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Topics in this special issue:

2. Students Protest Court Ruling Against Kadivar, Moh
3. On Mohajerani's Impeachment
4. Raising Disputes Only Pleases Enemies, Mrm Says In
5. On the Fate Of 2,806 Iranian Pows
6. IRGC Denies Taliban Claim On Forced Landing Of Ira
7. Mideast Trade Defendant Gets Lesser Sentence
8. Khatami To Visit Syria
9. NATO Leaders OK Strategic Concept For 21St Century
10. South African Fm Stresses Expansion Of Ties With I
11. On Iran-Qatar Ties
12. Iran, Zimbabwe Keen To Expand Economic Cooperation
13. Meeting On WTO, Its Role In Telecommunication Deve
14. EPCI: Dlrs 3Bn Worth Of Non-Oil Commodities Export
15. Iran Calls For Italian Sace'S Insurance Cover
16. Oil prices, Production, Contracts, etc.
17. Retail Prices Of Goods Slightly Increase During Ap
18. Should Labor Laws Be Eliminated Or Not?
19. Cabinet Exempts Publishers, Bookshops From Income
20. PRESS DIGEST - Iran - April 25
21. Sunday Morning'S Newspaper Headlines In Tehran


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:01:54 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>


Exclusive to IPS
PARIS 25TH APR. (IPS) Former Intelligence Minister hojatoleslam
Ali Fallahian has been placed under house arrest in connection
with the last year's chain murders of prominent secular
politician and intellectual dissidents, according to well
informed sources.

An adviser to the leader, the ayatollah Ali Khameneh'i on
intelligence, terrorist and security matters, Mr. Fallahian is
under an international warrant issued in 1996 by Germany because
of his role in the assassination of Iranian dissidents abroad.

However, he has been in Mecca performing the annual Islamic
pilgrimage with the Saudi authorities doing nothing to arrest
him, as they should have done in accordance with international

"Mr. Fallahian was arrested immediately after his return from
Mecca and upon approval from the leader. Interrogated for
several days on denunciations and confessions made to the
Presidential Investigation Committee by Mr. Sa'id Eslami, his
right hand man in the Intelligence Ministry, he is now under
house arrest" the source told IPS on condition of anonymity.

He said that investigators have traced Fallahian's terrorist
activities to eleven years ago, finding his fingers in the
murder of almost all leading dissidents ever since.

In April 1997, a Berlin High Court ruled that the highest ruling
clerical authoruled that the highest ruling
clerical authorities of the Islamic Republic, including the
leader of the regime, the then president ayatollah Ali Akbar
Hashemi Rafsanjani, his Foreign and Intelligence Ministers, Ali
Akbar Velayati and Ali Fallahian and the former Commander of the
Revolutionary guards, general Mohsen Reza'i all had direct
responsibility in the assassination of Iranian dissidents, in
this case the secretary-general of the Democratic party of
Iranian Kuocratic party of
Iranian Kurdistan Mr. Sadeq Sharafkandi and 3 of his colleagues
assassinated in Berlin in September 1992 by a mixed
Iranian-Lebanese Islamic terrorist squad.

In November 1998, several prominent political and intellectual
personalities, among them Mr. Dariush Foruhar, the
secretary-general of the secular and nationalist Iranian
People's Party and his wife Parvaneh Eskandari were stabbed to
death with 24 wounds while writers and poets Mohammad Mokhtari
and Mohammad Ja'far Pouyandeh were assassinated in mysterious
circumstances. Mr. Piruz Davani, a political activist and close
friend of the Foruhar is still missing.

As Mr. Khameneh'i and his hard line acolytes were seeing the
hands of foreign elements, agents and countries in the
assassinations, an investigation committee formed on order from
President Mohammad Khatami concluded that the murderers were
official agents of the State.

The astonishing findings led to a shocking communiqué issued
early in January by the Information (Intelligence) Ministry
admitting that its agents had carried out the assassinations.

Though the statement said that all the assassins were arrested
and will be brought to justice soon, so far none of the alleged
murderers nor any cleric, who would have issued the fatwas, or
religious orders for the killings, have been identified.

In a communiqué released by his office in Versailles, near
Paris, where he lives since he was ousted from presidency by the
grand ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeiny in 1980, Mr. Abolhasan
Banisadr, Islamic Iran's first president named zealot ayatollahs
Mohammad Yazdi, the head of the Islamic Judiciary and Ahmad
Jannati, the secretary of the Council of Guardians, both close
associates of Mr. Khameneh'i, to have ordered the killing.

According to Mr. Bandar, out of 37 men who have been arrested in
connecwho have been arrested in
connection with the murders, more than 20 of them have been
freed. ENDS FALLAHIAN 2549923


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:02:00 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Students Protest Court Ruling Against Kadivar, Moh

Students Protest Court Ruling Against Kadivar, Mohajerani'S Censure

thr 031
students protest court ruling against kadivar, mohajerani's censure
tehran, april 25, irna -- a number of students from the allameh
tabatabaie university's economy college staged a protest gathering
here on saturday against a court ruling against mohsen kadivar and a
censure motion tabled against culture and islamic guidance minister
ataollah mohajerani.
the gathering, sponsored by the faculty's islamic association,
ended after a lecture delivered by one of the students.
::irna 25/04/99 16:33


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:02:28 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: On Mohajerani's Impeachment

