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There are 16 messages totalling 1285 lines in this issue.

Topics in this special issue:

1. PRESS DIGEST - Iran - April 19
2. MKO Charity Continues To Defy British Authorities
3. Kharrazi Leaves For Moscow
4. Two French Parliamentarians For Accelerated Franco
5. Last Solar Eclipse In Century Visible In Iran
7. Social Order And The Future
8. Supreme Court Turns Down Appeal For Re-Examination
9. Japanese Firms 'Losing Patience" With U.S. Sanctio
10. On Iran-U.S. Ties
11. Basiji University Students Hold Rally
12. Mohajerani: Freedom, A Delicate Issue To Be Dealt
13. Daily On Tehran-Riyadh Ties
14. Kharrazi In Moscow To Discuss Kosovo Crisis
15. Italy Resumes Export Cover For Iran
16. On "Iran Petrochemical Forum" Holds in Tehran


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:41:06 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: PRESS DIGEST - Iran - April 19

PRESS DIGEST - Iran - April 19

03:22 a.m. Apr 19, 1999 Eastern
TEHRAN, April 19 (Reuters) - These are some of the leading
stories in Iranian newspapers on Monday. Reuters has not
verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.


- A religious official said there must be no use of physical
force to ensure people respect social and religious norms in
public. Shi'ite Moslem Iran is going into a month-long period of
religious mourning when people are expected to behave with
modesty in public.


- The foreign ministers of Iran and Yemen said on Sunday they
were satisfied with two rounds of talks in Tehran, and agreed
they would form a joint political commission to pursue regular


- Italy's industry minister is due to head a delegation to
Tehran on Friday.

- The Mobarakeh steel mill in Isfahan in central Iran said it
produced 2.1 million tonnes of steel in the Iranian year that
ended on March 20.

- Iran has started to breed silkworms in the northern province
of Golestan, bordering the Caspian Sea.

((Tehran newsroom +9821 229 4856))

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:41:24 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: MKO Charity Continues To Defy British Authorities

MKO Charity Continues To Defy British Authorities

thr 078
uk mko-iran aid
mko charity continues to defy british authorities
london, apr. 19, irna - receivers called in nearly a year ago to
investigate a charity, believed to be a front group for anti-iran
mko terrorists, say they do not know how or when their task will
be completed.
a spokeswoman for price waterhouse cooper said monday she was
unsure about the unique situation regarding 'iran aid,' suggesting
it could be a matter for referral back to the government's regulatory
body, the charity commission.
the commission appointed receivers last july after reviewing
evidence alleging that the charity's funds were being used for
non-charitable purposes.
as a result of a confidential evaluation of iran aid's activities,
its bank accounts were subsequently frozen to ensure none of its funds
go overseas without authority. price waterhouse cooper were retained
to administer the charity's affairs.
but since october, iran aid have been blocking the receivers
from accessing some of its records and have staged a sit-in
protest in its north london offices.
the charity commission said that the occupation was seriously
impeding progress of the inquiry, but like price waterhouse
cooper, did not know how the stand-off would be resolved.
an investigation into iran aid, carried out by independent
television's tonight program in october, reported a long history
of the charity using intimidating and threatening methods to
collect funds for the mko's terrorist campaign against iran.
::irna 19/04/99 19:56


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:41:48 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Kharrazi Leaves For Moscow

Iran Minister Going To Moscow For Kosovo Talks

08:04 a.m. Apr 19, 1999 Eastern
TEHRAN, April 19 (Reuters) - Iran's foreign minister is to lead
a delegation from Islamic states to discuss the Kosovo crisis in
Russia, Italy and Germany, Tehran radio reported on Monday.

Kamal Kharrazi, whose country currently chairs the Organisation
of the Islamic Conference (OIC), will make the first leg of the
trip to Moscow late on Monday, it said, citing Iran's ambassador
to Russia.

He will be heading a delegation of the OIC's contact group,
including his Malaysian and Senegalese counterparts as well as
senior officials from Qatar, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and
Morocco, the radio said.

The visit follows a contact group meeting in Geneva earlier this
month which called for Yugoslavia to withdraw its forces from
Kosovo and said the province's ethnic Albanians, most of whom
are Moslems, should be allowed to determine their own political

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Morteza Sarmadi, in an interview
with Iran Daily on Monday, blamed Yugoslavia for the crisis, but
also slammed NATO's air strikes as ``illegitimate.''

``The focal point of Iran's stance is that Belgrade is
responsible for the crisis in the Balkans,'' he said. ``But
NATO's attack on Yugoslavia is unacceptable, as it lacks
international legitimacy.''

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.

Kharrazi Leaves For Moscow

thr 085
kharrazi leaves for moscow
tehran, april 19, irna -- foreign minister kamal kharrazi leading a
delegation left for moscow monday evening as an envoy of the contact
group of islamic countries on kosovo to discuss the crisis with
russian officials as member of international contact group.
prior to departure for moscow, he told irna that the visit is
taking place as per decision made by the foreign ministers of islamic
countries on april 7 in geneva to establish contact and exchange views
with international contact group to help resolve the crisis in
he said the most pressing matter at hand is the issue relating to
the displaced people whose welfare should be looked into, humanitarian
aid dispatched and conditions should be created so that they can
return to their homes and hearths. this goal, he noted, cannot be
achieved until the time a solution is found to the crisis.
he added, ''the objective of my visit to moscow is to consult with
different influential groups on matters relating to kosovo so that a
solution could be forthcoming to the crisis.''
kharrazi and the delegation accompanying him are expected to go to
rome after talks in moscow.
::irna 19/04/99 22:42


