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Topics of the day:

1. Iran, Saudi Arabia Sign Civil Aviation Deal
2. Bahraini Fm To Arrive In Tehran Monday
3. Britain Names Ambassador To Iran
4. Int. Labor Day and Authorities
5. Iran bans women cyclists in Caspian seaside
6. Earthquake Shakes Bojnourd
7. Sunday Newspaper Headlines In Tehran
8. PRESS DIGEST - Iran - May 2
9. Iranian Movie Director Awarded
10. Selected Graphic Works On Display At Exhibition
11. St. Petersburg, Isfahan'S Fourth Sister City
12. Misc. Econ. News


Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 23:13:12 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iran, Saudi Arabia Sign Civil Aviation Deal

Iran, Saudi Arabia Sign Civil Aviation Deal

09:25 a.m. May 02, 1999 Eastern

TEHRAN, May 2 (Reuters) - Iran and Saudi Arabia on
Sunday signed an agreement increasing the number of
commercial flights between the two countries, state television

It said the agreement, signed during talks between visiting Saudi
Defence Minister Prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz and Iran's First
Vice-President Hassan Habibi, also granted Saudi Arabian
Airlines SAUD.CN rights to transport Iranian pilgrims during
the annual Islamic haj pilgrimage.

Sultan started his four-day official visit to Iran on Saturday, the
first by a Saudi defence minister to the Islamic republic in more
than 20 years.

Sultan and Habibi also stressed the need to strengthen
economic and cultural activities between the region's two largest
powers, the television said.

And the two sides called for broad regional cooperation
between Gulf Arab states.

In a thinly veiled reference to Iran's dispute with the United
Arab Emirates (UAE) over three small Gulf islands, the two
sides said in a statement bilateral negotiations were the best way
to solve ``minor disputes'' between neighbouring states.

The UAE has a long-standing territorial dispute with Iran over
three strategic Gulf islands, Abu Musa and the Lesser and
Greater Tunbs, located near major shipping lanes close to the
mouth of the Gulf.

The issue has been a stumbling block to improving relations
between Iran and the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
states -- Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and
Sultan is also expected to meet President Mohammad Khatami
and other Iranian offiicials.

Mohammad-Reza Nouri, Iran's ambassador to Saudi Arabia,
said Sultan was expected to sign a defence agreement with Iran
during the visit, but the Saudi minister said the issue was not so

Sultan is also expected to discuss Khatami's planned trip to
Saudi Arabia in May. The trip would be the highest-level visit to
the kingdom by an Iranian leader since the 1979 Islamic

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.


Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 23:13:20 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Bahraini Fm To Arrive In Tehran Monday

Bahraini Fm To Arrive In Tehran Monday

thr 024
bahraini fm to arrive in tehran monday
tehran, may 2, irna -- bahraini foreign minister sheikh muhammad
bin mubarak bin hamad al-khalifa is due to arrive here monday at the
head of a senior political, economic and oil delegation.
al-khalifa's visit will take place at the formal invitation of
his iranian counterpart kamal kharrazi.
during his 2-day visit, the bahraini minister is to discuss
further expansion of manama-tehran relations as well as regional
cooperation with senior iranian officials including kharrazi.
::irna 02/05/99 14:29


Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 23:13:26 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Britain Names Ambassador To Iran

Britain Names Ambassador To Iran

thr 034
britain names ambassador to iran
tehran, may 2, irna -- britain has promoted its charge d'affaires
to iran nick browne to the rank of ambassador, iranian foreign
ministry said on sunday.
the foreign ministry said iran in a reciprocal move promoted the
its charge d'affaires gholamreza ansari to the post of ambassador of
the islamic republic of iran to britain.
a british foreign office spokesman told irna in london last week
that britain remained committed to the last september's agreement
between the iranian and british foreign ministers to normalize
diplomatic relations and hoped to exchange ambassadors shortly.
::irna 02/05/99 16:14


Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 23:13:50 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Int. Labor Day and Authorities