Daily On Censure Motion Against Mohajerani

thr 006
daily on censure motion against mohajerani
tehran, april 25, irna -- commenting on the censure motion against
minister of culture and islamic guidance ataollah mohajerani, 'kayhan
international' sunday noted that ''general public seems to have little
love for factional politics and intensification of factional fighting
has to some extent eroded public confidence in the system.''
thirty-one majlis deputies filed a petition for the impeachment of
mohajerani on april 21. the minister is to appear before the majlis
to respond to questions.
the article in the viewpoint column of the paper said, ''in
the absence of genuine political parties, the competing political
groups have a long way to go to show political maturity in dealing
with issues they are not comfortable with.''
impeachment of mohajerani has ''intensified factional differences
between reformists supporting president khatami and their political
opponents,'' it said, adding ''the right- wing faction has launched
an unprecedented attack against the reformists now with an apparent
determination to unseat mohajerani who has become one of their hate
however, the paper said, political observers believe that even if
mohajerani fails to get a vote of confidence and is ousted, ''his
reformist policies will continue to be followed by his successor since
they are part of the khatami administration's program.''
::irna 25/04/99 11:19

Now The Guidance Ministry

thr 002
now the guidance ministry
tehran, april 25, irna -- `iran daily', the english morning newspaper
in its editorial here sunday wrote "it would be nonsensical to attempt
to address the question of mr. ataollah mohajerani's impeachment
solely on the basis of the cultural violations alleged by opponents
of the khatami administration."
"the 31 lawmakers who tabled the impeachment motion against the
guidance minister have lock, stock and barrel, a political agenda to
say the least," it added.
the daily said, "in the islamic republic system, allegations such
as `challenging religion, spreading corruption, harming islamic
interests, discouraging cultural films and promoting vulgar cinema...'
call for the severest punishment. this is probably the first time in
the 20-year history of post-revolutionary iran, that a high-ranking
government minister is being so brazenly and ridiculously accused of
cultural wrongdoing.
"if mr. mohajerani's name is deleted from the new items explaining
the impeachment charges, one would presume the mps were making a case
against some sworn enemy of the revolution and republic!!"
"the last time we heard such harsh tones but from a different
angle, was last june. then a group of majlis deputies decided to
deprive the administration of the services of former interior minister
, abdullah nouri. the political climate then, as now, was tense. mr.
nouri was voted out of office only to be appointed vice-president by
the chief executive," added the daily.
"in fact, a coordinated move to oust mohajerani has been in the
cards for more than a year. at regular intervals political-cultural
noises were made to the effect that the reformist minister `was
taking his mandate far beyond acceptable boundaries'.
"president khatami's political rivals in and outside parliament
were not making any secret about their urge to see another important
member of the cabinet lose his portfolio, on charges seen by most
observers as well orchestrated. after a lot of controversy, claims and
counterclaims, his deputy for press affairs, mr. ahmad bourghani,
exited in february because of differences with his chief," the paper
it added, "the print media went out of its way to support mr.
bourghani's performance and strongly criticized the ministry of
culture and islamic guidance for `compromising on key issues'.
consequently, today the guidance minister may not be a very popular
figure with the increasingly open and aggressive press community that
emerged after the 1997 landslide victory of mr. khatami.
"that the minister, who doubles as government spokesman, was
performing a difficult balancing act over the past several months, is
well known. a staunch proponent of a free and vibrant press, he
reportedly sought to build alliances and help advance the sensitive
process of cultural development."
"however, the minister's popularity with the mass media, or lack
of it, is one thing and making political capital out of personal
differences and taste is something entirely different. if some are out
to hit the administration where it hurts most, they are rather wasting
their time and energy. events of the recent past should be more than
enough for them to realize the futility of their actions," iran daily
::irna 25/04/99 01:24

Mohajerani Addresses Students At Office To Foster Unity

thr 001
mohajerani addresses students at office to foster unity
tehran, april 25, irna -- minister of culture and islamic guidance
ataollah mohajerani here saturday evening advised the student
community to make greater efforts to understand the philosophy of the
uprising of ashura.
he was addressing the members of the office to foster unity at a
ceremony to commemorate the anniversary of the martyrdom of imam
hussein (as) grandson of the holy prophet of islam (pbuh) and son of
the first infallible imam of the household of the prophet, imam ali
the uprising of imam hussein (as) was the fountainhead of
resistance and presented new meanings to the terms 'death' and'life',
said the minister.
he went on to say that one of the perpetual secrets of imam
hussein's uprising was the absence of compulsion and force, an
uprising which was filled with profusion of affection, blessings and
responding to a student's query, mohajerani said the topic of
discussion at the ceremony was limited only to the issue of the
mourning month of moharram-ul harram. he refrained from touching on
other subjects.
over two thousand university students attended the ceremony which
concluded with slogans supporting president khatami and islamic
guidance minister mohajerani.
::irna 25/04/99 00:05


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:02:38 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Raising Disputes Only Pleases Enemies, Mrm Says In