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:42:12 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Two French Parliamentarians For Accelerated Franco

Two French Parliamentarians For Accelerated Franco-Iranian Ties

thr 087
iran-french parliamentarians
two french parliamentarians for accelerated franco-iranian ties
paris, april 19, irna -- member of the french national assembly andre
santini said here monday, ''all french factions believe that france
and iran should speedily promote relations and that any complications
in the way of the forthcoming visit of the president of the islamic
republic of iran seyyed mohammad khatami must be resolved
''the president of the islamic republic of iran must visit france
and that each country should not only be capable of preserving but
also respecting its culture, tradition and history,'' he told irna.
''like iran, we have our pride, culture, order and civilization
and therefore it is a good reason for both the countries to get closer
in understanding each other.'' the parliamentarian said.
the french lawmaker believed that cultural and economic relations
needed to be promoted swiftly for the fact that france has been
lagging its other european allies who have succeeded in swiftly
upgrading their tie with iran.
''iran has a great civilization and we consider this to be an
important factor in the establishment of communication between the
two countries,'' declared santini.
he then went on to add, ''iran is like a big continent and that we
are forced to cross either its airspace or territory. it is because
of this reason that invaders and ursurpers and occupiers tried to
control iran and iran had invariably been successful in repelling
''however france has been on the periphery of the continent and
was not at the crossroads of the european continent,'' and only rarely
in the history has france been invaded by transgressors.
santini finally said he expected smaller companies to invest in
iran and that france has decided to float credits equalling that of
italy and germany. once the small french companies are assured of
investment returns they will come forward to pump in money in
another french national assembly member, christine martin said
iran is a great country ant that it is in the interest of both france
and iran to closely cooperate and show respect for the norms
traditions of each other.
she believed that inter-parliamentary relations between two
countries have not developed to a sufficiently good level and that
achieving a good level or relations depended on the two countries,
the heads of inter-parliamentary group and more importantly on the
head of inter-parliamentary groups who could wield enough influence.
christine martin is a also member of the french national assembly
defense committee and head of the interparliament friendship
::irna 19/04/99 23:58


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:42:26 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Last Solar Eclipse In Century Visible In Iran

Last Solar Eclipse In Century Visible In Iran

thr 008
last solar eclipse in century visible in iran
tehran, april 19, irna -- kurdestan province in west of iran is
preparing to host local and foreign scholars, researchers and
tourists to observe the last solar eclipse of the 20th century in
the border city of marivan, the persian daily 'iran' reported in its
monday issue.
the paper quoted director general of culture and islamic guidance
department of kurdestan yadollah sobhani as saying that the solar
eclipse will happen at 16:25 hours local time (12:05 hours gmt) on
august 11.
the event will start with the sunrise in northern atlantic ocean
and the shadow of the moon, after passing through the ocean and
central europe, turkey and iraqi, will enter iran.
the solar eclipse will be visible for two minutes and five
seconds inside the country.
the official further added that a headquarters named 'eclipse'
comprising five committees, has been formed in order to handle the
affairs related to the guests.
::irna 19/04/99 10:18


Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 00:33:52 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>


TEHRAN-PARIS 18TH APR. (IPS) For the first time since he came to
power 2 years ago, the ayatollah President Mohammad Khatami drew
a red line for his rivals, warning that crossing that frontier
might endanger the future of the regime.

"If the mischief continues, I shall be forced to expose and
reveal both the dimension and the sources and some circles from
where the mischievous originates", Mr. Khatami is reported to
have told a nation-wide conference of the Governors.

Heavily censored by the Radio and Television that are under the
direct control of the ayatollah Ali Khameneh'i, the lamed leader
of the Islamic regime who is the arch rival of the reformist
President, Mr. Khatami's speech at that conference was splashed
on the front pages of Sunday's major newspapers.

President Khatami's unprecedented warning to the conservatives
came at a time that informed reformists newspapers and circles
say the conservatives are planing an all out "onslaught" against
the moderates that could include the physical suppression of the
President during the Muslim month of Moharram, the first month
of the Islamic calendar where religious fervours in Shi'a Iran
run very high.

Assuring that he was resolutely decided to "clean" the
Intelligence Ministry from the roots that caused the recent
murders of prominent politicians and intellectual dissidents,
Khatami said there are some who have opted for violence and
physical suppression of their opponents, "those who have
infiltrated the most sensible of the administrations, that is
the security services", he pointed out, stopping short of naming

Reminding that this was the first time that the usually soft
speaking Khatami this was sending such a stern and clear
warnings to the conservatives, showing them a red line they
should not cross, Iranian observers said Mr. Khatami's
observations translates a far deeper fighting between him and
his hard line adversaries over the assassinations, hinting to
his determination to have some of the culprits brought to

Last November, several moderate, secular, nationalist
personalities, including Mr. Dariush Foruhar, the
secretary-general of the Iranian People's Party and his wife
Parvaneh Eskandari, writers Mohammad Mokhtari, Mohammad Ja'far
Pouyandeh and activist Piruz Davani were assassinated in Tehran
by unidentified terrorists that the leader and his yes men
immediately said were agents of foreign powers.

But after an investigation team created by the president to look
into the mysterious murders found that the assassins were
official agents of the regime, the Intelligence Ministry ended
to admit last January that its men had carried all the murders.

