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Topics in this special issue:

1. Under Attack, Iranian Journalists Call for More Ri
2. On Governers-General Meetings in Tehran
3. Asgarouladi: U.S. President'S Statement Will Chang
4. MPs Calls and Comments
5. U.S. Must Take First Step To Prove Its Good Will-
6. On Petrochemical Seminar Holds in Tehran
7. On Iran-S.Arabia Ties
8. On Oil Prices, OPEC Production, Quota's, etc.
9. More Periodicals Receive Publication Permits
10. Daily Underlines Need To Attract Foreign Capital
11. Iran Says Self-Sufficient In Meat, Stops Imports
12. Third Development Plan Focuses On Financial Discip
13. Monday Newspaper Headlines In Tehran


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:33:34 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Under Attack, Iranian Journalists Call for More Ri

Under Attack, Iranian Journalists Call for More Rights


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- More than 345 journalists in
Iran are calling on the country's moderate president to uph
their rights in the face of a media crackdown by his hard-line

The Hamshahri daily reported Sunday that 349 journalists sent a
letter to President Mohammad Khatami to protest the way
reporters and editors are being treated and the closure of
several newspapers.
"Over the past year, eight daily and weekly newspapers, each
employing tens of journalists, have been closed down with
different methods and various excuses," said the letter,
published by Hamshahri.

Three writers opposed to the government and two other dissidents
were killed in mysterious circumstances late last year. The
Intelligence Ministry said in January that it had detained some
of its own agents for involvement in the killings.

Earlier this month the moderate Zan newspaper was banned by the
hard-line judiciary after it published a message by Iran's
former empress, Farah Diba, and printed a cartoon deemed
insulting to Islam.

Last week, Mohsen Kadivar, a reformist clergyman and university
professor whose lectures and newspaper interviews had angered
the hard-liners, went on trial after two months in jail.

The journalists' letter called on Khatami to define the rights
of journalists under the law, and demanded that journalists who
are prosecuted should be tried by a jury in public courts.

Kadivar and Faezeh Hashemi, the managing director of Zan, are
fighting for their cases to be heard by public courts instead of
revolutionary courts, which are closed to the public and do not
have juries.

Khatami's moderate faction is locked in a power struggle with
conservative rivals who oppose his pro-democracy reforms that
include more media freedom.

Copyright 1999& The Associated Press.


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:34:24 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: On Governers-General Meetings in Tehran

Joint Meeting Of Cabinet Ministers, Governors General

thr 001
joint meeting of cabinet ministers, governors general
tehran, april 19, irna -- cabinet ministers and governors general of
provinces had their first joint meeting here sunday.
the cabinet heard a report on the last nationwide elections for
islamic councils and appreciated the efforts of governors general of
the provinces for the elections for those councils. they also adopted
a decision that those of the functions of administrative organs of the
government that can be relegated to the islamic councils be identified
as soon as possible.
the governors general of the provinces also briefed the cabinet
on the financial problems in the provinces and the roles they play
for surmounting those problems.
the cabinet also approved that three billion rials be offerred
to the governors general from the presidential credits to be expended
on special items and unexpected expenditures.
they also adopted a decision to conduct a study with a view to
finding out how additional development credits can be offered to newly
created provinces, and and how the central bank can revitalize the
operation of provincial banks.
::irna 19/04/99 00:36

Khamenei- Any Word Serving Revolution Goals Is Welcomed

thr 076
leader-governors general
leader: any word serving revolution goals is welcomed
tehran, april 19, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution
ayatollah seyed ali khamenei on monday called on governors-general to
get to know the social, political, economic and endemic situation of
the provinces.
in a meeting with the governors-general from across the country,
the leader said the governors-general are the representatives of the
islamic revolution and they should visit every point of the provinces
of their assignment to seek people's views in a bid to draw up their
programs and fairly distribute the resources of the province.
the leader recommended that the govern
ors-general should be in
more contact with friday prayers leaders and members of parliament and
local influential figures to gain access to the factors that they
should include in their programming.
the supreme leader called on the governors-general to mobilize
the provincial resources to serve the wel
fare of the people.
ayatollah khamenei said the revolutionary work is not
irregularity, but is working on the basis of three principles of
speed, discipline and goal. he also called on the governors-general to
observe discipline and work to solve the problems of the people and
honor the people's interests in decision-mnterests in decision-making.

the leader pointed to the poisonous propaganda of the foreign
media and said the foreign media are insinuating that the islamic
revolution has become old, whereas the islamic revolution is 20-year
old, young and lively with wide-scale popular support and their
claims are unfounded. the islamic revolution has one thousand years
old philosophical and religious background.
"as far as i know about the revolutions in the world, the
french revolution and the bolshevic revolution in russia had not
made progress to the extent that the the islamic revolution of iran
has made," the supreme leader said.
elsewhere in his speech, ayatollah khamenei said, "i as an
official of the revolution who has most relationship with people
announce that the officials of the islamic republic, the government
have not been fed up with the principles of the islamic revolution
and every thing is moving toward perfection and toward the goals of
the revolution; therefore, any new word serving the goals of the
islamic revolution is welcomed."
::irna 19/04/99 19:52

Six Governors-General To Be Replaced, Paper

thr 013
six governors-general to be replaced, paper
tehran, april 19, irna -- president khatami's administration is
going to replace six governors-general in two phases, a newspaper
reported monday.
according to a report by the english-lg to a report by the
english-language `tehran times'
which quoted an informed source, the governors-general of the three
provinces of khorassan, west azarbaijan and semnan will be replaced
in the first phase.