Raising Disputes Only Pleases Enemies, Mrm Says In Statement

thr 011
raising disputes only pleases enemies, mrm says in statement
tehran, april 5, irna -- majma' rouhaniyoun-e mobarez (mrm) in a
statement saturday evening said that raising disputative issues
or waging vicious propaganda against the government, especially the
president, bears no fruit and only pleases the enemies.
the statement pointed to the mourning ceremonies which are
currently being held on the occasion of the muslim month of moharram
and warned against misuse of such gatherings by some opportunist
urging religious orators to inform the public of the atrocities of
the enemies of islam, the statement called on all followers of the
revolution to show patience and refrain from providing an excuse for
the opportunists who are attempting to prepare the ground for the
creation of tension.
it warned that if the trend of disrespect continues in the case
of popular figures such as the president who enjoys the great support
of the nation, it will entail irreparable losses.
the televised coverage of parts of mourning ceremonies which only
satisfies targets of certain political factions, will not only raise
pessimism in followers of the other factions but will also affect
people's trust in other programs of this medium, noted the statement.
underlining the significance of fair criticism in the society, the
statement expressed satisfaction over the creation of a suitable
atmosphere for the expression of views in different political,
artistic, economic and cultural fields in recent years.
reiterating its support for constructive criticism as a means to
guarantee dynamism of the revolution, the statement said that however,
certain people were misusing the status quo and through unfair
criticism were preparing the ground for tension.
::irna 25/04/99 11:57


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:02:58 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: On the Fate Of 2,806 Iranian Pows

Iran Requests Iraq To Clarify Fate Of 2,806 Iranian Pows

thr 035
iran requests iraq to clarify fate of 2,806 iranian pows
tehran, april 25, irna -- the islamic republic of iran has requested
iraq to clarify the fate of 2,806 iranian war prisoners bow being
held in iraq.
head of the special commission in charge of prisoners of war
(pows) brigadier-general abdollah najafi told a press conference on
sunday the international committee of the red cross (icrc) has
confirmed the documents provided by iran on the remaining pows in iraq
and the iraqi delegation also has offered a list on the iranian pows
in iraq and promised to help secure their release.
he said following 10 rounds of negotiations between the iranian
and iraqi officers working with the special commission on pows
last year iraq freed 372 iranian pows.
the iranian officer hoped that the iraqi side would follow up the
case and the iranian pows still being held in iraq would be granted
freedom soon.
he said the islamic republic of iran released 6,246 iraqi pows
unilaterally last year in coordination with the icrc.
najafi said in the meantime iraq has claimed that about 2,000
iraqi pows are being held in iran.
brigadier-general najafi dismissed the allegation levelled by the
foreign press on mistreatment of the iraqi pows in iran and said the
officials in charge of the pows had treated the pows kindly and
the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei had
recommended the respective officials to do so.
he said the iraqi pows handed over to the icrc were grateful to
iran for the way they had been treated in the country to the extent
that they kissed the soil of the islamic republic when leaving
iranian territory.
he said 3,587 iraqi pows took part in interview without witness
with the icrc last year and refused to go back to iraq and remained
in iran as refugees.
the iranian official said iran precisely examined a list of 9,162
iraqi nationals provided by iraq, many of the names in the list were
repetitive or exchanged before, refugees or unknown to iran. he said
iran determined the fate of 18,995 iraqi pows last year.
::irna 25/04/99 16:54

Iran Says Iraq Still Holds Over 2,800 POWs

07:17 a.m. Apr 25, 1999 Eastern
TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran claimed Sunday that Iraq was still
holding more than 2,800 prisoners of war (POWs), nearly 11 years
after the end of their 1980-1988 war.

Brigadier-General Abdollah Najafi, who oversees POW affairs,
told a news conference that 2,806 Iranians were still being held
in Iraq, of whom only 400 were listed with the International
Committee of the Red Cross.

Quoted by state radio and television, he said Iran had released
6,246 Iraqi prisoners in the Iranian year that ended on March
20th, and that it had agreed with Iraq to free the rest of its
nationals detained here. The general did not give a figure for
the total number of Iraqis held here.

He said 3,587 Iraqis had sought asylum in Iran in coordination
with the Red Cross, of whom six had been repatriated for unknown

Last month, Iran repatriated 450 Iraqi prisoners in exchange for
the release of 53 detained Iranians.

Iran and Iraq, whose eight-year war cost hundreds of thousands
of lives, accuse each other of holding many more prisoners than
they admit.
The issue has blocked a full normalization of ties.

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.

Iran Seeking Information about 2,800 POWs from Iraq


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- Iran has asked Iraq for
information about the fates of 2,806 prisoners from the 1980-88
war between the two countries, an Iranian official said Sunday.

Iran has given documents to Iraq and the International Committee
of the Red Cross about the prisoners in question, the Iranian
news agency quoted Brig. Gen. Abdollah Najafi as saying at a
news conference Tehran, the Iranian capital.

Najafi, who leads an Iranian commission in charge of POWs, also
said that Iraq was seeking information from Iran about 2,000
Iraqi POWs, according to the news agency report monitored in

Last week, Iranian Brig. Gen. Mohammad Balar, the commission's
spokesman, said Iran does not hold any more Iraqi POWs, and that
Iraqi soldiers still in Iran have refused to return home.

At least 1 million people were killed or wounded in the
eight-year war between Iran and Iraq, which ended a
U.N.-brokered cease-fire. Animosity, however, has persisted over
the POW issue.

Copyright 1999& The Associated Press.


