government, the
u.s. should however translate its words into action, he said, adding
''washington should try to destroy the wall of distrust by reviewing
its policies and the two sides should also exchange visits by the
cultural figures of the two countries.''
regarding the failure of the u.s. sanctions policy araghchi, said
''u.s. sanctions are doomed to fail because they are opposed by
both the european and american companies,'' noting ''washington's
hegemonic policies are the main obstacle in the way of establishing
relations between iran and u.s. as washinginton is pursuing expansionist
policies, trying to be considered as the only superpower in the
however, with regard to the emerging
international order and
considering the geopolitical and geostrategic issues, the u.s.
cannot ignore the role of iran in the region and the world, so it is
out to establish ties with iran, he noted.
on western countries including washing on western countries
including washington's support for the
terrorist mojahedeen khalq organization (mko) he said this grouplet
is used as a lever by the u.s. against iran.
therefore the country should take measures to do away with such
levers and not allow u.s. and other wester allow u.s. and other western
countreis to expolit
such tools against iran, he stressed.
in a telephone interview with the daily, majlis deputy hamid
reza tarraqi reacting to clinton's statement said that it is left to
be seen what clinton's aims are after he confessed to the faults of
his country's administration and the atrocities committed by them
against iran in the past.
since the issue of resumption of ties with the u.s. has been
raised several times by some internal figures and moderate papers, it
should be precisely studied to see if the u.s. is going to change
the public opinion in its favor so that ''they can hurt our system's
value,'' he concluded.
::irna 18/04/99 14:24


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:29:30 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Washington And A New Phase

Washington And A New Phase

thr 001
washington and a new phase: fereydoun vardinejad
tehran, april 18, irna -- `iran daily', the english morning newspaper
wrote in its editorial here sunday that "us president bill clinton's
recent remarks regarding normalizing ties with iran is in itself
indicative of the emergence of a new phase in washington's stance
towards this country, at least in words."
"his assertion that it has to be accepted that iran has been
treated unfairly by the western governments, reveals that washington
has chosen to come to terms with existing realities. it can also be
regarded as washington distancing itself from prejudices against
iran," the daily added.
"the prevalence of zionist racist view
points in washington's iran
policy is an open secret which has so far blocked any genuine
understanding of the status quo in iran. washington needs to shift its
stance towards tehran on the basis of the interests involved. perhaps
president clinton's remarks mark the beginning of this new chapter,"
it said.
the paper noted, "washington has generally been haughty towards
other countries. this attitude has led to deep gaps in us foreign
relations, including those with iran. in his remarks, the american
chief executive pointed out that facts of the past should not be
totally ignored in pursuit of a dialogue with tehran."
"he also said that apparently the us a
"he also said that apparently the us and generally western culture
does not accept other countries' complaints against its performance as
valid. however, if results are to be achieved in pursuing ties wit
iran, there is no other alteh
iran, there is no other alteh
iran, there is no other alteh
iran, there is no other alteh
iran, there is no other alteh
iran, there is no other alternative but to accept the dissatisfaction
and complaints raised against america.
"the time to exchange words is over and it is high time to ensue
practical steps for normalizing ties," deduced the daily.
it argued that "tehran-washington rapprochement is not only of
interest to both parties, but has also appealed greatly to the
regional countries and the rest of the international community.
undoubtedly, the strategic importance of iran, and the sensitive role
that it plays in global equations, are of major interest to other
"hence, the americans should seek a nece, the americans should seek
a new strategy to fulfill their
wish, that is reestablishing ties with iran, by revising the history
of tehran-washington ties. in order to remove the governing atmosphere
of mistrust, an end must be put to the assumption that the us seeks
he upper hand against iran. to prove its goodwill, washington has to
emphasize mutual interests in its international attitude," iran daily
::irna 18/04/99 00:30


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:32:04 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Clinton's Regret Shows Iran'S Power