Though a military prosecutor who handles the cases has said that
several people have been arrested in connection to the
assassinations, but so far, and despite constant pressures from
the victim's families, the public and the press, no one from
either the assassins or those senior clerics who have issued the
orders had been identified.

In a statement issued from his office at Versailles, near Paris,
where he lives in exile, former President Abolhasan Banisadr
claimed that all the recent murders were approved by the
ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, Head of the Judiciary and the
ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, an influential member of the Council of
Guardians. Both hard line clerics are close associates of the
leader, the ayatollah Ali Khameneh'i.

"Mischievous efforts that had started before the (presidential)
elections continue unabated, with the aim of confusing the
public opinion concerning government's programmes and discourage
and desperate people from the President", Mr. Khatami told a
cheering crowd of Governors, most of them his own appointees.

Sending a strong signal to the hard liners who constantly
threatens the secular forces, particularly the liberal,
independent press by accusing them of anti-Islamic writings and
activities in the one hand and creates obstacles in the
implementation of limited political, social and economic reforms
he promised during his electoral campaign, on the other Mr.
Khatami assured that his administration will "keep continuing
the detection and of all the gangs that operates in the society
under the cover of religion".

In recent weeks, hawkish ayatollahs Mohammad Yazdi, the Head of
the Judiciary, Ahmad Jannati and Ali Akbar Nateq Nouri, the
Speaker of the Majles (parliament) have all threatened the press
and journalists that they will see their tongues cut and their
hands and feet broken if they continue to write against Islam,
the revolution and people's sacred religious feelings and

"If until now I have said anything, revealed nothing, it was for
the sake of the safety of the regime, for the sake of preventing
troubles that might endanger the country, but one must be told
that I shall stubbornly and without any consideration but
creating tensions and violence, pursue my efforts for the
implementation of my programmes, taking full advantage of all
the powers in my hands", Mr. Khatami pointed out.

Conservative newspapers immediately challenged Mr. Khatami.
Under a the title "Please, identify the mischievous gangs", the
after noon daily "Keyhan", the mouthpiece of the Intelligence
Ministry with it's Editor being named by Mr. Khameneh'i said the
so-called gangs are not else but those who humiliate Iranian
Muslim people's sacred religious values and feelings", a
reference to pro-Khatami reformists who are accused of
secularism and nationalism.

Meanwhile, in an open letter to the President that looks like
the first warning to some hard line clerics, more than 350
Iranian journalists called on Mr. Khatami to "stop at once" the
process of threats, warnings, frightening, illegal closures and
suspension of the press.

"Mr. President, as the Guardian of the Constitution, your duty
is to safeguard the security of the citizen of this country. Do
you not know that since your victory two years ago 8
publications have been shut down, scores of journalists have
been jailed, beaten up and humiliated? It's now time to stop
these illogical, illegal and extraordinary methods of dealing
with the press", the signatories demanded.

They also protested to the recent closure of the moderate daily
"Zan" (Woman) after it published two lines of a New Year message
from the former Empress Farah Diba-Pahlavi.

"It is not possible to work decently in an atmosphere of fear
and insecurity. It is not possible to work decently when, any
time a writing, an article does not pleases some people get
shut, all it's staff and employees made redundant", the
journalists told the President.

The ayatollah Yazdi, Head of Islamic Judiciary, acting on orders
from the leader, accused the outspoken MP of Tehran, Mrs.
Fa'ezeh Hashemi, the younger daughter of the former president
ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, of supporting the
Monarchists and the anti-revolutionaries. ENDS KHATAMI WARNS


Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 00:34:04 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Social Order And The Future

Social Order And The Future

thr 002
social order and the future
tehran, april 20, irna -- `iran daily', the english morning newspaper
in its editorial here tuesday wrote that "the recent remarks made by
president khatami in the meeting of governors general nationwide, is
indicative of the depth of his national macro strategies."
"in fact, if materialized properly, the plan can serve as the
prelude to the establishment of a comprehensive civil society.
according to this approach, the public is the main arbitrator in
political disputes and their decision is the criterion for
implementing the plan nationwide," it added.
"the chief executive believes that the only way to establish
stability and ensure the endurance of the islamic establishment is to
fully implement the constitution. hence, no faction can claim that it
does not accept the constitution and yet boast about being loyal to
the system. the constitution is the basis for social order and all
organs and institutions must legitimize their behavior by being in
full conformity with it.
"as the president also pointed out, the islamic councils will make
a fair distribution of power possible within society. the will
displayed by the government in establishing this institution, plainly
reveals that the public is entitled to participate in state affairs
and that the course of events should be set in accordance with their
inclination," said the daily.
the paper went on to comment, "if the constitution serves as the
frame of reference for adopting political measures and the fixing of
political disputes is assigned to the public, then no room remains for
violence or other obsolete forms of waywardness in the name of
politics. in this way, dialogue, tolerance and acceptance of truth
will replace useless disputes and national interests will also be
"according to the constitution, the supreme jurisprudent
determines the religious legitimacy of all policies and decisions. as
a consequence, one should not be concerned over the degrading of
islamic values. if we truly adhere to this concept in practice, then
political rivalry becomes more transparent," the daily added.
it noted, "the decision of the president vis-a-vis the information
ministry reveals that this organization will continue to vigilantly
safeguard national security. it further indicates that certain groups
will be pushed out of the shadows and be exposed to public assessment,
in light of the government's strong will."
"the invaluable directives of the leadership of the revolution and
the prudent policies of the president can forge unanimity among all
political groups. this will eventually ensure a better tomorrow,"
iran daily concluded.
::irna 20/04/99 01:17


Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 00:34:20 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Supreme Court Turns Down Appeal For Re-Examination

Supreme Court Turns Down Appeal For Re-Examination Of Karbaschi's

thr 045
supreme court turns down appeal for re-examination of karbaschi's
tehran, april 20, irna -- judiciary announced here on tuesday that
the supreme court has turned down the appeal by suspended mayor of
tehran gholamhossein karbaschi's attorney bahman keshavarz for
application of the clauses two and three of the article 18 of law
on public and revolutionary court hearings.
a statement issued by the judiciary quoted the supreme court
as announcing that the subject had earlier been investigated by public
prosecutor's office of the supreme court and rejected by the public
prosecutor general. therefore, the supreme court sees no need to
examine or hear the case once again, it added.
meanwhile, keshavarz told irna that the issue concerning article
31 differs from that of the 18th article and according to the law
two different forums should deal with them separately.
the forum qualified to investigate the article 31 is prosecutor
general's office while article 18 lies within the jurisdiction of the
supreme court, keshavarz said.
the supreme court's rejection of the appeal and its refusal to
refer to the nature of the case is based on opposition of the
prosecutor general's office to the application of the article 31.
keshavarz said that he would resort to retrial regulations, that
allows him to defend his client, in order to get karbaschi's case
re-investigated at the supreme court.
karbaschi has been sentenced to imprisonment and cash fines
on charges of embezzlement and diversion of public funds.
::irna 20/04/99 16:11

Iranian Supreme Court Rejects MAYOR'S Appeal


TEHRAN (April 20) XINHUA - Iran's conservative supreme court on
Tuesday turned down the appeal by the former Tehran mayor
Gholamhussein Karbaschi for a re-examination of his case.

Karbaschi, a well-known reformist and staunch ally of moderate
President Mohammad Khatami, was tried and convicted on charges
of graft last July. His attorney, Bahman Keshavarz, called for a
re-investigation of the charges against the mayor.

The supreme court said that it sees no need to examine or hear
the case once again since Karbaschi's appeal had earlier been
investigated by public prosecutor's office of the supreme court
and was already rejected by the public prosecutor general, the
Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported.

Karbaschi was sentenced by a Tehran court to five years in
prison, a 20-year ban from holding government office, 60 lashes
and a fine of 1 billion rials (about 1.6 million U.S. dollars)
from the Tehran district court.

But an appeal court last December reduced his prison sentence to
two years and the period he was banned from taking public office
to 10 years. The court also changed his lashing sentence to a
cash fine of 10 million rials (about 1,600 dollars).

Keshavarz decided to resort to retrial regulations to get the
case re-investigated at the supreme court.

The former mayor had been a target of hard-line political rivals
who control the country's judiciary. Many believe the case
against him was a political avenge for his support to Khatami in
the presidential campaign 1997.

Khatami won a landslide victory in the presidential election in
May 1997 over his hardline competitor, Majlis (parliament)
Speaker Ali Akbar Nateq-Nouri.

Karbaschi was temporally jailed last April, but was released
under an order from the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,
after political disturbances took place in reaction to the
former mayor's arrest.


Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 00:35:42 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Japanese Firms 'Losing Patience" With U.S. Sanctio

Japanese Firms 'Losing Patience" With U.S. Sanctions On Iran

thr 055
iran sanctions-japan
japanese firms 'losing patience" with u.s. sanctions on iran
london, apr. 20, irna - japanese oil companies are becoming
increasingly impatient with u.s. sanctions against foreign firms
investing in iran and may decide to ignore the threats, says a
japanese official who liases between washington and tokyo.
"i am not sure japanese companies can wait until the u.s.
government lifts sanctions completely," middle east economic digest
quoted general manager of japan national oil corporation ikuro
sugawara saying.
the companies, he said, were "losing their patience" but cannot
ignore sanctions threats without japanese government backing to
invest in iran.
japanese companies have been left behind their european
counterparts in defying sanctions to invest in several major oil and
gas projects.
sugawara, who was due to visit iran last weekend to establish
what the japanese government could do about the threats, suggested
that the economic climate had not been right between washington
and tokyo.
he said that because of general "trade frictions," if the u.s.
government or congress were angered by japan's entry into the
iranian market, washington would be "quite pleased to punish
(japan) in other areas."
tokyo had recently approached the american government with the
idea of extending the informal waiver against european oil companies
to japan, but the response had been negative, sugawara said.
::irna 20/04/99 17:59


Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 00:35:32 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: On Iran-U.S. Ties