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:03:02 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: IRGC Denies Taliban Claim On Forced Landing Of Ira

IRGC Denies Taliban Claim On Forced Landing Of Iranian Plane

thr 019
irgc denies taliban claim on forced landing of iranian plane
tehran, april 25, irna -- the islamic revolution's guards corps
(irgc) on sunday denied taliban's claim on the forced landing of an
iranian plane in afghanistan.
the pakistani newspaper news and the bbc claimed on sunday that
the taliban had forced an iranian military plane carrying munitions
to land at shindand air base.
the irgc added that publication of such false reports are
mainly aimed at covering up the recent fall of bamiyan, in central
::irna 25/04/99 13:51


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:03:08 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Mideast Trade Defendant Gets Lesser Sentence

Mideast Trade Defendant Gets Lesser Sentence

Associated Press
Sunday, April 25, 1999; Page A20

ORLANDO, April 24—A businessman who shipped drilling equipment
to terrorist countries was given a reduced sentence after a
prosecutor told the judge he put himself at risk by cooperating
with authorities.

John Strome, 58, could have been sentenced Friday to five years
in prison for violating U.S. export regulations. Instead, he was
given two years in prison followed by two years of supervised

Strome, president of Brevard International Technical Services in
Melbourne, had been accused of procuring or attempting to
procure pumps and drilling equipment for Libya, Iran and Iraq,
which are banned from receiving assorted military and industrial
equipment as punishment for sponsoring international terrorism
and to prevent them from developing weapons of mass destruction.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ana Escobar told U.S. District Judge
Patricia Fawsett that Strome had assisted in cases involving
national security and that his cooperation led to 12 other

© Copyright 1999 The Associated Press


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:03:12 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Khatami To Visit Syria

President Khatami To Visit Syria

thr 036
president khatami to visit syria
damascus, april 25, irna -- iranian amabassador to damascus hossein
sheikholeslam and syrian information minister muhammad salman here on
sunday exchanged views on the visit of president mohammad khatami
to syria slated for may.
the iranian president's visit to the country marks his first
visit to an arab country after his lanslide victory in the 1997
presidential elections in iran.
::irna 25/04/99 17:06


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:03:26 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: NATO Leaders OK Strategic Concept For 21St Century

NATO Leaders OK Strategic Concept For 21St Century

Leo Rennert / Star Tribune Washington Bureau Correspondent

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- NATO leaders approved a blueprint Saturday
for the 21st century that designates the 19-nation alliance as
Europe's military protector against ethnic conflicts, weapons of
mass destruction, terrorism and other new threats.

But agreement didn't come easily, as leaders were forced to
spend extra hours to overcome a dispute between the United
States and France over whether future military ventures beyond
NATO's borders would require a U.N. Security Council mandate.

The French pushed for an affirmation of the United Nations as
the ultimate source of international legitimacy for resolving

President Clinton agreed that NATO, whenever possible, should
act with U.N. approval. But he argued that NATO might have to go
it alone at times, as in Kosovo, where the alliance's military
response to Serbian ethnic cleansing otherwise would have been
blocked by a Russian veto.

At the end, both sides offered widely different interpretations,
allowing each to claim victory.

French President Jacques Chirac said he managed to insert
language making it clear that NATO must respect the United
Nations as the supreme embodiment of the international
community. Otherwise, he said, the way would be open for NATO to
call security shots on questionable grounds by merely invoking
"the law of the most powerful."

Germany sided with France on concerns about NATO developing too
much of an interventionist bent. Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder
called the final draft a "Franco-German victory."

However, NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana tipped the outcome
in the United States' favor by rejecting any notion that the
alliance couldn't move militarily without U.N. approval.

While the alliance readily agreed that NATO must prepare more
adequately to confront perils throughout Europe, the United
States ran into resistance when it suggested that NATO also
might extend its reach to the Middle East to deal with threats
posed by Iran and Iraq. The Clinton administration had to
content itself with a vague suggestion that NATO conceivably
might act outside of Europe to meet new threats from terrorism
or weapons of mass destruction aimed at Europe from other

"NATO is not a universal organization," Solana said. "There may
be challenges from outside that area, but our main concern is
the Euro-Atlantic area."

Drafts spelling out NATO's future structure and objectives also
were held up by a last-minute fight among Europeans, with Turkey
seeking to block a proposal to allow the 15-nation European
Union to develop a military arm. Turkey, which repeatedly has
been denied admission to the E.U., feared that an armed E.U.
might side with Greece in disputes over Cyprus and contested
islands in the Aegean Sea.

Clinton gave his blessing to a stronger European role within
NATO, including provisions for operations that could be
undertaken entirely by European forces, as long as they remained
under a NATO umbrella.

Specific provisions for a "European pillar" within NATO set off
tensions. Chirac boasted that he had surprised the Americans by
gaining British and German support for a stronger European
military role.

Despite such tiffs, the new "strategic concept" reflects a
consensus that strong trans-Atlantic ties remain essential and
that the United States will continue to play a vital leadership

© Copyright 1999 Star Tribune. All rights reserved.