Clinton's Regret Shows Iran'S Power

thr 063
interior ministry political deputy: clinton's regret shows iran's
tehran, april 17, irna -- the political and social deputy of the
ministry of interior seyyed mostafa tajzadeh said here saturday, "
the admission of the united states president bill clinton of the
sort of attitude that country has held in
sort of attitude that country has held in association with its
relation with the islamic republic of iran during the past two
decades shows the special position that the islamic iran enjoys in
the region and at the international level.
"his admission speech could be assessed as a new u.s initiative
in regard to the islamic republic of iran," tajzadeh highlighted.
clinton said at the white house wednesday, "i think it is
important to recognize...that iran, because of its enormous
geopolitical importance over time,has been the subject of quite a
lot of abuse from various western nations."
"and i think sometimes it's quite important to tellpeople, look,
ou have a right to be angry at sothing my country or my culture or
others there are generally allied with us today did to you 50, 60 or
100 or 150 years ago," went on to elucidate president clinton.
tajzadeh referring to the political position and social issue
said, "some people were trying to bring about a violent and tense
atmosphere and that whatever occurs, the finger is being pointed to
the government, which is `a matter of regr
`the year of imam khomeini' would bring the blessings of `the
extinction of the fury of violence and tension' and that all will work
towards the institutilazation of law in the nation, preseravation of
islamic values and the ideals of the islamic revolution," said the
deputy interior minister. ior minister.

the deputy interior minister asked the provincial governors to
attend to people's problem and treat the issue as the top agenda.
refering to rural and urban councils, tajzadeh said, "the
government has shown its volition and determination to pursue the
reforms and materialization of its promiseforms and materialization of
its promises and the enforcement of
its program it had made during the presidential election.
::irna 17/04/99 22:51


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:24:22 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Journalists Ask President Khatami For Protection

Journalists Ask President Khatami For Protection

thr 061
journalists ask president khatami for protection
tehran, april 17, irna -- over 320 journalists in a letter saturday
urged president hojatoleslam seyyed mohammad khatami to support the
profession of journalism by providing special legal services and
protection to journalists and investigations into press violations
in accordance with the constitution.
the letter, a copy of which was sent to irna, signed by a group of
independent journalists, asked the president who, as laid down by the
constitution, is the upholder of liberty, law, honor and human
dignity, that journalism be recognized as a distinct profession and
be afforded all legal services and support .

the letter pointed out that according to article 168 of the
constitution of the islamic republic of iran, press violations should
be looked into in an open court
be looked into in an open court session and in the presence of a jury.
this and only this court has the authority ot look into press
violations said the letter.
the journalists called for an immediate end to illogical and
illegal methods in dealing with the press. they asked the president to
define press violations clearly and without any ambiguities and
prevent any other forms of violations from the offenses such defined.
the signatories believed this will cause the press, as the fourth
pillar of the civil society, to remain safe from possible injuries
inflicted by institutions of power and other agencies every once in a
while and be able to safeguard its independence, freedom and
describing the ban on the daily 'zan' newspaper by the islamic
revolutionary court as going contrary to article 168 of the
constitution, the letter said, ''we recall that when some executive
institutions intended to approve a bill which would have categorized
journalism as a tough profession, many rose in protest claiming this
is not so thus removing the bill from the majlis agenda.
''today, as we speak to you, we can un ''today, as we speak to you,
we can unhesitatingly say that, to
any fair and unbiased observer, the difficulty of the profession of
journalism has been proved.''
the letter claimed that in the past year, eight newspapers and
weeklies which provided employment and a source of living for tens of
journalists were closed through different
means and on various empty
pretexts. two other publications are on the verge of being closed. all
these were in addition to other periodicals which could not be
published due to financial difficulties, the letter pointed out.
''rest assured that insofar as there is no other civil
institutions independent of political power, the support of the press
is in fact defense for a civil society - the very thing which you had
pledged,'' stated the signatories of the letter.
''mr. president, the closure of a newpaper does not only mean its
demise but it is also the end of the means of livilihood of
journalists and staff of that daily,'' said the letter.
''we should come to accept this fact th ''we should come to accept
this fact that journalism is a job and a
profession having all the requisites that other professions possess,
i.e it should have job security, peace of mind, tranquil environment
and repect, and certainly a future'' concluded the letter.
::irna 17/04/99 23:10