Only Leader Can Confirm Renewal Of Ties With U.S. - Alavi

thr 020
only leader can confirm renewal of ties with u.s. - alavi
tehran, april 20, irna -- commenting on the reconciliatory remarks of
u.s. president bill clinton on iran, mahmoud alavi, majlis deputy
from lamard in fars province stressed that the statement in itself
is not sufficient to establish ties with washington.
in an interview with the english daily 'iran news' published
tuesday, alavi who is also a member of the majlis foreign relations
committee pointed out that even years before the islamic revolution,
washington interfered in iran's internal affairs which caused iranians
to vent their wrath on u.s. after the fall of the pahlavi dynasty.
''furthermore, after victory of the islamic revolution, u.s.
plots against the islamic republic and conversion of the u.s. embassy
into a 'den of espionage' caused the students following the imam's
line to occupy the embassy.
''now after 20 years of u.s. hostility toward iran, clinton
confesses to past mistakes,'' he said adding that it would have been
far better for washington to have mended i washington to have mended its
ties with tehran
respecting the independence of the people instead of severing ties
with it.
it was with this arrogant attitude that the u.s. took the
initiative to cut off diplomatic ties with iran, which worsened the
relations, he stressed.
furthermore, iran sought fair relations along with mutual respect
with every country in the world except israel which iran considers
illegitimate. thus, it was washington and its hegemonic disposition
that ruptured ties, he pointed out.
elaborating more on iran-u.s. ties, he said that the u.s. had
been under the impression that by applying political and economic
pressure and fomenting domestic and foreign crises, it could force
iran to compromise. however, after 20 years of intrigue, washington
has failed, he stressed.
it is washington that must make the first move by proving its
good will practically, he said adding ''if washington changes its
behavior, there will be no impediment for diplomatic ties. it is the
u.s. that must volunteer to establish diplomatic ties with iran.''
however, he stressed that it is only the leader who could
confirm that the u.s. has changed its hostile stance against iran
and agree to renewal of ties with it, adding that this matter should
be examined and finalized by the national security council and the
expediency council.
''one of the problems with washington is that the u.s. government
follows its hegemonic goals instead of respecting the desires of its
own citizens. this fact has been emphasized repeatedly both by the
leader and the late imam. we have no problem with the american
people. our only problem is with the u.s. government's arrogant
policies,'' he concluded.
fh/ks s

::irna 20/04/99 12:25

French Expert Comments On U.S. Efforts For Rapprochement With Iran

thr 010
french expert comments on u.s. efforts for rapprochement with iran
tehran, april 20, iran -- a french expert on middle east here
onday commenting on the current negotiations between europe and iran
over finalizing various contracts, said that washington believes that
if its ties with tehran continue in abeyance much longer, it will
never have an opportunity to be present in iran again.
''hence, washington has been striving for normalizing its ties
with tehran,'' said former editor of the renowned french daily 'le
monde' eric rouleau in his remarks at a gathering held in the iranian
foreign ministry's institute for political and international studies
turning to u.s. military strategy, he said that most of
the european states, including france believe that the u.s. military
strategy in the world will not bear fruit and is not to their benefit,
rouleau was quoted by the press here tuesday.
''the u.s. military presence in the region only exacerbates the
tension, undermines the stability of the countries under its support
nd weakens the economic activities of western countries in those
states,'' he said.
he said he does not believe that washington is really impartial
in the middle east because it is a close ally of israel which is
iran's and the arab countries' number one enemy.
''the only way to handle middle east affairs is through the
presence of impartial countries. this will maintain a regional
balance,'' he said, adding ''many european countries think that if
europe had participated in handling middle east affairs, then peace
would have been established in this crisis stricken region.''
he added however that the u.s. is firmly determined to resolve the
matter unilaterally and exclusively.
rouleau stressed that the regional states should explore
suitable ways and decide on their fate themselves in order to reach
a just solution in the region.
he pointed to the viewpoints held by the former u.n. secretary
general, butrous butrous-ghali which contradicted the u.s. scheme
and eventually led to american opposition to his reappointment for
the post.
''the u.s. is determined to undermine the role of the u.n. day in
and day out. this is a major source of concern,'' he said.
he pointed out that washington's policy is normally that at
first it supports multilateralism and hears other capital's
viewpoints vis-a-vis various issues, but then it imposes its wish
and acts unilaterally.
washington pocketed a huge profit during the persian gulf war, he
said, adding, ''even after the war ended, arab countries spent
enormous sums to buy military equipment and weaponry from the u.s.''
referring to the exchange of military equipment between egypt and
arab countries, he said: ''europeans have not devised a strategy for
interfering in developments worldwide and do not really have the
ilitary might to do so either. therefore, the u.s. is the only
country who profits from astronomical sums in arms sales.''
rouleau pointed to the unprecedented developments in the region
in 1990 and noted that the persian gulf wad noted that the persian gulf
war started with the
intervention of washington.
''the iraqi standoff could have been resolved without any
bloodshed through a rational resolution. but the u.s. did not like
the idea of peaceful negotiations, as it intended to show its
military might,'' he said.
referring to the american influence in european and arab
countries, he said washington despite the attitude of arab and some
european countries towards the iraqi crisis, managed to convince
them and attacked baghdad.
france's policy in the middle east, since the era of general de
gaulle, has been that all related affairs should be resolved via a
consensus of all european countries and that no single country
should be held responsible, said rouleau.
he said he does not believe that washington is really impartial
in the middle east because it is a close ally of israel which is
iran's and the arab countries' number one enemy.
::irna 20/04/99 11:38

United States-Iran Exhibition Soccer Match at RFK Is Off
From News Services and Staff Reports
Tuesday, April 20, 1999; Page D02

Plans have fallen through for the United States and Iranian
national men's soccer teams to play this summer at RFK Stadium,
a U.S. Soccer Federation official said yesterday. However, the
USSF is attempting to bring a South American team to play the
Americans June 13 in Washington.

"We just ran out of time to get the Iranian game done," said Tom
King, the USSF's chief operating officer. "The federations from
both countries wanted to do it, but the Iranians couldn't get
government approval."

Officials from both countries had been working for months to
finalize plans for the proposed game, a rematch of the historic
U.S.-Iran World Cup meeting in France last summer. As part of
the U.S. trip, the Iranians also would have played El Salvador
June 9 in Richmond. They still are scheduled to play in a
Canadian tournament in early June.