the governors-general of the above provinces are mohsen
mehrali-zadeh, ali mohammad gharibani and mahmood mirlohi
during the second phase, the governors-general of golestan,
sistan-baluchestan and fars provinces will be replaced, the paper
the governors-general of these three provinces are seyed ebrahim
derazgisoo, seyed mahmood hosseini and gholm reza sahraiyan
the source added that the governor-general of semnan province,
mahmood mirlohi, will be appointed as the governor-general of west
azarbaijan province, and derazgisoo will be appointed to fars province
to pave the way for sahraiyan to be assigned to golestan province.
the dissatisfaction of the interior ministry with the performance
of some of these governors-general has been mentioned as one reason
for their replacement.
the lack of coordination between some of the governors-general
and the interior ministry or the provincial political centers has
also been mentioned as another reason for such replacement, the
report said.
::irna 19/04/99 11:00


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:35:06 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Asgarouladi: U.S. President'S Statement Will Chang

Asgarouladi: U.S. President'S Statement Will Change Nothing

thr 050
asgarouladi: u.s. president's statement will change nothing
tehran, april 19, irna -- secretary-general of the association of
islamic coalition habibollah asgarouladi said on monday with the
continued hostility of the united states toward iran, the latest
statement of the u.s. president will change nothing concerning iran.
he said the u.s. statesmen are required to take action to
compensate what they have done in the past instead of their two-sided
statements which are of superficial nature.
the veteran activist said while the iranian assets are still
frozen by the u.s. administration and the united states imposed
economic sanctions on iran and is supporting the terrorist mojahedin
khalq organization (mko) and did not apologize the great iranian
nation for the u.s.-backed military coup in iran in 1953, such
statements will change nothing.
he regretted that some newspapers voiced jubilation over
clinton's statement concerning iran, because such a reaction is naive.
asgarouladi said the friday prayers leaders of tehran and qom have
showed wise reaction to the u.s. president and there is no indication
of a shift in the u.s. hostility toward iran and tehran condemned the
double-standard policy of the u.s. statesmen.
on the terrorist action committed by the mko, he said the
wide-scale participation of the public in funeral procession of
lieutenant-general sayyad shirazi indicated that the iranian people
honor their servants and there is no doubt that the magnificent
presence of the public is an encouraging gesture for the servants
who follow the line of the late imam khomeini and the velayat-e-fagih
(guardianship of jurisprudent).
"in spite of condemnation of the terrorist action by the americans
and the europeans, especially britain, the mko activists are freely
raising fund and have access to various tribunes in those states
which proves the double-standard policy of those countries," he said.
he said with assassination of lt. general sayyad shirazi, iran
should determine the course with iraq, the mko has made ready a
terrorist regiment in baghdad and every now and then commits a
terrorist action, it not acceptable to iran.
he appreciated the diplomatic efforts made by the government and
the foreign ministry in this respect.
::irna 19/04/99 16:18


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:34:54 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: MPs Calls and Comments

MPs Calls On Different Institutions To Cooperate With President

thr 057
mps calls on different institutions to cooperate with president
tehran, april 19, irna -- majma'-e hezbollah (association of
hezbolla deputies) of the majlis discussed here sunday current
political and cultural issues and the subjects on the agenda for the
current year which is named after the late imam khomeini.
upholding the recent remarks by president mohammad khatami the
deputies stressed the imporance of avoiding tension in the society
and called on all institutions and organizations to cooperate with
president khatami.
the deputies further called for observance of law and respect for
the press. they further urged the judicial officials to lift the
ban on the daily zan. they called the ban as illegal.
they further underlined the need for reactivation of the jury
of the press court and convention of the press court.
the deputies said issues related to the press should be
dealt with according to the article 168 of the constitution.
issues related to the current year which is designated as
the year of imam khomeini, institutionalizing the imam's thoughts
and refraining from factional abuse of his personality were among
other points raised by the deputies.
they stressed that the late imam khomeini belongs to all
muslims and political factions. the mps fu
muslims and political factions. the mps further called for setting up
of a multi-factional committee in the majils to deal with the
topics for this year.
::irna 19/04/99 17:54

MPs Comme

MPs Comment On 6Th Majlis

thr 024
mps comment on 6th majlis
tehran, april 19, irna -- only those candidates will succeed in the
6th majlis who work in the interest of the people, said mp mohammad
shahi arabloo.
in an interview with the english daily 'tehran times' published
monday, arabloo added that in his opinion, independent candidates
would win the seats in the 6th majlis.
''as the leader has pointed out, there should not be groupings
in the country because they are not doing what they should,'' he
noted adding that factionalism means that all groups, parties and
wings should support the country's officials who are in power.
however, he said, ''the political groups here prefer to
guarantee their own interests.''
another mp, mahmood hosseini vaez who represents ramian, azadshahr
and fendresk, said ''people have reached such a level of awareness
that they will vote for those candidates in the 6th majlis elections
who will serve the nation not a certain faction.''
he stressed that a representative of the people should be pious
and committed to the principles of the islamic revolution, the
ideals of late imam khomeini and the objectives of the leader
ayatollah khameini and should have regard atollah khameini and should
have regard for the blood of the
the 6th majlis elections will be held in march 2000.
::irna 19/04/99 12:58


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:35:46 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: U.S. Must Take First Step To Prove Its Good Will-