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:24:38 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Italy Condemns Acts Of Terrorism Under Any And All

Italy Condemns Acts Of Terrorism Under Any And All Circumstances

thr 058
italy condemns acts of terrorism under any and all circumstances
rome, april 17, irna -- the italian foreign ministry here saturday
condemned recent assassination of iran's armd recent assassination of
iran's army commander lieutenant
general ali sayyad shirazi.
in an interview with irna here an italian foreign ministry
official expressed aversion toward recent terrorist act in the iranian
society which claimed the life of the deputy chief of the joint staff
command of the armed forces of the islamic republic of iran.
the italian official said his country condemns acts of terrorism
anywhere and under any and all circumstances.
::irna 17/04/99 21:24


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:25:58 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: On Army Day

On Army Day

Army Units Stage Parades At Azadi Square

thr 016
army units stage parades at azadi square
tehran, april 18, irna -- units of the iranian armed forces staged a
parade at tehran azadi square as a part of the `army day'
the units from different branches of the armed forces marched
before the holy quran, picture of the late founder of the islamic
republic imam khomeini, president mohammad khatami and several army
air force parachutists landed at the square after performing
skillful acrobatic operations in the air.
the disabled of the eight year war with iraq (sacred defense)
also paraded before the president in theirhairs.
iran wheelchairs.
iranian warplanes and helicopters flew over the square in a
show of power.
::irna 18/04/99 11:53

President: Iranian Army, A Center For Knowledge, Construction

thr 023
president: iranian army, a center for knowledge, construction
tehran, april 18, irna -- president mohammad khatami here sunday
stressed that the iranian army, along with the islamic revolution's
guards corps (irgc) not only is capable of protecting territorial
integrity of the country, but is a center for knowledge,
construction and initiative in various air, marine and ground
the president who is also head of the supreme national security
council made the remark while addressing the army day ceremonies at
tehran's grand azadi square.
he said that ''self-confidence'' of the armed forces and the
mutual confidence of the forces and the naer, istion in each other, is
of the main charactersitics of the armed forces of the islamic
republic of iran.
stressing that the army is the backbone of the grandeur and
might of the nation and the system, presid
ent khatami highlighted
the braveries of the army in the course of the eight-year imposed war
khatami termed ''aerospace'' as one of the most sophisticated
fields of knowledge, adding that today the islamic republic's army is
equipped with one of the most modern universities in this respect.
he said today the army is approaching towards self-sufficiency
in advanced industries and that the iranian armed forced, under the
command of their commander-in-chief, are tcommand of their
commander-in-chief, are taking greater strides
towards a brighter future.
referring to the coincidence of the army day with the start of
the mourning month of moharram, khatami said moharram is a month in
which, as the late imam interpreted, blood triumphed over sword.
he termed moharram as a month of victory of justice over violence
and discrimination, adding that the islamic republic has its roots in
the movment of imam hussein (a.s.).
imam hussein (a.s.) , the third imam of the household of prophet
mohammad (peace be upon him) and his 72 faithful followers and family
members were martyred on ashura (10th day
of moharram) in 61 hejira.
the president underscored consolidated bonds between the army
and the nation as the key to the victory of the islamic revolution
and said in the course of the revolution, the army turned its back
to treacherous commanders and joined the nation.
paying tribute to the martyred army commander sayyad shirazi,
he said the wicked remnants of the same groups which could not stand
dignity of the people in the early days of the victory of the islamic
revolution, again proved their grudge against the people and the army
by assassinating sayyad shirazi.
he said all groups and people with difd all groups and people with
different preferences shed
tears for the martyred general and demonstrated their unity and
religious and ational solidarity.
however, he stressed, the defamed violence mongers who speak
with bullets and guns are taking their last breaths, adding that
they have no room among the nation. he said the murderers are
desparately making their last vicious attempt which would make
their graves deeper.
the president stressed that paying tri
bute to martyr sayyad
shirazi is paying tribute to the army which has proved its competence
and merit in practice.
after the president's remarks, units of the armed forces paraded
before the holy quran and the president.
before the holy quran and the president.
in today's ceremony at azadi square, the army put on dipay its
tanks and personnel carriers, designed and manufactured by iraian
specialists, as well as its artillery, air defense and missiles.
'zelzal-1' and 'naze'at 6 and 10' missiles and 500-pound bombs
carried on special vehicles passed before the parade site.
the artillery unit also diplayed varioery unit also diplayed various
artillery pieces and
katiosha, repaired and rehabilitated by the army's self-sufficiency
military attaches of a number of countries also attended the
ceremony which ended before noon today.
ns/ks s