President: Security, Calm Prerequisite For Production

thr 031
president: security, calm prerequisite for production
tehran, may 2, irna -- president mohammad khatami said here on
sunday that security and tranquility were essential for production,
investment and workforce in the society.
president khatami told a group of mode
l workers as well as
officials and workers of shahab auto factory, here on sunday that
providing a calm and safe atmosphere for investment and production in
the country requires a national drive.
khatami said the government has always been trying to create a
balance between wages and inflation and would continue to do so in the
to remove economic problems, said the president, fundamental
changes should be made in the country's economic infrastructures and
that the economic rehabilitation plan is a step towards healing the
ailing economy of the country.
to get rid of an economy dependent on oil revenues, the country
should pay more attention to production, said president khatami,
adding that production does not mean merely working rather creating
jobs and making investments.
he said the government is concerned about unemployment, hoping
that the problem can be solved to a large extent by increasing
president khatami said the ground should be prepared for women's
activities, the basic backbone of social stability and tranquility.
women play pivotal and basic role in family and conditions should
be prepared for their presence in various social scenes, the chief
executive recommended.
people should be spoken to sincerely and mutual confidence
between nation, government and system can solve many problems,
president khatami concluded.
::irna 02/05/99 15:52

Speaker Congratulates Workers On Intl Labor Day

thr 018
speaker-labor day
speaker congratulates workers on intl labor day
tehran, may 2, irna -- majlis speaker ali akbar nateq nouri here
sunday felicitated workers throughout the country on the occasion of
the international labor day.
addressing the open session of majlis, he stressed that the
majlis has always tried to pay attention to rights of workers in
its approvals.
nateq nouri also paid tribute to the great teacher, muslim
thinker and writer martyr ayatollah morteza motahhari and felicitated
the teachers on teacher's day.
praising the personality of martyr motahhari, he briefed the
audience on his great achievements in different areas of religion and
ayatollah morteza motahari was martyred by the terrorist group
of forqan in may 2, 1979. since then, the day has been named as
teacher's day in order to mark his services.
::irna 02/05/99 13:48


Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 23:13:56 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iran bans women cyclists in Caspian seaside

Iran bans women cyclists in Caspian seaside

09:40 a.m. May 02, 1999 Eastern

TEHRAN, May 2 (Reuters) - Iran has outlawed women
cyclists at northern seaside resort as an affront to Islamic
morality, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The district governor in charge of Ramsar, formerly a plush
holiday resort on Iran's northern Caspian coast, said women
cyclists would be prosecuted even if they were covered from
head to toe as required by Iran's Islamic laws, Kayhan
newspaper said.

``Women cyclists cannot protect their chastity even if they are
fully covered, so they should avoid this altogether or they will be
dealt with,'' the governor said.

He called on city police to stop offenders.

Female cycling is a controversial issue in Iran. Moderate
politicians such as MP Faezeh Hashemi, daughter of former
president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, have urged women to go
out and play sports, including cycling. This has aroused the ire
of conservatives who feel this might lead to uncontrolled
freedom and promiscuity.

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.


Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 23:14:02 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Earthquake Shakes Bojnourd

Earthquake Shakes Bojnourd

thr 054
earthquake shakes bojnourd
bojnourd, khorasan prov., may 1, irna -- an earthquake measuring 3.6
degrees on the open-ended richter scale hit bojnourd at 18:14 hours
local time (13:44 gmt) saturday.
the seismological base of khorasan affiliated to the geophysics
institute of tehran university registered the epicentre of the tremor
250 km northwest of mashhad.
no report, however, has yet been received on possible damage.
::irna 01/05/99 21:17


Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 23:14:48 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Sunday Newspaper Headlines In Tehran