U.S. Must Take First Step To Prove Its Good Will- Daily

thr 018
u.s. must take first step to prove its good will: daily
tehran, april 19, irna -- the english daily 'kayhan international'
monday commenting on u.s. president bill clinton's recent statements
on iran asked whether such statements would actually bring about a
change in the relations between the two adversaries?
political observers believe that although there is a clear
change in tone, there seems to be little hope of a qualitative
change in the diplomatic relations betweeniplomatic relations between
tehran and washington
before ''practical steps'' are taken to reduce the elements of
tension in their bilateral ties, noted the article in the viewpoint
column of the paper.
however, ''observers who consider clinton's remarks as a new
effort by the u.s. administration to lure iran into dialog and
subsequently re-establishment of diplomatic relations, argue that
the conciliatory tone and recognition by washington of iran's
position is too little to bring about a rapprochement,'' it added.
citing several examples where washington continues its hostile
approach toward iran, the daily pointed out ''this is while iran's
international credibility has dramatically increased after the
election of mohammad khatami as president in 1997 and washington's
unilateral sanctions as well as its extraterritorial legislation
banning foreign investment in iran's energy sector have failed to
washington clearly suffers from lack of relations with the
strategically-placed iran, highlighted the paper adding ''as iran
takes a greater role in regional and international politics as a
major regional power and the current chairman of the organization
of islamic conference (oic), the u.s. feels a greater need for
resumption of relations with iran.''
therefore, now that pragmatism in tone has been noted on both
sides, the u.s. should stop as a start, its opposition to the
transfer of caspian oil and gas to western markets through iran and
lift its unilateral sanctions against iran for a better situation in
tehran-washington ties, stated the paper in conclusion.
::irna 19/04/99 11:57


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:37:06 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: On Petrochemical Seminar Holds in Tehran

Iran Calls For Foreign Investment In Petrochemicals

08:51 a.m. Apr 19, 1999 Eastern
By Michael Georgy

TEHRAN, April 19 (Reuters) Iran on Monday called on
international companies to inject funds into its petrochemicals
industry, saying new projects in the sector required billions of
dollars of investments and foreign technology.
``Our strategy for the development of the petrochemical sector
is to combine these competitive advantages with know-how,
technology, management and marketing skills of competent
international companies on the basis if joint venture
arrangements,'' Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said.

``There exists the legal and regulatory framework for the
attraction of foreign investment and protection of foreign
investment, minimum formalities in import and export regulations
in special economic zones and a number of tax incentives,''
Zanganeh told a petrochemicals conference.

Oil and gas giant Iran is the Middle East's second largest
petrochemical producer after Saudi Arabia and plans to triple
its annual output to 30 million tonnes in 25 years with a $24
billion development programme.

The country's petrochemical industry all but halted after the
1979 Islamic revolution and during the 1980-1988 war with Iraq,
when some of Iran's petrochemical complexes were bombed.

Since the late 1980s, Iran has steadily increased its
petrochemical output.

Iran has had limited success in securing foreign investment in
its petrochemicals sector despite efforts since the early 1990s
to woo funds from abroad. The Islamic republic's opening to
foreign investment has accelerated since relatively moderate
President Mohammad Khatami's election in 1997.

Iran is currently developing 10 new petrochemicals projects due
for completion by the year 2005 which will require a total
investment of $7.2 billion, 50 percent of which will be set
aside for offshore equipment and engineering services.

The value of annual petrochemical output, currently $1.5
billion, is projected to increase to $7.5 billion, of which
around $5 billion would be exported, Zanganeh said.

The call for foreign investment comes at a time when Iran is
attracting foreign oil firms with more than 40 oil and gas
exploration and development projects worth over $8 billion in
its largest energy opening to foreign firms in 20 years.

Zanganeh's sales pitch also included a commitment to guarantee
supplies of feedstock including condensates and natural gas for
the petrochemical projects.

The National Iranian Oil Company and Iran's National
Petrochemical Company (NPC) are prepared to enter into short and
long-term feedstock supply agreements for petrochemical plants
on the basis of competitive prices, Zanganeh said.

He added that the devlopment of gas fields would guarantee a
steady supply of feedstock to petrochemical plants.

Iran exported $433 million in petrochemicals in the Iranian year
which ended on March 20, down from $560 million in the previous
year. Officials attributed the fall to decreasing prices after
the Asian economic crisis.

Petrochemicals are part of the cash-strapped Iranian
government's drive to boost non-oil export revenues in a country
where oil accounts for about 80 percent of hard currency income.

NPC's export markets are in Europe (26 percent), India (18
percent), the Far East (16 percent), Asia 13 percent and the
Middle East (10 percent).

Zanganeh said that with a population of 60 million Iran would
provide a bigger domestic market for petrochemicals compared
with other countries in the region.

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.

Iran Seeks Foreign Investment For Petrochemicals Industry

TEHRAN, April 19 (AFP) - The Iranian government is seeking 10
billion dollars in foreign investment in the next few years in
order to develop its petrochemicals industry, an Iranian
official said.
"In all, we need 10 billion dollars in foreign investment," the
Iranian press on Monday quoted National Petrochemical Company
director-general Mansur Moazemi as saying.

The Iranian authorities opened Monday an international seminar
on investing in petrochemicals with 70 companies from 30
countries, most of them Western, in attendance.

For two days, experts will discuss investment potential in
Iran's petrochemical sector. The third day includes a trip to
the southwestern port city of Mahshahr, where the country's main
petrochemical complex is situated.

Speakers from Western companies will include an executive from
the US firm CONOCO, who will discuss the sector's importance to
the oil industry, and "the negative effects" of the US embargo
on foreign investment in Iranian oil, the press said.

The US D'Amato law threatens sanctions against foreign companies
which invest large sums in Iran's oil and gas sectors.