::irna 18/04/99 13:35


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:26:24 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iran'S Khatami Slams Armed Opposition On Army Day

Iran'S Khatami Slams Armed Opposition On Army Day

04:07 a.m. Apr 18, 1999 Eastern
TEHRAN, April 18 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami
used the annual Army Day parade on Sunday to launch a scathing
attack on the country's armed opposition following last week's
assassination of a general by the Iraq-based organisation.

``Those who lobbied but failed to dissolve the army after the
(1979 Islamic) revolution, now have their filthy remnants
terrorisinir filthy remnants
terrorising the nation by assassinating General (Ali) Sayyad
Shirazi,'' Khatami said in a speech at Tehran's Freedom Square,
as army units marched past.

``The bankrupt proponents of violence who only understand the
language of force, made their last vicious try, but the
general's blood triumphed over their swordeneral's blood triumphed over
their sword,'' the president

Khatami was referring to the Iraq-based Mujahideen-e Khalq, who
have claimed responsibility for the murder last week of deputy
joint chief of staff Ali Sayyad Shirazi.

``They have dug their own grave. They are angry with the nation,
because the nation has driven them out and forced them to seek
refuge in the heart of the enemy,'' the president said.

Khatami's remarks were part of a high-level campaign against the
Mujahideen and foreign countries who either sponsor them
directly orr them
directly or allow them to carry out propaganda from their soil.

They follow warnings from the group that its bases in Iraq were
at risk of ``imminent'' air attack by Iranian forces.

As Khatami spoke, dozens of American, Russian and Chinese-made
jets and other planes, as well as helicopters, flew over the
square to demonstrate the country's combat capabilities.

None of the missiles Iran says it has developed recently were
put on show.

Iran said on Wednesday it had ``successfully'' test-fired
Sayyad-1 anti-aircraft missile, saying it met a major part of
its needs for medium- and long-range missiles.

Iran used a military parade last year to display its
medium-range Shahab-3 missile, which was test-fired in July
1998, causing concerns in the United States and Israel.

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:33:54 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Italian Minister To Visit Iran Next Week - Paper

Italian Minister To Visit Iran Next Week - Paper

thr 028

italian minister to visit iran next week - paper
tehran, april 18, irna -- italian minister of industries, pier luigi
bersani is scheduled to visit iran on april 23-25 heading a
high-ranking delegation, an informed source told iran news.
quoting the source, the english langau
quoting the source, the english langauge daily added that bersani
will meet with the country's senior officials including foreign
minister kamal kharrazi, officials of the ministry of industries and
his counterpart during his stay in iran.
expansion of economic and industrial cooperation between iran
and italy, production of spare parts, visiting iranian industrial
units in line with bilateral cooperation, with bilateral cooperation,
exporting spare parts to a
third country and cooperation between iran khodro and fiat plants
are the topics to be discussed by both sides.
regarding the italian industrial confederation's willingness for
cooperation with iranian industries, the italian delegation, while in
iran would explore the possibilities and grounds for cooperation
between italian industrial confederation and iran's private and
public sectors with iranian officials.
the italian delegation will also visit iranian industrial units
during their stay in iran. y in iran.

this is the first visit by the new italian minister of industries
to iran.
an italian delegation arrived in iran at the onset of the iranian
year beginning march 21, 1998 and rounded up with the visit to italy
by iranian president mohammad khatami at the end of the iranian year.