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:04:02 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: South African Fm Stresses Expansion Of Ties With I

South African Fm Stresses Expansion Of Ties With Iran

thr 015
south african fm stresses expansion of ties with iran
tehran, april 25, irna -- south african minister of foreign affairs
alfred nzo in cape town sunday announced his country's readiness to
bolster relations with iran.
he made the remark in a meeting with iran's new ambassador to
south africa javid qorban ughli.
nzo also voiced his satisfaction over successful holding of the
fourth session of the iran-south africa joint economic commission
in tehran in mid april.
in the meeting, the two sides discussed issues of mutual interest
as well as bilateral cooperation within the framework of the
organization of the islamic conference (oic) and the non-aligned
movement (nam).
::irna 25/04/99 13:23


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:03:56 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: On Iran-Qatar Ties

Qatari foreign minister in Iran for two-day visit

06:49 a.m. Apr 25, 1999 Eastern
TEHRAN, April 25 (Reuters) - Qatar's foreign minister arrived in
Tehran on Sunday for two days of talks with President Mohammad
Khatami and other Iranian officials.

Qatari press reports said Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr
al-Thani would also use the visit to finalise arrangements for a
May visit to Qatar by Khatami.

Sheikh Hamad, who was met at the airport by his Iranian
counterpart Kamal Kharrazi, was upbeat on Iran's relations with
its Gulf neighbours, the official IRNA news agency said.

``Relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Gulf
Cooperation Council (GCC) are in an excellent state and we are
all working for these relations to expand further,'' he said.

``If there are any misunderstandings we will try and resolve
them,'' he said.

Iran's relations with the Gulf monarchies, often dogged by
mistrust since the 1979 Islamic revolution, have improved since
the 1997 election of Khatami, a moderate cleric.

But a territorial dispute between Iran and the United Arab
Emirates, which enjoys solid GCC baking, has hindered fast
progress in relations.

Kharrazi said on Sunday that the Qatari minister's visit showed
ties were improving between the two neighbours, and called for
further visits to consolidate them.

Tehran and Doha have always had good relations and regularly
exchange officials.

IRNA said this was Sheikh Hamad's third visit to Iran since he
became foreign minister.

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.

President: Iran-Qatar Friendly Ties, A Blessing For Region

thr 037
president: iran-qatar friendly ties, a blessing for region
tehran, april 25, irna -- president mohammad khatami told visiting
qatari foreign minister sheikh hamad ibn jassem ibn jabr al-thani here
on sunday that friendly relations between iran and qatar can be
a blessing for the region and the world of islam.
president khatami expressed hope that qatar's future take-over of
the periodical chairmanship of the organization of the islamic
conference (oic) from iran would serve to bring closer the two
al-thani extended qatari emir sheikh hamad ibn khalifa al-thani's
official invitation to president khatami to pay an official visit to
qatar and said that his country has always been for expansion of
relations and cooperation with regional states.
::irna 25/04/99 17:12

Iranian, Qatari Fms Exchange Views

thr 003
iranian, qatari fms exchange views
tehran, april 26, irna -- iranian and qatari foreign ministers in a
meeting here on sunday exchanged views on bilateral relations and
on the most important issues concerning the region and the world of
islam, especially the kosovo crisis.
kamal kharrazi and sheikh hamad ibn jassem ibn jabr al-thani,
stressing good relations between tehran and doha, called for expansion
of the ties.
kharrazi told his qatari counterpart that policy of president
mohammad khatami's administration is based on detente, confidence
building and contribution. iran believes that regional states are
mature enough to overcome their problems in light of collective
efforts, he added.
recalling giant strides taken by president khatami's government
over recent years to expand tehran's ties with regional states,
kharrazi said that what is important is the spirit of brotherhood
and solidarity that would make it possible to utilize countries'
mutual interests necessitate full-fledged cooperation between
iran and qatar, said kharrazi, calling president khatami's official
invitation to visit doha as an important event.
he expressed hope that the visit would bring about important
achievements in the areas of culture, politics and economy.
elsewhere in his remarks, kharrazi praised recent moves of the
organization of the islamic conference (oic) for restoration of
muslims' rights and called on the oic members, including qatar, to
strive for further activation of the organization and for enabling it
to take giant strides in line with interests of the world of islam.
he termed as a good experience a recent move of the oic contact
group in surveying the kosovo crisis and in launching visits to
european states and said the goal behind the measures is both
defending muslim nation of kosovo and bringing european states closer
to muslim states in a bid to find a political breakthrough.
al-thani said for his part that his country attaches high
significance to its age-old and good relations with iran, believing
that they should be further expanded.
he said the upcoming visit to qatar of president khatami would
be an important step that would bring about good and favorable
he also termed as significant the role of the oic in solving the
muslim world issues.
iran is current chairman of the oic.
::irna 26/04/99 01:15

Qatari FM: Iran-Pgcc Ties, At Best Possible Level

thr 022
qatari fm: iran-pgcc ties, at best possible level
tehran, april 25, irna -- the visiting qatari foreign minister,
sheikh hamad bin jasim bin jaber ath-thani said here sunday that the
existing relations between the islamic republic of iran and the
persian gulf cooperation council (pgcc) are at the best possible
making the remark upon arrival at tehran mehrabad airport, he
added, ''we all make efforts to further expand the relations.''
the qatari foreign minister, who arrived here at the head of a
high powered delegation, told reporters that iran and qatar enjoy
appropriate understanding.
''in case of any misunderstanding, the iranian and qatari
officials make efforts to remove it,'' he stressed.
foreign minister kamal kharrazi, who was present at the airport
to welcome his qatari counterpart, said that ath-thani's visit to
tehran is an indication of the expanding cooperation between iran and
its neighboring countries.
the interests of the regional countries are indebted to
cooperation among themselves, he said stressing that exchange of
visits between officials of the regional countries will lead to
further promotion of bilateral ties.
referring to visits to a number of european countries by the
senior delegation of the contact group of the organization of the
islamic conference (oic), kharrazi said that the visits resulted in
establishment of understanding among those countries.
the visits also proved that the oic can play a key role in
settlement of international crises, he added.
rejecting the indifferent attitude towards the fate of kosovar
muslims, he called on all international circles to help in settlement
of balkan crisis.
during his two-day visit to tehran, the qatari minister is to
meet president mohammad khatami and to confer with kharrazi.
::irna 25/04/99 14:12