Iranian officials say the embargo should not affect the
petrochemicals sector.

US oil companies have at various times publicly criticized their
country's policy toward Iran, which puts them at a disadvantage
vis-a-vis their European competitors.

After CONOCO pulled out of Iran's Sirri oil field because of the
embargo, it was replaced in 1995 by Total of France.

The United States and Iran, which have not had diplomatic
relations since Tehran's 1979 Islamic revolution, have
cautiously put out feelers toward each other.

US President Bill Clinton said a week ago Monday that the United
States should recognize the right of Iranians to feel anger
toward it, and wondered whether the two sides could build a
common future.

Iran has said it had no objection to US investment, especially
in oil.

Tehran exports an average of 10 million tonnes of petrochemicals
per year, but the government wants to double that amount within
four years.

The value of Iranian petrochemical products should reach 7.5
billion dollars in 2005, of which five billion dollars worth
should be for export, Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zangheneh said.

Iran ranks second in petrochemicals production, behind Saudi

Iran To Raise Petrochemical Exports To $5B By 2005

thr 022
iran to raise petrochemical exports to $5b by 2005
tehran, april 19, irna -- oil minister bijan namdar zanganeh said
here monday that plans are underway to boost value of iranian
petrochemical products to dlrs 7.5 billion by the year 2005 of which
over dlrs 5 billion will be exports.
addressing the seminar on 'investment opportunities in the
iranian petrochemical industry', opened here monday, zanganeh said
that providing the preliminaries for the implementation of giant
projects stipulated in these investments, is of prime importance.
to this end, he added, development of the existing oil and gas
fields is of high priority, adding that exploitation of south pars
field with a capacity of 10 trillion cubic meters of natural gas is
among these projects.
the oil minister said that in an effort to provide a suitable
atmosphere for the implementation of development projects in
petrochemical industries, relevant laws for the attraction and
support of foreign investments have been compiled and are being
pointing to the relative advantages such as existence of immense
hydrocarbon resources in iran and proximity of the country to large
oil and gas resources in the persian gulf and central asia, he said
development of special economic zones in the southern parts of the
country are among priorities of the plan for the development of iran's
petrochemical industry.
another speaker of the session, deputy oil minister and managing
director of national iranian petrochemical company mohammad reza
nematzadeh said despite a 9 percent increamatzadeh said despite a 9
percent increase in volume of
petrochemical exports, the hard currency revenue in this sector
dropped to dlrs 460 million in 1998 from dlrs 560m in 1997 due to
the recession in world market. the revenue in 1989 was dlrs 29m.
he said 18 percent of petrochemical products are exported to
india, 10 percent to the middle east, about 16 percent to the far
east, 6 percent to europe, 15 percent to china and 13 percent to
the southeast asian countries.
::irna 19/04/99 13:54

Conoco Rep.- Iran Enjoys All Conditions For Foreign Investments

thr 067
conoco rep.: iran enjoys all conditions for foreign investments
tehran, april 19, irna -- deputy chief of u.s. based oil company
conoco michael stinson on monday expressed his company's desire to
invest in iran and added, ''iran has all the necessary conditions for
investment.'' speaking at a seminar on investment opportunities in
petrochemical industry kicked off in tehran monday morning, he added,
''we are eager to invest in countries with political stability and
iran is the most stable country in the region, which we hope will last
for many years.''
he also stated, ''iran has a strategic location, a large
population and market which can still expand.'' stinson also
remarked, ''we need human capital and educated and committed people
which exist in iran.'' referring to the necessity of transparent
laws and regulations on investments, conoco official said,
''investment in foreign countries requires us to lnow about local
laws, so that we can base our activities on them.''
he also said that time has come for the u.s. to appreciate iran's
importance in the world arena, and added, ''we believe that u.s.
policy toward iran should be a policy of dialog and engagement and
not isolation.''
::irna 19/04/99 18:35

Shell Official: Iran, A Good Market For Petrochemical Production

thr 074
shell official: iran, a good market for petrochemical production
tehran, april 19, irna -- iran's economic and industrial development
will lead to expansion of its domestic market, said the
anglo-dutch shell company's executive manager for asia-pacific and
middle eastern department george lefroy here monday.
speaking at the seminar on investment opportunities in iran's
petrochemical sector he added, ''individuals and companies which
invest in iran, are hoping to create a strest in iran, are hoping to
create a strong downstream
petrochemicals market.''
he added that in iran there are no transportation and raw
material costs associated with production of petrochemicals.
referring to globolization of world economy, lefroy stated that
globolization of the economy of one region influences the other
regions too.
::irna 19/04/99 19:26


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:35:30 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: On Iran-S.Arabia Ties

Iran Daily Editorial: From Adversaries To Partnership

thr 002
iran daily editorial: from adversaries to partnership
tehran, april 19, irna -- the english-language 'iran daily' in its
editorial monday has referred with much optimism to the upcoming visit
to riyadh by iran's president hojatoleslam mohammad khatami which, it
says, will have potential impacts on regional and international
the daily's editorial says in part on the topic:
"iran-saudi relations are progressing steadily in a number of
areas. for iran's part, mr khatami has mamde known to saudi leaders,
and for that matter all other arab capitals, that his govvernment
will continue to pursue its foreign policy, based on the principle of
strengthening relations. and this is exactly what he has done in the
less than two years of his presidency. the present quality of iran's
international relations is ample indication of the khatami
administration's determination to participate in, and contribute to,
the important task of confidence-building o,
the important task of confidence-building among nations and not
allowing differences to translate into crises.
"saudi arabia, too, and for obvious reasons, has not remained
idle. since the mid-1990's, the most influential country in the
islamic-arab world has come full circle. with clarity of purpose and
shunning unwanted interference in its foreign affairs, the kingdom
under the influence of the wise statesmanship of crown prince
abdullah, has made belated efforts to rewrite its iran policy. the
results of the two governments' endeavors have been promising--giving
birth to reciprocal respect, trust and understanding--three
characteristics cherished and nurtured by both tehran and riyadh...
care and caution must be taken to keep obstructionists and
intimidators away from the new and auspicious climate. iran-saudi
relations are far too important and valuable to be sacarificed at the
altar of ignorance."
::irna 19/04/99 01:22