::irna 18/04/99 13:41


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:34:52 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Speaker: Government Successful In Formation Of Cou

Speaker: Government Successful In Formation Of Councils

thr 034

speaker: government successful in formation of councils
tehran, april 18, irna -- the speaker of the islamic consultative
assembly (majlis) ali akbar nateq n
ouri said here sunday that the
government and the president were successful in materialization of an
important article of the constitution.
addressing a gathering of governors general, he stressed that
format that
formation of the islamic councils throughout the country is a new
voicing readiness of the government and the majlis for granting
more authority to governors general, he said that majlis has
considered the issue in development projecconsidered the issue in
development projects as well as the current
year's budget bill.
since the governors general are appointed upon the proposal of
the interior minister and approval of the president, they enjoy gr
power and indeed play the role of a president at the level of a
province, nateq nouri added.
he called for expansion of cooperation among governors general and
majlis deputies and said that such cooperation will be to the benefit
of the nation.

he referred to holding joint meetings between governors general
and ministers as an appropriate way for solving problems facing the
the majli
the majlis speaker said that the governors general should work
without having a tendency towards any specific faction or group.
on nomination of the current year as the year of imam khomeini,
he underlined the need for revival and materialization of way of
thinking and aspiration of the late founder of the islamic republic.
prior to nateq nouri's speech, minister of interior abdolvahed
mousavi lari briefed the audience on activavi lari briefed the audience
on activities of his ministry as
well as problems facing the governors general.
::irna 18/04/99 14:43


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:35:32 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iran, Yemen Satisified With Growing Ties

Iran, Yemen Satisified With Growing Ties

thr 030
n satisified with growing ties
tehran, april 18, irna -- foreign minister kamal kharrazi and his
yemeni counterpart, abd al-qadir bajammal, here sunday termed as
fruitful their talks in tehran and expressed satisfaction over the
increasing ties between tehran and sanaa.
talking at a press conference bajammal
described tehran-sanaa
ties as good and growing and said the two countries exchanged
views on ways of contributing to collective cooperation in the
persian gulf.
he added that the regional countries s he added that the regional
countries should keep an eye on
the future in planning their strategies and try to develop a
collective understanding while setting up a framework within which to
soin which to
solve the existing problems of the region.
kharrazi said iran was moving towards creating an atmosphere of
trust in the region and was satisfied with the progrees made
i this regard.

pointing out that creation of security in the region called for
a positive atmosphere and confidence building, he further noted that
talks with foreign ministers of different countries served this
bajammal arrived in tehran yesterday leading a high ranking
delegation and is to meet with president mohammad khatami and
majlis speaker ali akbar nateq nouri today.
::irna 18/04/99 13:56


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:37:30 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Time For A New Economic Rescue Team To Be Appointe

Time For A New Economic Rescue Team To Be Appointed -Daily

thr 013
time for a new economic rescue team to be appointed: daily
tehran, april 18, irna -- the english daily 'iran news' sunday
criticizing the adoption of wrong economic policies by incompetent
economic administrators said that it is high time for new ideas and
perspectives to be adopted in order to manage the state economy or at
least form an independent team of academict form an independent team of
academic economic adt form an independent team of academic economic adt
form an independent team of academic economic adt form an independent
team of academic economic advisers.
the editorial was referring to the shortcomings and failures and
difference of opinions between academic economists and state

economic executives who are tainted by political factionalism, which
partly led to a stagnant economy.
''meanwhile all these years a wholly government-controlled economy
has continually chanted the slogans of privatization and economic
liberation which is another major problem liberation which is another
major problem besetting our economy,''
noted the paper.
being fully aware of the mistakes and shortcomings present in
the state economy, now that the third 5-year economic development
ird 5-year economic development
plan is to be drafted, a fresh team of economists should be appointed,
suggested the daily adding that these new economic advisers would
hopefully update the president with realistic figures and statistics
and not resort to empty slogans or promote their factional interests.
end d