King said the USSF has invited Iran to play the U.S. squad on
Jan. 16, 2000, probably in California.


Open Scoring at MCI

All three world title fights scheduled for Saturday night at MCI
Center will feature an open scoring system. The system, in which
judges' point totals are made public during the fight, was
approved yesterday by the D.C. Boxing and Wrestling Commission.
The commission is the first to approve such a system for
professional bouts.

For two of the bouts -- the WBC middleweight fight between
champion Hassine Cherifi and former champion Keith Holmes, and
the IBF junior bantamweight matchup between Mark Johnson and
Ratanchai Vorapin -- the point totals will be announced after
Rounds 4 and 8, and at the end of the bout. For the WBA super
lightweight title bout between champion Sharmba Mitchell and
Reggie Green, the point totals will be announced after each
round. All three bouts are scheduled for 12 rounds. Tickets
remain available for the bout through Ticketmaster and the MCI
Center box office. . . .

The site and purse for the Lennox Lewis-Evander Holyfield
rematch might be decided next month. Lewis promoter Panos
Eliades said that Holyfield's promoter, Don King, Lewis's
representatives and HBO cable network officials were expected to
meet, possibly in London, in mid-May. New York and Las Vegas are
in contention for the bout, which will be held Nov. 6 or 13.
Britain has been ruled out.
Eliades said Madison Square Garden, the site of the disputed
heavyweight title draw on March 13, wants the rematch and is
trying to make a bid of more than $10 million.

Track and Field

Johnson to Appeal Ban

Ben Johnson moved a step closer to a return to the track today
when a legal review said he had grounds to appeal his lifetime
ban for doping.

A Canadian arbitrator said procedural errors in Johnson's 1993
lifetime suspension for drug use could open the door for the
sprinter's return. Johnson, 37, who was kicked out of the 1988
Olympics for steroid use, still must win approval from
international track authorities. The decision by arbitrator
Graham Mew does not mean Johnson can run again or clear him of
the 1993 sanction that he used banned substances, a second
offense that brought the lifetime ban.

"I'm very happy but I don't have time to jump around and
celebrate," Johnson said. "I still can't compete and we still
have some things to do."

The ruling said Athletics Canada, the national governing body of
track and field, had "inadvertently failed to comply with IAAF
rules and, in particular, that it misinformed Mr. Johnson as to
the type of hearing he was entitled to following the IAAF doping
commission's decision."


Salt Lake Seeks Sponsors

Salt Lake City Olympic officials downplayed the significance of
Johnson & Johnson backing out of a proposed $30 million
sponsorship of the scandal-tainted 2002 Winter Games and
predicted new sponsors would be signing on soon.

Calling Johnson & Johnson's withdrawal an "unsuccessful sales
call," Salt Lake City Organizsful sales
call," Salt Lake City Organizing Committee marketing official
Mark Lewis said talks were being conducted with other potential
sponsors to cover the $1.4 billion cost of the Games.

He said the organizing committee was in various stages of
negotiations with up to 25 companies.

Water Polo

Full Monty

Colombia's national water polo team, trying to raise enough
money to get to the world championships, is promising "The Full
Monty" in a one-time-only striptease show.

The unlikely male strippers hope to earn the $32,000 needed to
travel to Essen, Germany, in May with next Thursday's show at a
disco in Medellin. Only women will be admitted, at $12 a ticket.
The idea was inspired by the 1997 British movie about oddball
male strippers in Sheffield, England.


Sampras Challenged

Pete Sampras moved within five weeks of Ivan Lendl's record of
270 weeks as the world's top-ranked tennis player, though an
injury threatens to delay his reaching that mark.

Sampras completed his 265th week atop the rankings after
dropping out of the Seat Open Godo in Barcelona with a lower
back injury. He will also miss this week's Monte Carlo Open.
Yevgeny Kafelnikov now has the chance to become No. 1 for the
first time if he reaches the final in Monte Carlo. A semifinal
finish could also be enough for the Russian, depending on bonus
points earned.


The New Dawg Pound

Browns fans landed some establishment credentials yesterday with
the Dawg Pound's own officially licensed logo. The logo -- with
the word Dawg on top and Pound across the bottom -- shows a
helmeted dog with a football in its mouth. The logo will appear
on sportswear but not on the club's helmets or jerseys, the NFL

The expansion Browns will begin play in the fall in a new
stadium that will include an end zone bleacher area dubbed the
"Dawg Pound" like its Cleveland Stadium predecessor.

Horse Racing

Colonial Downs' Profit

After losing more than $5 million last year, Colonial Downs in
Providence Forge, Va., posted a $515,000 profit in the first
quarter of 1999, in part by reducing expenditures for live horse
racing, the company said.