Tehran, Riyadh Move To Enhance Relations

thr 051
iran-saudi arabia
tehran, riyadh move to enhance relations
tehran, april 19, irna -- the upcoming visit to saudi arabia of
president mohammad khatami of iran, slated for next month, is a big
step forward to opening a new chapter in tehran-riyadh ties.
the president's visit is scheduled to follow the last week visit
to tehran of saudi arabian foreign minister saud al-faisal proving a
positive cooperation, mutual efforts to develop relations between the
two countries.
the successful cooperation of iran and saudi arabia, the two
major oil producers has been considered as an example of regional
cooperation and a platform for promotion of relations in other fields.
the impact of an enhanced tehran-riyadh ties cannot be limited to
only bilateral aspects or financial benefits from oil decision-makings
but it is also of importance within the framework of regional and
international activities as well as the organization of the islamic
conference (oic).
taking into consideration the role the two countries play among
islamic countries especially now that iran is the chairman of the
oic, cooperation of the two countries will bring more benefits for the
world muslims especially when encountering crises such as that of
the kosovo crisis was raised during the recent talks of the
saudi foreign minister with iranian officials in tehran.
expressing concern over the fate of the displaced kosovar
muslims and the air strikes of the forces of the north atlantic
treaty organization (nato), the two countries stressed the necessity
of assistance of islamic countries to the displaced persons.
in the talks, saud al-faisal laid emphasis on implementation of
the oic plan on formation of a defensive deterent force.
::irna 19/04/99 16:49


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:38:40 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: On Oil Prices, OPEC Production, Quota's, etc.

INTERVIEW-OPEC Oil Capacity Management Key-Iran
06:45 a.m. Apr 19, 1999 Eastern
By Michael Georgy

TEHRAN, April 19 (Reuters) - Iran's OPEC governor said on Monday
that the group should work toward regulating oil production
capacity expansion to prevent new price collapses and ensure
long-term market stability.

``OPEC producers need to focus on the management of oil
production capacity. Otherwise some producers can ruin the
revenues of others by being able to put too much oil in the
market,'' Hossein Kazempour Ardebili told Reuters.

``This is something that needs to be discussed for the long-term
interests of the market,'' he said in an interview.

Kazempour said now was an opportune time to deal with the issue
because the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
(OPEC) an Countries
(OPEC) and other producers reached a deal in March to remove
just over two million barrels per day (bpd) from glutted world
``There is receptiveness and goodwill after the meeting. There
was a collective effort which produced good results. Major
producers in OPEC like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, Kuwait and
Iraq can make a difference on this issue,'' he said.

The supply curb agreement, the third attempt by major supply curb
agreement, the third attempt by major supply curb agreement, the third
attempt by major producers
to lift prices, came after OPEC giants Saudi Arabia and Iran
resolved a dispute over Tehran's production levels under
previous price restraint deals.

Kazempour was optimistic that the output cut pact would help
improve oil prices, which hit 12-year lows in the months before
the March agreement.

He referred to OPEC's 1997 decision at a Jakarta meeting to
raise its production ceiling by 2.5 million bpd as an example of
how failure to manage output capacity can hurt some producers
while others increase their market share.

Iran in early 1998 was not able to fully capitalise on the
Jakarta agreement because the country failed to raise production
to its new OPEC output of 3.94 million bpd, analysts said.

``This is the lesson that OPEC has to learn from its past. Oil
producers need to open up a dialogue on how they can manage
production capacity so that we can work together. We are all in
the same boat,'' he said.

Iran, owner of the world's second largest gas and fifth largest
oil reserves, is trying to lure foreign cash and expertise to
rejuvenate its ageing oil fields.

Foreign companies are in a fierce race for some 40 oil and gas
exploration and development ventures worth over $8 billion Iran
offered in 1998 under its biggest opening since the 1979 Islamic

International companies recently signed big deals to develop
Iran's oil and gas fields.

Kazempour also identified the commercial relationship between
oil producing states and consumer nations and taxes on oil
imports as issues that Iran was focusing on.

``If a country sells oil, let's say for $20 a barrel, and other
governments eventually sell it for $80 as an end product, that
issue needs to be addressed,'' he said.

``There needs to be another system. Why should one country sell
its own natural resources and another make a much higher profit
on the end product. Producing and consuming countries need to
come closer together on this issue,'' he said.

Kazempour said consumer governments should consider taxing oil
through its various sales stages such as refining and
distribution. ``This would allow them to make up the
difference,'' he added.

Iran's OPEC governor also called on all tariffs and duties on
oil imports to be eliminated and said ``discriminatory taxes on
oil'' should be halted ``regardless of the justification.''

``This should be stopped even if it is under the pretext of
(protecting) the environment,'' he said. ``It should be
discussed within the World Trade Organisation,'' he said.