::irna 18/04/99 11:18


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:36:08 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Oil Climbs Over $17 Us Barrier

Oil Climbs Over $17 Us Barrier

Edmonton Sun
Saturday, April 17, 1999

CALGARY -- Oil prices pushed past another psychological barrier
yesterday, closing above the $17 US per barrel mark for the
first time in more than a year.

Crude oil spot prices capped an incredible two-month climb to
close the week at $17.33 US on the New York Mercantile Exchange,
up 40 cents for the day.

Crude also soared on the futures market, with contracts from May
to August up more than 40 cents and all hovering well above $17.

It's the first time since February 1998 oil has sat above $17,
and a signal that even though the numbers still aren't in,
ts sraders are confident OPEC is serious about cutting worldwide

But the real proof will come in the next few months as
production and reserve reports start pouring in, said Judith
Dwarkin, managing director of the Canadian Energy Research

"No one has been able to confirm the production cuts yet," she

"When that information comes out, you'll see prices
really react
and become a little less volatile."

Oil has climbed 40% since February, when Organization of
Petroleum Exporting Countries and non-OPEC producers made it
known they would curtail production in a bid to boost flagging
world prices.

Oil goworld prices.

Oil got another boost this week when Iran pledged to trim its
output by 301,000 barrels a day as part of the agreement, which
took effect at the end of March.

Last week, the International Energy Agency announced demand
outstripped supply for the first time in more than two years.

But with 500 million barrels of rs.

But with 500 million barrels of crude still stockpiled in the
U.S., it could still take a while for the reserves to dry up,
Dwarkin said.

"There's hopefulness in the market, but people are still
watching it very car
efully," she said.

"The signs are there OPEC core countries are determined to make
the cuts work, but only time will tell."


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:36:38 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Seminar On Investment Opportunities In Petrochemic

Seminar On Investment Opportunities In Petrochemicals To Be Held

thr 043
seminar on investment opportunities in petrochemicals to be held
tehran, april 18, irna -- a seminar aimed at attracting foreign
investments in the petrochemical industry will begin work in tehran on
monday, said the seminar's director mansour moazami here sunday.
he told reporters, ''creating favorable conditions, describing
existing realities and capabilities in petrochemical industry for
investors as well as discussing joint investments with foreign
companies and investors in the petrochemical industry are some of the
goals of the seminar.''
he added that given the rapid capital he added that given the rapid
capital flight, investors are
looking for a safe place to invest their funds.
he also said, ''given the capacity and potential of iran's
petrochemical industry, we are seeking to attract domestic and
foreign investments.''
moazami added, ''with implementation of 10 projects in
petrochemical industry, in the first five-year development plan,
seven million tons of extra capacity were created in this industry,
10 more projects are also to be implemented in the second five year
development plan.''
''with launching of 10 new projects in the iranian year 1374
(started march 21, 1995) and their scheduled completion in 1381, six
million tons of additional production capacity will be created,
boosting the total capacity to over 20 million tons in the industry'',
said the seminar's director.
he also remarked that the total investment capital for 10 projects
stood approximately at dlrs 3.6 billion, adding, with the additional
six million tons of capacity, the value of petrochemical products will
amount to dlrs 4 billion from the current amount of dlrs 1.5 billion.
moazami further stated that out of 10 planned projects, khark's
thanol project with a capacity of 660,000 tons annually and paraxylene
project in imam khomeini port with a capacity of 180,000 tons
annually will come on stream this year.
he also cautioned that maintaining or increasing market share in
the international petrochemical market will be harder to achieve in
the future.
most countries which are expanding the
ter intoir petrochemical industry
enter into joint ventures schemes, he noted.
over 200 representatives of various companies including
newspersons, banking, oil and petrochemical officials from 30 u.s.,
european, asian countries will participate in the seminar.
also 100 domestic companies involved in petrochemical industry
and 90 iranian officials from various public and private organs will
attend the seminar.