Copyright 1999 The Washington Post Company


Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 00:35:54 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Basiji University Students Hold Rally

Basiji University Students Hold Rally

thr 001
iran-student demonstration
basiji university students hold rally
tehran, april 20, irna -- over two thousand university students held
demonstration here on monday in protest over propaganda against the
pillars and principles of the islamic revolution.
the students chanted such slogans as 'long live khamenei, our
leader', 'freedom and thoughts forever' and 'key to survival of the
movement - unity unity'.
the students strongly protested the atthe students strongly
protested the attitude held by press media
and the policies of the ministry of islamic guidance. in their
resolution they demanded that the ministry of information seriously
pursue the recent assassination case of lieutenant general sayyad
they demanded that that iran adopt a clear cut stance against the
killings of muslim kosovars and nato attack on yugoslavia.
::irna 20/04/99 00:29


Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 00:36:22 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Mohajerani: Freedom, A Delicate Issue To Be Dealt

Mohajerani: Freedom, A Delicate Issue To Be Dealt With Cautiously

thr 064
mohajerani: freedom, a delicate issue to be dealt with cautiously
tehran, april 20, irna -- minister of culture and the islamic
guidance ataollah mohajerani said on tuesday iran had been under a
2,500 year old monarchical rules een under a
2,500 year old monarchical rules een under a
2,500 year old monarchical rules and the people had not the right to
express their views.
in a meeting with tunisian ambassador to iran nasser ramazan,
mohajerani said, "we have a long way to go to reach a balance in terms
of freedom."
he said freedom is not a racing vehicle that can be run at
whatever speed, but it is delicate issue which should be dealt with
mohajerani said there are extensive cultural and artistic
activities in the islamic republic of iran and a fundamental
development has taken place in iranian cultural sector.
he said the feature films annually produced in iran is more than
the total number of movies produced in germany, france and italy
he said iran produces 60 to 80 movies every year and has 200
internationally-known movie producers, a number of whom are women.
the iranian minister said iran has set its own style in the
world cinema and has won numerous prizes in the international film
on the other cultural activities, mohajerani said about 16,000
titles of books were published in iran in the past year.
he said developing relations with the arab and the islamic nations
are the priorities of the islamic republicare the priorities of the
islamic republic of iran.
he called for contacts between the cultural and artistic figures
of the islamic states.
on his part, ramazan said what is happening in iran is not a
detrimental phenomenon, but on the contrary is a growing cultural
development in line with the great civilization of iran.
he called for cultural cooperation between tehran and tunis and
said the upcoming visit to tunis of mohajerani would serve to develop
mutual cultural relations.
::irna 20/04/99 19:22


Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 00:36:30 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Daily On Tehran-Riyadh Ties

Daily On Tehran-Riyadh Ties

thr 012
daily on tehran-riyadh ties
tehran, april 20, irna -- the english language daily 'iran news'
tuesday commenting on the ongoing progress in improving ties with
countries in the arab world hoped that this approach will lead to not
only promotion of regional detente and cooperation but also to
improved relations with those countries which are still unclear over
their policy toward the islamic republic.
the editorial was referring to the upcoming visits of defense
minister sultan bin abdolaziz of saudi arabia to tehran in may and
president mohammad khatami's return visit to saudi arabia in the
same month.
ties between both nations have grown favorably since iran's taking
over of the chairmanship of the organization of the islamic conference
(oic), noted the paper citing some events as examples to prove that
both nations are genuinely interested in establishing a long-term
relationship based on trust and mutual understanding.
it goes without saying that since both iran and saudi arabia are
the two important heavyweights in the persian gulf region, through
closer cooperation, they can not only help bring stability to the
volatile region, but can also serve as a model to some of the arab
states in the region which are still beset by a series of
misunderstandings with regard to their iran policy.
both countries have realized for some time that regional
countries must solve their problems without foreign interference,
since both tehran and riyadh possess enough potential to achieve such
ends, noted the daily in conclusion.
::irna 20/04/99 11:41


Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 00:36:42 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Kharrazi In Moscow To Discuss Kosovo Crisis

Kharrazi In Moscow To Discuss Kosovo Crisis

thr 004
kharrazi in moscow to discuss kosovo crisis
moscow, april 20, irna -- foreign minister kamal kharrazi arrived
here early on tuesday morning to discuss the kosovo crisis with
russian officials.
kharrazi, together with senior delegates of the contact group of
the organization of the islamic conference (oic), is to hold talks
with russian foreign minister igore ivanov and other russian political
officials tuesday.
the talks are aimed at putting an end to the kosovo crisis.
displacement of hundreds of thousands of kosovar muslims is
among topics of discussion between oic contact group and russian
the talks follow the decision of foreign ministers of the oic
contact group in geneva on april 7 to exchange views with the
international contact group to help settle the kosovo crisis.
the oic delegation is to proceed to rome from moscow to discuss
the issue with italian officials.
::irna 20/04/99 09:24

OIC Contact Group Discusses Kosovo Crisis With Russian FM

thr 023
oic contact group discusses kosovo crisis with russian fm
moscow, april 20, irna -- the contact group of the organization of
the islamic conference (oic), headed by iran's foreign minister dr.
kamal kharrazi, met with the russian foreign minister igor ivanov
here tuesday.
at the meeting, the oic contact group voiced the concern of the
islamic community over the conitnuation of the crisis in kosovo and
the human tragedy occurring in the region.
russia is a member of the international contact group.
the oic group also stressed the need for exchange of views and
cooperation between the oic and international contact groups to help
find a solution to the ongoing crisis.
during the meeting, the latest developments in the balkans were
also reviewed.
::irna 20/04/99 13:40


Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 00:36:52 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Italy Resumes Export Cover For Iran