``Oil is taxed and coal is subsidised, whereas coal causes more
pollution than oil. This issue has to be dealt with in a
dialogue between producing and consuming nations,'' he said.

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Oil Analyst Ups Price Forecast

thr 068
oil prices-cges
oil analyst ups price forecast
london, apr. 19, irna - the organisation of petroleum exporting
countries should guard against letting rates rise too high, the
centre for global energy studies said monday after upping its
price forecasts.
its latest monthly report predicted that the price of benchmark
brent crude could rise to 21 dollars per barrel (dpd) by the end
of the year if opec complies fully with the latest production cuts,
nearly 2 dpb more than its march forecast.
the london-based centre also believed that rates would rise
faster than it previously predicted if there was a more likely 77
per cent compliance, suggesting prices would average 16 dpd in the
third quarter against 14.8 dpb.
the increased forecast follows oil prices rising by 2 dpb since
opec endorsed the production cuts and by 4 dpb since early march
when they were first announced.
cges, chaired by former saudi oil minister zaki yamani, said
that the price outcome was "far better than anyone expected" and
that opec's euphoria seemed "fully justified."
on balance, it reported oil demand being higher than expected,
especially in oecd, suggesting that this should help to reduce
global stock levels substantially this year.
the report also believed that opecs tightening of the screw was
helped by cold weather snaps in europe and the u.s., while nato
bombing of serbia was also boosting jet fuel consumption by
200,000 bpd.
::irna 19/04/99 18:48

NOIC Must Review Doroud Development Deal- Daily

thr 016
nioc must review doroud development deal: daily
tehran, april 19, irna -- the english daily 'iran news' monday
commenting on reports on the doroud development deal hoped that nioc
would review the deal once again from technical points of view and
take necessary steps to amend it.
the editorial was referring to the contract signed by elf
aquitaine of france and agip of italy with iran to develop the
doroud oil field which has attracted some opposition in iran because
of the magnitude of improvement in oil recovery attained by gas
injection compared to water injection.
according to the recent laboratory research made by the nioc,
injection of miscible gas could boost ultimate oil recovery from
doroud field to about 60 percent of original oil-in-place (ooip),
noted the paper adding that nioc's findings also confirmed a
theoretical study made about 10 years ago by the french total showing
that gas injection would result in ultimate oil recovery of over 60
percent of ooip.
however, it seems that in spite of all the extensive past
laboratory and theoretical research, both the eu companies have
committed themselves to inject water into the field estimating that
the ultimate oil recovery achieved by water injection is 33 percent
of ooip.
''considering the magnitude of doroud's reserves, this will mean
the loss of millions of barrels of oil for the country over a short
period of time. in addition, water injection, in some situations,
may leade to the permanent damage to the oil fields,'' stressed the
citing the former soviet union as an example where reservoirs have
been irreparably damaged on account of pumping water into their oil
fields, the article stressed that in view of the huge reserves of
gas in iran, gas injection into doroud field will not only ensure
the health of the reservoir but also results in excess recovery over
water injection.
::irna 19/04/99 11:34

OPEC Basket Price Up By 34 Cents

thr 073
opec basket price up by 34 cents
vienna, april 19, irna -- the price of the opec basket of seven
crudes increased by 34 cents and stood at 15.27 dollars a barrel
friday. this was up from 14.83 dollars thursday, according to
opec secretariat calculations released here on monday.
the opec basket comprises algeria's saharan blend, indonesia's
minas, nigeria's bonny light, saudi arabia's arabian light, dubai
of the united arab emirates, venezuela's tia juana and mexico's
istmus crude.
energy futures prices rose in trading on the new york mercantile
exchange (nymex) friday, according to reports released in vienna
west texas intermediate (wti), the american benchmark crude, was
up by 46 cents to finish at 17.33 dollars per barrel for june
::irna 19/04/99 19:23

OPEC Weekly Basket Price Up By 43 Cents

thr 082
opec-oil prices
opec weekly basket price up by 43 cents
vienna, april 19, irna -- the price of the opec's basket of seven
crudes increased by 43 cents by friday and stood at 14.56 dollars a
barrel last week, compered with 14.23 dollars in the first week of
according to opec secretariat calculations released here on
monday the price of the basket this year till last friday has averaged
11.57 dollars a barrel.
in march the basket price averaged 12.36 dollars a barrel, as
opposed to 10.02 dollars in february and 10.74 dollars in january.
for the first quarter of 1999, the basket price averaged 14.23
dollars a barrel, as against 10.99 dollars in the fourth quarter of
for 1998 as a whole, the price of the basket averaged 12.28
dollars a barrel, compared with 18.68 dollars the previous year.
the opec basket comprises algeria's saharan blend, indonesia's
minas, nigeria's bonny light, saudi arabia's arabian light, dubai of
the united arab emirates, venezuela's tia juana and mexico's istmus
::irna 19/04/99 21:33


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:39:32 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: More Periodicals Receive Publication Permits

More Periodicals Receive Publication Permits

thr 061
more periodicals receive publication permits
tehran, april 19, irna -- fifteen new periodicals, most of them
dealing with specialized issues, have received publication licenses,
it was announced here monday.
director general of the local press of the culture and islamic
guidance ministry, isa saharkhiz, told irna that the press supervisory
board in its monday's session approved publication of five
quarterlies, five monthlies and three weeklies.
eight of the new publications will be published by the islamic
propagation organization (ipo). the art department of the ipo is to
publish five specialized quarterlies in different fields of art. the
ipo is also to publish three weeklies on social issues.
according to saharkhiz two monthlies will be run by the leader's
representative in the islamic revolution's guards corp (irgc),
dealing with political, social and cultural subjects.
the quarterlies "faraz" will be published by national iranian
steel company and me'mar by seyed reza hashemi.
yademan, farhang-va-taavon (culture and cooperation) and amin-e
zanjan are other periodicals which received permits for publication.
::irna 19/04/99 18:15