Sunday Newspaper Headlines In Tehran

sunday morning's newspaper headlines

thr 004
sunday morning's newspaper headlines
tehran, may 2, irna -- the following headlines appeared in tehran's
newspapers this morning:
tehran times:
-asefi: u.s. following double-standard policy
-mps say majlis ruling on mohajerani should be respected by
-unchr concerned about islam-bashing
-bus hit by nato, 23 dead
-karbaschi to report to special judicary complex by thursday
-eritrea expects normalization with sudan: afeworki
iran news:
-mohajerani stays on as culture minister, 'tolerance does not
mean weakening of values'
-saudi defense minister arrives
-khatami: ''pain and suffering inflicted upon women and
-40 civilians die in nato attack
-iraq urges worldwide rejection of u.s. ''aggression''
kayhan international:
-mohajerani wins confidence vote, keep
-mohajerani wins confidence vote, keeps post
-iran remains on u.s. terrorism list despite sanctions easing
-tehran-riyadh to sign defense agreement
-greece, iran to expand cooperation
-pakistan government faces flak over new anti-terrorism law
-second round of talks on civilizations begins
iran daily:
-mohajerani wins vote of confidence
-saudi defense minister arrives
-mohajerani most suited for his post
-mohajerani's performance hammered
-majlis votes for nation's will
-workers support labor law
-deputy industries minister announces plans for production,
delivery of cars in current year
-lawyer calls on court not to enforce karbaschi's imprisonment
-different american circles welcome u.s. easing of sanctions
against iran
jomhuri eslami:
-foreign ministry terms u.s. charges over terrorism as baseless,
says u.s. leads international terrorism
-workers hold rallies in support of labor law
-mass genocide of kosovar muslims by serbs
-guidance minister receives vote of confidence
-paykan car production line to stop
-impeachment motion against mohajerani fails, majlis deputies
support continuation of cultural policies of government
-massive rallies worldwide on labor day
-karbaschi to report to court within four days
-nato turns down milosevic's proposal, intensifies military
attacks against yugoslavia
-world press day to be observed tomorrow
-malis reinstates guidance minister
-iran criticizes u.s. double standard over terrorism, says u.s.
should change policy
-workers hold rallies on labor day
-argentina concerned over losing iran's wheat market
-new facilities for importers
-majlis votes for continuation of khatami's cultural policies
-u.s. turns down yugoslavia's peace plan
-secretary of supreme labor council: government, majlis should
prevent growth of dealership economy
-members of tehran city council to hold joint meeting with
karbaschi today
-mohajerani receives vote of confidence from majlis
-mass massacre in kosovo
-workers stage rally in tehran
-new facilities for importers
-people welcome sixth press festival
kar va kargar:
-majlis votes for continuation of cultural policies of government
-foreign ministry spokesman says charging iran of support for
terrorism is manifestation of u.s. double standard
-president to grant plaques of honor to 11 exemplary workers
-workers: defense for labor force is not political measure
jahan-e eslam:
-majlis votes again for khatami's programs
-workers stage rally in support of labor law
-foreign ministry spokesman: accusing iran of support for
terrorism, manifestation of washington's double standard policy
-people in astaneh ashrafiyeh protest against remarks made by
their majlis deputy (against president)
sobh-e emrouz:
-majlis votes for continuation of government's cultural programs
-workers protest against change in labor law
-u.s. experts say despite friendship with europe, khatami
pays no attention to u.s.
-mohajerani receives vote of confidence, thanks majlis deputies,
-mohajerani comes out of majlis storm
-workers stage rally at baharestan square on labor day
-oic secretary general meets with president
-saudi defense minister starts talks in tehran
-yugoslavia releases three u.s. soldiers
-mohajerani's cultural policy receives vote of confidence
-foreign ministry spokesman: u.s. continuing its double standard
-1000 teachers issue statement on teacher's day
-lawyer of directors of tehran municipality: brigadier general
naqdi to stand trial at military tribunal tomorrow (on mistreatment
of directors in prison)
-karbachi to report to special judicial complex on thursday
-defeat of impeachment, stabilization of may 23 movement
-deputy industries minister: car manufacturing plants to be
ceded to private sector
-saudi defense minister meets iranian officials in tehran
-workers stage rally at baharestan square
-chernomyrdin returns from belgrade empty-handed
-mohajerani's impeachment fails to gain vote
-over dlrs 2 billion worth of industrial goods to be exported
this year
-progress in colombian peace talks
-explosion of third bomb rocks london once again
-india's nuclear programs in mystery
-may 23 (movement) wins again, khatami's programs for cultural
development receives vote of confidence
-workers rally: economic problems caused by policies of chamber
of commerce
-mohajerani thanks majlis
-foreign ministry spokesman: labelling iran of support for
terrorism, manifestation of u.s. double standard policy
-saudi arabia stresses importance of saudi minister's visit to

sunday afternoon's newspaper headlines

tehran, may 2, irna -- the following headlines appeared in tehran's
newspapers this afternoon:
- president: we should prepare ground for investors, managers,
laborers to work enthusiastically
- foreign ministry: us is main supporter of terrorist groups
- minister oc culture, islamic guidance wins vote of confidence
from majlis
- production of paykan to stop gradually
- nato's fighters once again bombard kosovar refugees
- minister of culture, islamic guidance receives vote of
confidence, while vowing to strengthen monitoring of cultural,
artistic activities
::irna 02/05/99 17:44


Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 23:14:58 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: PRESS DIGEST - Iran - May 2

PRESS DIGEST - Iran - May 2

04:15 a.m. May 02, 1999 Eastern
TEHRAN, May 2 (Reuters) - These are some of the leading
stories in Iranian newspapers on Sunday. Reuters has not
verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.


- The head of Iran's Export Promotion Centre said the country's
non-oil exports have suffered because exporters did not
understand foreign markets. He said provincial chambers of
commerce were beginning to form information centres for


- A senior culture ministry official said newspapers and
magazines must not be censored before publication, but
supervised afterwards. Press freedoms have expanded since the
1997 election of moderate President Mohammad Khatami.