the first two days of the seminar will be held in tehran and the
last day in mahshar.
::irna 18/04/99 16:59


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:39:42 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: PRESS DIGEST - Iran - April 18

PRESS DIGEST - Iran - April 18

03:34 a.m. Apr 18, 1999 Eastern
TEHRAN, April 18 (Reuters) - These are some of the leading
stories in Iranian newspapers on Sunday. Reuters has not
verified these stories and does not vou
Gch for their accuracy.


- The head of Iran's state-affiliated labour organisation said
an annual 10,000 workers are killed from accidents in the
workplace. He said some 40 percent of Iran's workforce are
employed in small workshops, often with inadequate safety.

- Iran's President Mohammad Khatami told provincial governors
that they must keep out of politics.


- Iran's export promotion centre said it would stage exhibitions
of Iranian goods in the island of Kish, a free trade zone, in a
bid to attract foreign customers. Iran intends to turn the
island into a tourist and commercial centre.


- Yemen's foreign minister is in Tehran for talks to expand
bilateral relations.


- Hundreds of journalists addressed a letter to President
Khatami calling on him to ensure their safety. They said press
freedom is under threat and that he iaid press
freedom is under threat and that he is the only person currently
able to defend it.


- The government said shopkeepers must display prices on retail
goods. Many shops, mostly small outlets, refuse to put price
tags on goods.

((Tehran newsroom +9821 229 4856))

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.


Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:39:16 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Sunday Newspaper Headlines in Tehran

Sunday Newspaper Headlines in Tehran

Sunday Morning'S Newspaper Headlines

thr 003
sunday morning's newspaper headlines
tehran, april 18, irna -- the following headlines appeared in
tehran's newspapers this morning:
tehran times:
-u.s. should translate its words into action
-government, governors belong to no faction, group: president
-vajpayee's government falls, uncertainty hangs over india
-rafsanjani's move to save daughter
-thousands flee kosovo, nato raids to go on
-investment fund buying takes oil to year-high
-eco ministers to meet in baku
iran news:

-realization of reforms, a national duty
-italy's industries minister to visit iran
-indian pm quits after government falls by a whisker
-nato attacks as refugees pour from ko
-u.s. warplanes hit air defense sites in northern iraq
-hadi khamenei to head martyrs foundation
-yemeni, iranian fms stress regional cooperation
kayhan international: kayhan international:

-bodies of 164 martyrs arrive
-mutual confidence must exist between people, government -
-turkish electoral peculiarity may favor virtue party
-india: shocking defeat for vajpayee, congress ready for power
-iranian official: bilateral talks only solution to iran-uae
-iran, yemen discuss mutual ties, cooperation
iran daily:
-governors general are beyond factionalism
-sonia gandhi may form new government
-expert suggests postponement of third plan
-bajammal, kharrazi hold talks
-clinton's latest statement on iran
-president addressing governors general: hands are at work to
disturb society
-export of certain handicrafts exempted from hard currency
-u.s. summons reserve forces to balkan war
-political experts comment on new u.s. stance
-journalists write letter to president
jomhuri eslami:
-president at governors general meeting: gov't, governors
general belong to no specific group, faction
-armed forces to demonstrate combat readiness
-expediency council approves outlines of cultural policies in
3rd development plan
-bodies of 164 martyrs of sacred defense delivered to iran
-fixing price tag on goods compulsory
-president promises to purge information ministry of roots
responsible for serial killings in country
-india's coalition government collapses
-army commander in message on army day: progress made by iranian
army, source of pride, dignity for country
-majlis puts administration of hamshahri daily by municipality's
arts-culture division in its today's agenda
-president addressing governors general: political development
possible only by relying on religion
-majlis to decide on change in administration of hamshahri daily
-sonia gandhi prepares for formation of new indian government
-lebanon trying to re-expel zionist regime from arnon
-nato-kosovo liberation army to launch joint operations soon
-president in meeting with governors general: certain people
intend to make clergy pessimistic about government's plans
-interior minister: political groups should not misuse imam's
name to eliminate rivals
-journalists write to president, call for professional security
-mourning ceremonies for month of 'moharram' start today
-president addresses governors general: political development
possible only by relying on religion
-following clinton's confessions, iran awaiting practical change
in attitude of u.s. statesmen
-mps comment on objectives behind lt. general sayyad shirazi's
assassination: elimination of efficient forces, creation of
insecurity main target of anarchists
-private banks to be set up at free trade zones
-indian government falls
-political experts opine on new washington strategy, say u.s.
aim to wage a mental war
-experts comment on university entrance exams; exams not the only
means to assess students' talents
-khatami to visit saudi arabia late next iranian month, saudi
daily says
-certain handicraft items exempted from hard currency guarantees
-kosovar refugees flood albania s flood albania