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:39:04 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Daily Underlines Need To Attract Foreign Capital

Daily Underlines Need To Attract Foreign Capital

thr 021
daily underlines need to attract foreign capital
tehran, april 19, irna -- a morning daily monday said that the need
to attract foreign capital, as a sound strategy for ending the
current economic stalemate, deserves serious consideration.
the english-language 'iran daily' wrote in its "economic outlook"
that foreign investment is a spirited, two-way phenomenon that
requires a special approach.
lack of capital alone cannot justify the need for attracting
foreign capital, it said adding that its dynamics should be grasped
in order to effectively mobilize foreign investment.
in other words, the article wrote, its long-term economic
advantages in terms of capital, management, technology and financial
resources should be recognized before the issue of foreign investment
can be assessed.
on the basis of previous foreign investments carried out in the
country, the type of investment needed vis-a-vis domestic requirements
can be clarified, it said.
''for example'', it said, ''it can be determined if we need
technology-based or capital-intensive foreign investment.''
at this stage, it added, the appropriate party for carrying out
joint investment ventures is identified for negotiations.
apart from an accurate knowledge of specific needs and
assessment of costs, the means for attracting new capital should
also be specified.
''in recent years, it has been witnessed that unreasonably high
figures are quoted as the projected volume of foreign investment'',
it wrote adding, however, making exaggerated projections is not
reasonable in view of the previous track record of foreign investment
in the country whereby potential investors are put off by the
project's non-feasibility.
in fact, the status quo suggests that national development, more
than any other time in history, depends on attraction and optimization
of foreign investments, the article noted.
''foreign investment, as a fundamental economic phenomenon, has
had a significant impact on the growth of countries that succeeded
in attracting investments,'' it added.
despite the current opposition to foreign investment in the
country, a glance over economic developments in countries that
successfully attracted foreign capital such as malaysia, china,
mexico, chile, poland, thailand and south korea reveals that foreign
capital, if attracted in a systematic manner, can be very beneficial,
it said concluding that it can create employment and bring in
advanced know-how.
::irna 19/04/99 12:32


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:39:18 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iran Says Self-Sufficient In Meat, Stops Imports

Iran Says Self-Sufficient In Meat, Stops Imports

10:01 a.m. Apr 19, 1999 Eastern
TEHRAN, April 19 (Reuters) - Iran, a major food importer, is to
become self sufficient in red meat by boosting production to
720,000 tonnes in the year to March, a senior official was on
Monday quoted as saying.

``The production this year of 720,000 tonnes of red meat will
remove the country's need for meat imports,'' said Azizollah
Kamalzadeh, in charge of animal husbandry at the Construction
Jihad Ministry, quoted by the official news agency IRNA.

He was referring to the Iranian year which runs to March 20.

``According to plans, red meat imports into Iran will be stopped
this year,'' said Kamalzadeh, whose ministry is in charge of
rural development.

Officials had said earlier Iran planned to import 27,000 tonnes
of red meat in the current Iranian year.

Kamalzadeh did not give comparative figures for meat production
or imports.

Iran said in December 1997 its imports of red meat would drop to
54,000 tonnes in the year ending in March 1998, down from 94,000
tonnes in the previous year.

Kamalzadeh said the country would aim to meet domestic demand
for chicken by producing 740,000 tonnes in the current Iranian
year in up to 18,000 poultry farms.

Per capita daily consumption has risen to 23 grammes of red meat
and chicken, from about 16 grammes 10 year ago, he said.

Since the 1979 Islamic revolution, Iran has sought to become
self-sufficient by boosting food production. But the country of
60 million has remained dependent on imports of items including
wheat, maize, barley, tea, and meat.

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Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:39:44 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Third Development Plan Focuses On Financial Discip

Third Development Plan Focuses On Financial Discipline

thr 058
third development plan focuses on financial discipline
tehran, april 19, irna -- the third five-year development plan
focuses on financial and fiscal discipline, balanced budget and
prevention of budget deficits, said the central bank governor mohsen
nourbakhsh here monday.
speaking at the seminar on investment opportunities in the
petrochemical sector, he added, ''boosting export of petrochemical
goods and implementing measures to help balance of payments, are some
of the main policies of the third development plan.''
he also expressed the hope that petrochemical industry can tap
the capital market by issuing bonds or shares.
nourbakhsh also said that iran's total foreign obligations are
about dlrs 11.8 billion, 40 to 45 percent of which is short-term and
the rest long-term loans.
::irna 19/04/99 17:56


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:40:56 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Monday Newspaper Headlines In Tehran