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:04:10 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iran, Zimbabwe Keen To Expand Economic Cooperation

Iran, Zimbabwe Keen To Expand Economic Cooperation

thr 030
iran, zimbabwe keen to expand economic cooperation
tehran, april 25, irna -- iran and zimbabwe are keen to boost
mutual economic and trade cooperation, it was announced in a meeting
between iran's ambassador to harare behrouz kamalvand and the
zimbabwean finance minister herbert muchemwa murerwa on sunday.
according to the information and press department of the foreign
ministry, the zimbabwean minister expressed his country's willingness
for expansion of mutual cooperation with the islamic republic of iran
and called for iran's investments for construction of dams
and roads in in his country.
murerwa also voiced his country's readiness to meet some parts of
iran's needs in oil industry.
the iranian ambassador in reply, referred to the investments made
by iran in zimbabwe's textile industries and noted zimbabwe's
ability to meet parts of iran's requirements for asbestos and
tobacco. he also expressed iran's readiness to further enhance
relations with zimbabwe.
zimbabwe is the second major exporter of tobacco and among the
main exporters of asbestos in the world.
::irna 25/04/99 16:04


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:04:26 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Meeting On WTO, Its Role In Telecommunication Deve

Meeting On WTO, Its Role In Telecommunication Development To Be Held

thr 056
meeting on wto, its role in telecommunication development to be held
tehran, april 24, irna -- ministry of post, telegraph and telephone
(ptt) announced here saturday that a three-day meeting of world trade
organization (wto) and its role in development of telecommunication
is to be held in tehran from 28-30 april.
during the meeting some officials in charge of the ministry and
experts from the international telecommunication union (itu) are to
review the role of wto in the development and privatization of the
::irna 24/04/99 21:36


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:04:32 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: EPCI: Dlrs 3Bn Worth Of Non-Oil Commodities Export

EPCI: Dlrs 3Bn Worth Of Non-Oil Commodities Exported Last Year

thr 004
epci: dlrs 3bn worth of non-oil commodities exported last year
tehran, april 26, irna -- the worth of non-oil commodities exported
last year stood at more than dlrs three billion, showing a rise of
seven percent compared to the previous year's figure.
the export promotion center of iran (epci) said here on sunday
that export of more than 11,031,000 tonnes of non-oil commodities,
including those exported through border markets, earned the country
dlrs 3.076 billion last year. 30 percent increase was registered in
weight of the commodities exported last year compared to the preceding
year's figure.
according to statistics released value of the non-oil commodities
exports in five months to march 20 showed between two to 32 percent
value of the goods exports is expected to hit dlrs four billion
this year in case possible hindrances on the way are removed.
each tonne of the goods exported from iran last year stood at
dlrs 260 on average. the figure was 28 percent lesser than the average
figure for the preceding year.
::irna 26/04/99 01:27


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:04:20 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iran Calls For Italian Sace'S Insurance Cover

Iran Calls For Italian Sace'S Insurance Cover

thr 033
iran calls for italian sace's insurance cover
tehran, april 25, irna -- head of iran's chamber of commerce,
industries and mines ali-naqi khamoushi told italian industry and
tourism minister pierluigi bersani here on saturday that expansion of
cooperation between iran and italy in the small and medium-sized
industries required insurance cover by italian insurance company
the two sides at the meeting exchanged views on problems of
italy's allocation of banking facilities to iranian small and medium-
sized industries and on sace providing the iranian industries with
insurance cover.
khamoushi called on the italian party to offer dlrs 500 million
out of the total credit italy has allocated for iranian industries
so that each section of iranian industries could have a share of five
to 10 million dollars.
he complained about italian banks' refusal to accept letters of
credits offered by iranian traders and industrialists and said that
sace's support for the letters of credit can remove the problem.
he added that sace's insurance cover for all the credits offered
to iran is necessary.
the credit can be put at the disposal of iranian small and
medium-sized industries through an iranian bank, he added.
bersani announced's sace's readiness to provide iranian small
industries with necessary insurance cover and said the best way to
tackle the issue is building direct link between the small industries
and italian economic officials.
he said that structural problems, caused as a result of difference
between iranian and italian administrative systems, were the main
obstacle to the increase in investments in iran by italy and in case
the impediment is lifted there would be not much need for sace's
insurance cover.
::irna 25/04/99 16:44


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:04:54 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Oil prices, Production, Contracts, etc.