- The labour minister said a proposed amendment to labour
laws exempting small workshop employees from legal
protection had no economic justification and would not help
create jobs. Under the proposal, people employing less than
three persons are exempt from various obligations to their


- An advisor to the king of Jordan will head a delegation to Iran
next week for a meeting of Islamic parliamentary groups.

- The industry ministry said the country would begin to replace
the Peykan, a locally assembled version of the 1970s Hillman
Hunter car, with newer cars in the current Iranian year that
began in March.

((Tehran newsroom +9821 229 4856))

Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.


Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 23:15:04 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Iranian Movie Director Awarded

Iranian Movie Director Awarded

thr 042
iranian movie director awarded
ankara, may 2, irna -- the 18th istanbul international film festival
offered its honorary prize to iranian movie director abbas kiarostami
on saturday.
four films by kiarostami were screened at the 'respect for
masters' section of the festival.
rakhshan bani etemad, samira makhmalbaf, abolfazl jalili and
daryush mehrjouie were other iranian film directors who attended the
150 films from 37 countries took part in the festival, held
in istanbul from april 17-30.
::irna 02/05/99 18:04


Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 23:15:26 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Selected Graphic Works On Display At Exhibition

Selected Graphic Works On Display At Exhibition

thr 039
selected graphic works on display at exhibition
tehran, may 2, irna -- the sixth biennial exhibition of graphic works
by iranian graphic artists will open at the contemporary arts museum
tuesday, it was announced here sunday.
speaking to reporters, head of visual arts center alireza
sami-azar added some 576 artists with more than 2800 works had
announced their readiness to participate in the exhibition.
according to him, more than 390 selected works will be put on
display at the exhibition.
on the sidelines of the week-long exhibition three rofessional
round-table discussions on book and graphics, calligraphy and
graphics and education and graphics will be held, he said.
the best graphic works will be awarded in the concluding ceremony
onks will be awarded in the concluding ceremony
onks will be awarded in the concluding ceremony
on june 1.
::irna 02/05/99 17:42


Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 23:15:34 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: St. Petersburg, Isfahan'S Fourth Sister City

St. Petersburg, Isfahan'S Fourth Sister City

thr 038
sisterhood-isfahan-st. petersburg
st. petersburg, isfahan's fourth sister city
isfahan, may 2, irna -- isfahan of iran and st. petersburg of russia
became sister cities under an agreement signed by the two cities'
officials sunday.
the document, which is written in three persian, russian and
english languages, was signed for iran by isfahan's mayor mohammad
javadi and st. petersburg's first vice-governor.
isfahan has already become sister city of kuala lumpur of
malaysia, florence of italy and xian of china.
the russian official said both of these two cities were once
capitals and are of outstanding historic, cultural and industrial
under the sisterhood agreement the two countries firms and
institutions can boost closer cooperation, said st. petersburg's
vice-governor who arrived here friday
he also told irna that one of the future goals of st. petersburg
officials is to set up isfahan's chamber of commerce in st.
petersburg with the assistance of the mayor of isfahan.
he further hoped that the move will lead to further bolstering of
trade ties between the two sister cities.
::irna 02/05/99 17:38


Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 23:15:44 EDT
From: Bobby Iri <Bobby@WWW.DCI.CO.IR>
Subject: Misc. Econ. News

8 New Dams To Start Operation This Year

thr 044
8 new dams to start operation this year
neka, may 2, irna -- energy minister habibollah bitaraf said here
on sunday that 68 dam projects are underway eight of which are
expected to become operational by the year end on march 20, 2000.
bitaraf said more than rls 3,400 billion in credit has been
allocated for the dam building, irrigation, dredging, and research
projects concerning water and piping.
::irna 02/05/99 18:10

Iran Able To Produce Dlrs 5 Bn Worth Of Animal Products Annually

thr 048
animal husbandry-jahandar
iran able to produce dlrs 5 bn worth of animal products annually
tehran, may 2, irna -- the monetary value of domestically made animal
products has surmounted to dlrs five billion per year, managing
director of the union of iran's cattle breeders fakhrollah jahandar
told irna here on sunday.
jahandar said about one million livestock breeders were active
in the country, producing 700,000 tons of red meat and about 5.1
million tons of milk annually.
the export value of two kg of red meat equals that of one barrel
of oil, said jahandar, calling on the government to provide more
support for cattle breeders.
::irna 02/05/99 18:20


End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 2 May 1999