Monday Newspaper Headlines In Tehran

monday morning's newspaper headlines

thr 004
monday morning's newspaper headlines
tehran, april 19, irna -- the following headlines appeared in
tehran's newspapers this morning:
iran news:
-iran trying to boost petrochemical products to 20 million tons
per annum (tpa) by 2002
-army, backbone of nation and system's might, president
-leader gives promotion tablet of martyr sayyad shirazi to his son
-president calls for persian gulf wide cooperation
-turkish voters cast ballots amid tight security
-yugoslavia breaks ties with albania
kayhan international:
-army, backbone of nation's might, grandeur - khatami
-malaysian deputy prime minister: islam is a religion of peace
-egypt sentences nine islamic militants to death
-yemen seeks iran's cooperation to restore peace, stability - fm
-tehran-ashkhabad ties friendly - khatami
-three killed in electoral shootout in turkey
-turkey says: 141 killed in anti-pkk action in north iraq
iran daily:
-sarmadi blames belgrade for plight of kosovars
-leader promotes martyred general
-iran petrochemical forum opens today
-plo seeks u.s. assurances on mideast peace
-khatami receives yemeni fm
-nato reports mass burial sites
-hindu party opposes sonia gandhi
tehran times:
-zimbabwe's mugabe slams 'bloody adventures' of u.s., britain
-six governors-general to be replaced
-natural gas can play vital role in iran's economic development
-army units stage mass parades to mark army day
-two members of tehran council elaborate on future plans
-chirac proposes balkan summit on kosovo
-wave of support for khatami's statements
-leader awards general sayyad shirazi's plaque of honor to his
-balkan, arena of defeat of political players
-varsity instructors of political sciences comment on new u.s.
stance vis-a-vis iran
-secretary of the headquarters in charge of enjoining to good
and prohibiting from evil calls for nice treatment of people in place
of harsh treatment
jomhuri eslami:
-president: army is backbone of glory, might of nation, islamic
-leader awards plaque of honor of lieutenant general sayyad shirazi
to his son
-plan to expand doroud oil field to become operational this year
-joint session of cabinet ministers, governors general held
-majlis deputies warn against new deceptions of u.s.
-egyptian military court sentences nine muslims to death
-change in executive management of country, mps support reshuffle
in cabinet
-president at army day ceremony: munafiqeen (mko), taking their
last breath
-mps: munafiqeen trying to deviate the revolution from its main
path by eliminating committed elements
-number of ministries to reduce
-iranian, yemeni foreign ministers call for serious contribution
of islamic countries to end kosovo crisis
-president: army is the backbone of honor, might of nation,
islamic republic
-majlis speaker stresses necessity of serious support for
city/village councils
-plo announces conditions for postponing formation of
independent palestinian government
-nato reviewing land strike on yugoslavia by using 280,000
-foreign minister: iran moving towards confidence building,
contribution in regional affairs
-president praises role of army during sacred defense,
construction eras
-rear admiral shamkhani promoted to the rank of vice admiral
-majlis speaker calls for promotion of cooperation between
governors, mps
-international petrochemical confab to kick off in tehran today
-display of military might and power of army to defend eternal
ideals of revolution in glorious army day ceremony
-education minister: new educational system to be presented to
-italian industries minister to visit iran
-commander in chief of the armed forces awarded plaque of honor
of martyred general sayyad shirazi to his son
jahan-e eslam:
-president: defamed violence-mongers who speak with bullets
are taking their last breath
-average salary of teachers increased
-mp from mashhad, faker: munafiqeen, press moving along same path
-office to foster unity: president's statements, last ultimatum
given to plotters by nation
-thousands of people in macedonia protest against nato attacks
-president: army, backbone of glory, might of nation, islamic
-leader awards plaque of honor of martyr sayyad shirazi to his
-oil experts predict: oil prices to reach dlrs 18 per barrel
next week
-nato land attack on yugoslavia, certain
-khatami: violence-mongers taking their last breath
-neshat's analysis on new position taking of president
-sustainable peace in balkan will be possible through
establishment of democracy in yugoslavia
-nation getting ready for mourning month of muharram
-central supervisory board confirms authenticity of elections in
nine provinces
-president: violence-mongers have no place among people
-1378, year of national-islamic partnership
-280,000 nato soldiers to be dispatched to kosovo
-computer games, insinuation of violence or giving inspirations
-president in army day ceremony: army, backbone of might of
nation, islamic republic
-office to foster unity: recent remarks of president, ultimatum
to plotters
-mp fakker: history of revolution is being distorted by the
-cabinet ministers, governors general hold joint session
-president in meeting with yemeni foreign minister: iran moving
toward security, tranquility of region
kar va karegar:
-president: defamed violence-mongers taking their last breath
-balkan crisis makes american weapon factories active
-doroud oil field expansion project to become operational this
-italian industries minister to visit iran
-oil prices to reach dlrs 18 per barrel
-reflection of president's remarks at political-press circles
-leader awards plaque of honor of martyr lieutenant general
sayyad shirazi to his son
-nato plan on occupation of kosovo with 80,000-man strong force
-teachers' salaries to rise
-taliban, masood forces clash in salang
-khatami: defamed violence-mongers are taking their last
-leader praises martyred lieutenant general sayyad shirazi
-price of land, houses become stable in tehran
-iran's armed forces displayed their defensive might
sobh-e emrouz:
-qom instructors' assembly calls for vigilance against
-president: army, backbone of might, glory of nation, islamic
-commander in chief of the armed forces: unity of armed forces
is cause of pride
-violence is to no one's interest

monday afternoon's newspaper headlines

tehran, april 19, irna -- the following headlines appeared in tehran's
newspapers this afternoon:
- khatami: aliens seed discord to maintain their interests,
continue their presence in region
- supreme leader of revolution hands over martyr lieutenant
general sayyad shirazi's promotion certificate to his son
- kayhan interviews with experts on amendment to country's
economic infrastructure
- confab on investment opportunities in petrochemical industry
opens, attended by representaties from 160 foreign companies
- yugoslavia severs ties with albania simultaneous with
transfer of us military equipment to tirana
- supreme leader of revolution hands over martyr lieutenant
general sayyad shirazi's promotion certificate to his son
::irna 19/04/99 18:31


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