Buy-Back Agreements Finding Their Role In Intl. Deals

thr 034
buy-back agreements finding their role in intl. deals
tehran, april 25, irna -- buy-back schemes, in addition to drawing
attention of international oil companies are also finding their place
in international deals, said the deputy oil minister for
international affairs mehdi hossieni here sunday.
speaking at the 4th international oil, gas and petrochemicals
exhibition in tehran he added, ''conoco has concluded an agreement on
gas with syria on the basis of its agreement with iran and kuwait is
forging deals based on buy-backs scheme.''
hosseini added, it is possible to regard these kinds of deals as
as new instruments for bilateral international cooperation.
rejecting finance agreements through issuance and sale of bonds
in international markets as a long term solution, he added, ''although
we have done our best to structure the buy back schemes in most
logical and attractive manner, naturally there will always be
obstacles and snags.''
the deputy oil minister said that providing a safe and appropriate
atmosphere to attract capital is not only essential, but it will also
lead to a reduction of costs associated with investments.
he further stated, ''currently, classification of countries'
credit ratings which determines the amount of insurance cover and
premiums is based on the recipient countries' security, and its
ability to enforce law.''
''any moves that might disturb peace, stability and security
of the country will be a serious obstacles to attraction of foreign
investments. it will also drastically hike the costs of investments
in the country,'' he remarked.
hosseini also noted that reducing red-tape and removing confusing
and unnecessary bureaucratic procedures are also a way to promote
foreign investments.
he concluded by saying, ''fortunately with measures taken in iran
over the past two years, a positive atmosphere has been created in
national and internahere has been created in
national and internahere has been created in
national and international arena where countries can invest with more
::irna 25/04/99 16:48


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:05:12 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Retail Prices Of Goods Slightly Increase During Ap

Retail Prices Of Goods Slightly Increase During April 17-23

thr 047
retail prices of goods slightly increase during april 17-23
tehran, april 25, irna -- the retail prices of sugar and tea
showed 1.6 and 0.5 percent increases respectively from april 17-23
compared to that of the preceding week, the central bank of iran (cbi)
the report said that prices of rice rose by one percent, of beans
by 1.5 percent and of fresh fruits by 5.1 percent in the said week
compared to the preceding week.
according to the cbi report, the prices of dairy products, eggs,
vegetables, red meat and poultry decreased by 0.1, 10.5, 11.6, 0.3 and
1.7 percent respectively in the said week compared to the preceding
::irna 25/04/99 18:12


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:05:22 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Should Labor Laws Be Eliminated Or Not?

Should Labor Laws Be Eliminated Or Not? Queries Daily

thr 012
labor laws-press
should labor laws be eliminated or not? queries daily
tehran, april 25, irna -- the english daily 'iran news' sunday
commenting on the ratification of the new labor law said that if the
labor law proves to be futile to address the needs, it would be better
to completely eliminate its provisions.
the editorial was referring to last week's debate among economic
and industrial circles as to whether the labor laws cover workshops
with less than three workers or not.
the subject in question was also raised in the majlis ''because
of the inability of labor laws to address improvements in productivity
and boost prospects for the creation of jobs,'' said the paper.
it, however, seems that supporters of such theory intend to
gradually change the labor law, that is to either eliminate its weak
points or fully revise it, noted the paper.
although opponents and supporters of the law have raised their
views on it, till date no initiative has been taken 'either by the
pros or cons' to change it, the paper added.
necessary changes in the labor law should be made without any
prejudices or the law should be totally eliminated, suggested the
editorial, adding that insignificant superficial changes will only
further disrupt the country's production process.
therefore, ''instead of debating about workshops with less than
three workers or raising other issues related to that law, let us be
brave enough to declare whether there is a need for labor laws and
stop wasting people's time or harming the economy,'' advised the
::irna 25/04/99 12:10


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:05:06 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Cabinet Exempts Publishers, Bookshops From Income

Cabinet Exempts Publishers, Bookshops From Income Tax

thr 002
cabinet exempts publishers, bookshops from
income tax
tehran, april 26, irna -- in their meeting here sunday night,
hojatoleslam mohammad khatami's cabinet exempted registered iranian
publishers and bookshops from payment of income tax.
according to the decision of the cabinet, all publishers and
bookshops in iran having a valid operation licnese from the ershad
ministry will be exempted from income tax.
in another decision sunday night, the cabinet also amended
paragraph c of a law bill providing for perpetual professional
education of iranian medical practitioners, and thereby committed the
government to finance the program falling back on revenues derived
from the sale of medical books and periodicals of medical colleges
and universities, and on the contributions of volunteers, both real
and artificial persons.
::irna 26/04/99 01:10


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:06:10 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: PRESS DIGEST - Iran - April 25

PRESS DIGEST - Iran - April 25

04:17 a.m. Apr 25, 1999 Eastern
TEHRAN, April 25 (Reuters) - These are some of the leading
stories in Iranian newspapers on Sunday. Reuters has not
verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.


- A group of Shi'ite Moslem clerics supporting Iran's reformist
President Mohammad Khatami warned in an open letter against
concerted moves by opponents to undermine the reformist

- Armenians living in Tehran gathered on Saturday to commemorate
the 84th anniversary of the massacre of Armenians under the
Ottoman Empire.


- The Greek agriculture minister is due to head a 17-man
delegation to Iran next week for talks on agricultural


- Iran's trade minister said commercial exchanges between Iran
and Italy dropped 18.9 percent in 1998 year on year. He blamed
the fall on a slump in world oil prices.