-fixing price tag on commodities compulsory
-student from kerman grabs gold medal of biology olympiad
-president sends message to public: mischiefs undermine to make
public pessimistic about government's programs
-journalists write letter to president, call for end to illegal
treatment of press
-american oil companies negotiating with iran
-indian government falls
-laicism, islamism and kurds compete in turkish parliamentary
elections today
-khatami to visit saudi arabia late next iranian month
-president addressing governors general: opposition cannot
be removed through suppression
-editors-in-chief of highly circulated newspapers disapprove
closure of 'zan' daily
-neshat reviews changes in labor law since victory of islamic
-iranian architecture facing serious crisis
-khatami addresses governors general, says he will use all within
his power to realize his promises
-mps comment on clinton's remarks; iranian people awaiting
change in u.s. performance
-journalists protest against 'zan' closure
-karbaschi's case still in ambiguity
sobh-e emrouz:

-president addresses governors general, says he will use all
within his authority to realize his programs
-u.s. defense minister: war in yugoslavia lengthy, expanded
-interior minister: political factions should not use imam
khomeini's name to eliminate rivals
-political experts: clinton's remarks,
a step forward but not
asr-e azadegan:
-president addresses governors general, says he will use all
within his power to realize promises
-miyandoab majlis deputy says investigators refrain from telling
truth to public over serial killings
-journalists protest against closure of 'zan' daily
-disputes escalate between orumiyeh friday prayer, governor
general; people support governor general
jahan-e eslam:
-president addressing governors general: some trying to make
clergy, officials pessimistic about government's plans
-editors-in-chief of highly circulated newspapers support 'zan'
-indian government falls
-saudi daily: khatami to visit saudi arabia late next iranian
-french government says it will not let hostile activities
against iran

kar va kargar:
-president: some trying to make clergy, officials pessimistic
about government out government

-indian government falls
-france says it will now let hostile activities against iran
-majlis to discuss change in administration of hamshahri daily
-russia willing to use iranian route for trade with southeast

Sunday Afternoon'S Newspapers Headlines
tehran, april 18, irna -- the following headlines appeared in tehran's
newspapers this afternoon:
-iranian armed forces put their might, power on display on army
-mps on u.s. fresh demagogue efforts, indecent moves by certain
segment of press
-3 more qom seminary instructors comme
-3 more qom seminary instructors comment on claims of kadivar's
-head of supreme leader's office interviewed on characteristics
of martyr sayyad shirazi
-friday prayers leaders of kerman, rafsanjan, bereaved families
of martyrs protest daily 'zan'
-education minister on decentralization, definition of late imam
khomenei's thoughts to pupils
-chirac proposes nato heads of state tes nato heads of state to
abandon kosovo crisis
-president: moharram, month of victory of justice over tyranny
-economy council's decisions on basic commodities
::irna 18/04/99 17:03


End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 17 Apr 1999 to 18 Apr 1999 - Special issue