Italy Resumes Export Cover For Iran

thr 024
iran-italy sace
italy resumes export cover for iran
london, apr. 20, irna - italy's state insurance agency, sace, has
resumed cover for about dlrs 500 million worth of exports to iran,
according to middle east economic digest.
the weekly quoted an official saying that cover was limited and
that a "great deal depends on oil prices" that may not stay high.
the resumption of cover follows president mohammad khatami's visit
to italy in early march, when it was announced that sace will help to
finalise a refinancing facility of about dlrs 450m and a fresh dlrs
100m line for short-term transactions.
the announcement comes ahead of italy's new industries minister
pier luigi leading a high-ranking delegation to tehran later this
week. it coincides with autostrade of italy investing dlrs 120m in
the construction of road tunnels in the iranian capital.
last year, italy increased its lead over germany as the european
union's top trading partner with iran. it also replaced japan as
iran's second biggest supplier of goods and services, with exports
reaching dlrs 945m in 1998.
::irna 20/04/99 13:48


Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 00:37:22 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: On "Iran Petrochemical Forum" Holds in Tehran

Deputy Oil Minister: NIPIC To Join World Stock Market

thr 059
dy oil minister: nipic to join world stock market
tehran, april 20, irna -- deputy oil minister mohammad-reza
nematzadeh said here on tuesday that studies have been launched in
cooperation with london-based dresdner kleinwort benson institute
over the past couple of months on entry to the global stock market
which would be completed within the next six months.
nematzadeh told iranian and foreign reporters on sidelines of the
the seminar on investment opportunities in petrochemical industry that
since entry into the market would mark an unprecedented move on the
part of the national iranian petrochemical industries company
(nipic) iran should meet necessary criteria from economic and
procedural points of view.
he said a methanol project is to become operational on southern
kharg island (hormuzgan province) with the mtbe project slated to
start operation in the next 15 months.
the deputy oil minister added that new projects are to be put on
international tender by the year end with tender documents being
ready in early june.
nematzadeh, also managing director of the nipic, said that
contracts have been concluded for establishment of the pta and pet
contracts have almost been concluded for implementation of the
olefin six and seven units and work on them have started, he added.
the iranian official said that all petrochemical companies are to
be gradually offered to the private sector per the government's
policy of privatization and liberalization of economy.
the nipic, he said, would retain its role as an investing company
without interefering in the affairs of production companies.
investing companies are willing to invest in bandar imam and
oslavieh free trade zones due to their proximity to world markets and
easy access to the raw material, he concluded.
::irna 20/04/99 18:50

INTERVIEW-Iran Eyes Bonds To Fund Petrochemicals

11:12 a.m. Apr 20, 1999 Eastern
By Michael Georgy

TEHRAN, April 20 (Reuters) - Iran's top petrochemicals official
said on Tuesday the country would tap international bond markets
to help finance petrochemical projects, which would require $7.2
billion in investments.

``We will look to the bond market as one way of financing
petrochemical projects,'' Deputy Oil Minister Mohammad Reza
Nematzadeh told Reuters in an interview on the sidelines of a
petrochemicals conference in Tehran.

Nematzadeh, who also heads the National Petrochemical Company
(NPC), said the firm would also turn to joint ventures and
others schemes to fund the projects, part of Iran's ambition to
triple its annual petrochemical output to 30 million tonnes in
25 years with a $24 billion development programme.

Nematzadeh, one of several Iranian officials who called on
international companies to invest in the country's petrochemical
industry during the conference, said no decision had been made
yet on how much financing Iran would seek from bond markets.

``We are still studying the situation. We expect to make a
decision in six months. Bonds will be one way we will seek
financing. We also want joint ventures,'' he said.

``We expect to get the funding (for the projects) in three
years,'' Nematzadeh added.

He said Iran's petrochemical industry was only just gaining
momentum. The sector all but halted after the 1979 Islamic
revolution and during the 1980-88 war with Iraq, when some of
the country's petrochemical complexes were bombed.
Iran is currently developing 10 new petrochemical projects due
for completion by 2005.

It is the Middle East's second largest petrochemicals producer
after Saudi Arabia, a gap that Nematzadeh suggested would be
tough to close.

``The industry is not in a good status and we want it to grow
much faster. There is a big difference between first and
second,'' he said.

The Islamic republic has had limited success in drawing foreign
investment to its petrochemical industry despite efforts dating
back to the early 1990s. The country's opening to foreign
investment has accelerated since relatively moderate President
Mohammad Khatami's election in 1997.

Nematzadeh said Iran was in discussions with several European
and Asian companies on petrochemical investments. He declined to
name the firms, citing confidentiality agreements.

The deputy oil minister added that U.S. companies, barred from
doing business in Iran by U.S. sanctions, had expressed interest
in petrochemicals during trips to the country.

``We will not wait for them. There are many other companies that
want to do business here. I pity the American companies because
they are losing,'' he said.

Conoco, which was stripped of a major deal to develop Iran's
Sirri A and E oil and gas fields by the U.S. sanctions in 1995,
was one of the international firms attending the conference. Its
executives have been actively monitoring Iran's energy industry
by keeping in contact with Iranian officials at energy

Asked if Iran was ready to take new measures to make inting
in the country more attractive, such as tackling red tape,
Nematzadeh said: ``This should not be called bureaucracy. After
a deal is done it only takes 30-45 days to process the

Iran exported $433 million in petrochemicals in the Iranian year
which ended on March 20, down from $560 million in the previous
year, a decline attributed to decreasing prices after the Asia
economic crisis.

Iran's call for petrochemicals investment comes at a time when
international companies are in fierce competition for 40 oil and
gas development projects worth more tham $8 billion, the
country's biggest foreign energy opening in 20 years.

With a population of 60 million, the country has potential as a
lucrative market for petrochemicals, seen as a vehicle for
diversifying the cash-strapped economy away from oil.

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