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:06:02 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Sunday Morning'S Newspaper Headlines In Tehran

Sunday Morning'S Newspaper Headlines In Tehran

Sunday Morning's Newspaper Headlines

thr 003
sunday morning's newspaper headlines
tehran, april 25, irna -- the following headlines appeared in
tehran's newspapers this morning:
tehran times:
-conflicting views on mohajerani's impeachment
-shell, total compete for south pars oil contract
-italian university students attack american consulate in milan
-senior ayatollah warns against sacrilege of values
-clinton urges end to u.s. culture of violence
-u.s., turkmenistan talk on gas pipelines
-on the occasion of u.s. abortive mission in tabas: mps on recent
u.s. overture to iran
iran news:
-kharrazi urges annan to mediate in kosovo crisis
-mohajerani predicts defeat of impeachment motion; cultural
reforms irrevocable
-british company interested to operate in iran
-egypt, arab league slam netanyahu over orient house closure
-mohajerani planning for eight years of ministry
-iran calls eu human rights resolution 'politically motivated'
-nato claims milosevic has dovish generals under house arrest
kayhan international:
-fm spoksman: human rights resolution illegitimate, politically
-shell, total compete for south pars oil contract
-mohajerani predicts: mps' call for impeachment ''will fail''
-iran calls for diplomatic solution to afghan crisis
-one arrested in razini's foiled assassination attempt
jomhuri eslami:
-congregational prayers to be held in ashura
-irgc: iranian nation still considers u.s. as its number one enemy
-foreign ministry condemns recent eu human rights resolution
-over 1,000 mgw of electricity to enter country's network this
-world of islam strongly recats to new zionist plots in beit
-mohajerani: my removal will not change ministry's policies
-failed assassination attempt against razini was not connected to
previous assassinations including that of martyr sayyad shirazi
-nouri: opportunists even distort uprising, objectives of imam
hussein (as)
-majma' rowhaniyoun-e mobarez: opportunists trying to turn
mourning ceremonies to factional meetings
kar va kargar:
-mohajerani: cultural policies will not change even after my
-fm spokesman: eu resolution against iran, politically motivated
-dlrs 1.5 billion earmarked for investment in agricultural sector
this year
-those behind razini's failed assassination attempt identified
-mahdaviyat group behind razini's failed assassination attempt
-mohajerani: majlis will not be successful in impeachment attempt
-ayatollah jannati's guidelines on react towards discord-sowing
-shamkhani: terrorist mko agents have reached deadend
-kharrazi: coordination among opec founders can make oil market
-those behind razini's failed assassination attempt identified
-mohajerani addresses press conference
-comments on mohajerani's impeachment
-mourning ceremonies marking martyrdom anniversary of imam hussein
-political, religious personalities comment on impeachment of
-majma' rowhaniyoun-e mobarez warns against mischievous acts
against president
-iran condemns zionist regime's threats to close palestinian
-mohajerani optimistic about vote of confidence
-iran voices concern over outbreak of inter-afghan conflict
-plans to assassinate a number of officials uncover
-mourning ceremonies to be held on occasion of martyrdom
anniversary of imam hussein (as)
-political observers comment on impeachment of mohajerani
-impeachment of mohajerani; deputies' response to people's
concern over cultural status of the country
-culture minister addresses domestic, foreign reporters
-british company voices readiness to cooperate in expansion
of iran's oil fields
-mohajerani: right faction has once again made mistake in its
political calculation
-majma' rowhaniyoun-e mobarez issues statement on country's
recent political affairs
-world muslims mourn martyrdom anniversary of imam hussein (as)
-increase projected for electricity consumption, output
-combatant ulema issues strong warning to those opposing
president khatami's administration
-mohajerani: i will receive vote of confidence from majlis
-german foreign minister due in tehran
jahan-e eslam:
-mps warn nateq nouri against behind the scene coordination
-reports on impeachment of mohajerani, views of various
personalities on issue
-mohajerani addresses domestic, foreign reporters
-mohajerani: i will probably receive vote of confidence
-mohajerani: our policies irrevocable
-members of islamic extremist group arrested
-majma' rowhaniyoun-e mobarez warns against misuse of mourning
iran daily:
-law decides scope of press freedoms
-32 oil firms eye iran's projects
-iran-italy trade down 18.9 percent
-shell, total in race for south pars
-yugoslavia reportedly ready for kosovo autonomy
asr-e azadegan:
-mohajerani: society should be immuned
-30 people have been arrested in connection with razini's
abortive assassination attempt
-majlis deputies opin on impeachment of mohajerani
-new words on impeachment
-mohajerani addresses domestic, foreign reporters
-nouri: khatami will not be put under pressure with removal of
-majma' rowhaniyoun-e mobarez: opportunists trying to turn
mourning ceremonies into factional meetings
-30 members of a terrorist group arrested
sobh-e emrouz:
-mohajerani talks to foreign, domestic journalists

sunday afternoon's newspaper headlines

tehran, april 25, irna -- the following headlines appeared in tehran's
newspapers this afternoon:
-iran mourns martyrdom anniversary of imam hussein (a.s.)
-journalists' opinions on mohajerani's impeachment
-clinton: violence embarrasses american society
-eight other publications boycutt 6th press festival
-mohajerani: it is legal right of majlis to impeach minister
-secretary of islamic society of workers: labor law become
political leverage
-friday prayer leaders, political figures protest
against cultural situation of country
::irna 25/04/99 17:32


End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 24 Apr 1999 to 26 Apr 1999 - Special issue